31 January, 2010

top up story.

A'kum n ello...

my dad top-up for me la.


he tried to top-up for my brother,then he asked me if my brother is using 017********* and i said yeah, then i remembered that my brother changed his maxis line to celcom and there this note from cimbclicks that said they can't reload for the people that change their previous telco to celcom.

so,my father end up log-out from his cimbclicks.

then i said "top up for me also,please"

then he said "already log out la"

i replied back "log back in,then"

he logged in, then my phone already top-up.hoho.

thank you,dear ayah. u're the nicest.

ps: i originally asked him to give some money for the fuel. but he end up top-up for me. never mind then.

another ps: that TRAX song from this blog's playlist is playing non-stop,still not boring me.haha.

explore race, not much.

A'kum n ello..

module 4.end.



so fantastic. so elastic. cool eh?

today is not really that fantastic,but totally realistic.

the module 4 is about ExploreRace. the journey was quite long cos we kinda explore the whole UiTM Shah Alam.

and if you want to know how big UiTM Shah Alam is, you can imagine Seksyen 9 being sucked up by Mid Valley.that's how big it is.

ok,maybe you don't understand the example.

do you know where is Seksyen 1 in Shah Alam? you maybe know Seksyen 2 and Seksyen 3 but you never really see the Seksyen 1. i wondered about that when i was young. i thought Seksyen 1 doesn't exist cos it doesn't sound glamourous. then i found out, UiTM TOOK ALL THE SEKSYEN 1 AND SOME SEKSYEN 2.

so yeah.now you know where is Seksyen 1.

anyway, the ExploreRace is a battle of stamina and pace. for me, it's all about stamina. my stamina was low. i didn't have any breakfast, and i nearly collapsed cos not enough sugar. some Sports Rep and a Textile students helped me when i nearly dying. thank YOU!

unlike Module 3, this Module 4 is totally not fun. i couldn't show my trueself and i can't be as hyperactive as i should. the Sports Rep peeps totally passionate in winning, but seriously, they're in their own world.AND I'M ALSO IN MY OWN WORLD.and so,maybe bcos of that, i don't really enjoy the ExploreRace.

main problem: they lose trust on me. and mistakes happened.

so i didn't really care much. and my team didn't win which was quite a surprise,but never mind. there'll be no future modules after this, and people will just forget that we even have some problems in a minor ExploreRace like this.

so now. that's all.

Alia Liverpool wanna say out!

ps: Sheena(my ex-classmate)'s brother,Shahnaz, who also Nanal(my cousin)'s friend, passed away just now. Innalillah.

30 January, 2010

Mixed Grill=rm38

A'kum n ello..


last night, had dinner at Victoria Station. just to celebrate my sister who got a shawl from ME, sleeveless shirts from my maid, money from haikal, high heels from dd and also an ANNA SUI's ROCK ME! perfume from my father.

nice one~!

anyway, my father said, excluding the birthday girl, the others have to order the food below rm20. and so i checked the menu and only Chicken Maryland is below rm20(price: rm19.90).

and then i had this thought. the only time my father would know that i ate the the rm20++ food is when he check the bills, that is,after i eat the food.

so, i ordered the Mixed Grill,cost about rm38.


the food is great tho i should ordered the steak instead of this,cos seriously, when i ate this food, it's torturing. the food is seriously many and i nearly give up on eating.

tho i should say that the reason of not giving up is the RM38 price of the food and also bcos my father was sitting in front of me.

so i end up eating all of them,and almost made an Aqilah,i.e not even leaving one piece of rice. still, in this circumstances, i didn't even leave any meat,chicken,egg,sausage and fillet except the potato fries.

oh. better i tell you this. if you're at Victoria Station, better order the Charbroiled Steak cos that's their specialty,but better prepare more than RM58(or maybe more cos of the tax).

and another thing, the birthday celebration was nice. the waiters at the V.S put the cake(and a very unique cake btw n bcos it's not mine, so i didn't put it in my blog) in front of my sis and lighted the candles and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY for her,and fyi, they change the lyrics to something weird.

when they sang, they sang the normal HAPPY BIRTHDAY song, then suddenly, they got another song for her. and i thought they were singing in French,but my father said that is the continuation of the Happy Birthday song.

i don't think he said the truth tho, cos i really heard something like mucho mucho when they were singing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song. and i even asked my father to sing the same song that the waiters sang. he ignored my request tho. maybe he just shy.

so.that's all.


29 January, 2010


A'kum n ello..

it's my SISTER'S BIRTHDAY today.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

[caring + sarcastic mode: ON]

eventho i hate her most of the times, have to say that she is my sister,and the ONLY ONE that i have, which i should be grateful about cos i don't want another little sister especially a twin of her. my life is already like las vegas this lil girl to take care of.

ok. she's not really a little girl now that today she's already 18, and she can watch any movie that can't watch before this at the cinema,without the guard even try to stop her. i know many under-18 peeps can already pass the security when they watch those SX18,SG18 movies,but this girl couldn't lie to the guards cos she is short with large body,and the security will think she's a kiddies that wanna watch dirty movies.


hopefully, being 18 will show her that life is about being humble and being softer cos she's really a girl that has a dirty mouth and smelly armpit cos she loves to curse and only bathe for 5 times a week. so hopefully, she'll mature in this age and she'll know that life is much more difficult then what she thought it already be.


being 18 is not just about getting that rm9000++ (which maybe ayah will take care of it) but it's about realizing that you already have your period for 7 years already and also being grateful that you still alive.

so. be happy.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ps: oh. pretend to smile when you have your presents later.

the story about 2 kura-kura and alia.

A'kum n ello..

i got this one tiny lil secret that i should have told you. but i'm lazy to tell you what.


start it off about today, i'm hella bored. so i'll give something about a story of alia,kura-kura and another kura-kura.

this is mr/mrs kura-kura. i'll call him/her Najwa.

Najwa: where am i? i know someone is watching me. surfer dude,help me please,the tiny naive tortoise.
(Alia: haha.najwa sesat!)

Najwa: OH. I SAW SOMEONE! it's big. ah~~~~~IT'S AQILAH!!!

Najwa: -touched Aqilah's shell- -suddenly a flash appear out of nowhere-
Najwa: WHAT'S THAT??

(Alia: whoa.aqilah nye kaki besar. just like that human aqilah.)

Najwa: GRR. YOU!! WHO ARE YOU????
(Alia: -buat bodo je kat Najwa-)
(Alia: Kyuhyun kite punye!!)
Najwa: GRR!!

Najwa: i better ignore that Alia.
Najwa: now, i want to climb on Aqilah.
Aqilah: ei Najwa.what are you trying to do?
Najwa: aqilah, i wanna climb on your shell.

(Alia: bcos Alia is BAIK. so i helped you to climb on aqilah)
(Alia: -took Najwa and put her on Aqilah-)
Najwa: thank you,Alia. awak memang baik.
(Alia: -went to this Indonesian woman and talked about Malaysia and Bandung-)



ta then!

28 January, 2010

should be early

A'kum n ello..

so. what happened today?

no lab.cos i dunno what.THAT happened around 2pm.

then, around 4pm, rushed to Molecular Biology's class cos the lecturer is really strict about being late even for one minute. and i had to rush to the lecture hall after i did my number 2. after huff and puff, we(kp,aqilah n i) arrived and we saw NO ONE IN THE LECTURE HALL. the class start at 4.10pm but it was 4.15pm already,n no one was there.so we thought they maybe change the lecture venue. so we went to this one lecture hall. saw Afiq and Nasar.

alia: kelas takde eh?
nasar: kelas takde.
afiq: KELAS TAKDE????
nasar: abis ko duk kat sini ni buat pe?
afiq: aku ingat ade gap je.


so we waited for the next class with afiq and nasar. we played the DON'T-SAY-THAT-NUMBER game;a game that i got from 1N2D. and it was LOADED WITH FUN with kp and i nearly peed in our pants!!!

then,around 4.5opm,went to the Musolla. prayed Asar, and aqilah told me to go to the class first. so i went.

i arrived. and it was 5.10pm.

and i saw some people inside the lecture hall.

i entered.

a shout from many people "KELAS TAKDE!!!!!!!!"

oh shi-a-t-z!

and bcos i didn't drive to class today, i had to call my bro who suppose to pick me up at 7pm instead of 5pm.(THO IT SHOULD BE 2PM instead of 5PM -_-")

anyway, tomorrow will be free. no Microbial Physiology's lab and also it's my sister's birthday tomorrow. will have dinner at Victoria Station, yeay!!!! bought already my sister's present,and i don't want to care if she likes it or not. haha.

eventho freedom all day tomorrow, i have TONNES OF THINGS TO DO especially that i'll be very busy this weekend cos of THOSE modules and so i don't really have the time to be a lazy-ass tomorrow.

whatever then.


ps: almost forgot that today got Statistic's quiz. and i seriously FAIL. oh damn.

27 January, 2010

for the horny girls like me,u and my sis.

A'kum n ello..

there this Tumblr(i hope you know what is Tumblr by now,but if u dunno,it's like a blog. if you look at my link, and check Liyana Giler!'s link, you'll know what Tumblr look like cos she use Tumblr) that my sister often talk about it in her blog and also in real life.

and whenever she talks about it, she looks like a horny girl that will collapse if a 6pack-hot-bod Fernando Torres appear in front of her (not that she's a fan of him eventho she shouted like a crazy woman when she saw Torres at Singapore last July,but you get the drift anyway).

anyway, check the tumblr that become the reason of horny girls like my sister,me and YOU everywhere.

seriously weyh, that tumblr is HOT!!

ps: Guys, please don't check that tumblr. you'll be gay or you'll lose the confidence of ur masculinity.

internet is being forgotten.slowly.

A'kum n ello...

i felt like i haven't use the internet for a very LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNG TIME.

funny. maybe i really am addict to internet.
or maybe i'm slowly acknowledge that internet is not really the no.1 priority in life.haha.

so now.

there this something i wanna talk about. it's about the Super Junior's Concert.

you know what? i don't really feel weird if there are GIRLS talk about going to the concert, or even talk about Super Junior itself.cos obviously, people already know that I AM A GIRL,and why should i feel weird to see GIRLS talk about Super Junior-the 13 good looking handsome guys,rite?

however, it still weird when a GUY suddenly came to me and asked me "Alia, ko pegi Super Junior punye konsert eh?" with an amazement and why-didn't-u-invite-me tone. i was kinda surprised when that guy suddenly came to me and asked me about it.

so i answered him "yup.aku pegi.NAPE?KO PUN PEGI??" cos seriously, i'll be very excited if someone i know also go to the concert cos there this coursemate of mine,Miezah, will join us(me and aqilah) to the concert cos i influenced her.

anyway, that guy said "oh tak.aku tanye je"


and then, i asked him about the Kpop stuff, and he said he also enjoy this Kpop stuff, except that he only care much about the actors,instead of the singers.

then i said "oh. aku minat Kpop ni pun sampai pegi koncert D.B.S.K"
then he replied "oh.DONG BANG SHIN KI"

seriously,i was shock. even Adam pronounces DBSK as D.B.S.K and not DONG BANG SHIN KI. even afiq called D.B.S.K as D.B.S.K.even my sister's friend that loves korean stuff called DBSK as Dong Bang Shin Hwa.



he even has a good looking face.
except that, his Kelantan accent~~~~~.

another guy then.haha.

tata sayang!

ps: no offense to the Kelantanese guys. but i talked to aqilah and asked her will she accept Jaejoong if he talks in Kelantanese accent,than she said "kite takleh nak accept laki yang cakap bahasa Kelantan"

another ps: ceh,Kelantan accent la ;p

25 January, 2010

module 3

A'kum n ello...

i'm a very HAPPY person yesterDAY.

you know. yesterday, i had this one cool module. it was my 3rd module,tho i should have attended it last semester instead of this semester. but u know, i skipped last semester's module cos i attended the TVXQ gathering,so really, i could't do anything about it.

anyway, i attended this semester,so i had to meet with people that mostly were the Part 3 students i.e my JUNIORS.

obviously, my thoughts were "aih.JUNIORS.BUDAK KECIK~~" even though most of the juniors were suppose to be the same age as me but seriously tho, i'm a Senior. you know,SUPER SENIOR?


i met my juniors.

the module got 3 PARTS. 1st: a talk about organization. 2nd: a talk about ___? (seriously,it was boring as hell) 3rd: LDK(latihan dalam kumpulan)


the talks were ok.not memorable or funny.

the LDK i.e the group session was REALLY REALLY FUN.

the LDK consist of people from other faculties such as Music faculty, Sports Science faculty, and other sorts that i didn't even remember.

oh. i even met the Microbiology juniors.haha. i asked about their semester, as i'd been like them before; met that lecturers and so on. and those juniors of mine told me that they have to memorize AT LEAST 50 BACTERIAS cos my old lecturer,Sir Nik Roslan, that will be teaching me Mycology later, told them to memorize those Bacteria names.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA.SIAN DIORANG!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
i only memorized 12 of them and THAT'S ALL.haha.


i remember something. Sir Nik Roslan will teach Mycology.
i think he'll ask us to memorize 50 names of FUNGI later.oh damn.

ok. back to the module.

so i met new people,and the people that i really remember were the Music students, Izzat a.k.a Hujan(cos he looked like that Hujan band guy) and also Emir a.k.a Cemonet(cos he wore this snow cap,and snow cap looks like anak tudung,and KP calls anak tudung as cemonet,instead of serkup)

it's a lil bit hard to explain why Emir(Cemonet) was memorable to me cos it's not even a romantic encounter or a "OH MAN.HE'S HOT" kind of way. cos seriously, he's not good looking. so i'll summarize the story: KP,aqilah and me played this game about 2,5,9.and Cemonet saw what we played. and he asked us about it. he didn't directly played with us, but he spontaneously played with us. oh,Cemonet is a Music student who plays i-dunno-what-instrument-but-related-with-Bass.

i know you don't understand.but whatever.

then, about Izzat a.k.a Hujan.

oh. he's not good looking if you ask me. but he's alright. and he's a very fun guy.haha.

we were in the same group in this one task that we have to do. it's about an organization and the followers. me,aqilah,kp,Hujan and cemonet were in followers group. each of us got our own tasks. aqilah and i were the Good people(we had to do the stuff that'll say the organization is the best), KP was the bad people(she had to do stuff about wrecking and complains the organization) while Hujan and Cemonet were the Nice+Bad people.

and i teamed up with KP and Hujan.
aqilah with Cemonet.

so i'll only explain about my team.haha.

KP was ridiculously mean. seriously, she was VERY VERY MEAN. i never thought she'll be that mean.haha. she complained a lot. she didn't do the task. I, however,a nice girl. i had to say "YES,SAYA SETUJU!" to what the organizations said. i was the SEMANGAT people,but more like an idiot. Hujan played along with KP and me.

oh. i forgot to mention that the losers have to dance.

and bcos KP didn't do most of the tasks, my team were the losers. aqilah's team was the winner. and the reason we were lost was bcos of KP. i found out that my team were supposed to win,but maybe the organization was very2 annoyed with KP that they wanted to punish us.


i really dunno what we had to do. they told us to entertain them. i danced a lil bit of Sorry Sorry. but i don't think anybody there except aqilah and kp know about Bo Peep Bo Peep dance or even Sorry Sorry dance.

then, a lame request from the audience: "CHICKEN DANCE"

oh shit.

and bcos someone actually have the song of the chicken dance in their phone, so we had to dance to that song. and we didn't even know the dance. but i took kp's hand and we were tango-ing/waltz-ing.haha.

oh seriously, we were like an IDIOT.

but people just laughed at us. and we had fun. and i got new friends. and so,it was a nice DAY to me.

oh.only at DAY. the night was stupid. it was more of a major breakdown.

i'll tell about that later. wanna pray my Asar prayer.tata!

24 January, 2010

[ALL POSTS] Bandung-Jakarta

A'kum n ello..


for the people who wanna read the Bandung-Jakarta trip for Day1 to Day5 can click the following links.

this post will be here until 24th January 2010. again, please scroll down if you want to see the new post.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

23 January, 2010

no api.

A'kum n ello...

i'm a very loser person today. now i know why Potato Couch is even a word.

with my PINK BAGGY PANTS that looks like Penguin's(the batman's villain) pants,with a big buttoned-shirt, i really look like a loser.

tho i can understand why i look like this.this all bcos of me want to find some freedom in a nice weekend after 4days and 2hours of study the difficult stuff about microbe.


btw, i slept quite early last night. around 11pm, i think. i was really tired after minutes of walking to Padang Kawad from my faculty. and bcos of my early go-to-bed, i missed 1N2D.

oh damn.

oh damn.
I MISSED KIM JONG MIN'S 1ST APPEARANCE AFTER HIS RELEASE FROM ARMY.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

seriously lor.how could i miss that show after all day been thinking about it??




so i really did sleep early. but i didn't really have a nice sleep. you wanna know why? cos around 3am this morning, i felt quite hot;no windy air from the fan above. i was quite sweaty. but i really was sleepy, so i just ignored it.

then, i opened my eyes for a lil while. i looked at the fan, and it wasn't moving. ai~~ no electricity la. still,i ignored it. i continue my sleep.

i looked at the window. saw that it was very dark outside. even neighbours lights are off.so i walked downstairs and looked at the fuse box and pushed it on. the electricity was on after that. then i looked outside. it was really2 dark, very2 dark. and i felt very2 alone. i dunno what to do. nobody around me......

then i realized that all the italic-font story above was all a dream. i opened my eyes, and saw that the fan wasn't spinning.so in this real life, i looked at the window,and saw that the neighbours house are all alright. so i went downstairs,and checked the fused box and on the switch. the electricity was back on. so i went to the bathroom and did my number 1. but then, the lights suddenly off.

so i pushed on the fuse again. electricity appeared. after 3minutes, off again. then i switched it on. again, it went off.

all of that happened about 7 times.

and when my brother switched on the fuse, the electricity was back for about 15minutes. then it tripped again.

i,at that time,already sleeping,and i had to wake up early to drive to the market.

then, the electricity was back on. and continue till now.except that, the ground floor is alright, but the lights and fans at the 1st floor is not okay (except my father's room).

ok. maybe i'll feel hot and dark after this with no light and fan, but the internet is alright and also the tv.so i think things are ok.

ok. not really.


my house is really in a bad state.one by one,problems happen. just like Liverpool. at least Liverpool is improving right now.so things are good. but this house is really weird. 1st,the gate.then, the leakage. then, the computer that always shut down by itself. now, the electricity.

oh damn. (all of this with my father's money,but i'm the one who did all of these) i paid the bills, i paid the taxes. i paid the internet. and WHY THE HELL PROBLEMS STILL APPEAR??????

oh seriously. and my brother thinks i'm a little princess who did nothing in this house.

oh yeah? you took my petrol money. i had to ask my friend to drive me to Petaling Jaya to buy the cartridge for the Rx. and i have to pay the bills that appear every month. and i have a BROTHER THAT PATHETICALLY HAVE SOMEONE ELSE'S GIRLFRIEND ON HIS PHONE WALLPAPER.

and you think i'm being a princess here????

ok now.


22 January, 2010

read if you have 5 seconds.

A'kum n ello...

i was thinking to not blog about today. cos...i don't have anything to blog.

i think it was around October last year that i think i should only blog about some STUFF;the stuff that people should know about, the stuff that i want to share with people and all so on and whatever.....


ok now.

where was i?.........oh damn i seriously forgot what i'm suppose to blog about. what what what???????

ok. i'm trying to remember back what i plan to blog about. i think it's about today. about what happen...

and NOW i remember.


i had a lab session today with Mr Othman. nothing much happen except that i found out that i'm still not skillful enough with the microscope.lucky KP taught me how to adjust the light and all. and oh.I COUNTED THE BACTERIAS!

hohohoho. can you count bacteria??


let me brag about my skill today.


yeah.that's all. i only see about 11 of 4 000 000. cool eh?


next story.

THE BUS LEFT ME. and i have to walk to PADANG KAWAD.

and trust me, you dunno how far Padang Kawad and my faculty.

ta then. that's all.
thanks for reading!

ps: i know you dunno.

21 January, 2010

NexG and her.

A'kum n ello...

i think i haven't updated the blog as usual as i used to.

anyway, nothing much really happened nowadays. people already know that i bought the Super Junior ticket, and the tickets are with aqilah right now cos she's more reliable as a person who take care of parking tickets, movie tickets and also CONCERT TICKETS.

me,on the other hand, are only reliable to my family cos the my family members are not really that disciplined(FACT!)

so, what really happened nowadays?

i'm not in a good term with this one friend of mine. i think people already know that i'm not in a good term with a certain SOMEONE. but to be honest, there are TWO.


i think i should stop this 'friends' topic now.

oh2. i registered the Ambank NexG Prepaid Mastercard. a friend of mine suggested to me to apply this card if i want to online shopping. by the way, i have to wait for about 4 days for Ambank to activate it cos they couldn't activate it on the same day, and also, i have to wait about 3weeks for my PIN number to arrive.

and it was kinda funny and ridiculous when i applied the card.

i asked the person at the counter about NexG, then she told me to ask this one lady. so i asked that lady. then that lady asked a friend of hers to help me. then a young man took care of me. i asked him about PayPal, then his lady colleague asked me "PayPal?pe tu? Akak tak update pasal mende ni"

seriously, the government should spend their money more on IMPROVING THE KNOWLEDGE than some big budgets on 'dot dot dot'.......

anyway, because i have to wait for the activation and all those sorts in about 1month, i can't really online shopping right now. lucky me, cos i dun have anything to buy right now,as i really don't have any money for all this stuff.

the reasons i'm even thinking about online shopping are:

  • i MAYBE can buy Liverpool stuff!
  • i can buy Kpop and Jpop cds easily after this. YesAsia the best for this one cos you don't need to pay for the shipping.
  • MANGA!

ok now. enough of the Card story.

i'll change to another topic.Mdm Amaliawati.

so we had lab session yesterday. had this one assessment that students have to do in front of her, that is, aseptic technique while using the micropipette and pipette,individually.

before she start, she asked someone to volunteer to be the 1st to be assessed. i looked around. i already practiced. and nobody really want to volunteer. and i better get this done early or else she'll get mad or something like that.so....

i volunteered.

and whoa, i was nervous. my hands were shivering. i tried not to look at my lecturer. i just did what i must and what i know. the lecturer didn't say anything. then,END.

she didn't give any comment. she just said "NEXT!"

and after that,i hoped that i could leave early, but unfortunately,it didn't happen. we had to wait for the whole peeps to finish the assessment, and then,end.

in the end, the class that suppose to end at 4.30pm,end at 5pm.

cool eh?

and she also said this one unique thing: DON'T PLAY TWITTER.


ta then!

ps: follow me at twitter,cos i tweet more often now than i blog.

18 January, 2010


A'kum n ello..

I. GOT. IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


don't want to waste my time to think about when to buy the tickets after this.haha.

the pre-sale started today. so went to Sg Wang with Aqilah after class. and went straight to the place that sell the tickets.

arrived at the place, and we saw a long line of people in front of a big Super Junior poster,and we really were surprised cos we never thought the place will be THAT crowded,cos you know, being first day of pre-sale and all.

so we qued.

the line didn't feel like it'd shorten tho.

2 chinese girls behind us asked us something "tumpang tanya(yeah.she totally said that). dah lama tunggu ke?"

i was like "nope.baru saje."

so we waited. saw many chinese BOYS. yeay! FANBOYS!!!! and more handsome than afiq!

a Malay girl in front of me was sms-ing someone. maybe her friend or boyfriend. saw something like "kalau rm138 dah abis, nak tak rm238?" i was like,whoa. already sold out eh?? it's only the 1st day la.

then saw dis chinese woman in front of that malay girl. she was holding a form about the concert.something about which tickets we want. heard that she said "semua orang kene ade this form" so i pulled aqilah and pushed her to take that form.hahaha.sorry aqilah.

then, we filled the form. 3 tickets. and the price are dot dot dot (i think you can guess which ticket i bought).

the chinese girls behind us saw what we chose. she said the tickets that both me and aqilah wanted to buy was at another line. so we went.


paid the tickets and got it.

bought tickets for me, aqilah and ahhin.haha.

and i got this free giant poster offer with me,but i have to claim it this 31st January. dunno if somebody is free to take it for me.

and yeay baby! i'm going to the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ps: some of mikrob peeps asked me about the SuJu thingy. even Nadia the genius even excited about it.nice

some extra from my crazy cousin:

17 January, 2010

me and Mercedes

A'kum n ello..

i drove my father's mercedes yesterday.

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comhaha rite?

i always drive that 2nd hand proton wira that i never care much about its safety and condition,cos if something is wrong with that car,it's not bcos of me. so, when i drove the mercedes, the RESPONSIBILITY IS REALLY BIG.it's like when you're an assistant for a band, and then the vocalist of the band suddenly disappear,and you can't do anything about it,but somebody makes a stupid plan by saying "YOU, BE THE VOCALIST!"

what say you?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
(imagine if this happen to Paramore: Hayley suddenly disappear and a nobody replace her)

especially that the request for me to drive the Mercedes is really,really SUDDEN.

so the story was like this:

my father,my sis n i already on OUR WAY OUT to go to Subang Parade.we were just at the car. then suddenly, my father asked me if i wanna drive the car. and bcos i don't want to drive ANY car(including a Mercedes) and just relax at the back of the car, i said NO.

my sis,tho, said "I WANT! I WANT!!"but my father ignored her.

the request suddenly change to demand.

so,all i can do is drive.nothing bad will happen rite? a Mercedes is also a car.

so. i sat on the driver's side of the car.

tried to start it.i looked at the key. why the hell it has NO KEY????????

my father said "taruk je kat tempat kunci tu.lepas tu pusing"


then, search for the handbrake.NO HANDBRAKE!

my father said "tu kat tepi tu.tarik handbrake tu"
alia "oh,tu handbrake?"

then, had to reverse the car to get out from the house.erm,the R is there.and also the D.so,nothing weird.

my father said "now,reverse"
so i reverse.

then,had to signal to the left. check the signal device.nothing at the right. so,definitely at the left.saw 2 sticks. one of them is the signal thing.

then,the journey to Subang Parade started.
whoa, it was weird. seriously weird. you felt uncomfortable, weird, awkward, awed, and also,RICH!

i thought i was kinda slow. checked the speed. it was already 100km/h.


tried to be faster.


i had to control myself not to drive like Michael Schumacher.

saw a car in front of me. i thought the car kinda far. so i tried to get near.
too fast, cos my father shrieked at me.
yes.he did SHRIEK.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


suddenly, it rained.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
ok2. raining. nothing bad will happen. now, had to search for the wiper. where was the wiper? tried to search for it, but in the end, my father the one who switched on the wiper cos he was frustrated and maybe scared with my driving. ayah: focus on driving alia!
conclusion: i still dunno how to switch on the wiper for the mercedes.

then, arrived at Subang Parade. luckily, nothing bad happen when i parked the car.

another problem occur. i dunno how to off the car.

man, my father seriously was frustrated with me. so he off the car by himself.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

conclusion: no Alia to drive the Mercedes after this.

ps: alisa wanna drive the car for the journey home,but my father said she have to pay for the parking.i think she had no money,so my father the one who drove the car on the way home.

another ps: it's not about bcos it is a Mercedes.it's bcos its ur father's car.

15 January, 2010

Xabi's twin & my Ears

A'kum n ello..

today, went out with Nazneen n Aqilah.

we watched Avatar 3D. we maybe 3 of the last people that haven't watch that movie yet. tho maybe i should exclude my maid in this cos she watched Semp-it instead of Avatar yesterday.

anyway, that movie is ok. brilliant, especially the neon grass and also the flowers and all weird creatures in it. notice that every creatures have that Dracula teeth. even the Navi have them.

and Sam Worthington is hot! maybe bcos he looks like Xabi Alonso,so i really adore this guy.haha. his hairy face certainly looks like Xabi's.

whoa.this is sad. i seriously miss Xabi Alonso here.......blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway, i dunno if it's bcos of my ears or the cinemas, but i think the sound from the movies are very loud nowadays, and i think i maybe a loud-noise-(pho)bia bcos whenever i heard all those loud noise, i felt really uncomfortable like i want to vomit. i seriously dunno why. this kinda unacceptable cos i couldn't enjoy the movie when this 'disease' happen.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and the loud sound was not just in Avatar. when i watched Sherlock Holmes, the loud sound also there,and i also was in a very uncomfortable shape at that time. Aqilah didn't notice the loud sound when we watched Sherlock Holmes, but she noticed them when we watched Avatar.

i know sound effect gives the mood, but seriously tho, what really happened to me?? few days ago, a 2NE1's fan said there is something wrong with my ears cos i said 2NE1's Lollipop song with Big Bang is annoying.

maybe there really is something wrong with my ears. except that, THAT SONG is really annoying, ok?? still, that song is addictive.

after that, we had Tokyo-G as our lunch. as whoa, we really full after that. and we only ordered 5 sushis.

or maybe 5 IS TOO MUCH.

i love to play with chopsticks.

please focus at the sushi, not at Aqilah.aha

ok, the sushi doesn't really look as delicious as this.

never mind then.

so now, tata!

ps: girls, thanks for the ears.haha.

extra ps: i really am evil.nobody can mess with me cos i really hold grudge.how WOW.

another ps: aqilah, pay rm5.

unbind. bind

A'kum n ello..

i'm alone. sitting on the floor. looking at the papers. see some metals. try to unbind them. have it hard unbinding it. i try harder and harder to unbind it.

then it happen.

i can't unbind it.

i feel like i give up.
i give up in everything. in every stuff that i work on for. i give up in everything that i waste myself into. i wonder what really happened that make things become like this. i wonder why it is so easy to give up and lose everything just like that.

then, a brilliant idea appear. i take a device that help me unbind that metal. the metal unbind. i feel happy.

the device is a support.

ta then.aqilah is on her way to pick me up.

14 January, 2010

sorry, sorry rm458

A'kum n ello...

if only RM458 is equal with 50k rupiahblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


i really have to bring a binocular then.

Sorry Sorry,SuJu is COMING!

A'kum n ello...

seriously lor. my sister know this before me la. cis.


THIS IS ONE COOL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

it'll be on 20th march at 7pm. and the tickets sale will be on 18th January till 29th January.

tho i think the fans will start gathering around 12pm anyway. cos they'll definitely buy the merchandise and all.

what i really like about this concert is; it is not a free-seating seat. it's a numbered seat. so yeah, cool stuff. no need to care about fighting with other fans. and the venue will be at Bukit Jalil, and Bukit Jalil is a better place for concert than Stadium Merdeka, and you don't even need to bring binoculars.


i think i'll buy the RM238. much more convenient for me.huhu.and i already planned with ahhin about it.huhu.

ta then!