16 February, 2016

all this for sexy legs

AsSalam and hello.

i have some little secret to tell.

i join London Weight Management.


yeah. i really did. tbh, i kinda feel a bit regretful now cos its name has 'Weight Management' instead of Slimming stuff.

ah well.

i know you'll say "why Alia why?? you so thin. what else you need to change?"

tbh, i love my body curve. i have breasts, not too big, not too small. still some meat in it and i like my look when i have my shirt hugging my body. so really, i love it.

the thing is, i want a nice pair of legs. i love my legs. but if i have a chance to slim them like those model's, i'll take that chance.

this all started yesterday, after i did my progress monitoring presentation. i did ok. thanks to the panels who were very kind to help me not feeling bad. i was in a brilliant mood after that. the Liverpool 6-0 win over Villa also better my mood. i felt like nothing could change that mood.

the London stuff was just a trial actually. i answered a survey at Ensogo, and they gave a free-trial of that weight stuff. so i went. but hey, the consultant there was a bit demanding. and when she said i could use the student price for 10 sessions, i immediately took it.

ok ok. i did spend some time thinking. but only after 5 minutes. then i paid 3/4 of the full price.

ha ha.

like i said, nothing could change my mood. i was in the best feeling ever. and i have the money to spend it.

so the consultant got really happy that she finally had a new customer and so she took care of me. got some treatment done. tbh, i don't really care about the names of the treatment. i was just thinking "how will my legs look after this?"

still, most of the treatments kinda like 'steaming' me. literally. i got 'steamed'. literally. liquids went out of my body in non-sexual way.

thing is, i would like them to tell me the time spent for doing those treatments. i was in a happy mood. i had to lie down myself on a bed and wait for toxins to came out of my body for about 40minutes. i should have bring some books or anything that could make those stuff less boring.

the consultant was a bit sad when she asked me if i had a good time. i said "ok la".

then i realize that i never am satisfied with anything. i could have gone shopping but even if i buy anything, i still am not satisfied. the excitement is gone.

so i end up spending at this pricey stuff. ah well. better now than later. ha ha.

anyway, as this is a weight management thing, i forgot that i have to manage my weight including my food. or else, those liquid stuff gone out of my body treatment will become useless. so i'm having the first diet in my life. be jealous. har har.

and let just say, love your body. never diet. eat well.

ta then! :)

08 February, 2016

Bit by a kitten


Bit by a kitten few days ago. Think it was nothing until the blood kept on flowing. Did the necessary first aids and think it was good after that.

Few hours later, the pain from the bite didn't go away. Not sure why i have the feeling of 'no pain no gain' mood. I was very content on withstand the pain with no painkiller and all.

Nway, i slept with the pain. like 'chill, i have a cat bit near my thumb n i'm all ok eventhough the thumb almost look purple like a brinjal'.

Next day, i woke up and realized the bitten area became a bit swollen. It was a hard to move the thumb at first but after a few hours, the pain subside.

Still, i bought a gel to decrease the bruise.

Did it went away? Nope. Instead of purple, then it became red.

But there was no pain anymore. There was just the redness. So i had to surrender and went to the hospital with my father. Got myself a tetanus shot with a smile from both the doctor and the nurses when they heard i got it bcos of a little kitten.

And oh, an antibiotic too. Cloxacillin.

So now the pain is gone and the colour is in natural state.

I realized that if you want to have a pet, you better get yourself a tetanus shot first. Even a vet student needs that. So pet owners must too.

Bye then. I suddenly have a need to blog cos i have something on my mind.

Ps: the doctor asked me if i want a painkiller. I said no cos i might get addicted to it. I didn't tell her that tho.