30 June, 2010

Park Yong Ha T-T

A'kum n ello..

Do you watch Winter Sonata?

Do you watch On Air?

if you watch both dramas, you obviously know this guy:

my oh my oh my.

he's dead.

apparently he commit suicide.


I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!

seriously i love this guy! i love him more than Bae Yong Joon in Winter Sonata!! i watched On Air cos of HIM! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCH HIS NEW DRAMA!

and now...he's.... dead.

he's dead.

i'm very sad. very very sad. this is sadder than the time when i found out Heath Ledger died.

when i saw the title [NEWS]Park Yong Ha died at Omono's LJ, i thought maybe his character in a drama died. they when i read the whole thing, i was like "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!SUICIDE??NO!!!!!!IT'S REAL!!"

mind you, this is way shocking than Michael Jackson's death.

he really an actor that i like. he must be through plenty of problems that he decided to commit suicide. nobody expect him to hang himself, but he was an actor anyway. that's the toughest part of being one. people don't know the real you.

my condolences to his family :(

You'll Never Walk Alone, Park Yong Ha~

i'll remember you in these 2 dramas:


29 June, 2010


A'kum n ello..

i know the post about BEAST are really LONG....

so this is a post to make things easier for you readers:


enjoy then. 

still an adventure. and my legs still sore from all the pushing.

BEAST in MY:the show

A'kum n ello..

i better start typing now even though my head really not in the mood to blog. I'M TRYING HERE!


so i was inside the KL Live. as i was one of the earliest people that entered, i saw the non-Tshirt people that were allowed to enter the gate. however, they had to wait outside the door of the KL Live instead of enter directly. the non-Tshirt had to wait for the Tshirt fans to enter first.....

but i heard they end up letting the non-Tshirts enter before all the Tshirt fans enter. so i don't know about that.

again, i already inside the hall.

and many fans already there. the VIPs were upstairs. the non-VIP like me have to stand at the middle of the hall, and plenty of the fans have their own placards and they show off their placards and the short people like me couldn't even see the stage. (placards are NO NO! yeah yeah, you want Doojoon to see your placard, but still.....!!)

oh well. we already inside. we better snap some pictures:

wow we look HIGH.

and then, the hall was dark. the screen showed the Cube Entertainment artistes videos which include BEAST and 4minute. fans were screaming and singing along. it'd be nice if the fans stop pushing for once.......

and then, the hall was in a light mode. a chinese(i think) man with a spec appeared. he told us we need to stop pushing cos many people already collapsed. he also stated that there are 35 people in the Emergency room, maybe cos of the pushing and all. and then he said "please don't push so that we can start on time"

oh how nice. ON TIME??? IT'S ALREADY 9PM!!!! (the showcase suppose to start at 7PM and end at 9.30PM)

and so, around 9PM, the place was dark. then pom...pom...pommmm! BEAST APPEARED!!!!! with white clothes!

people were shouting!
people were screaming!!
"KYA~~~~!!! DOO JOON!!!" "KYA~~DOOJOON!!!!" "KYA~~~KIGWANG!!!" 
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKK,YOSEOB!!!!" <---the one who shrieked like this was Aqilah. IT was painful.


seriously people. i can't even enjoy the show. people were pushing me. i couldn't even see the boys clearly cos of the placards and cameras. dear fans, next time, WEAR A TUDUNG TO A FREE-STANDING PERFORMANCE,WILL YOU? YOUR HAIR ARE GREASY AND STICKY, IT FEELS LIKE A DRY PERIOD BLOOD. TIE YOUR HAIR OR JUST WEAR A SCARF, CAN YOU??

mind you, i know many Beast's songs but i don't even know the title of their songs when they sang on that night.

so, i'm sorry.

i have to say, DongWoon has the most fans. whenever he appeared, fans would scream LOUDLY. and wow he really look like Ryo Nishikido. haha. KiGwang also has plenty fans. maybe cos of his abs and muscle.haha.

and cos all the pictures are Emi's, and Emi is a fan of Dongwoon, so...:

not a good picture of him. but who care. THERE'S DOOJOON IN THIS PICTURE!!!

oh. the performance was great. their voices are good. it was live, so it was awesome to listen them singing. i couldn't enjoy their dance tho. people were pushing. my vision was like a fancam; shaky and blurry. damn you pushers!


but still, with those fans pushing me and all, i end up standing at the front row.hahahahaha. ok, more like 2nd row to be exact, but i really was near the stage.haha.i could see Yoseob's short height and Doojoon's sweaty neck and chest. HAR HAR~~!


oh. i don't like the woman in front of me. as i was in the 2nd row, the woman was at the front row. there was a barrier in front of her. she stood on the barrier, so she was taller than anybody else in the hall. and not just that, she had a placard with Kigwang's name on it, and she shove it in front of my face. damn i couldn't even see the view clearly, AND I SUPPOSE TO HAVE ONE OF THE BEST VIEW!da.

anyway, as i was at the front, and also at the middle, BEAST members always appeared in front of me. you know that women that i hate, cos she was TALLER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE, she got to hold Dongwoon's hand. damn you woman!

the story was like this: BEAST were singing, and Dongwoon suddenly came to us and pull out his hand to touch the fans and that stupid woman got to touch his hand. aih.

ok. i'll try not to be mad at that that woman. 


oh. there were this talking moment.

(i'll skip thiss part as i don't really care much about it. a Chinese girl posed together with BEAST, and a Malay girl was the luckiest girl of the night cos BEAST sang a song for her.sweet~~)

during the talk, the host was talking and asking BEAST about Malaysia and so on. random question like "what do you think of Malaysian fans?" Dongwoon said "so..BEAUTIFUL!" which made the fans went "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" and the host started talking again, but Dongwoon suddenly interrupt him (i like the way Dongwoon interrupt him.i hate that host.he didn't know anything about BEAST or even Kpop or even the showcase).

...Dongwoon said "Do you want to take picture with us??" he asked THE FANS. and obviously, the fans went "YES!!!!!!!" and so, this picture exist:

and i was the one in that RED BOX.
look at it clearly.the one beside Dongwoon's head.

and so, BEAST sang again. the fans still pushed me. and there was this woman in front of me. she said something to me "can you put away your hand from me???" she said that. i didn't respond. cos if i show my true colours, maybe Doojoon will see my BAD side, and i don't want that to happen, so i just kept quiet even though i want to say "HOW ABOUT YOU THROW AWAY YOUR CAMERA,YOU MILF!" i really want to say that. her camera really a nuisance.

and oh. i saw KIGWANG's ABS! i saw HIS ABS! i was like WHOA! i saw ABS!!! he pulled his shirt in front of me. i can see his PECS clearly! 

to be honest, i was awed for only a short moment of time. Kigwang really is sexy with all the muscles. but he kinda thin tho. you know what, i have a brother that has a body structure but maybe a lil bit thinner than Kigwang's. my brother got an abs. tho not as fit as Kigwang's,but he got an abs. and Kigwang's abs was like my brother's, so the awesomeness of his abs was a short moment for me. sorry AJ. you really are sexy.

anyway, the showcase near it end......

Doojoon was talking..
and Yoseob really is short....

and damn this guy looks like Ryo!

and i love the encore. they mix up Bad Girl, Mystery, Shock and maybe other songs together. i love it! and then they said bye2 and "SAYA CINTA MALAYSIA!"

Dongwoon the one who said that. a good way for the Malaysians to remember the native language. cos nowadays not many people say "SAYA CINTA MALAYSIA". mostly people say "I LOVE MALAYSIA!"

and then, the autograph session started. cos it was close to 11PM at that time, they had to cut the autograph session short. NOT ALL FANS CAN GET THE AUTOGRAPH on that night. UMM said before the showcase that fans can shake hands with BEAST, but nope, the fans couldn't do that cos it'll slow the fansigning. 

anyway, i got their autograph. to tell you the truth, when i was in front of them, i don't really have the excitement inside me. i wasn't enthusiastic like i should be. i wasn't normal as a fangirl. i was like a girl that meet a stranger and smile awkwardly at them. seriously, i was like that.

when i was on stage, i was dead tired. i really want the night to end. i don't care about BEAST anymore. i was like "ok,get the autograph and go home,now" so when i was on the stage, i tried to be an obedient fan. i gave my gift for Doojoon to the staff there. (i even put my twitter address on my gift.hahahaha) and i gave my album for the members to sign. everybody smiled at me. i smiled back at them. i was like "thank you,thank you" i was like a tourist at foreign tourist shop.seriously. i smiled at them awkwardly. the girl behind me was like "SARANGHAEYO OPPA!!" and dongwoon replied to her "saranghaeyo~~!" and i was like "hehe.thank you~~"

wow. maybe this is why i don't have a boyfriend. oh my.

i was in front of Kigwang...he smiled at me. and i smiled back. and he got this "oh, this fan don't know how to smile.just smile back at her" smile........

when i was in front of Doojoon, Doojoon smiled at me, and again, i was like "*smile awkwardly* thank you~~ hrm" and i know i really was weird. 

and i know i had to change, so when i was in front of Yoseob, i tried to smile as brightly as possible. Yoseob really was cute. he smiled brightly back at me, and i smiled awkwardly back at him.

so yeah.that's the end. i kinda like wasted my chance tho. oh well. i don't really care. i was in pain, sore and sad. my mind was "uruguay vs korea.what happen???" seriously. maybe i should ask Doojoon the score instead of smiling awkwardly at him.

anyway. when the fansigning of the night end, we went home. we went to the parking lot. Ahhin said maybe BEAST's van were parked in the same parking lot as us. at that time, i didn't really care much about Beast. i was worried about Noi at that time. as i was searching for Aqilah's car (which i forgot she drove a Kancil on that night) i saw 3 Alphards behind Aqilah's car. Emi,Aqilah and Ahhin slowly went to the Alphards. the front one was moving. i looked at that moving Alphard. then Emi said "AHHHHHHH!!BEAST INSIDE THAT CAR!!!!!" they wave at that Alphard and Yoseob was waving back at them. mind you, i really was embarrassed cos i was stupidly searching for Aqilah's car and walked funnily just to find that car. and i think maybe the people in the Alphards saw what i did and......

and you know what, the parking lot was empty. seriously.

and i said before, that the parking fee was RM3/hour. so Aqilah paid RM27.

i'll pay you later.

and yes baby.that's all.

i didn't go to the Autograph Session at One Utama cos i was at Putrajaya at that time. 

i didn't entirely enjoy the showcase, but oh well, BEAST are handsome alright. so it's nice to see handsome men.haha.

ta then!

ps: no, Doojoon is not following my twitter.

credit images: Emilia's facebook.

28 June, 2010

BEAST in MY:the entrance

A'kum n ello...

i'll try to blog as enthusiastic as i could. mind you, the last 24 hours were not that great for me,it slowly made me forget the BEAST's showcase.

so, before that, i want to say sorry to Aqilah cos when she told me all those stuff about the meet&greet session with Beast, i should be shrieking together with her,just to join her enthusiasm. but you know, i was kinda busy at that time, and the tv was showing Gerrard's frustrated face, so i wasn't really in the mood to hear your shriek and to hear any good talk about anything that not related to football.again,sorry. and then, i want to say sorry to Ahhin and Noi cos i dragged them to go to that showcase,and they end up being pushed by those crazy fangirls and fanboys. and i want to say sorry to Emilia cos i told her to come to the venue by herself.


apologizing moment end.

so start-o!


we(alia,aqilah,ahhin) arrived at KL Live at 3pm. the parking rate at KL Live is rm3/hour. expensive eh?and the showcase end at 11pm.

yeah.calculate if you please. and aqilah,i'll pay later.

anyway, at 3pm, we arrived. and the place kinda crowded. plenty of people but not that many. maybe around 100 something at that time. people were waiting for their turn for the Lucky Draw.

and i know some of you know nothing about the Lucky Draw or even Beast, so i better explain what's the benefit of winning the Lucky Draw: you can meet&greet BEAST members,which also means, take pictures with them,and see them up-close.

among us, Emi was the first one who entered the lucky draw. she need to pull out the orange ball among the white balls. she got the white ball. aqilah was next. she got orange! and i was excited for her, so i looked back and wanna tell Ahhin, but that girl was nowhere behind me. then it was my turn, and i got white.....

oh Thank You. being a person that was in a period mode, my luck never good. Liverpool always lose whenever my period come.da~~

oh well. so among us, only Aqilah got the orange box. and lucky she got plenty of friends to go with for the meet&greet. i was worried if she'd go there alone.

anyway, the stomach was hungry. but the people already que in front of the gate. Emi and Ahhin went to the nearby KFC whilst me,Aqilah and Noi waited for them at that KL Live. oh, Hani also there with her friend, Bai.

oh. Bai is really tall. there was this time, when i was talking to her, that i suddenly got annoyed and shouted at her "WHY ARE YOU SO TALL?????MY NECK IS HURTING COS I HAVE TO LOOK UP WHENEVER I TALK TO YOU!!" and Bai laughed at my shout, and she was kinda cool,cos she tried to be short for me,but fail.


oh. i also met my ex-KMPP mate, Azla. at KMPP, she was my neighbour. her room was in front of mine. anyway, she was nice. we talked a lot. and laugh and laugh.

oh. there was this time when i was talking with Bai, and then a girl suddenly talked to me. and so i talked to her. and we laughed together talking about the Kpop stuff. and so i asked her where does she live,and where is she studying,and she said she's studying at UiTM Penang. my mind was "oh,Ahhin study there too"

and when Ahhin arrived from KFC with Emi(she went to Starbucks~~), Ahhin gave her drink to that Penang girl. and i asked her "why did you give her that???" and wow oh wow, that Penang girl is a friend of Ahhin.

so i was like 'WHOA THERE!!'

then, tick tock tick tock, the time was 4pm. still no announcement. i was kinda guilty about taking Noi,cos she need to study and all, but she end up doing nothing and just wait for 4hours for a kpop band that she didn't even know for. so i asked her, "Noi,you don't mind waiting for all this stuff?" then she said "nope. i've been standing at the ward before."

so she didn't mind, at first.

i snapped this using Emi's camera cos Emi was nowhere to be found.

so tick tock tick tock, it was 5pm. i asked Noi,"which one better, standing at the ward or here(KL Live)?" she finally said "EVEN WARD IS INTERESTING!"



again, TICK TOCK TICK TOCK,it was 6PM.

the gate suppose to be open by now. but nope, nothing like that happen. people were anxious.people were mad. then, fans suddenly scream with excitement. lucky that me, Emi, Aqilah and Bai were at a good spot. we were near the stairs, and cameramen from plenty of media and blogs appeared. one of them was from Seoulfm, and other sorts. every camera that pointed at us, we posed for them with smiling faces (hoho)....

and guess what, our faces appeared on this blog:

you see me??? and thanks to Bai's placard, our faces was the main aim for the photographer.haha.
(thanks for Nadia Zailan for telling me about that blog)
(credit image: mynjayz.com )



it was 7PM.

why are we still outside?

people were mad. some people shout "WE WANT BEAST!" "T-SHIRTS FIRST!" "BOO~~" "SO BEAST!!" and "SAYA TERKEJUT...HEY!"

the gate still not opened.




many people fainted. maybe cos those people sacrifice their lunch and maybe breakfast just to be in the front. and people were pushing and pushing cos they were too excited and too anxious to meet BEAST. the bodyguards were bad. they told people not to faint, which is so not proper, cos how could people control themselves form fainting anyway? and the waiting really make me tired, i even slept for 3minutes on Emi's shoulder cos i really was tired and hungry and upset. i was so disappointed with Universal Music Malaysia. i was too upset, i even shouted "ARE THEY HAVING THEIR MAGHRIB PRAYER NOW??" the chinese in front of me were laughing. i shouldn't say something religious like that. i'm sorry.

and then, the gate opened. the bodyguards even let the fans with no official shirts in. by the way, behind me were Korean fans. i know cos i heard them talked in Korean. and... damn you, KOREAN FANGIRLS! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO STRONG???? DON'T DO ALL THOSE PUSHING IN MALAYSIA, CAN YOU???? 

seriously guys. these Korean girls look sweet and thin like SNSD, but nope, they're strong like Jang Miran,the Korean weightlifter.

and i'm sorry if i said some racist remarks. i'm just too upset. it's not the first time Korean fans did that to me.

and so... i finally in.

i was searching for Noi and Ahhin cos i was worried about them cos they didn't even like Beast, but they had to face the push push from the fans. they really were far from me. and while i was searching, i suddenly saw someone waving at me. haha. it was Asya! (it's you,rite???i hope it's you.)

again, i was in.

and ok ok, i'll make a Part 2. (a good thing that i didn't even go to the Autograph session)

ta then.....!

credit images: Emilia's facebook

27 June, 2010

just a notice.

A'kum n ello..

will blog about Beast after dinner later.

i'm thinking of blogging about Father's Day celebration too. but maybe when i really have the time.

just expect this one thing:

i have plenty of things to curse about that Beast's showcase. lucky they're handsome people.

but why la no tingle tingle wow feeling like when i saw changmin?? aiyo. they all look the same in real life.

still, handsome people.

ps: if i say someone at that Beast showcase if more good looking than Beast's members, what say you?

25 June, 2010

tomorrow.BEAST showcase.

A'kum n ello...

i want to blog about something, but the scanner is wrecked right now,so i can't blog about what i want to blog.

i dunno if you understand but please try to understand and just ignore it if you don't really understand. or maybe just ignore whatever i just typed.

hrm hrm.

i'm trying to think of what to blog.................


tomorrow is BEAST's showcase.



sorry Alisa. i know i should be helping you with all the University stuff, but sorry dear, do it yourself. you need to know what it feels like to be an adult. and i'm just too lazy to care about your  first day at university.


back to BEAST.

yesterday, i went shopping with aqilah. it was kinda cool cos we bought the gift for Doojoon(me) and Yoseob(Aqilah). mine was kinda nice. but i love aqilah's gift. i'll show you the gifts AFTER the showcase.you know, just to avoid people to copy-cat if they accidentally see this blog of mine (if i really put the picture of the gifts.)

and oh, i have to practice high-five. i just found out that Beast high-fived all the fans' hands in Philippines and Singapore. so obviously they'll do that to the fans in Malaysia too,unless if JAKIM told BEAST not to high five us.just kidding,seriously cos it won't be fair if we don't have that high-five.

so Doojoon, i'll be waiting for you....

come here Alia.

and hey yo cutie Dongwoon, i'll wait for you too.

 [bcos she just like Dongwoon for a few days,so there is no picture of Dongwoon in her folder]

i dunno if there's a football match on the night, oh there's Uruguay vs South Korea at 10pm. and wow, the Beast members maybe don't have the time to watch the match.

...or maybe after the fansigning they'll shout DAE HAN MIN GUK! *clap clap 3x* and ask us to watch the match at the nearby mamak. woo,that'll be nice. [dream on~~]

anyway, Uruguay vs South Korea~~

i'm thinking of searching at this one certain Uruguay player......


ta then!

21 June, 2010

[recommend] a wedding Photographer.

A'kum n ello...

i don't know if you remember, but i blogged about my cousin's wedding before this. the cousin is Aizam (and hopefully, more wedding to come from the other cousins) and she hired a photographer for her wedding and the name of the photographer is Hafiz.

mind you, i don't even know his full name.found out:It's Hafiz Ismail.

anyway, the photographer is good,great even.

the reason i mentioned him in this post is only because he blogged about Aizam's wedding. haha. there's a post in his blog about Aizam's wedding, and you can see me in it. so yeah, do check the post about the wedding at this picture ....

click picture to go to his blog.

ok now bye.

i only want to put my picture in this blog.haha.

some extras:

Hafiz is currently photographing in US. he has a client that held a wedding there. from his twitter, he maybe will have another wedding to snap at Australia. hoho.

ta then!

20 June, 2010

Father's Day talk post.

A'kum n ello...

today is Father's Day.

thank you, Ayah.

... for all the things that you give me. for all the things that you have done for me.

  • you gave me my 1st mobile phone.
  • you gave me my 1st story book.
  • you gave me my 1st colour pencil.
  • you gave me my 1st water colour.
  • you gave me my 1st computer. (my 1st computer was an Apple iMac,the flat screen one.can you beat that?)
  • you let me watch football.
  • you let me gaga over Michael Owen.
  • you bought me my 1st Liverpool merchandise.
  • you paid for my Korean class.
  • you were the one who suggested the idea for me to learn Korean.
  • you bought that Harry Potter book after i emailed you that i want it when you were in Jeddah.
  • you let me buy 2 books of story books whenever we hit a bookstore.
  • you always try to make me happy when i got bad mood.
  • you always buy me new food when i don't like any food in front of me.
  • you never hit me.
  • you always give me money whenever i want it.
  • you put that Harry Potter and The Order Of Phoenix book under my pillow before i went to bed just to surprise me.
and i know you did plenty more stuff to me that make me laugh and aiyoyo to you, but i better save that for next year Father's Day.

so thank you,Encik Othman bin Ithnin. You're the BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD!

ps: he'll say "Father's Day almost end"

19 June, 2010


A'kum n ello..

i know i've been blogging about football in the last few posts.

i won't say sorry.

 if you want to be like this:

...cos i post too much about football,

i'll be like this to you:


ps: Christiano Ronaldo has twitter. i follow him 3 days ago,i think.

dull match?i sleep.

A'kum n ello...

last night was really a tiring night. i better don't say anything cos it will humiliate some people.

still, as a football fan that has been following the England team, i still stayed up to watch that England vs Algeria match. for your info, the match played at 2.30am. things were quite difficult for me,who had a tiring night, and have to wake up early cos i have to take my maid to the market. but still, Gerrard,Carra and Johnson playing is a must-watch for me.

so i watched that match.......

...Gerrard was shaking hands with the Algeria captains...
...the referee talked something to both captains.....
...match started........

then i slowly fell asleep......

and i woke up.....
"EH. 4.33AM?????"

so i looked at my twitter updates and saw funny tweets about England..

  • Gerrard was gutted for the outcome of the match (i thought England lose)
  • Rooney mad at the fans that boo the team (i really thought England lose)
  • LFCtv tweet about the match "Dreadful. Simply dreadful. If you ever see this match approaching run away! " (i seriously thought England lose by more than 3 goals)
really tho, i really rely on twitter.

then i found out, England drew 0-0 with Algeria

positive: they didn't lose.
negative: the match is VERY VERY BORING! lucky i didn't watch it.

now things will be very difficult for England after this. only 2 points after 2 games.

gerrard: i celebrate my wedding anniversary with a dull draw.

oh well. Argentina is playing well. Spain not so much. hopefully Holland will play well tonight eventhough Japan have one of the neatest pass in the tournament, Liverpool is Liverpool then. hoho.

oh. Tomorrow is Father's Day. Alas, i have a day that i can talk about after the whole Mother's Day sadness.

ta then!

18 June, 2010

Spain lose,Argentina win.

A'kum n ello...

Spain lose to Swiss.

i was like.......

damn we lose!!


Argentina beat South Korea. 

(Kpop is kpop. Football is football. if South Korea don't have Park Ji Sung,maybe i'd support Korea.haha.)

and with Maxi and Mascherano played impressively in the 4-1 rout over Korea, my life is like....

WEE~~~~~! WE WON!

and to think that Real Madrid maybe want to sell him for a better striker, is really unbelievable.

oh well, i already said the 2 Liverpool players played well....

..and do you know that the Kun from Aguero's name is because Aguero (fullname:Sergio Aguero) loves anime, and so he wants something like Takumi-KUN or Fuji-KUN for his shirt, and so he chose that Kun Aguero name behind his shirt. and also, he dated Maradona's daughter (i'm not sure if they're married tho) and he also is the father of Maradona's grandson. and i doubt that he still together with the same girl. oh well, i'm not into people's marriage.only gossip tho.

by the way, this post doesn't have any Kun Aguero's image.google them on your own. thank you.

and bye2!

16 June, 2010

5th Semester schedule.

A'kum n ello...

i checked Nadia Zailan's blog and saw her next semester's schedule.


i checked mine......

and if Nadia's are packed, mine kinda free.

look at this:

see how free next semester will be? THIS is a good thing. this semester is the lowest credit hour in my whole diploma (not include the Industrial Training) and so of course, things are not that busy.

however, if you look at the courses that i'll take, you'd know that THOSE are not easy subjects. and from the look of things, Medical Microbiology will be the hardest one, cos...it's a medical stuff.

still, nothing is easy.

and that red course in the table, that's Entrepreneurship course. and whoa i never like this business thingy. last semester's economics, i got B-,which is a good thing especially that i suck during the final paper. maybe my carrymark helped me.

oh,they said Mdm Amaliawati will teach Practical Molecular Biology. and when i look at the schedule from other groups, i found out that the Group 2 and Group 3's class for this course overlapped with each other. so maybe Mdm Amaliawati won't teach one of the group.

....and i know some microbes peeps are praying they're not one of them.haha.

(i don't really mind if she's the one who handle us.i don't have any problem with her.)

OH OH! Monday and Friday will be the busiest days of the week. i don't really mind the Monday part cos it starts at 11.30am,eventhough end at 10pm, cos i'm not a morning person.all of the classes on Monday are lab sessions,so i don't care. i'm happier cos lab sessions usually end early, so around the end of March, maybe i have a free Monday.hohohehehihi.

the Friday part is......i-better-ignore-it.

wow i love next semester. no Morning class on Tuesday and Thursday. No evening class on Wednesday. maybe i can watch Harry Potter 7 on the morning of the Thursday, and go to class after that. haha. lucky Bukit Raja is only 10minutes drive.haha.

ok now.


15 June, 2010

me need TWITTER.

A'kum n ello..

you know, i'm a twitter person, not a facebook. facebook nowadays make me mad.

wanna know why?
my facebook friends don't have any humour in them anymore. football jokes are not consider jokes. like the one when i put the "USA thought a 1-1 was a win" and so i was like "haha,USA is humiliating themselves" and there this person said "for USA,a draw is consider as a win. for England, a draw is consider as a defeat"


what happen to the world??????????????????
just follow the flow will you??? it's not like i don't know that.

let me show you something that is not consider as a joke in the twitter world:

the blue whale.
never make fun of the whale.

twitter is over capacity right now. so i can't tweet. which is a bad thing for me cos i really,really need twitter right now. i can't live without twitter! twitter is my everything! i am more knowledgeable with the twitter existance! i can let all my anger out with the existence of twitter. i can talk bad things about people by using twitter. i can rant about football all i want. people even accept me as who i am.

that is how important twitter is to me. twitter is everything. 

and the fact that few of my friends using twitter is what i like most. most of my microbe friends are facebook-ers,and they always talk bad stuff about other microbe peeps at that facebook, and as i am more of a reader of facebook instead of writer of facebook, i read what they say and i know what they think.

so you hate that friend of mine eh?
hahah. you think i wouldn't know eh?
you hypocrite scumbag.

so now.

i can live with happiness and freedom cos twitter is back,with no big whale appear. bye,blogger! i wanna tweet.

14 June, 2010

sorry.another footie post.

A'kum n ello..

ok i know i haven't blog like usual,again.

and i thought nobody really notice but a certain person called Emilia said she checks my blog everyday, and she saw nothing, and maybe that weird her out. haha.

ok whatever. i'm blogging now,so be happy.

oh. it's World Cup rite now. and to tell you the truth, the team that i'll support wholeheartedly will be England, Spain and Argentina. tho i know if England and Spain lose, i'll definitely will feel depress after that. when the 2 teams combined, the product is Liverpool. so that's why.

England + Spain = Liverpool

another cool theory from me.haha.

anyway, it was only the 3rd day of the World Cup and for now, i think German is the worthy champion. but they were like that before in 2002 and 2006.

2002: got into final,lose to Brazil. 
2006: semifinal,lose to Italy. 
and maybe this year they'll lose in the quarter final?

and hopefully, that'll not happen. haha.

and yes, i did support German last night, but Spain vs England for the final,for me, which i somehow hope will happen. England have a tough chance now with Rooney didn't show his true class and their keeper making blunder like that.

anyway, Spain will have more pressure now that they're in the last group. so they have to look at the progress of other teams and they have to better them. and that'll be hard for them and you know, i don't really like the way people talk about Torres to be the main player for Spain. seriously, that guy is like Messi in Argentina. play well but others got the name i.e someone name David Villa.

and yes. this has become a world cup post,again. i'm sorry. i was trying to blog about something else. but it end up blogging about football. i'm very sorry.

anyway, later at night will have a match between Holland and Denmark. which is nice cos both teams have Liverpool players. still, i think i'll support Holland then. eventhough Denmark has this guy.....

sorry Dan. i'm going to support Holland.
i'll try to support you if Holland didn't play Kuyt nor Babel.

ok now.


i'll try to blog something else,IF THERE REALLY SOMETHING THAT I CAN BLOG ABOUT.tata.

[tagged] Kawaii blog.

A'kum n ello..

i've been tagged.hahaha. haven't heard that word for a long time,rite?

[warning: full broken Malay language ahead]

anyway, Nadia Zailan a.k.a Nadia Sepet gave me this award.....
[it's the blog that kawaii.not you.]
(oh shut up you)

1. tulis sebuah entri pasal award ni kat blog korang

thank you banyak2. terharu and tak sangke blog yg kaler itam putih ni leh jadi blog kawaii. ingatkan kaler warna-warni je yang orang kate comel.tengok2 blog itam putih kuning kelabu ni pun leh consider comel.thank you kepada tukang pemilih. saya tau saya terer.and also BAIK.

2. ceritakan bagaimana usaha korang untuk menceriakan blog korang
taruk lagu yang sedap telinga mendengar so blog yg depress bleh jadi ceria.

3. tuliskan 5 perkataan yang menggambarkan diri korang
seorang yang baik.
seorang yg ske tengok bola.
seorang yg ske jepun and korea.
seorang yg ske bace buku.
seorang yg ske bermimpi.lalalalala

4. tag kawan2 korang yang patut menerima award ni
ainor salikin yang prasan comel.
izza fadzlani yang minat menari.
mimi yang ske jaejoong.
akmal yang ske melukis.
emilia yang dah lame tak blog.

terime kasih.

[see how bad Malay language have become?]
(whoa feel so sarcastic blogging in malay)

11 June, 2010

a World Cup post.

A'kum n ello...

ok now.

The WORLD CUP post.


the team that i will support ARE:

Argentina, Spain, England, Denmark, Brazil, Greece, Slovakia.

Plenty eh?

one similarity that THESE COUNTRIES have is: LIVERPOOL players in it.


i want Argentina to win, cos Mascherano and Maxi is in it. but with their coach,the legendary Maradona said that he will run naked if his team won the World Cup, i hope Argentina won't win. i don't want to corrupt my eyes with a fat man running amok naked at the field.

Spain is definitely in the list to win. i don't really want to care much about Xabi Alonso, but Fernando Torres in it, and to tell you the truth, i don't really want Torres to play. that guy always get injured in the national team. and if that guy play, he can't give his 100% for Liverpool after World Cup end. and YES YES, I care much about Liverpool than Spain. 

Maxi and Xabi.
Xabi is hideous after he got out from Liverpool.

England. Gerrard is the captain. and England has the greatest chance to win it this year cos Capello is a good manager and he already chose the best players for this World Cup. so i know this year will be better than the previous ones. but still, England always have this certain bad luck i.e with PENALTIES. and oh! Wayne Rooney's temper.

Denmark cos of Agger.
Greece cos Kyrgiakos.
Slovakia cos of Skrtel.
Brazil cos of Lucas. yeah Lucas. not Kaka. and i'm not even sure if Lucas play in this world cup.haha.

hopefully, all these players will be alright after World Cup ended.

oh oh. i hope small team will win the World Cup. haha. that'll be very very cool!

ta then!

[Lucas won't play in this World Cup]
[Beckham will not play in this World Cup]
[Ronaldo is a Portuguese, not a Spaniard or English]
[Rooney is not a handsome man]
[Messi is an Argentinian]
[No Zidane]
[Fernado Torres is not a blondie anymore]
[the only Korean player i know is Park Ji Sung]
[North Korea will play in this World Cup]
[The group of death is the one with Portugal in it,i'm not that sure.correct me if i'm wrong]
i hope those facts are enough to satisfy you.

ta then!


A'kum n ello..

i'm trying to not blog about World Cup even though i know i'll blog about it at the end of this post.

so firstly, my result.

I PASS!!!!! 

ok. i feel like i'm a fool and very narrow-minded person cos i only think about pass-the-exam instead of the Dean's List.

but i don't care what your judgement in me, so judge all you want. i don't really care.

i know from the start that my hard-work is not really enough, so i have to think about the reality and just expect what is more logical i.e PASS THE EXAM. my hard work was there, but my plan of study is not really perfect for me to achieve a higher score.

i think that's the smartest excuse i can give. others are just plain lame and childish, like:

  • i understand the theories a lil bit later than i suppose to.
  • my carrymarks were low.
  • i don't like some lecturers.
  • i hate economics.
the excuse that i WILL NEVER NEVER USE:
  • i went to Super Junior's concert.
THAT i will never use as an excuse. i judge my choice by the fact that i know the consequence after i did it.

and so, i want to say:

ALHAMDULILLAH for letting me pass all the subjects. and i hope next semester will show some BIG IMPROVEMENT.


Jaejoong: congrats Alia!

[the post about World Cup will be in the next post]

09 June, 2010

BEAST!DOOJOON!yeay Malaysia!

A'kum n ello..

by now, everybody know that BEAST is coming to Malaysia.


so yeah yeah i never really talk about them in this blog. reason? i love Beast cos of their songs, not cos of their members or variety shows or so on like that, which is a lil bit different than other Kpop artistes that i like from the start.

like DBSK, i love them cos of Dangerous Love banjun drama.
then Super Junior, which i started to love from Full House.
and then there is f(x),cos of Amber.
(apparently i really have very few favourites.and sigh,big bang is not one of them.if G.Dragon doesn't look that cocky,maybe i love Big Bang more.sorry Nadia and Hani.haha)

anyway, i just pre-ordered the album, which by now you already know how much i had to pay to buy the album+pass+tshirt for the showcase and autograph session.

and i don't really care much about the venue of the showcase even though it's not a good place for me to go, but i know i can handle myself well. it's not like Doojoon will notice me and say "i'll have sex with her tonight". so yeah, it's nice being a not-so-good-looking person. you know something bad won't happen to you.aha.(InsyaAllah).

oh yes. my favourite is Doojoon.


oh i love looking at him!

to tell you the truth, i started to like him cos i saw the picture of Doojoon when he was a young boy. he was really not that good looking, but now, he is sooo...FINE!

and by looking at that picture, the picture reminded me of certain friend of mine when i was in High School(high school~~yeah yeah).

dear 5SC1,do you think I look like someone?

however, that friend of mine doesn't grow like Doojoon. i know he's not hot like Doojoon, now that we both 20.haha.


[Alia's List of favourite men to meet: Shim Changmin(DONE!), Cho Kyuhyun(DONE!), Doojoon(pending)]

07 June, 2010

Aizam's wedding!

A'kum n ello...

i know i haven't blog as usual like before, but i'm really not in the mood to blog. cos seriously, i did plenty of stuff, that i should put it up at the blog but i know if i blog it,i'll blog it in a very thorough details and it'll take more than 1 hour to type all those stuff.....

and i know some of you really like that,especially the peeps that love 'more words than pictures' post, but the post about this is really really tiring and it's not even my special moment, so i'll just make it like this:




what happened on this couple wedding:
  • my dad and i went to pick up my cousin, Nani. she told us to pick her up at Puncak Alam. and so i thought, "easy.not that far". so we picked her up,and told her to come down, and then she said "erm.Nani kat PUNCAK ALAM" and i told her 'i know!' but then i looked at the gate, and it was PUNCAK PERDANA! my dad and i were shocked, and then my father remember, Puncak Alam is way ahead of us and so thes scary words: "PUNCAK ALAM TU JAUH,ALIA!" and bcos i'm not good with location and all, i told Nani how long we'll reach Puncak Alam from Puncak Perdana,then she said 20minutes. at that time, i saw the sign "UiTM Puncak Alam:15km" oh nice.
  • the wedding held at this community hall at TTDI, the one near One Utama, not the one near Giant Seksyen 13. eventhough i'm one of the bride's cousin, i was like the guest for the wedding. nice one.
  • but then, as I AM the bride's cousin, i had to be the AJK for the wedding. you know,something like 'giving the gift for the guests'. you know in a wedding, where people gave you gifts like some souvenirs and all? in that wedding, i was one of the people the gave the gifts from table to table. and whoa, i got muscle-ache after that. things really were hard. 
  • but the thing about being that helper, you have to smile ALL THE TIME. and then, you maybe meet some relatives that KNOW you but YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW them. yeah, that's what happened. and when they said "ah,YOU! oh my,you all grown up now.you remember me??? oh,that's my daughter. and that's my last daughter. wow,you all grown up. you remember them??" and obviously i couldn't say No, so i was just being polite, i told her "oh i don't remember your name, but i know your face." that really makes them happier.
like this family.
truthfully, my mind were kinda hazy when they talked to me.
  • oh. one thing that you must do at a wedding is, YOU MUST TRY TO SIT AT THE PELAMIN (thrones). and so, i did!
and i know the 1st one of us that'll get married first will be the 1st one at the left.she told me she'll get married next year.
  • and you must also try to snap the picture of the person who hold this thing:

  • another thing that happened, my brothers and sister and cousins karaoke-d. i was praying at that time, but i couldn't really focus after that cos i was trying to force myself not to laugh. oh, Haikal the one who sang the most, and you know how horrible his voice can be.

so that's all then. i really don't remember what happened after that. i just remember something like: Slept in the car, took plenty of Wedding food, and Three Brothers.

ta then!

be happy!

04 June, 2010


A'kum n ello...

just a quick note to say Goodbye to the manager-now-EX of Liverpool, RAFA BENITEZ.

so my good bye:

he's gone...................
this spaniard is gone....................

only the crying face is needed.
the 'fucking hate man utd' quote is just a habit.

i want to type "why oh why" but i obviously know the reason.

many people already know that i really admire Benitez. people love to bash him, but i always stick to this man. for me, all his decisions were brilliant, but the fact that not all people are as brilliant as him,makes him look stupid.

i'm depressed after knowing about his departure. i was upset cos i hate seeing the way he was treated before he was sacked. what's more, nobody can argue with the Liverpool owners after this. even the strongest man already defeated. now i'm wondering what the future hold for Liverpool.

still, i have to be positive. i'll be a Rafa fan forever till he die. i'll continue as a Liverpool fan,yes, but Rafa taught me about being a positive person and the never give up attitude. i always think he's the best man for Liverpool, but yeah,people wants change for Liverpool. and i think Rafa can change that after a bad season with injuries and bad luck. but yeah, not all people have the same mind as me.

to Senor Rafael Benitez. You will always be in my mind. if you become an Inter Milan manager, i'll support you. Liverpool won't meet Inter Milan next season, so i can wake up in the morning just to watch your team play.

oh how nice.

some people are maybe thinking i should be ashamed cos saying that as a Liverpool fan. but i really really admire this man. heck,i even admire him more than my father!

""Thank you so much once more and always remember: You'll never walk alone."
-Rafa Benitez.

thanks,Rafa. very very much thank you for all the happiness from the Liverpool team that you gave us. the inspirational nights at Anfield and Istanbul will forever be in my memory. and it's all thanks to you.


[she wants to cry T-T]

03 June, 2010

stupid brother.

A'kum n ello...

i'm fasting rite now.

and i suppose i should be happy about it,rite?

anyway, i didn't have a good morning. it was one of the worst morning i ever had. but there is some good things that happened tho.

like the Solat Hajat. and the sahur.

oh. the bad part was the sahur. that was the part that start my bad morning.

last night, i reheat the food for my sahur. there were some leftovers from the dinner,so i reheat it first,just to make sure the food won't get rotten 2 hours after that.

it was 12.30am at that time, and i planned to wake up around 4.30am....

so at 4.30am,i woke up.i spent 30minutes for the Solat Hajat.after that,went to the kitchen to eat the food.

i took the plate.......
i went to the rice cooker.........
i saw a VERY SMALL amount of rice.....
i felt weird.....
i looked at the leftover food.........


oh damn that haikal.you said you left me all the food. then you eat all my food?????? stupid. and HE EVEN DRINK THAT STRAWBERRY DRINK THAT I HAD!! BLOODY HELL!!

(sing song tone) oh lucky lucky~~~ there's maggi in the cupboard. oh nicey.


bye now.

[did she say she is fasting right now?]

(only comment if you want to bash my brother.no need to comment about "alia,you cruel" yada yada.)

[btw,she's in a bad mood right now cos Liverpool FC is sacking Rafa Benitez,and Rafa knew about it whilst he was having his holiday. and even his player,notably Ryan Babel don't know about it. so Alia really in a bad mood cos her belief towards Liverpool is........gone.you don't sack people like that. and only the 2 stupid Americans owner will do that.]

01 June, 2010

Haikal's Convo

A'kum n ello..

ok.things been too hectic last week. it was full with my 2nd bro's (Haikal) Graduation Day and also Aizam(my cousin)'s  Wedding Day. 

and for both of them, i had this plan to avoid being 'involve',you know,as in being there in UiTM Shah Alam whilst waiting for Haikal to get his Diploma, or, being a lazy cousin by ignoring all those pleas to help in Aizam's wedding such as being the 'hello-please-take-this-doorgifts-sincerely-from-us'.

and like always, my plan will fail. i did go to my brother's graduation. i did help in my cousin's wedding.

oh well.i'm a nice person after all. that Alia Baik motto is not just a whim.haha.

i don't want to describe about what really happened on that day. after all, it's a Graduation Day. and it's not even mine.

but still,summarization:

  • the earlier plan was,me; stay at home. then, i informed my father that it'll be hard to get the parking spots. so my father told me to be the driver and drop the whole family at UiTM. so they don't need to park the car and i can just stay at home,and play the internet. so it was like that,but only for awhile.
  • then, i got a call from Amin(my 1st bro). he said he was bored. and asked something else.and that's all.
  • then, i got a call from my sis. asked me if i can bring the camera charger to UiTM cos the battery in my father's DLSR camera already weak.so he need to charge the battery to snap Haikal's Day.so i said ok to my sis. and to make things easier, i joined them at UiTM (maybe i was guilty for not being there at my brother's special day.)
  • so i went to uitm with the charger. i parked the car at my faculty.haha.
  • met amin and alisa. my father was inside the Dewan Seri Budiman.my sis joined him. so i was with Amin. i took him to PTAR(you know,UiTM's library) and charged the camera's battery there. the place was quiet cos only few people were there. 
  • i online using my phone, and saw my father's tweet about Haikal's Graduation Day. instead of SMS him about the "wanna eat?" "when do you want to have ur massage?" or "the grass cutter is at home,cutting the grass.need money to pay him", i tweeted to him. he tweeted me back and said he was too hungry. so i was thinking about the cafe,and was wondering if the cafe is opened.so i checked.
  • on my way to the cafe, i saw Amin (who was wandering around cos i-forgot-what) and told him that i was on my way to the cafe. Amin was hungry at that time, so he followed me. the cafe was opened, so my bro bought a plate of Fried Rice an Egg. Apparently, he thinks the food was cheap.(microbe peeps won't agree with that).i went back to PTAR(at that time,my sis came out from the hall,and take care of the battery)
  • when the camera's battery was fully charged, i joined my bro at the cafe. and around 5.30pm,Haikal was released from the hall. and we took pictures of him and also with him. cos you know, it's his special day after all.

the siblings.

haikal is thinking about the future.
my father is showing off his cheap shades.

ayah thinks haikal is crazy after he gets his diploma.
haikal thinks our dad is crazy for wearing that shades.

family picture.
oh,you maybe wonder who snap this photo....

yes, she snap the family picture.
she is faizah,haikal's girlfriend.

that is Agong.

that is Mr. Mannequin.
i think Haikal will believe me if i told him Mannequin is a name.
his English's vocabulary is terrible.

UiTM stated that the picture is about 2 boys sleeping.
i think that picture is about Gay Men.

i don't know the real motive of this picture.

you always see flying hats after people graduate.
now you see flying people.

scary picture.
funny people.

this kind of picture is rare.

and this kind of picture will always be awesome.



Info about Graduation Day:
  • make your own gift for the graduate.the UiTM ones are not that beautiful.
  • charge your camera.
  • please hire a driver. don't ask for a taxi man.
  • lose your temper to the UiTM guards so that they will let you enter UiTM easily.
  • don't ever think that the guards won't clamp your car on graduation day.
  • the graduates can't go out from the hall after they receive the certificates.
  • anti-BN will not like the vice-chancellor's speech.
  • UiTM's vice-chancellor has ugly shoes.my dad told me that.
and that's all.