05 May, 2009

think too far.cos it'll happen

A'kum n ello..

tell you something..
is it that hard to pray?

if you think i meant bad things for this,suit yourself..i only ask to solat...

my lil sister who nearly become the pawn of _____ don't want to solat...hahahaha..
she said she's late for her tuition.

it was 7.45pm.and the tuition is 8pm.
and she'll go there by car.
the 4-wheel-vehicle.
not her 2 fat legs.

and with my sister ability to solat in less that 1minute..is solat between 7.45pm to 8pm hard?

and now she said my mouth is like sial.

if i say this.

"alia nak solat dulu sebelum bawak keter.nanti tetibe alia accident,pastu mati,and tak sempat semayang.camne tu?"

do you understand why i told her to solat?

maybe you think i worried much..but better i do it before something else happen rite?

too many miracles happen in my life.

last time i thought "the sad things only happen to other family,only to other people,but not me"

now what happen to me?

lose a mother,which i never thought would ever happen.
have a stepmum.which i NEVER EVER THOUGHT will be ____.

and other many things.

really though.

all the things that happen to me are always unpredictable.do you think it won't come again?

it's like this thing.

"if i get 3.5,i'll get a laptop.if i get around 3.0,i'll get an ipod.but do you ever wonder that you maybe don't get both?"

it's something like that.when the possibility is 50-50,you expect too far that it'll be one of them,but something 'special' can happen.

since the death of my mother and the Istanbul moment,nothing is impossible in my book.

k now.

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