09 January, 2010

about the Church attack

A'kum n ello...

i think people already know about the Church attack by now.


if you don't, please have twitter and follow TheStar or have friends that loves to tweet 24/7 at twitter and facebook, cos you'll definitely know about it by that.or if you use Mozilla Firefox, you maybe have the Latest Headlines tab at ur toolbar.BBC always have this kind of religious news.


about the Church attack.

i dunno what the Muslims that attacked were thinking. were they thinking about saving the pride of Islam? were they thinking about killing the Christians?

you know, i'm a Muslim. i'm a devoted Muslim. i may not look like a Muslimah who wears jubah and tudung labuh, but i am a devoted Muslim. i prays all the 5 prayers,and never ignore one of them.and i never steal people's money since the day i got my period, and i never take foods that not even mine,except when people give it to me.

I only avoid things if Allah stated it in the Al-Quran, AND also if Nabi Muhammad S.A.W mentioned it.

and if the Al-Quran said that we must not destroy or harm another religions' place, i won't attack a church or the Hindu temple at Seksyen 19.

the attacker, that rumoured to be from ABIM, burned the churches and stated that they did that bcos they are defending Islam by showing their 'protest' against the use of Allah in Herald.

the first time i heard about the news, i don't really care much about it.

cos i saw a bible that use Allah as the God before. i was surprised, but i didn't care much about it. cos all i care is this one thing: as long as you know which Allah you give yourself to, you don't need to care about the other things.

why i have this kind of thinking? it's bcos the devils are everywhere. they'll use everything,even if it involve the name of Allah, to make us lose our faith. they'll use everything that will make us weak. and we,as a Muslim, have to try to ignore and just strengthen our faith and belief so that our walls won't crumpled.

yes, maybe ignore is a coward act. but if it support peace, that's all you can do. ignore is not a coward act if you think about peace and other people(eventho it involve the non-Muslims). you don't need to attack another person just bcos you want to protect Islam.

for me, this is not an embarrassment. i'm more to disappointed. i don't want to feel embarrass about being Muslim. why must i? for me,the one that attack are not even Muslims. eventho they are called Muslims, they are just attention-whore. i'm disappointed that they called themselves Muslims and did all those stuff. they should know more about being a true Muslim instead of attacking people without the knowledge of being a Muslim.

i know where my faith is. i know who i really am. i know what my religion is.

if devils want to break my faith, they'll have hard time doing it.

so now.



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