15 May, 2009


A'kum n ello..

didn't blog yesterday cos i went out with emi the whole day...haha..

really though..it was tiring and nice..it could be fun if emi didn't bring her boyfriend.
yeah.she brought him.hahahaha to that.

i don't want to say what happen during my 'being the 3rd person' cos emi won't like it..haha...but really tho,she was guilty cos i was quiet around them...and i didn't really talk much...

  • if the boyfriend of hers is someone talkative,i really don't mind talking.
  • if they're not dating but have lunch with me, maybe i can be the usual Alia.

emi really didn't think much when the boyfriend said he wanna come.ai~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but still,it was fun.haha.
i ate unagi and i found Tohoshinki's new album..couldn't buy it cos don't have enough money but still,i'll definitely buy it!!!!CHANGMIN!!WAIT FOR ME!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and there was also this time,that i went to the Fish Spa..been meaning to go there...and luckily i went to that place..hehe..yeah,the rumours are true...that kind of spa tickles you..haha~~!...and yeah, as a microbiology student,i really felt haish when i saw that there were many fish went to my legs..ceh~..

i dunno how can my feet can THAT DIRTY~~~~

This is the girl that made me join her dating activities.~

and we ate this barbecue-like beef...the beef were from autralia.
they call it Australian beef!
oh.we ate this at Nippon-tei restaurant.don't worry.that restaurant is halal as long as you don't ask for sake.

and we were camwhoring..
and i was holding the chopsticks cos i wanna put them inside emi's nostrils.

and we suddenly become sweet girls.

and these were my feets...
to be the 'food source' for the hungry fishes.

alia tengah tahan 'digelitik' oleh ikan.
senyum selagi boleh tahan.

that's that for yesterday's outing.

and during the night.
shazizan suddenly sent me a message.
he said he saw my brother at Night Circle.and suddenly he asked me.

shazizan: ko dah abis exam ke?bile nk belanje aku?
alia: bkan ko ke yang patut belanje aku?
shazizan: ok.lepas semayang jumaat esok,aku bawak ko makan pizza.
alia: ok.aku ajak emi,aina,nazneen...ko belanje k?aku xde duit.
shazizan: wei.byk btul ko ajak.
(suddenly he called me.and told me how many people i'll bring)
(i told him i dunno yet)
(hang up)

and so,i invite emi and ainun...emi slept at my house last night,that's why i can easily invite her...

and we ate pizza and all...
shazizan invite atman and hakim..
it was nice...
typical atman and the hot-stuff hakim...haha..and i always teased shazizan that he didn't have any friend at sunway college..haha...pity him...


atman sent the girls and me home...

common habit: i love to hit people.atman was the victim when he drove us home.he said some stuff about Liverpool.so i hit him.

and in the evening, me and emi went to hani's house...hani tasted my driving skill.dunno what she thinks about it..haha...

and then.
nothing much.

oh.i bought Mei-chan no shitsuji!..haven't watch it yet...
i only bought 1 drama tho...cos not enough money..maybe i'll go to Times Square alone after this..haha!


a i n k i n z said...

macam best itu spa ikan.
aku mahu join jugak.

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.jom long~!

RM20 ntuk 30min...
and kalo skit org,org tu akan bg extra mase..haha..
aku buat sampai 50min..haha

Anonymous said...

muke emi klakar ar XDDD