08 April, 2014

Cumberbitches' plan to meet Cumberbatch


I have the mood to blog, or in other words, to talk about something interesting.

Two weeks ago, i was in my fangirl mode. Not my usual kpop fangirl mode. It was my British fangirl mode. Not related to LFC, but the guy still a British guy. As some or maybe few of you might have known, this year's Laureus Award was held in KL because Rio had to cancel the event bcos of some reason that i forgot what it was.

What is Laureus Award? An award for sportsman. Actors have Oscars, athletes have Laureus. As a football n sports fan, i was excited about this event. I even wish to attend it. Only a wish, so i did not do anything about that wish.

Until, my dear friend Emilia Miyuu Miyuu told me at LINE:

My dear Sherlock was chosen as the host for that award!!

As Benedict Cumberbatch was chosen as the host, i became more excited. Yeah yeah, they said Beckhams would appear. Rafael Nadal also might appear. But Benedict Cumberbatch as the host? That's a dream come true for me.

So, Emi and I planned about what to do. And apparently, our friend, Bai, also a fan of his. So she wanted to join our stalking activity.

Me, Emilia and Bai. stalking trio.
We planned and planned. When will he arrived? Which hotel? Which flight? We planned and speculated.

We made a Whatsapp group called Cumberbitches, just to discuss our 'activity'. We used our stalking experience as a kpop fan and speculated which hotel he'd stay. One of the sponsor for the event was Majestic Hotel. So we thought he might have stayed there.

We went there.

FYI, the hotel is a 5 star hotel, situated in the middle of KL, with a majestically beautiful interior. We planned to sit at the cafe there and waited for our Ben Ben. The waitress gave us an Acer tablet as the menu. We looked at the list of drinks they have. Some didn't even show the price. There was one drink that cost about RM28. I think it was an orange juice....

I think la.

In the end, we asked for the waitress and asked her whether they serve any coffee. She said yes and we asked what kind. She said "cappucino, latte" n so on. Without thinking, i said cappucino n the others chose latte instead.

So we waited for our Ben Ben.

We waited and waited.

Where the hell is he? We thought.

We got our coffee. And some cookies. Mind you, the place oozes with class. We couldn't even talk loudly. We were like classy ladies. We drank the coffee like we were Kate Middleton. We had to pretend like we're born high class. We drank the coffees like royalties even though Emi said the latte tasted like the ones at McCafe. The cookies were tasty but it was like the kuih raya cookies we had during Eid Fitr.

The cappucino that i ordered.
And then, Bai showed us a picture of our Ben Ben with some fans at some hotel... in Malaysia. We were like"when is this?? Where??" then a friend of Bai (through facebook) said that he actually stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, not at Majestic Hotel.
So we looked at our coffee. We looked around. Then Bai asked "Mandarin Oriental, jom?" and we replied "JOM!!"
we asked for the bill. The waitress gave us the bill.


RM20, not include tax, for each of our coffee. The price of pretending to be rich and also the price of being a Cumberbitch.

So we went to Mandarin Oriental. Oh. It was 11.30pm at that time. Almost midnight. And once we arrived, i went to the toilet. I told the girls to wait at the cafe. They said "don't mind don't mind. We'll wait for you in the toilet" oh how kind they were.

I took about 5 minutes to finish my 'business'. Then we sat at a sofa at the lobby. Saw some Man Utd fans. I thought"are they waiting for Beckham? They did say he'd come. But he's in Miami tho". And then, some guy that might be a security guy was walking in front of us. He looked at us suspiciously. So we ended up go to the cafe there instead.

A nice looking waitress served us. Cos my mouth feel weird bcos of the cappucino that i drank at Majestic, i asked for a warm water. The other girls were looking at the menu and was like "air milo RM18! Lagi mahal dari tin milo tu!". Anyway, we asked for an orange juice. Price: RM24. Only a glass. Tho we speculated how much is the warm water.

So we waited. And waited. And waited. And when it's almost 1am.
We gave up.

It was harder than stalking kpop artist and also pricier.

So we paid the bill. The warm water is Free! Haha. While we were walking out, Emi was looking at some chocolates they displayed there. The chocolates look so tasty and expensive. 1 chocolate=RM5.50.

The waitress that served us before came to us. She introduced us which is good and which one is too common. And she showed us this one tasty looking chocolate cake that ONE SLICE of it cost around RM30.

ONE slice only. And here i thought Secret Recipe has the priciest cake of all.

Then the waitress asked about us. We asked about her. And then we revealed to her that we came to see Benedict Cumberbatch. She was suprised. But she also revealed to us that many people was waiting at the hotel since morning. Maybe to meet him. And then she revealed to us that some Hollywood celebrities came to Malaysia for a holiday and stayed at that hotel before. And she also revealed that all the stuff in the hotel are imported.

The tables, chairs, the paintings, even the juice that we drank are imported.
Oh oh. Even the warm water!! Hahahahah. Lucky thing it's free.

And then, she made a sudden confession. She said that few minutes before we entered the cafe, Benedict Cumberbatch had just finished his dinner. Easily said, he was there when we were in the toilet. In the fucking toilet. While i was pooping.


We missed him because of my poo!
And then we went home and planned to meet him at the red carpet, before the award show, on the next day. Which, we failed because we were late.

Still, we tried to meet him after the award show at the hotel.
Which i'll blog about it at the next post.
Goodnight. ♥