19 July, 2011

DAY 1: LFC's training session in MY

A'kum n ello.

after 3 days of gaining my energy back, now i have the mood to blog. hoho.

3 days of 'attending' (more like stalking,but without gaining anything) almost all Liverpool events while the team were in KL, the fatigue really took it toll. i never thought things can be THAT hard.

anyway, as people already know, Liverpool FC were in KL for their pre-season Asia tour. main reason for this tour was to gain back their fitness for the next season.

in other word, the Malaysia vs Liverpool FC match was only for friendly, nothing competitive.
you hear that Rajagobal?????

to start it off, Liverpool FC arrived in KL on Thursday the 14th, at 4.30am in the morning. they were flown here from China via a private jet.


after they landed, they immediately got into a bus, straight from the aeroplane itself. the VIP way.

and then, straight from the bus, they went to One World Hotel, one of the sponsor for this trip. ah~ my cousin went to the hotel, waited for the team to arrive, at 6am in the morning.

source: LFC@twitter

she saw the team.

ok, i have. but they only willing to do that for Korean men, not for Liverpool men. -_-"

and how do i know all of these stuff?
Answer: FACEBOOK la, macha! 

the LSCM's fb page! the group that flooded my email for the past 6 days with their constant talk about "AHHHH!CAN'T WAIT FOR LFC TO ARRIVE!!" "ANYBODY WANNA BUY RM108 GREEN GATE?" "TODAY WAS MY LUCKY DAY!I WAS STUCK IN A LIFT WITH THE LIVERPOOL TEAM!"

anyway, i didn't go to the hotel. i didn't greet them personally.

i didn't say hello to Martin Kelly, Daniel Agger, Raul Meireless, Alberto Aquilani and Dirk Kuyt. 

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY??!?!?!?!?!??

and then, i went to sleep.
again, it was 6am.

about 12pm, i woke up. i couldn't sleep properly. i was waiting for the phone to ring. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHY! it's like i was waiting for someone to say "HEY ALIA. THIS IS KENNY DALGLISH"

madness, i know.

but the phone did ring. twice. not from King Kenny tho. they were from my sis and my elder brother. both told me to pick them up at KTM. ceit.

oh. i didn't inform you this. it was 14th July, the day that Liverpool FC had their training session in front of special fans at Bukit Jalil Stadium. 

special: only the person that bought the tickets early, or also the one that got from the people that couldn't go on that day because their boss didn't approve their leave for that day or the one that bought some Reject Shop stuff for more than certain amount(i think).

and hey hey hey, i was one of the special people! thanks to my cousin, Izza Fadzlani for that. she opened a Standard Chartered account just to buy that tickets+training passes early.

anyway, i went.
with NadiaSepet.

HAHAHA. the original partner-to-go was Alisa,my little sister. but she chose to watch Harry Potter instead of Liverpool.

she chose to watch Daniel Radcliffe instead of Daniel Agger.

anyway, i invited NadiaSepet to come along with me because of two things:

  • she knows some of Liverpool players face and few of their names, even though she's not even a fan of the team.
  • she was free. others had part-time work, practical and class.
me and my partner-in-crime

so at 5pm, i went to her house, picked her up, and went to Bukit Jalil Stadium.

5pm, i expected it already:
the traffic was bad. people from work were crowding the roads. Liverpool fans were crowding the roads too. and thing were just bad.

even the Liverpool staff notice how bad our traffic was! they even blogged about it!

it was insane,really. especially from someone like me that seldom drive. some scary+stupid stuff did happen before we enter the stadium:
  • the car 'lightly' hit other car. i had to came out of the car, in the middle of the traffic. i apologize to the other driver. the driver was in a car with his family members that wore the Liverpool shirts. he seems nice tho. hopefully he didn't mind. both of us are KOPS, we help each other,aye?
  • the police traffics. stupid stupid stupid police. cursed at me when i was being polite. i think that policeman is a Scum in police uniform.
luckily, the parking spot was not that difficult to find. 
and the gate into the stadium also not that hard to find.

anyway, my bladder problem struck twice on that. we had to go to the toilet before we enter the stadium. while we were there, we saw someone that look really really pitiful. he had this very sad face with him, and he was topless. i was like "my my, this guy. he looks like he was bullied by someone~~"

and then, i found out, after i came home, that guy was this guy:

apparently, he was bullied by the Liverpool fans.HAHAHAHAHA.

aahhh~ that's why the sad face.

anyway, after that, we went searching for the best seats. both of us didn't mind much about the can-see-or-not cos i brought binoculars with me. we were THAT confident.

while we were searching, we saw some group of fans near the gate of the stadium. apparently, we saw the Liverpool FC's bus. we saw them, tried to see them clearly, but failed.


and then, we found some seats and we were seated.

nice seats, but not nice view. the running track in front of us made things look too far. but oh well, we had binoculars and NadiaSepet's camera.
  • the binoculars: only useful at the last 20minutes of the trainings. apparently, i didn't know how to adjust the binoculars to the right view.
  • NadiaSepet's camera: nice nice view. we thought it was way better to see the players on the field from the camera instead of our eyes.
when we were seated, it was 7pm at that time, the players still haven't come in. i heard the Malaysian players were training before that. NadiaSepet missed the chance to see them~~~~. i didn't even care about the Malaysian team. HAHA.

anyway, we were seated.

and then, some of the Liverpool staff in white came out. 3 of them were Phil Thompson, Ian Rush and Ian Ayre. 

this is Ian Rush's backside.

for your information, Phil Thompson and Ian Rush were Liverpool legends. Ian Ayre is the Liverpool Managing Director. he was the important figure that made Liverpool came to Malaysia.

the 3 of them were got into the pitch, and they did the Lap Of Honour. they were walking around the stadium. and while they were walking, fans were throwing mufflers and t-shirts and other stuff, including some lanyards that still attach with keys; plenty of keys. Phil Thompson was like "HEY,I TAKE THIS KEYS WITH ME,OK??" to the fans. 

oh, fans threw all those stuff so that the legends, especially Ian Rush will sign their stuff. 

NadiaSepet saw that. and she asked me "you don't want to throw your shirt?" my reply"only King Kenny can sign it" and then, i realized, i had my Liverpool muffler with me. so i asked the Liverpool fans in front of me to throw the muffler to the legends. the muffler was on the track, looking pitiful.....

and i was shouting like crazy "PICK THAT UP!! PICK THAT UP!!! DON'T FORGET THAT!!" and some fans were laughing at my shouts, and then Ian Ayre picked up the muffler,and gave it to Ian Rush....

and Ian Rush signed it......



you lot maybe think that this is nothing, but you don't know how legendary Ian Rush is. he is one of the best strikers in the world during his Liverpool days.

way better than traitor boy, Torres.

you know, this muffler will be one of the most valuable thing in the world, one day.
and while i was gaga-ing over the legends, we forgot about the players.

some of them were coming out from the tunnel, and the most obvious one was Andy Carroll. aha. God, we could even see his beard from afar!

Carroll: hello,Malaysia!

anyway, i didn't remember what had happened on that day tho. i know Kenny Dalglish was one of the last Liverpool people that came out of the tunnel. and i was like a mad crazy supporter, screamed King Kenny's name like he was Beatles. haha.

King Kenny and his belly.

it was a training session and we had one of the worst view ever, we were almost bored. seriously. i saw the players passed the ball, kicked the ball and running by themselves. but there was nothing exciting about that. except the fact that they were doing that IN FRONT OF MY EYES.

hello Kuyt.
hello Shelvey's bald head.

hello...Liverpool backsides and butts.

hello Meireless and Aquilani.

hello Carrol's ponytail.


some random stuff.

anyway, some of the Liverpool players came to the goalpost near us. they were practicing some shooting stuff. i know most of the guys scored some goals, but Carroll, i heard, didn't even let one in. but his powerful shot could be seen in my sighting range. aha. 

and there was this time, when Connor Coady, a future Liverpool awesome player, tried to shoot the ball, but it was a lil bit off, and the ball bounced toward the crowd i.e my side of seats. 

unfortunately, i couldn't touch the ball. someone caught it, but he had to give it to the stadium staff after that. DA~!

the best part: Agger,Meireless, Carroll were at that goalpost. and NadiaSepet was the happiest girl of all.

Spearing's look is really freaky.

my father said John Flanagan is ugly. 

and you know what's the best part about this Training Session??? THE ABS!!!! and this was when i think the binoculars are soooooooo USEFUL!!!!!

Flanagan didn't look that ugly here with that kind of ABS!

KELLY'S ABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i was like a mad girl when i saw the abs through the binoculars. the male supporters in front of me were giving me some weird reactions, it was priceless~! the male supporter near us was like "wow, you really that happy" and i was like "OF COURSE!!" to tell you the truth, i was almost in tears. HAHAHAHA.

they were changing their shirt to the new Liverpool shirt, the blue+white one. and both me and Nadia were like "AGGER BUKAK BAJU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

it was awesome. i could see KUYT's ABS, KELLY's ABS, MEIRELESS' TATTOOS and ABS. it was just WOW!

i don't know this is.
i thought it was Agger, but the lack of tattoo at his behind refute that.

KELLY'S ABS!!!!!!!


i was in tears. 

seriously. the abs were just fantastic especially they have them from the tough training instead of the go-to-an-expensive-gym-and-show-off. hahaha. so it was just...WHOA.

so, after they changed their shirts to the new Liverpool shirt, they did the Lap of Honour. 

the funny thing about them wearing that shirt, they look really2 sexy. HAHAHAHA. the shirt was so tight on them. it's like size XS on size XL man. haha.

the good thing, i can even see the shape of Daniel Agger's manboobs.HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

look at Carragher.

hehe Kuyt~~

Agger's manboobs.

and then....

they bye bye~~~

and NadiaSepet still stalking Agger....

happy face after looking at the abs. HAHAHAHA.


DAY2 will be blogged tomorrow. 
i think.


special thanks to NadiaSepet for the pictures!


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Alia Liverpool said...

"Agger's manboobs~ *yumyum*"

that's the most uncomfortable thing i ever heard abt Agger's manboobs.HAHAHA

you don't say yum2 to someone's boobs!!!!


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bila awak ckp baru like kte perasan



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