04 December, 2011

i met Amber

A'kum n ello.

after years of being active in all KPOP stuff, i stop being active #blameBiomole.

since 2007, i went to ALMOST all the big KPOP shows in Malaysia.

DBSK's O.Jung.Bang.Hap concert (when they were still FIVE!), FT Island's 1st concert (which end up cancelled~~), Super Junior's Super Show I & II, i went to almost all of them.

still, concerts are increasing, but the savings are decreasing. the money that i save for the future are in RED level after i spent most of it with KPOP stuff.

10 November, 2011

what's in my mind.

A'kum n ello.

what am i thinking right now?

  • food.
  • foood.
  • fooood.
  • good layout for the blog.
  • some classic stuff.
  • loving the pics at Akmal's blog.
  • loving whatever Mimi is blogging.
  • NadiaSepet changed her url again -_-"
  • money.
  • money.
  • money.
  • lab reports.
  • tweets.
  • chef riz.
  • crap.
  • random.
  • Kana Nishino's voice.
  • Jin Akanishi's TEST DRIVE. that song is weird but very very catchy.
  • TRAX's blind. Victoria so beautiful in the teaser.
  • thinking about M.OA. that M-Net thingy. to go or not to go.
  • thinking about that sweet skirts at Times Square. will own in few days.
  • lab reports.
  • CTU presentations. damn you, Baizura. you made me conscious!
  • that stupid private blog that i paid because the bittorrent is too slow but mediafire is not, and he didn't update that blog for 5 days without notice.
  • Kana Nishino's just the way you are.
  • NEWS' cherish.
  • my mandarin test.
  • Son Ho Young's voice.
  • that goat.
the handsome goat that was slaughtered on Eid Adha.
(taken before it was slaughtered)
  • a grandma that always nag nag nag. lucky she wasn't mine,biologically.
  • my dad's SEIKO watch. a very very weird watch. expensive. a bit useless.
  • my pale face when i was on the plane to Kelantan.

that's all. tata.

note: i'll blog about Liverpool FC if i have the time.

Unlucky Thursday

A'kum n ello.

i'm back from Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

i'll blog about it later.(???)

what i want to blog about is my recent Unlucky Thursday.

remember that i blogged in the previous post that i said i'll have Mandarin Listening& Oral test?

let just say, that the listening test was postponed to another day and the Oral test was a disaster.

by disaster, it means, "it was a wrecked"

31 October, 2011

i blogged just to waste time.

A'kum n ello..

short post.


i don't know when is my free time. maybe now?

not really, as i suppose to read for tomorrow's test, which i don't know will happen or not, or do the pending lab reports or that bloody mind map.

and i have Mandarin listening and oral test this Thursday. and for now, i regret taking that language. seriously tho, i should have taken an easier-to-pronounce language like Japanese. why la i care so much about that Fukushima nuclear thingy and that earthquake in Japan? now this happened.

the thing is, Mandarin is an interesting subject. but the another thing is, I DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO PRACTICE THE LANGUAGE!


i got my diploma!!!

i'm an officially a Microbiology ex-student.
and also an Alumni of UiTM.


ta now.

i think i'll blog about my Graduation Day.

i blogged this post is already a miracle.haha.

22 August, 2011


A'kum n ello.

yesterday (2 days ago), Liverpool won against Arsenal. scoreline: 2-0 to Liverpool.

HAHAHA. a certain Arsenal fan bragged during the match and arrogantly said that he was looking forward to see me cry, went missing after the final whistle. fortunately for him, i wasn't in the mood to search for him and BRAG. a waste of my time. i rather say it at twitter, instead of saying it in front of the opponent's face.


i think i should blog about it; the Liverpool in Malaysia: DAY 2.


"you still wanna blog about it????" are the words that you people are thinking right now.

YES, i still want to blog about it. 

who knows when will i go to Anfield?

what if my children asked me "ma, you ever went to see a Liverpool match before? were you a crazy supporter?"

and i want to brag to my children and reply "i saw the Liverpool lads before. saw them played against our national team. and don't tell your father, i saw plenty of ABS on that day!"



i'll start with the Day 2 of the LFCinMY: Day 2 now.

05 August, 2011

i dreamed of.... Cha Seung Won.

A'kum n ello.

i dreamed of Cha Seung Won.

this guy

because of his character in The City Hall (an old drama, i know you know).

he makes me.... >.<

28 July, 2011

i played LEGO

A'kum n ello.

when we were young, we built some random stuff like cars, house, buildings, boats, people, or whatever that can be squared using LEGO.

we were not that rich enough to build this kind of Lego car when we were young

we were young. we would built a car (using Lego) without the tyres, and we also built a boat that people thought was a box instead.

we were not that creative at that time.

maybe not you. but I was not that creative at that time.

this time,unfortunately, i still am not a creative person.

yeah yeah. maybe i have some bits of creativity like edit some Changmin pictures with some words on it, or making some stupid story about an AC Milan duck versus a Liverpool witch, but i am not that creative when it comes to LEGO.

still, the only thing i can do by using LEGO is this:

i never lie.

tata !

ps: i'm bored. i'll blog about the Liverpool match when i really am in the mood. apparently, i don't want to blog about it because i don't want to admit that Liverpool are not in Malaysia anymore. T-T

19 July, 2011

DAY 1: LFC's training session in MY

A'kum n ello.

after 3 days of gaining my energy back, now i have the mood to blog. hoho.

3 days of 'attending' (more like stalking,but without gaining anything) almost all Liverpool events while the team were in KL, the fatigue really took it toll. i never thought things can be THAT hard.

anyway, as people already know, Liverpool FC were in KL for their pre-season Asia tour. main reason for this tour was to gain back their fitness for the next season.

in other word, the Malaysia vs Liverpool FC match was only for friendly, nothing competitive.
you hear that Rajagobal?????

16 July, 2011

pre-LFCinMY post

A'kum n ello.

LFC in Malaysia.

everybody knows they're in Malaysia right now. and if you're an avid listener of Hitz.fm, you should know that they changed their radio station to Liverpool.fm on Friday the 15th, just to commemorate the 'Liverpool FC in Malaysia' visit.

and that's why you heard plenty of The Beatles' songs

i won't blog about it for now.

Insya'Allah, i will blog after the match itself. or maybe on Sunday. don't worry, i'll try to blog about it as soon as possible. i don't want to delay any post after this.

i should have blog abt the Day1 and Day2 of the events before day of the the match, but this whole Liverpool FC in Malaysia things makes me a busy fan. and i still haven't met any lucky moment! aih~


thanks for reading!

03 July, 2011


A'kum n ello.


last night (2nd of July), went to Sunway Lagoon. entrance fee: RM353, that was the price after 10% discount. not cheap, i know. especially that we(AliaBaik,AqilahPrasanCute,MiezahGS and NoiLovely) didn't even play any game in that place.

but still, TOTALLY WORTH IT. why, you maybe want to know?


so....BI SEU TEU!

26 June, 2011

Wedding Dash tata! Samurai Warriors 2 hola!

A'kum n ello.

3 days ago,i started playing Wedding Dash. i don't know which version i played, but it was hard.


i, like other people in the world, thought the game was easy. i was like "oh.the bride needs a chocolate cake" "oh.the groom hates berries" "oh the bride loves outdoor activities but hate oceans n seafood" oh like that.

1st tier(level) of the cake: EASY.
2nd tier: EASY
3rd tier: NOT THAT EASY.
4th tier: HARD but still can win.
5.0 - 5.8th tier: HARDER but still can win.
5.9 tier: VERY VERY HARD but still CANNOT win!

HOW HOW HOW THE HELL PEOPLE WIN THAT LEVEL??? i still can't reach the goal mark; the 24000 mark! i still can't win that game even after playing the same LEVEL(5.9) for 4 hours straight!

and so i gave up.
not really. hopefully i'll have the patience to play it. later maybe.

tho that'll be almost impossible now that i started to play my old PS2. that old PS2 is very very old. not all games can be played using that console.

fortunately, one of my favourite games is not one of them.

credits: gametab

like other KOEI games (only Dynasty Warriors series), when i start to play this game, i'll be too focus on it. i'll sleep late, and i'll hurt my fingers and nails. tho the thing that worry me most, is maybe this game will increase the electric bills.


why this time?

ta then!

ps: the next few days, the blogger will be busy with games. expect tweets about losing or winning the game. and also about how weak her 'player' is.

23 June, 2011

4 years ago, now?

A'kum n ello...

do you remember what you have blogged before this?

especially the story that you blogged was about 4 years ago?

do you ever remember?
and do you think someone will actually read that old post of yours?

apparently, someone did.



won't tell you who, but oh well. you know how to find that out anyway.haha

and suddenly, i feel like Jay Park. i didn't even remember i ever blogged that. haha.

oh well, sorry dear friend. you called my team 'sampah'. you should apologize. hahaha.

ok now.

"mende dah lepas.takyah dikenang" HAHA.

ta all.

ps: Asya, diam~~!! XD

recently,i watched dramas....

A'kum n ello..

since April, i think i already watched about.....5 dramas?

let's see....

  • Athena:Goddess of War
  • My Princess
  • Himitsu
  • Q10
  • Nagareboshi
  • Dream High
  • Chuno

General Choi's ABS.
  • Hotaru No Hikari 2
Fujiki Naohito's buta cheeks~!
  • Otomen
  • 49days
  • Love Shuffle
Tamaki Hiroshi's YAY PANDA!

more than 5.....


recommended dramas: the one with RED (my favourites), 49Days and Dream High.
non-recommended dramas: Himitsu,Q10.
others? still ok. some people maybe don't like Nagareboshi and Otomen. but both are watchable.

the only reason i watch Nagareboshi was Ueto Aya and Takenouchi Yutaka were in it. and Matsuda Shota was a plus.

everybody know that i only watched Otomen because of Masaki Okada after my hype about him in this post. after i found out that he learned kendo in that drama, i was like "YES!!!!MAN IN KIMONO!!" and immediately download the drama.

i have this weird fetish about man in kimono.i just don't know why. ever since that day when i read Clamps' Cardcaptor Sakura, and i saw Shaoran in kimono, i was like "YEAY!!!" and since then i always looking forward to see man with kimono.haha.


don't watch Himitsu, cos i already blog about it.

don't watch Q10, cos it just a waste of time even though you're a fan of Takeru Sato or AKB48. Maeda Atsuko is great as an actress, cos even her robotic voice makes me believe that she maybe talk like that in real life.

future dramas to watch: Liar Game 1&2, Midas, Jin 2, Boss 2, Babyfaced Beauty. still waiting for the complete subtitles for Midas~~ 


ps: i'm just bored.

20 June, 2011

Father's Day 2011

A'kum n ello..

i should blog about this yesterday.but oh well..

so yesterday was Father's Day.

we celebrated the day at Al-Diafah, an Arabic restaurant at Sri Petaling. Dad loves Arabic food. he loves lamb. he loves Briyani rice. he loves to make fun of the waiters at this kind of restaurants. he loves to call the waiters Muhammad even though one of the waiter wore a name-tag and has a unique name like Jojo (yes, one of the waiter is known as that).

dad told me to call the restaurant so that we could reserve a table for 6 people. as i don't like to talk with people that have weird English accent, i told my stepmum to call them. and she called them, and she told them that to reserve it under Othman Ithnin.

they asked "how to spell Othman?" and so she told them how.

and when we arrived, we saw this:

oh well.

the occasion was nice. we had some laughs and everybody in happy mood. Especially my father, who always in a bad mood nowadays, and i really don't know why. but still, he was the star of the day...

he is a very serious man...

but he also a man like this.....

 and apparently, that is in the gene....

dear Ayah, as a man, you accomplished almost all the stuff that every men dream of when they were young.

however, as a father, you always have plenty of problems while taking care of us. we are very sorry that we are the one who caused almost all the problems.

but we also very very thankful that you still alive and continue to have happiness while taking care of us. even though you only home for 2days/week, you still care to come home and ask about our well-being. 


and oh, we ate this..


14 June, 2011


A'kum n ello.

i close my eyes.
and no, i'm not singing a Justin Bieber's song.
and i think about me.
the difference in me and others. the freedom in me. my own opinion. and why people have difficulty in accepting me.

some people can't accept me.

some people will say i'm a hypocrite.
some people will say i'm the coolest person they ever met.
some people will say i'm the nicest person they ever known.
some people will say i'm the most interesting person they ever known.
some people will say i'm the most boring person to have a conversation with.
some people will say i'm the most stingy person around.

people just don't know me. though some try to talk about me.
people think i'm lame.though some try to copy me.
people think they're better than me. but they end up asking me questions about something that i know more than them.

the thing is, i'm just different. and i accept that.

but why do things have to be so difficult for people to accept me honestly?

i don't think i made things wrongly. i did my best. i just trust you to understand my way of thinking and let you face it. but you think like a common people and disappoint me after that.

i am very disappointed in you. i accept people around me. every people that make me cringe whenever they start to do some attention-seeking stuff, i accept them. cos i know people have choices.

but at the end, someone just have to be the loser in everything.


12 June, 2011

U-KISS SHOWCASE at Pavilion. AJ is HOT.

A'kum n ello...

two days ago, i went to a free concert.



this time, it was organized by some famous company instead of the government. unlike the government who tried to use KPOP to fish for vote from the youngsters for next year's national poll, the company that organized the concert (that company: Radioactive) maybe use it to be more famous.

maybe that.

and oh.

the Korean celebrity this time:

U-KISS !!!!

and wow, it was REALLY REALLY FUN!

05 June, 2011

Super Junior M at Hari Belia

A'kum n ello....

in a place that full of people, especially people like kids that don't even know what KPOP is(little kids: KPOP? is that candy??i want!), or some families that want to bring their kids to some cheap stuff instead of dinner at TGIF or CHILIS like the other modern families or teenagers that only there because...

"oh hey.LETS WATCH SUPER JUNIOR! you know,that Korean group with 13 members. free stuff. and girls will also be there. and we also can make fun of that group"

which, kinda stupid of them, cos that Korean group were Super Junior M, not Super Junior. and Super Junior M only got 8 members,not 13. tho 6 of them are actually Super Junior members. but still.



Super Junior M. performed in a FREE CONCERT. for an event for YOUTH that was organized by the government themselves.

cool eh?

it was FREE.

21 May, 2011

2AM's Autograph Session

A'kum n ello.

few hours ago,which was yesterday,the May 20, and also a Friday, n oh,by few hours, it also meant 7 hours ago, i just met 2AM.

yeah people.2AM.

which consist of Jo Kwon, JinWoon,ChangMin (not that Changmin,no) and SeuLong.
the people that have good bodies

30 April, 2011

a Korean guy: 7

A'kum n ello..

so just now....
i met a Korean guy.

a handsome, tall and always smile.

he even got himself a very big n bald bodyguard.

26 April, 2011

[view] KPOP article

A'kum n ello.

i need to blog about this:

taken from NadiaSepet's blog.
too lazy to even upload it.

i don't even want to read that article.
the big titles are already enough for me.


i have to agree with this title.

as i don't even want to read the article, i'll just say this: kpop fans are dangerous. cos i experienced that danger. i had a near-death experience because of it. i experienced stampede after the FT Island's fanmeeting. if i only care about snapping Won Bin's 'BCG' instead of my own, maybe i won't even have the chance to blog about this.

the stampede happened during this time.

still, if you compare Malaysian fans and Korean fans in terms of strength, Korean fans will win. before the BEAST's showcase at KL Live, there were these 2 Korean fans who pushed me and my friends, and maybe some other fans. they did that with their own strength, and they did it fast, very very fast.

they're like these 2 football american players that have power and speed. someone like Shin in Eyeshield 21(2nd best sport manga after Slam Dunk). they're powerful.

Malaysian fans, however, are weak. they maybe can push other fans away. they maybe can create stampede. they maybe can sacrifice their sleep to que for Super Junior's concert ticket at 4am, but no, they are not that strong. those women that fight for empty spaces in the Lady's Coach at that KTM train are way stronger than Malaysian kpop fans. don't believe me? try it. those ladies won't give you any mercy.

BEWARE OF THEM? YES. but you don't need to make it seems like they are that dangerous.

the KPOP people maybe show their legs in those concerts, but they don't even show any cleavage! even the men didn't show their entire abs in that concert.



none of the Malaysian korean fans are even thinking about this!!! why you suddenly said this??? don't you even know that the Malaysian fans might do what you just said??? don't you know this maybe give an idea to those obsessed fans that they'll choose suicide if their idol died??

i'm not saying fans won't kill themselves because of this obsession. i know some would. Michael Jackson's fans kill themselves because that singer died. and i know some fans maybe will do that too, including the KPop fans.

but as a Malaysian kpop fans, i never ever saw this kind of idea appear in the Malaysian fans' mind. so please, your words might give an idea to people instead of making them be careful.

i thought reporters have to learn psychology, isn't it?

grow up,seriously. this suicide topic is taboo especially in this generation.


wow. you just found out about this??

let take this positively: parents know what to buy for their children after this. they can give their kpop-addict daughter a Super Junior's album that only cost RM65, they'll accept it greatly. no need to waste money on Blackberry or iPhone or iPad that'll cost more than RM2000++.

and oh, our country's relationship with South Korea will be better than before too.

we helped their economy, they can help our economy too.

and oh, at least the KPOP fans spend their money on CDs, DVDs, hoodies, instead of drugs, rite?

seriously reporters of Berita Mingguan, your view in this are embarrassing. your paper already made headline with that stupid caricature of Tsunami chased after Ultraman.

do you know what KPop fans did? we unite Bumiputeras and Non-Bumiputeras together: we love Kpop. we maybe spend our money on those expensive merchandise and tickets, but we ALWAYS have respect for each other.

our PM should be proud of our contribution to the nation.

night night~!

ps: if my opinion is not the same as you, you should just keep quiet about it. we need positivity, not some negativity.

23 April, 2011

[review] Himitsu? not Himitsu anymore.

A'kum n ello.

i'm bored.

just as bored as the time when i started to do nothing during this holiday time.
nice eh?

anyway, since my practical ended,i kinda finished 2 dramas, Q10 and Athena:Goddess of War and also this one boring drama, Himitsu.

Naoko and Monami, mother and daughter, are in a bus accident. Naoko dies, but her spirit ends up inhabiting Monami's body. She then returns home to Heisuke, dad, and they try to figure out how to live their lives. Additionally, there is some suspicion surrounding the cause of the accident, which Heisuke investigates.

i like the actor. i like him when he was in Iryu. i like him when he was really serious.
but in this drama, he was a lil bit hot as an old guy at first, but then, it started to become annoying and slowly irritating. he had this most irritating face when he started to get mad.

maybe it's a good acting, but if the plot was better than his acting, maybe i might like that acting. but the plot was bad.

i hate the actress. ok,i'll be nice. i dislike her acting. she maybe did well by acting as a mother and daughter at the same time, but she was a little bit annoying. i think she can do better tho. maybe bcos of the plot.

the plot.

this drama has a very bad storyline. or maybe a bad dialogue? i'm not really sure.
or maybe the subtitles was bad. maybe the subber only translate it using Google translator, cos nobody say Pregnancy Test as Pregnancy Examination anyway.


i just checked Google translator. apparently, it's not Google's fault. it's the subber's fault. oh well. i don't want to blame the subber. they worked hard to sub this drama.

but still, the plot was messy. and seriously, what's the real motive of this drama? to investigate the driver's life?  it's not even their business. they should not put the driver's life as their main point of the drama.

i mean, a bus full of passengers fell into this cliff. and the passengers all died, including the driver. and suddenly, people want to know about the driver's life.

seriously? driver's life. the driver is not even alive! what can you do about it?

and then, they found the driver's past. he had a wife and a stepdaughter. apparently, he was a nice husband and father.

and then, they found out he always transfer some money to this one woman account,every month. apparently, he worked as a bus driver, more time than usual (overtime). so he got tired.

thus, the reason of the accident was found. the driver was tired. he lose control of the bus. the bus went into the cliff.

and oh, that woman that got the driver's money? apparently that driver had another stepson that he thought was his son, but not.

and another thing, you can actually know the reason of the accident when the bus fell into the cliff. it was too obvious that the bus driver was tired. he yawned before he drove the bus.

seriously? i don't even know why i even finished this drama. i didn't even finished that Mary Stays All Night drama, and i already deleted it! why didn't i do the same thing toward this drama??

sometimes, i can be too nice but too stupid at the same time.


ps: i don't even know why i blogged about this drama. i just think it's worth a mention.

20 April, 2011

seoul garden,chicken,birthday gifts,pajijin

A'kum n hello..

what happened on 12th March 2011?

THESE happened:
  • AliaLiverpool being a klutz. NadiaSepet asked me out for a date hang-out at Seoul Garden. n all this time i thought she referred to the Seoul Garden at One Utama, but nope, she was referring to the one at Plaza Pantai.
  • NadiaSepet being a klutz. She asked me the closing time for Seoul Garden. i told her "Night time". she still google-d for the closing time at her blackberry. suddenly,she giggled and said "Opening hours at Seoul Garden Plaza Pantai is 12pm-3pm and 6.30pm-10.30pm".at that time, it was 2pm. and we still at NadiaSepet's house,still have to pick up AqilahPrasanCute,still have to pick up AsyaPrasanComel, still have to go to Plaza Pantai. impossible~
the KLUTZ of the day.
  • NadiaSepet being guilty for klutziness. she non-stop talking about "i'll pay for anything~~~~"
  • AqilahPrasanCute being a confused person. all because i invited her 1 hour before the actual time.
  • NadiaSepet was full of anxiety. all bcos she had not told AsyaPrasanCute,who was waiting at Mid Valley and also need to go back to UPM after the hang out about eating at Seoul Garden at One Utama. (oh well,she went home instead of UPM tho)
  • AliaLiverpool being a forgetful blogger. she forgot to state that; instead of the Seoul Garden at Plaza Pantai, we'll go to the one at One Utama.
  • NadiaSepet being a klutz. She told AsyaPrasanComel to wait at South Court. she confidently told me to drive into the taxi stand at this one court that she 100% sure is the South Court. Embarrasingly, it was the North Court.
  • AliaLiverpool being a clumsy driver. never hold your mobile during driving. or else your car will hit a big plastic vase instead.
  • AsyaPrasanComel being a proud shy girl. she talked less when she was in the car. she admit with pride that she is a very shy girl. nobody in the car believed her.
  • NadiaSepet being a major klutz. she told us to park the car at this empty car-park in a place that has "WORK IN PROGRESS" sign. she was too embarrassed when she realize about the sign.
  • AliaLiverpool being a shoes-conscious girl. she hates her ugly working shoes.
  • AliaLiverpool, NadiaSepet, AqilahPrasanComel n AsyaPrasanCute were starving. they immediately search for Seoul Garden.
  • AsyaPrasanComel as a chicken lover. she was very focus is cooking her chicken. the amount of chicken that she was focusing to: 1
  • AsyaPrasanComel is AqilahPrasanCute's twin personality. they both scared of cockroaches n hate to eat crabs. their reasons are the same.(cockroaches move too fast. crabs are hard to eat)
  • The Seoul Garden's waiter was a nice guy. he changed our cooking-pan(?) with a new one.
  • AsyaPrasanComel is very focus woman. she still focused on her chicken.
  • The girls are very nice Muslims. we went to pray.
  • The girls are very bad twitter friends. we talked bad stuff about EzharSukeKpop.
  • AliaLiverpool is a b2uty. she snapped a picture with BEAST.

  • AqilahPrasanCute is such a nice friend.she told me to check the Keep Your Head Down album price so that she can give it on my birthday.however,the price is RM90. 
Alia:Keep Your Head Down album please?
Aqilah: for you i will.
Alia: HAHAHAHHA (not out loud)
  • AliaLiverpool is a very eager birthday girl (at that time). she told AsyaPrasanCute that she could give Cinnabons for the birthday girl.
  • AsyaPrasanComel is a very2 nice person. she bought 2 Cinnabons for as birthday gift.
  • AliaLiverpool is greedy. She saw a Famous Amos booth. she told NadiaSepet that she wants Famous Amos as her birthday gift from her.
  • NadiaSepet is a nice girl. she bought 100gm of Chocolate Chips+Macadamia nuts cookies for that nice AliaLiverpool.
  • AliaLiverpool is excited. she bragged to AqilahPrasanCute that she got Cinnabons and Famous Amos.

  • AliaLiverpool,NadiaSepet,AqilahPrasanCute and AsyaPrasanComel went home.
  • END.
that's all.

and oh.

that day also was the birth of Pajinji Pajinji.


ps: pity that no picture of AsyaPrasanComel from that day. shhhh.

15 April, 2011

Athena:Goddess of War

A'kum n ello..

ever heard of Athena?

not this one.no~~~

this is Athena from that Disney movie Hercules.
mind you,i never watch the whole movie~!

i'm referring to the Korean drama, Athena:Goddess of War.
this one:
after months of being stationary in the external, i finally finish this drama.

seriously, say it.

the reason i'm blogging about this drama is because of plenty of reasons.

the fact that this drama showed Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won's abs are not the only stuff that makes me say wow about this drama.and let just say, their abs are wow. seriously. like "whoa yeah.abs!!!KYA~~~~!!!"


apparently, i already deleted the drama, so i couldn't put any snapshot of their abs in this post.
or maybe blogger had one of them (from my previous post)...........


and by the way, i just dramawiki-ed Cha Seung Won's info, and whoa, he looks so...different,real life and Athena-life. in that drama, he look like this(left), and in other life, he look like THAT(right):

massive difference~~!
funny that the mustache makes him sexier~

there also the fact that Siwon in it. but i think his acting need to be better tho. he was hot in that drama. but sometimes, the script was a lil bit awkward, it made his acting weird.

oh.the women in it are hot and sexy. Soo Ae was in it and i always saw her in traditional dramas than modern ones, so it was kinda weird for me to see her like that. her fighting scene seems very natural. and oh, Lee Ji Ah was good too. she was really pretty~~~~~~!!

but the thing is, none of these women's characters can beat Kim Sun Hwa (Kim So Yun's character in IRIS 2). she made some appearances in the drama. and i bet they'll show more about her later in IRIS 2. and i think she'll be the bad person in it. like YEAY!!!!!!

she appeared in Athena, but not as hot as this.

the fighting scenes in this drama was brilliant!! shame the ending was bad. i mean, come on, really?? 
she did that, and she wasn't ____? she ____ ,obviously she suppose to be _____ !!!


now i'm getting bored thinking about the drama. so i'll wrap it up and said this last few words...

one word only required: CHANGMIN!

Changmin was in that drama,starting from episode 16 till 20. and i don't think his appearance was even necessary. i think they only used him to increase the rating and also to promote TVXQ's keep your head down album. and damn, i hate his hair. if they styled the hair like the one in Before U Go mv maybe would be better.

i think some of the extras in this drama are SM trainees tho. you can even see a bad guy with a pretty face, and you obviously can guess the company that he's in.

oh well.

so i finished the drama. and i'm going to finish some Japanese dramas that i still haven't finish yet.haha.

tata then~!

14 April, 2011

[late] DiGi KPOP PARTY.

A'kum n ello..

i know i should blog about this MONTHS ago as people already forget about it, but how about you read this post like the party was yesterday and maybe you can go back to the memory lane while reading it.


so i'm blogging about:

(both are fine)

13 April, 2011


A'kum n ello.

heheheh.new layout.
which also means new man.

i am back to my most favourite man of all.
oh. i'm sorry dad. your face is not that attractive (no offense~).
oh. sorry xabi alonso. you divorced me.
oh. sorry. not you~

i know you when i was 17. and i had my 1st love at first sight after that. i will continue loving you until you suddenly tell the world that you're in love with some other woman that is not Nur Alia Othman, which, by that time, i maybe will start to like other man that is more good looking than you (ehem ehem. wait for me,ok Miura-chan?).

anyway, bye2 Miura Haruma. you were brilliant when you become my header. your contribution to this blog really helped me improve as a blogger with your wonderful piercing eyes whenever people came to my blog. BUT you end up acting with Toda Erika, and you suddenly makes me jealous by doing that, so i'm back to my main man. HAHAH and dot.

and with this new header and layout, comes great responsibility. so now, i'm back as a part-time blogger. i'll blog about those pending posts after my lunch.or maybe my dinner. or maybe after i watch some bits of Dream High.or maybe not today).

thanks for reading.

Alia Liverpool da blogger is back,yo~!

ps: i really forgot where i got the image for that header. maybe i took it from sharingyoochun. anyway, inform me please. ok?

x-ps: that image header is not mine.

xx-ps: i edit the picture using BeFunky

06 April, 2011


A'kum n ello..

no i'm not blogging about those posts that i should have posts. 

it's almost 5am. be nice.


it's 5am.

i just don't want to sleep.

if i sleep after 4am, the possibility for me to not wake up for Subuh is like 85%. almost impossible.

Miezah is sleeping right now. she is staying at my house for, maybe, 2 days? not so sure. she said she wants to do the practical report and all. but man~ she has plenty of plans for hanging out.


what's new about ME?

apart from me not a practical student anymore, but a student that needs to send her report this Monday, my life is kind of great. i mean, if last time, i have to worry about plenty of things because of some not-confident choices, but this time, i am less anxious than the start of season.

  • report almost done. 
  • MUET is next week. 
  • and i choose something that i really am confident of for my degree.
  • and i'm listening to Taylor Swift and 2NE1.

better than the one at the start of the season when i have to:

  • practical training??? 
  • supplementary exam result??? 
  • parking money???
  •  fuel???? 
  • car???? 
  • light brakes??? 
  • my sister??? 
  • top-up??? 
  • LabLink???? 
  • visiting lecturer???

yes, i worried,almost,about everything. i'm just that perfect.

so Miezah is here. obviously, we did some talking; bad stuff, good stuff, secrets and advice. the thing is, nothing productive from that talk.

by the way, KP is coming to Shah Alam to send her report. haha. and she said she can hang out with me and AqilahPrasanCute this weekend, which is brilliant, cos damn, i miss her! i want to see her big boobs!

sexual harassment. yes.

#nowplaying Take the dirty picture for me, take the dirty picture.

funny that the song suddenly played when i was talking about someone's boobs.

and oh, i believe that Anwar Ibrahim is not in that video. dot. even though i didn't watch that porn video. it just that, i don't watch black and white porn. i watched good porn. not some corrupt one.

(1 hour to go for Subuh.)

hrm hrm.

i really don't know what to do right now.

my mind just can't do anymore thinking right now. blogging are the only way for me to express whatever i have in mind right now.

apparently, i have nothing in my mind right now. lor.

#nowplaying baby lets take it slow........

ok tata.

i'll do some Domoto Kyoudai survey. hohohohohoho.

ta then!


02 April, 2011

hey,i blog!

A'kum n ello.

haven't blog for awhile.sorry.

i think i said sorry plenty of times before this. i know i said i'll blog about all those stuff that i had attend or faced or participated or worked with, but things just not as free as i thought it would be.

the thing that i should blog:

  • Digi KPOP Party. yes yes. LONG LONG TIME AGO. YENNADE~
  • my Internship at KPJ Selangor. fyi, i already finished my practical few days ago.HAHAHAHA.n i didn't blog about the start of my practical. how 'practical' is that.
  • Super Junior SS3. few weeks ago, and this is like a MUST-BLOG-POST.
  • MyB2UTY's Kigwang's Birthday Party. the thing is, people are waiting for me to blog about this! i'm honoured! and pressured at the same time. but still, some people wish for me to blog it. aha. 
  • this outing with NadiaSepet, AqilahPrasanCute and AsyaPrasanComel. i was thinking of not blogging about any outing unless the outing is an interesting one. and THAT outing was like 1 of the most memorable one that i ever been to.haha.
  • Family Day at Janda Baik with the KPJ Selangor's Lab Crew. i was planning to not blog about this. but you never know, maybe i suddenly have a nice feeling to blog about it. and yes, i had a Family Day.haha.

i'll try to blog about all this stuff before the end of April. i couldn't blog about it in this 2 weeks, mostly because of i have a report and MUET to prepare. so ...

wish me LUCK!!

25 March, 2011

no time no see.short.

A'kum n ello..

i know i haven't blog much.

but you see, i'm a very busy person. i worked at KL last week and had to fight for empty spaces in the train, had to fight against powerful,thin women in the ladies coach, had to suppress my mercy to the little boy that wanted to board the train, and had to spend about RM50 just for 4 days because of that work(practical) itself.

after the work,i had to go to Super Junior's Super Show 3 and also to Janda Baik.

both places suppose to make me relax and not tired, but they only made me more tired and exhausted for the next 4 days.

anyway, my practical will end next week, and my MUET will start on the 11th instead of early April, so i have plenty of time to sharp my English skills, especially by blogging, reading articles about Kpop, watching Chuck, reading English subtitles from the Korean dramas, and maybe by listening to English songs for the whole day.

brilliant method, i know.



Yunho: i don't know what to say.

09 March, 2011

post-Birthday post.

A'kum n ello.

today is Wednesday.

let me tell you what happened on this lovely Wednesday morning:

as i was walking to the lab, thinking about my life as "oh,i'm doing the usual stuff", "oh, i'm going to work", "oh,i need to punch my punch card in 4 minutes!", "OH,I'M 21!"

and then, it strikes me.
i'm 21.
and my birthday was 3 days ago.

i forgot that i just had my birthday 3 days ago.

like WOW.
was my 21th birthday that boring?

i know Liverpool beat the Scum that night (fantastic win, obviously~!), and all i think about until this day,that is related to 6th March 2011 was LIVERPOOL BEAT MAN. UNITED 3-1, but not ALIA OTHMAN'S 21ST BIRTHDAY.


was it that unmemorable?

anyway, thanks for the wishes people! even though i like it better if u sms me the birthday wishes instead of tweeting it or facebook it, but i really am grateful that u wish me. :)

tho i kinda feel blah that people wished a HB to me instead of a full Happy Birthday wishes. but still, the fact that he/she even tried to type the wishing words are nice.


i got
  • Wedges, from my maid.
  • Meg Cabot's Runaway from my sis.
  • a Shawl from Amin.
and i'm waiting for my Liverpool jersey with Dalglish's name on the back.n rite now,i'm anxiously waiting for it to be in correct spelling, instead of the spelling error that we(my father and i) did when we ordered it.

oh,my dad WILL give me that Liverpool jersey as my birthday gift. cool huh??

and honestly, i really don't have any mood to blog bcos some of you will just think i'm a whiny person. 

let just say, don't try to show that you know me, but you're not. don't say i'm being selfish, but you're not. don't say i'm being a brat, but you're not. i rather hope you sit at the corner and think more about what others will feel instead of what you feel.

let just say, in life, things are not that simple. it is not black and white.

ta then!

he who scored the hat-trick.

06 March, 2011


A'kum n ello..


it's 6th March 2011.

hrm hrm.

it's my birthday.

i'm not 21 yet,mind you. it's not 11.10am yet,so i am still a few hours short to reach that 2-1 number. aha.

anyway, when the clock tick 12am sharp, the 1st message was from an unknown number. i did wish that if the person that send the wish is a guy, i'll fall head over heels toward him.

and HAHA. that person was Ezhar,the Kpop friend at twitter. HAHAHAHHAHA.i should have known. he wished me at 11.45pm(5th March) at twitter, and i told him to wish me again via sms in 15minutes. and sure enough, he really wished me at 12am.HAHA.

nice one,Mr Ezhar. you really are handsome.HAHA.

anyway, thanks for the wished by phone,twitter n facebook from you lot. appreciate it,really. tho the HB wish is kinda upsetting,but whatever.

a simple Happy Birthday initial won't affect me ;)

so i don't know what will happen in the next 22 hours. maybe i got the presents that i want so much, or maybe i won't. maybe i'll have dinner at that restaurant that i want so much, or maybe i won't. maybe something will happen, or maybe it won't.

the thing is, i'm not really that happy about this 21st Birthday. all because it means reality is sinking inside me that the future that i never thought will happen is appearing seconds by seconds in my life.

like the time when i was 7, i thought i'll be a doctor, but now what i'm learning right now?

like the time when i was 11, i thought i won't finish one bottle of cleanser for 1 year. now i'm using it for 1 bottle/month.

like the time when i was 8, when i heard my brother's ambition to have a lab like Dexter. i never thought i'll be the one that will 'live' in a lab everyday.

apparently, all the things that you dream of when you were a child suddenly become reality, whether it happens like you want to, or it just happen to be at the other side of the rail.


so whatever.

now that i'm 21 and only live for God and myself. so i'll just do things that will make me happy and God happy.

so now,


04 March, 2011

to that person n THAT PERSON!

A'kum n ello.

oh well.

i blog.

i kinda miss it tho.

anyway, i've been reminding everyone about this Sunday. and Amin got really annoyed with me cos i constantly reminding him. you would too if you didn't receive a present from him in your previous's birthday.

oh well. i'm blogging here to remind you of the same thing:


you can say:

  • why the hell she talks about it everyday???
  • why the hell she wants to remind us about her birthday??
  • why the hell she told us to give presents for her??
  • she's not even a little girl anymore, why she needs to celebrate it??

dear readers.

let me answer that for you.

because it's my birthday.
because it's my birthday.

because it's my birthday.

because you are just jealous that i am not a loner like you.

seriously, be nice.

anyway, today is Ainaa Athirah's birthday. in few hours, it'll be Emilia's. in less than 48 hours, it'll be mine.


been friends with her since we were 12 year old. funny that we're close friend right now. aha.


k now.
can't wait for the next 25 hours.AHA.

ps: Emi's birthday in 1 hour. hoho.

20 February, 2011


A'kum n ello...

haven't blog much. i know.

reason(s) i am blogging right now are:

  • i just feel like blogging.
  • i feel like i want to say something to the world that will make people care but actually no1currs.
  • i just want to make a WANT-LIST for my birthday (yes,abt 3 weeks from now.don't try to avoid this important day of my and your life)

prepare your mind, choose the best one(or more) of the list that will make you be the best person in my life, and go to a nearby ATM and prepare for 6th March.

  • a WATCH. i don't care what kind of watch. if you give me a cheap one,i'll love you. if you give me an expensive one,you're my best friend forever if you're a female.but if you a guy,i'll marry you (how good-looking n rich you are will be applied in this term)
  • a FULL TANK FUEL. i'm nice,ain't i? if i'm a bad person,i'll ask you to give me a WHOLE MONTH FUEL.
  • a new MOBILE PHONE. yes,i do have a new phone(*cough*omnia*cough*) but still, i need a new one.
  • a HANDSOME,NICE,UNDERSTANDING MAN. yes, i need one.and if he/you is rich,that is a plus. for now,i don't have any feeling for men,handsome or not.if you can make me gaga over a man,i'll take that as a gift.HAHA.
  • a new MP3. if you can give me something that is more than 8GB,that'll be nice.
  • a MAKE-UP SET. all because i can just have it free instead of planning on buying it.
  • that Cecilia Ahern's THE GIFT book. all bcos i don't want to buy that book.
  • that Meg Cabot's AIRHEAD:RUNAWAY book. all bcos i don't want to spend my money to buy that book.
  • that jdorama JIN dvd. watched it before n i want to have the dvd for my collection.
  • a PURSE. the long and thin one is better. hee.
  • a HANDBAG. cos i need one.the fake Jimmy Choo handbag that i got from Bandung is getting worse.
  • a pair of SHOE. cos i need one.seriously.
oh.that's all i think. i think i have more in my mind. but like usual,i'm nice.i won't try to not give any burden to you.


ps: applied to all people that know and/or reading this.
extra ps: i'll be 21. and i don't care about voting.
another x-ps: those pending blogpost will be done when i have the non-sleepy free time.

important to the close friends: i prefer wish through the phone, not facebook or wind.


23 January, 2011

MYB2UTY JunSeob Birthday Party

A'kum n ello.

Venue: somewhere deep at The Gardens' Food Garden.
Time: 12pm-5pm

some info about myB2uty: a Malaysian forum that involve BEAST and BEAST only.or maybe their managers too.

some info about JunSeob: a couple name for Junhyung and Yoseob.u dunno couple name?google~

who is BEAST and JunSeob: that's why they exist Google.n oh,SHAME ON YOU!

ok,back to blog.

as the gathering was about 1 months ago,so maybe i forget some stuff. 

and by the way, all of these will be my opinion. don't say i'm too personal in my post or anything,ok?

ok.now start!


i forgot the date of the gathering.oh damn.i'll google it later.i think it was around 26th December.after Christmas i think.cos people were talking about Boxing Day at that time. and Liverpool had a match at that time,(which they lose,blame Hodgson).


i went there with NajwaGiler and AqilahPrasanCute to the venue,by train,cos Aqilah forgot that her car was wrecked ~.~ . as Aqilah is a frequent visitor in almost all shopping malls in KL,she knows her way to that food court,or food garden as what the shopping mall name it.

anyway, we were kinda late,i think. which i forgot what was the reason tho. we knew they'll start it at 12pm, and some unknown group that the forum invited will performed. seriously,i dunno who was that group.(early opinion.read until the end of the post).

anyway, we arrived about 12.05pm. and they already started. and i think we missed the performance from that invited group. oh well. 1st thought:never mind.it's not like they're famous.

anyway, i saw the usual faces at the front. i saw Kak JC (last time,i blogged her name wrongly,and she commented on it.and i told her i'll type her name correctly in this gathering's post.aha) and Kak Hani (you know,the Doojoon's wife from this post).

and when we were seated, this 1 girl gave us some colored papers with numbers on it. we took it with open arms and not thinking any evil stuff.

so they talked. obviously i forgot what they said cos it was about a month ago and they were no microphone.aha.

anyway, they started a game...........

the game was something like this:
  • a box full of papers that have numbers on it.
  • a staff took out a number.
  • someone with the number came out.
  • that someone had to do some stuff (dancing,singing,imitations etc)
  • just imagine.
so they started the game.

yes,i forgot what happened to others cos i only remember what happened to me.
yes,i have a reason for only remember about me.

...oh oh!
i remember this girl who got her number called,and she had to show something that BEAST always do (i think so) to the opposite sex (I THINK SO). and people were like, "SHOW UR ABS!SHOW UR ABS!SHOW UR ABS!" and seriously,she's a girl. so she didn't show her abs,but she did show something.which i forgot what.

anyway, Kak JC's number was also called. and she had to find a stranger and shouted SO BEAST (i think) with that stranger. she found someone,a MAN. ok,so BEAST! ok.not.but still,ahaha.


i'll fast forward....to ME.

yes, my number was called.
my number was 17 (i think).

let me tell you what really happened:

there were Aqilah,Najwa, and i. and also, another new friend that had 2 numbers cos her friend couldn't come.(i'll talk about this new friend later) and i called this new friend Yana Liyana instead of Liyana.haha. and obviously, we were nervous when they wanted to call the numbers. we were like "NOT ME PLEASE.NOT ME.NOT ME" and of course, i was "hopefully they call Aqilah's number" "hopefully they call Najwa's number" "hopefully they call Yana Liyana's numbers" "HOPEFULLY THEY WON'T CALL MY NUMBER"

oh shucks. why did i even wish that?

the staff were choosing the next number. and then i heard Kak JC said "seventeen.weyh,seventeen". seriously, i think i was the only one who heard that. but then she kinda SHOUTED that number. and i was like "WHAAAAAAT????" and people were looking.

oh yeah, baby. my shock voice was loud.
najwa was laughing.aqilah was laughing.YANA LIYANA,WERE YOU LAUGHING TOO????

and people were clapping for me.how nice.

i was really really weird at the front. i laughed laughed laughed. i don't even know why i laughed when i didn't even start it.aha.

and so, they gave me a box(maybe) that full of papers that have punishments on it. so i took one. 

and the punishment was something weird like this: "demand for exception"

you understand what it means?
as someone who just registered herself for MUET, i think it means i have to demand to let myself not do the punishment.
so i said that to the whole people there.
HAHAHAHAHAHA.they didn't let me off. -_-
instead, they asked me to do something else.

ok cool.
someone shouted: DANCE!
i was like "no dance,please. i'm a BEAST fan. but i only listen to their songs.not their dance"
so another someone shouted:SING!
i was like "no sing,please. i dunno their lyrics" srsly,you'll say the same thing if u see those fans with their memorizing skills in saying those korean words.

and in the end, Kak Hani said "how about you introduce yourself as Junhyung and Yoseob in Junhyung and Yoseob's way"

i was like O_O.
seriously,i haven't watched any idol's variety shows for a long time already. the last idol's variety show that i watched was SHINee's hello baby. and that was about 2 years ago.or maybe last year?i'm not sure. and seriously,i never watch any BEAST shows.i still haven't finish BEAST Almighty.da.

and seriously, the only thing that i had in my mind at that time was my imagination of Junhyung and Yoseob.yeah,blame NadiaSepet cos of her fanfiction.haha.

so in my mind,i was thinking, 'Junhyung is a cool person.Yoseob is a cute one'.

"hello.i'm Yong Junhyung.i love coke" in a very cool macho way.
apparently, i wasn't loud.i had to repeat it.
"HELLO,I'M YONG JUNHYUNG.I LOVE COKE" people were laughing at that coke part.

and then......
the Yoseob part.
"hello~!!!!!!! i'm YONG YOSEOB~~~~!!!!!!" in a cute way.and i made my voice louder.
people were laughing, histerically.(i just noticed that i said his name wrongly,but nobody really bother).
and i looked at Kak Hani. her face was weird.and i was like "WHAT WHAT WHAT???WHAT IS WRONG????" and then she said "APEHAL YOSEOB COMEL SANGAT NI?????"

and seriously,i collapsed cos of laughing so much.hahahahahahahhaha

and then i went to my seat.

Najwa and Aqilah were still laughing.
Yana Liyana,were you laughing tooo????

and so, things went happily after that. they provided us some lunch. Korean food for lunch.hoho.it was nice.but too many stuff which is kinda awesome considering we only paid RM10 for the gathering.

and then,after lunch and pray,we played another game. they said it similar to this show,Bouquet. but as u know,the only variety show that i watch are 1N2D,Running Man and We Got Married(KhunToria only).

anyway, the game was something like:
  • a song is playing.
  • a group of 6 or about that must decide what pose that they need to do after the song stop playing.
  • the whole group must have similar pose.
so it was like that.

my group sucks at it.seriously.

and when Yana Liyana, an Ustazah-in-the-making danced Mister at the front, i was like "HAHAHAHA.BAKAL USTAZAH TENGAH NARI TU!!!"

game end.my group didn't win.aha.

and then, the special guest(the invited group) that MYB2UTY's invited gave 2 performances of BEAST: Shock and Soom.haha.

they are a dancing group called REDO. no personal opinions will be said by me,but this group is AWESOME! which is kinda brilliant cos they're not Korean but Malaysian like us.

and so, they danced Shock and Soom.

and hahahahahahhahaha,like usual, Aqilah and I shouted like a mad fangirl. you know how good we are when we become like that.hahaha.


and seriously,we were at the middle and those dancers could see us clearly. and 1 of them looked at us, and we looked away but then he laughed while dancing.hahahahahah. we also laughed seeing him like that.and we also laughed cos we were shouting like mad girls.hahahaha. Kak JC was looking at us laughingly, and we kinda waited for someone to said "yo girls.behave urself!!! this people are not BEAST"

but who cares. just pretend that BEAST are dancing in front of you then.hahahaha.seriously, those group were awesome and hopefully,our fangirling will make them achieve success.ahaha.

and then....

oh. we did have a picture together with the other fans.it was nice.

the event ended at 4.30pm,i think. tho fans still around until 6pm.

oh, NoiTheCousin told me to pick up her Lights Go On Again album from Kak JC. she gave me the album and also this big poster.

and oh well, you know what happen when those stuff are in my hands.


anyway, just when we start to say bye bye to the staff, we talked some stuff with Kak JC.we talked talked and talked. about Papa Hong followed Kak JC at twitter,about Hottest hating B2uty, about B2uty that know nothing about BEAST, about the old gathering at Secret Recipe and some others..

i think we said bye bye plenty of times and stood up and sit down plenty of times cos we still end up talking eventhough we already said bye bye. and we hugged goodbye twice or trice because we always thought we already going.hahaha.

and we said the 1st bye bye at 5pm.but end up did the official bye bye at 6pm. blame Kak JC for that.haha.

blame her.HAHA.

and so.


finally i blogged about it.hahahaha.

i really recommend you to go to this gathering.nice people.seriously.aha.

ta then!