15 April, 2011

Athena:Goddess of War

A'kum n ello..

ever heard of Athena?

not this one.no~~~

this is Athena from that Disney movie Hercules.
mind you,i never watch the whole movie~!

i'm referring to the Korean drama, Athena:Goddess of War.
this one:
after months of being stationary in the external, i finally finish this drama.

seriously, say it.

the reason i'm blogging about this drama is because of plenty of reasons.

the fact that this drama showed Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won's abs are not the only stuff that makes me say wow about this drama.and let just say, their abs are wow. seriously. like "whoa yeah.abs!!!KYA~~~~!!!"


apparently, i already deleted the drama, so i couldn't put any snapshot of their abs in this post.
or maybe blogger had one of them (from my previous post)...........


and by the way, i just dramawiki-ed Cha Seung Won's info, and whoa, he looks so...different,real life and Athena-life. in that drama, he look like this(left), and in other life, he look like THAT(right):

massive difference~~!
funny that the mustache makes him sexier~

there also the fact that Siwon in it. but i think his acting need to be better tho. he was hot in that drama. but sometimes, the script was a lil bit awkward, it made his acting weird.

oh.the women in it are hot and sexy. Soo Ae was in it and i always saw her in traditional dramas than modern ones, so it was kinda weird for me to see her like that. her fighting scene seems very natural. and oh, Lee Ji Ah was good too. she was really pretty~~~~~~!!

but the thing is, none of these women's characters can beat Kim Sun Hwa (Kim So Yun's character in IRIS 2). she made some appearances in the drama. and i bet they'll show more about her later in IRIS 2. and i think she'll be the bad person in it. like YEAY!!!!!!

she appeared in Athena, but not as hot as this.

the fighting scenes in this drama was brilliant!! shame the ending was bad. i mean, come on, really?? 
she did that, and she wasn't ____? she ____ ,obviously she suppose to be _____ !!!


now i'm getting bored thinking about the drama. so i'll wrap it up and said this last few words...

one word only required: CHANGMIN!

Changmin was in that drama,starting from episode 16 till 20. and i don't think his appearance was even necessary. i think they only used him to increase the rating and also to promote TVXQ's keep your head down album. and damn, i hate his hair. if they styled the hair like the one in Before U Go mv maybe would be better.

i think some of the extras in this drama are SM trainees tho. you can even see a bad guy with a pretty face, and you obviously can guess the company that he's in.

oh well.

so i finished the drama. and i'm going to finish some Japanese dramas that i still haven't finish yet.haha.

tata then~!

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