29 February, 2008

a sigh of relief

A'kum n ello..

yeay!!!!it's not me..!!..it's not!..yahoo!!...how do i know?..cos i'm in an advanced class in this whole internet thing,so i know..

k..i'm not making sense cos i don't even tell you what happen,but this is something that you better not know....put your imagination and guess together and keep it to urself what you think had happened to me...hoho...

so,no stupid thoughts after this,hoho....i think nicely after this and not thinking about probs...better i start thinking about what i want for my birthday...mak cik azah already asked what i want...

k then..

i'm waiting for hani to call me or even pick me up to go to korean class place to settle the fee..
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[hint:young guy+me]

28 February, 2008

wohoho,pass macha!

A'kum n ello...

hehe...dear people of all citizens...I PASSED!...hoho..!..i was sooo happy and glad!!!...huhu...it's not like i couldn't sleep last night,(i dreamed about junsu last night,kinda weird especially after the loveletter moment yesterday,ahah)...

when i arrived,both me and aina and also fateen received our 'nombor giliran'...ainun and fateen were in the top100 and mine was 103...ceh~....but still,our number are not that too far apart...we did the part2 first,the one with the hill,parking and that '3penjuru' thingy...fateen failed though..ainun passed,she told me she suddenly got a phone call from her dad when she did the 'bukit'...and then my turn...happily,i did the parking thing perfectly...i kinda humiliated myself afterwards,cos when i went to the jpj,i didn't see my paper on the 1st desk..there were 3 desks in that place,one desk has an old man,the middle one has an indian man,who take care about the hill test..and the other one has this handsome man...i thought the handsome man was the one who take care of the failed people cos most failed people went to him...and so,i went to the old man,and i was kinda scared that my paper wasn't with him...and i didn't want to go to that handsome man cos i had this scary thought about failing the test eventhough i think i did all of it brilliantly...so i asked the metroman who was there with the indian man...ahah,i kinda yelled at him cos i thought he didn't know i already did my test,and so by other means he didn't know my result,and my mind was thinking like'don't say that i have to repeat the test again~?'...but like i said before,i humiliated myself,he said loudly to me that my paper was at that handsome man and he was kinda angry with my outburst before....and just to cover my stupidity,i told him 'how could i know??'..lorh~..my,i really humiliated myself..in front of those jpj peeps...ahah..~

and then..when i did the part3 test,the road test,it was raining and i kinda planned to drive the car slowly...BUT! when i entered the car,the jpj person was kinda weird cos he told me to start checking the 5important things before drive a car while he went to the toilet...yup2,he left me alone in the car and if i'm a baddie,i can just do nothing and just wait for him without even checking the 5important things...but i'm nice and good girl,so i checked all of it,but when the jpj man done with his business,i didn't wear my seatbelt yet..and he told me that i was slow..lorh~...and just when i start driving,i was trying to drive the car slowly and carefully cos it was raining..but that jpj man is not the kind of follow-the-rules type of person,cos he said "ade minyak tu,tekan jela"....haish2...and i drove the car faster after that...but i was panic from the inside cos it was raining and all...but that man started saying that i wasn't good with the gear,the clutch,i'm gelabah,slow,and all the bad things...cos he wants me to drive fast,i kinda bad in controlling the clutch and so,i had dead engines 4 TIMES!..4!and i start thinking about re-sit for next week...and i nearly got both of us had an accident cos i nearly crash into something,even the jpj man yelled for his life when we nearly crashed(i still remember his loud yelling voice)..and so i think my future to re-sit for the exam was becoming 'brighter and brighter'...but when we're on the way back to metro HQ,i drove nicely after that,nothing bad...and that jpj man even told me some tips..he even asked me some questions...and he asked me did i ever read the whole jpj book before...i was like"err.haha.skit"...and he said to me that he already read the whole book and gave me some tips about driving...and i replied to him"ah~~thank you~~"...and when we arrived,he said i have to control my clutch and all...and i was trying not to look at my result,but obviously,i looked..and kinda surprised when i got 17/20...hahah!....and i was trying to control myself,and so i said "ok then.thank you"...and smiled tata to him...and i tried to look clearly at my result..and then i saw my instructor,en. asmadi standing just feets from me..he asked me did i passed the test,i said "i think i passed"...and he looked at my result and said "tahniah!pass dah ni"(something like that he said) and he wished me happy birthday after that...haha..and i continuously saying thank you to him after that...huhu...man,i'll gonna miss his singing voice after this..ahah~..

met aina and fateen after the test....told her everything that happen during the test..haha..ainun passed also but fateen didn't...she failed both of the test though..hope her well for next week...

and then i sent a sms to my father,it was something like this:
ayah,alia pass!haha.ayah kene belikan keter ntuk alia.

and then he replied
kereta metallic warne ijau nak tak?

ceh~that is mak cik azah's car...

that's all then.too long now.
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  • thanks to this lady named Wati who gave a lil bit of her bread to me.hoho~
  • aina met her long-time-no-see husband....hahaha!
  • the jpj man's voice is playing in my ears right now..

27 February, 2008


A'kum n ello..

emi wants me to do this...
and here they are...

i haven't read it yet but i will after i put the loveletters here..XD!

this is the NEWS' version

To Alia-chan

We've met very few times, and not spoken much either, but it's like I'm in a daze and can't think of anything but Alia-chan.
I'm the one who's most shocked that I could ever fall in love with someone like this.
By the time I realized it, I was looking for nothing but Alia-chan's figure in school, the park, and Tokyo Dome, even though I knew you weren't there and I was being strange.
This morning when I saw you, there were countless times I wanted to talk to you, countless times I thought how much I wanted to tell you how I feel...
But I couldn't.
I cannot be in love with someone any more, I am not qualified to be in love with someone.
I cannot achieve happiness any more...
But I had to express these feelings no matter what.
Yamashita Tomohisa said he has an interest in Alia-chan.
If it's my closest friend Yamashita Tomohisa, I think he will definitely be able to make Alia-chan happy.
I have one favour to ask though, that's okay right?
That cellphone that Alia-chan likes, I did my best and made one by hand.
I think I'll send it to your home on the 1st of March. It would be great if you would receive it happily...
Thank you for reading till the very end.

I love you so much. From Tegoshi Yuya

and this is the ARASHI's version

To Alia-chan

Why is it Alia-chan won't fall in love with me?
Why is it Alia-chan is laughing at Ninomiya Kazunari's jokes?
I want you to stop already...
I want you to talk to me more, I want you to look at me.
It's true I may have selfishly not given Alia-chan much thought.
But I'm always supporting you.
I think of Alia-chan as my number one.
Am I suited for you?
I want you to stop looking at Ninomiya Kazunari and Aiba Masaki and look more at me!

If that's impossible I want you to tell me.
If you do that for me I'll be able to give up on you.
If you don't, I'll be thinking of nothing but Alia-chan, I'll be looking at nothing but Alia-chan...
I'll end up loving you even more.
That time I went to your house, did you know I was thinking about nothing but you so much so that I couldn't concentrate?
The next time we see each other I want to talk to you even if it's just a little.

Please fall in love with Ohno Satoshi.

and this is the DBSK's..

To Alia-chan

We've met very few times, and not spoken much either, but it's like I'm in a daze and can't think of anything but Alia-chan.
I'm the one who's most shocked that I could ever fall in love with someone like this.
By the time I realized it, I was looking for nothing but Alia-chan's figure at the bowling alley, convenience stores, and Disneyland, even though I knew you weren't there and I was being strange.
This morning when I saw you, there were countless times I wanted to talk to you, countless times I thought how much I wanted to tell you how I feel...
But I couldn't.
I cannot be in love with someone any more, I am not qualified to be in love with someone.
I cannot achieve happiness any more...
But I had to express these feelings no matter what.
Junsu said he has an interest in Alia-chan.
If it's my closest friend Junsu, I think he will definitely be able to make Alia-chan happy.
I have one favour to ask though, that's okay right?
That bracelet that Alia-chan likes, I did my best and made one by hand.
I think I'll send it to your home on the 1st of March. It would be great if you would receive it happily...
Thank you for reading till the very end.

I love you so much. From Changmin
already read it..


man,i'm in love~~~~!!!
yamapi interested in me..??ahaha..
since i saw ur naked butt on the internet,i don't think i want you anymore,
and come here my sweet tegoshi..
come here to me so dat emi will be jealous...hoho..

and ohno!!!!
he remind me of shazizan cos there was this one time when hani talked about ohno to aina(hani adored ohno once)..and aina said ohno kinda like shazizan..
but still..
pls don't be jealous when i'm laughing at someone else's jokes..
that only comes by nature..

and hihi..
i'll keep ur bracelet...
eventho ur brain and interests are mostly like me,
that doesn't mean we're meant to be together,
so now junsu-oppa,i want to say bye2 to you..
and come here,CHANGMIN-oppa!..

ta then!
Haha, I'm glad you like the translations =) ...btw in your first letter, I can't believe Tesshi made you a cellphone XDD-pinkulemon

credits to you,

dramatic ending for the lesson

A'kum n ello..

my driving lesson today was alright...on the way to the metro HQ...the driver who sent us there gave us(me and fateen,the girl that aina met yesterday) some tips for our test tomorrow...and he taught us all the way to the place...cool~...

and then...when i did my lesson,the common mistake,that is,the dead engine,continue to happen...other than that,i was alright...and i constantly mumble,"mati engine" for like,more than 3 times..and my instructor told me to say "ALIA BOLEH!"....he told me to say it confidently and whole-heartedly...huhu...nice~...i was a lil bit dissatisfied though..cos i had the dead engine twice..and also at the end of the lesson,i failed at the hill...ceh~...it wasn't a clear fail tho cos something happen before that,but still,I FAILED!...hope nothing bad will happen tomorrow....just have to pray many times later..

yesterday,aina waited for 1 hour for the metro-man to send her home and she arrived at 6.30pm,i had to wait for 1 hour at the metro,and i arrived home at 7.05pm...the reason?cos the metroman's van was hit by another van..and then,when they finished discussing about the accident,the metroman couldn't send me home cos of the flood,exactly at the traffic light to go to my house...and so,the man had to send the other person who was with me at that time who live at seksyen7,and then he said that the van was running out of gas...so we had to rush to the petronas..and after that,he sent the girl,and finally,me....

what a dramatic ending for my last driving lesson..
hope i'll relax and have a kind and caring jpj tomorrow..

ta then!

26 February, 2008

adzrin,you make me forget something

A'kum n ello..

just hours ago i stated that my rival is Adzrin Nadzirah,my friend since i was 4year old..we had kindergaten together,and then school together and still contact each other even after i moved to seksyen 9 and even now...and few weeks ago,i told her that i still remember her birthday...eventhough never wish her,but still i always remember her birthday,27th february...whenever february arrive,i will always remember that date...so i calculate how long both me and her have become friends,and it's already 13 years..more than 10 years already...and i always assume that whenever i reach a new decade of my life,i will have a new life and new people around me...but this person,is still exist...and so because i still remember her and i also remember about her birthday and remind her about mine,she sent a comment at myspace to come to her house this coming saturday..



Feb 26, 2008 2:17 PM


datang umah aku sabtu ni!!

nak wat wild party!

i'm dead...~~

cos to be honest,i don't think there will be some friends from my seksyen19 mates will be there...and i think most of the people that will come will be her sci-school's friends...haish2...i already refused to her about not going to the futsal that she once invited me...haish2...

nway...maybe i'll go..eventhough i'm not a wild woman and don't even know wild party,maybe i'll go...i hope liyana will be with me...hahaha...cos that person the best in make people comfortable...

liyana,help me will you??

ta then!
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  • saw adzrin's family(if i'm not mistaken at Giant just now)

25 February, 2008

domoto questions!

A'kum n ello..

another domoto questions!
woo~i steal it when a comedian name Aoki Sayaka was in it...and like usual,i change a lil bit of the questions..


Q:Red A:Black

Please tell us your real name,birthday and place of birth
Nur Alia Othman,KL and 6th March 1990.my birthday is next week.don't forget!

what's your childhood nickname
alia liverpool,aliun,spek,liverpool,mrs.xabi...hoho!

what lessons did you take when you were small
ah...kindergarten lesson...how to sing,count,speak english,dance and learn not to piss off a spoil kid..ah~and also chinese language..and also swimming..

what was your childhood ambition
become a nurse.hahaha~.and when i know a nurse has a low salary,i change it to doctor.

what did you do before you became a student*
a kindergarten student.

how did you become a student*
it was TIME to be a noble person that is STUDENT.

since you entered the student world,was there anything that surprised you
yeah.many people that i didn't know.and also,a bell rang in each period.

what would make you want to quit school*
when the school's administrators become too stupid and underestimate the power of students...haha,kidding but something like that...i'm glad i'm not schooling right now,especially under the new principal's era in my previous school...hoho

if your room catches on fire,what would you take with you
my phone and money.and also my tudung.

when do you think 'i'm still such a kid'
whenever i woke aiman up from his sleep

when do you think 'i'm getting older'
when a hot new boy appears and i found out that he is younger than me..shh~!

whom do you think of as rival
adzrin nadzirah.my 1st friend since i was born and the longest friend i had in life.and she always beat me in everything..from teacher's love,friend's love,exam results and social life....i'm jealous of her but never hate her..and since then i want to beat her in everything...

when was your first love and with whom
when i was around 11-12 years old,and i kinda like that person very much and still thinking about him even till now and i think maybe that time was love cos i learn about love after that.and yeah,some people know who was that person...i'm happy tho cos i learn to like a guy carefully after that...

at first sight,what do you look for a man
his eyes..cos sincerity shown in eyes...and sometimes,we can know how his manners towards us from his way of looking...

what are your striking words for catching a man's heart
'ko jeles eh?'..haha!

what kind of behaviour from a man would make your heart skip a beat
when he knows what i am thinking and suddenly come to me without me telling him to

what's the one thing you've been doing continuously throughout your life

if you were to be reborn,what or whom would you want to be
the 2nd nicole kidman..haha!..jk..i want to be me or maybe dbsk's maid..haha..

what do you want to hear from a man?the words that will make you happy
"ALIA.ALIA.ALIA.pemende la ko buat tu"

that's all..a cousin of mine is piss off right now...and i'm not helping her to decrease her temper..sorry na~...i'm a person who never want to bother this kind of thing eventhough it's bad or not...

sorry again..

ta then!
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U of Liverpool's visit

A'kum n ello..

thanks to aina..i think my future and dream is bright and can happen...hoho....she left me a comment about the University of Liverpool's visit...ok,its not just them...but they'll come for a british council exhibition,whatever that means...but still,ainun said that if i decide to take STPM,maybe i can study in Liverpool...huhu...dear ainaa athirah,ur words make me smile brightly just like when i saw xabi alonso wore a suit...hoho....anyway,the info about the exhibition:

Date: 22-23 March 2008, 13.00-19.00
Event: British Council Exhibition
Location: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Representative: Brett Kershaw, International Office; Anne Morris, Senior Law Lecturer and Daniel New from Department of Engineering

anyway....the university that i want the most will be there,and i predict that some Liverpool peeps will be there...ahah...so..i have to learn to understand some scousers accent after this cos Liverpool's accent i think is the hardest in UK if i'm not mistaken..haha.....

k now...
ta then!
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didn't pay anything for the day except food

A'kum n ello..

the whole day,i spent myself sleeping cos of the lack of sleep i had in this last few days..i need to sleep without any dream after this....i have to admit that since the start of this year(kot.)..i spend my days making up dreaming in my head(other name:berangan)...and i think i can make a book with my 'make-up dream'...haha...nway...nothing significant happen today..just that i was too happy about the Liverpool win last night...cool2!!..torres the handsome and hot(notice that when he let his front hair down,he looks super hot!) made a hatrick...huhu...

nway..last night was tired...too tired..but i still spent my times surf the net and sleep late cos i was too excited after the Liverpool match..

reason i was tired?..went out with hani,emi and hani's sis to the korean class' place and mid valley...the person there said that they had to postpone the class again cos there are only 3 people paid for the class...and if the remaining people don't pay for the next class,they will postpone it again...had doubt to learn the language after that cos i was thinking if i can't complete the korean class before going to the college..so,hani and i decided to pay until 6 people already pay for the class...more secure~...

and then,went to mid valley cos emi and hani wanted to buy the FT Island tickets...aqilah and najwa gave some money to hani for the tickets also...and when we arrived there,the place was closed..kind surprise when i see the place,it was like a small company with low budget cos of the narrow entrance and all...but that's only the view from the outside,maybe the inside looks wider and luxurious than the outside..and also,the emergency bell was ringing when we were in front of the place,and i was like-waiting for anybody to surprise us...seriously,i dunno why i have this kind of thinking at that time..huhu...and then..went to mid valley,(the ticket place was inside the Gardens)...and had lunch there...emi intro me some ramens...ate this spicy chicken ramen..hoho..totally delicious...another list to put in my I-WANT-TO-EAT-THIS-FOOD-AGAIN list...huhu....and then went to hani's aunt's home....cos hani was desperate to watch Music Bank cos there will be BigBang and from youtube,their perfomance was awesome..so,had to crush the dear auntie's house and when we arrives,hani immediately change the channel to KBS...and perfect timing,the perfomance immediately start..

and thanks to hani's aunt for her nice smile and hospitality...had a fun moment there...huhu...

something happen but nothing much after that...

and right now,i'm thinking about continuing my study to STPM instead of matriks...cos read that STPM is recognize by the world and the national universities..and the thing also cheap...so i think better i take that thing rather than others...but i'll wait for the offers then...i can't guess what happen for the future later...totally clueless cos the lack of hard work i did before...hrm~

bye then~
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  • my dad said changmin,chongmin...haha!
  • still wondering what to have for my birthday,cos my father asked me what i want and i still dunno..

23 February, 2008


A'kum n ello...

friends eh..?...we have many friends in the world...and people say that they are only 1 best friend in the world..and others are close friends to you...for me,my best friend is only one..but i'm very2 happy that i have many close friends with me...and some of them don't have the same interest with me,but they still being understanding with me...that's makes me really2 happy...and i'm very happy cos my friends are not the backstabber-type...when we're mad on each other,we try to make things better....sometimes we make it as not a big deal kind of problem..and sometimes we just say it directly by thinking rationally and then forgive each other after that,and sometimes,we just shut up and then after one word toward each other,things will get solve automatically...i'm glad i have this kind of friends...

sometimes,i'm mad at some certain friends of mine....some of my friends kinda clingy to me and kinda being like a show-off...at first,i was immature in thinking that they're really annoying and make me moody without even thinking that it just only a natural behaviour of them that they never intend to do...i was pissed off...but i try to be positive after that..instead of thinking these people make me mad,i kinda think that they had done many good things to me...and my madness to them are just seasonal...huhu...and i'm happy cos my friends are really understanding..instead of just trying to be busy body why the hell i becoming moody or anything,they'll try to give me space and ask me when i already cool down....that is very much appreciated....

i'm thankful to my friends,cos we have the same interest...we love to talk about jpop,kpop,dbsk...and i'm very happy when they recognize my happy face whenever i smile like an idiot after a Liverpool win...huhu..and i like it when they don't make the annoying face whenever i ask money from them...and i love it when they don't mind treating me food or anything....or whenever they go for holiday,they will remember me and buy me gifts...i really love my friends for this...

but more importantly,i love my friends whole heartedly whenever i see the sight of them in front me..huhu...i'm very happy...

thanks for being my friend!
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  • now don't forget to give me presents for my birthday!
  • seriously,this only a seasonal mood for me..
  • and this happen cos certain situation of a friend being stupid is happening currently...

22 February, 2008

don't laugh at someone

A'kum n ello..

back from the driving lesson..not as fun as last week..but it was alright...kinda miss ainun a lil bit cos haven't meet her for some times....and we talked about many things,all the way to the metro HQ...hoho..we talked about atman who wants some love and care right now...hahaha...anyway...while i was doing my lesson,there was this bad thing that happen....not that bad but kinda funny...there was at this traffic light...i always have trouble during the traffic light cos the engine always dead and all...and there were 2 metro cars in front of me doing their driving lesson too...and then,the front car have a dead engine...and i told my instructor that i have to be happy cos its not only me who have this kind of problem...and i suppose to say THAT only and not bragging or something like that...but then later...i laughed to that person who had the dead engine before...laughed like i'm better than her,ahah...but then...when it was my turn to drive,suddenly,it was my turn to have dead engine...haha...ngeng~...and then i laughed cos i think it was my punishment for laughing to the dead-engine car before....haha..and my instructor also told me "tu la.gelakkan orang lagi"...ahah...

nway...been giggling nowadays cos reading this manga called Koukou Debut,damn good that manga!!...huhu..the guy character is very good-looking and the girl is very2 cute and sweet and nice...she's not beautiful but she's stronger than an everage man but she is incredibly dense..and sweetest thing,her man love her too much and doesn't really mind every stupid things she did..haha...but the bad thing,the manga is not complete yet...haish..but still,the manga is too good that i even think a non-manga lover will like it...ahaha...

k then..

21 February, 2008

blog owner

A'kum n ello..

i went to alexa.com to check my blog's ranking in the internet...and my blog rank is 4851176....hahahahhaah!!...very2 massive number!....but kinda weird..cos when i click the overview link at the sidebar to know more about my blog,instead of saying my blog is owned by me or blogger...the site there said that my blog is owned by an Indian company...the site even has and address for the company..

Phone: +1 415 538 8404
Fax: +1 212 629 9305

dns-admin [at] google.com

somebody hacked my blog and said that the blog is theirs!!
somewhere in tambaram west..
i don't even know where is that!
and also a phone and fax number!
wanna try to call this people cos didn't ask my permission for owning my blog...


ta then!
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20 February, 2008

very2 sorry fatin!

A'kum n ello..

1stly,want to say to fatin hashim cos i couldn't come to Metro today..and i dunno if you bring or not the muffin,but i'm very sorry...i IMed you before that the choc cake that i baked yesterday was not perfect cos lack of ingredient,but i had bought a dunkin donut for you,but in the end,i still couldn't give it to you...

the reason,cos i was stupid to think that my driving lesson will be today;wednesday(20.2.2008) instead of wednesday next week(22.2.2008)...haish2..i'm always wrong about this schedule thing...when the receptionist told me about the driving lesson,she said it will be on wednesday and friday next week(this week)...my 1st thought was twice a week..and then i told my instructor that the next lesson will be today too(i don't think my instructor remember what i said,but i was looking forward to see him today cos Liverpool won over inter milan;2-0,and i want to brag about it to him)...

anyway..i was waiting for the metro van at 1.40pm with my sleepy eyes cos i haven't had enough sleep today on account that i slept at 1.30am and woke up later after that at 3am cos i had to vomit something and then woke up again cos want to watch Liverpool vs InterMilan match after that until 6am....and again have to wake up at 8.30am cos hani told me that she wanted to bring me to Giant to see aqilah and marjani working...and so,i was very2 sleepy....when the clock reached 2 o'clock,i was thinking where the hell is that metro man...and then when the time reached 2.15pm,i was a lil bit angry...so i looked at the metro card to look at my schedule,and haish2...i suppose to have my driving lesson later this friday instead of today...da.~~.....and so,the donut that i save for fatin,i gave it to my sister,eventhough me and aiman ate a lil bit of it(erm,i ate half of it)..

so,again,sorry fatin hashim....~!!

my maid said i was too happy about the Liverpool win this morning,that i forgot everything that i suppose to remember...ahah...~...maybe,cos the Liverpool match today was too GOOD!!....that's what i want to see..hoho...and a win against an Italian champion is very2 good!...hoho...but still,there's a 2nd leg...must not feel too happy...

and if i'm not mistaken,the 2nd leg at san siro will be on my birthday...eheh?!...coolio~!..i still remember the day when Liverpool beat barcelona last year...hoho..

and this morning also,hani drove me to Giant...ahaha...i was the 1st friend that feel her driving...and cos she's a beginner,i have to keep my mouth shut when she was driving...it was slow at first,and she kept worrying...but in the end,we reached Giant,save and alive..and at Giant,met Marjani and Aqilah...both worked beside each other's stalls...and marjani's stall was busy with many ppl came for her nasi lemak,and aqilah's stall?kinda like for sight seeing only cos it's something like traditional drink or something...and we talked with them...and we're like so excited seeing each other,we forgot how loud we are..and we had lunch with marjani's nasi lemak...damn good!!..hoho...

k then.
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  • fatin aqilah,thanks for the keychain..

18 February, 2008

what i want eh?

A'kum n ello..

hoho..haven't been dizzy for some time...maybe cos i didn't sleep at 4am like usual nowadays..hoho...anyway..my confidence on Liverpool increase rapidly since yesterday cos i know,Liverpool is the only team that give me happiness and passion,especially that this team nearly take my half life since the Istanbul day..hoho...

been watching the calendar nowadays..and i still don't know what i want for my birthday...i've been looking at magazines and newspapers for some new things that interest me...and like right now,nothing happy me...haish2...saw the new iPod touch...but i don't think i want it eventhough the thing really look amazing...8GB and cost rm1300++...and can play the internet,youtube and some sort..kinda interesting,but i feel guilty if i ask that especially its more than rm1000 and also cos my ipod nano is kinda stupid right now...

i'll try to make a list about what i think i want..
  • a camera:already have,and i think i can use my own cellphone but i'm not that photography sort of person..
  • a cellphone:pergh,the current phone nearly age 1 year why must a new one..?
  • a laptop:tralala,i still love my iMac...
  • an iPod:argh!!!!
  • a Liverpool scarf:i really2 want it,but i think its better if i'm the one who buy it using my own money,eventho very expensive..
  • a Liverpool jersey(original):change the carlsberg first,mr liverpool,so i can wear it with pride and honour.
  • a Liverpool shirt with just logo and no carlsberg:already ask liyana to buy it..
  • Japanese DVDs:Galileo,Nodame&Iryu2.i think i'll ask my friends to give me this stuff instead of my father..
  • Spa:still not ready to show some skins to the world.
  • Books:some books are crappy nowadays.
  • perfume:my late-mum perfumes are still wangi~~~~
  • a car: -.-"
ah~still dunno..have to search more at the internet..

ta then!
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17 February, 2008

depress but a way

A'kum n ello..

been depress since this morning at 1am...cos Liverpool knockout from the fa cup...and they lose to a minor team...i was soo upset and sad and i felt that my tears falling down...ah~~~...this stupid crisis and bad luck towards Liverpool really damn...i hope this bad luck will stop...a minor beat Liverpool is not suppose to...but haish..~..its not like Liverpool underestimate the little team...but what made me angry was because the winning goal came at the last minute...haish...why oh why~~~

i was too depress that i dreamed about Liverpool having a replay against them...haish2~

anyway...my dad been teaching me driving since yesterday..i really wonder where did he got his driving license...cos he taught something that only in the british-way-of-driving book will have...but still,i put in my mind...and have to say,i grow more confidence in letting go of the clutch and so on..hoho..i have to brave myself in driving manual car cos now i know that the most of the cars in my house are manual and not auto...and the car that my brother left me is a manual...nice~...and more difficult,my house is on the hill...never mind then~

try to sharpen your brain a lil bit..do u remember the chinese movies that have 2 chinese boys,a fat boy and a kungfu prodigy?..do you remember..?...both of them look like this...

anyway...i was searching like a mad movie fan for their past movies...cos their movies are love!!...very funny and all....i remember in one of the movie,there was this time when they went to somewhere and met plenty kind of ghosts,and some of them fart to lie to the ghost's sens of smell...ah~...reminiscing..~..so nice..~...anyway...i found their movies at youtube...there this person who upload many chinese old movies like this kids movie,Super Mischieves(my fav) and something like New Mr Vampire and so on...and all of the movies that he upload were all funny+kungfu movies...ah~...nice~

k then.
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16 February, 2008

wanted!8th member!

A'kum n ello..

last nite,gayut with hani on the phone...i think we talked like 3hours or more...haha..i haven't talk much with her for a long time...at first i called her cos of the korean class...then the talk kinda jump to any topic that we think of...

anyway..about the korean class....hani asked me to call the korean class to confirm about the class...and she told me that the korean class-handler talked in english...so i asked my father to call the person...and then the korean peep told him that the korean class won't be held this monday cos not enough person yet..they want 8person in a class..and right now,include me and hani,just 6 people involve...and if aqilah don't have any prob,it'll be 7...so we're searching for the last member..asked emi about it eventhough i know the answer already...she said she can't join the class cos of transportation problem..and her place really far from the class..so..very2 tiring for her bro and mother then..and so...anybody who suddenly feel like joining the class..pls tell me k..?...hoho..

and eventhough the metro postponed the date for my driving lesson and i couldn't see fatin on the same day...but...fatin told me that we can meet each other on wednesday..hoho...good na~...i don't know what she's doing on wednesday,but i don't care...so i told her about the muffin that she musn't forget to bring...and i told her that maybe i'll try to bake choc cake for her then...a slice is enough...but still,i'm searching for the right recipe...every recipe that i seen before is like bull...and i'm beginning to regret why the hell i recycled my sis Kemahiran Hidup form3 books...haish2..

k then.
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15 February, 2008

driving lesson goodie

A'kum n ello..

today's driving lesson was brilliant!..no nag,no pressure but fun!..hoho...

kinda upset a lil bit when i waited for the metro peep to pick me up...i was ready to go at 1.30pm..and the man arrived at 2.05pm...but the people inside the van was more than 4 people,so that Metroman can be forgiven...and lucky him,i already done my prayer..but i wonder if he did his Friday Prayer~~~

then.arrive...lucky that the receptionist didn't mind that i didn't bring the 2nd payment slip...she said one payment slip was enough...and without even asking me further question,another woman came to me and gave back the money that i'd paid before...really tho,i thought i have to pretend that i know nothing about this...and then...ainun's previous instructor(@ainun:u know,the one who look like an old man) was standing beside me and asking me about ainun...and i was like,err..and just telling him that the person he taught is not me but ainaa...and then the receptionist told me to go to en. asmadi who already wait for me outside...

and then..i saw my previous instructor..ceh~..i thought i wouldn't see him for the day..so i tried to look the other way...but en.asmadi looked at my card(the one that have my driving lesson report)..and then he went to that nagger and said some stuff...ceh~...i smiled to him like no bad feeling happen before..hoho..and then en. asmadi asked me to drive to the road....and there was this time that i couldn't control the clutch..and it was in a very2 bad timing,that the engine had to be off on that time...but later after that,there was this junction after a traffic light,and when i want to turn to the right,hehe..i was like michael schumacher...i was too fast..even the instructor said my way of driving was dangerous..he said i was okay but dangerous...i nearly told him that i have the blood of fast&dangerous people...and then,there was this one time,i should say that my instructor love to sing...every songs in the radio(sinar.fm,tq very much) he can sing from start to end...and there was this song,Amy(Search)'s Isabella,and obviously i know a lil bit of the song cos that song really2 famous at one time,and so i mimed a lil bit..and that instructor of mine saw me miming,and so he asked me to sing the song with him...haha..obviously i refused....~~...

and then...i did all the 3 things,the bukit,parking and 3 penjuru thing succesfully,and there was this one time,when my previous instructor aka the nagger,suddenly came to me and asked en. asmadi about how i did...and then en.asmadi replied i did all of them alright...and suddenly,en.asmadi was like apologizing to him cos i chose en.asmadi instead of the nagger..it's not my fault that i chose the good guy..ah~btw,the receptionist asked me why i want en.asmadi instead of the nagger,i told her it was because he remind me of my auntie(i don't want to say stepmum cos she'll ask many questions after that)..and then i told en.asmadi that my previous lesson was kinda crap cos the nagger always nag...but en.asmadi said he also always nag,but i told him,his voice is too slow and soft..no way i will think that's a nag...and when i was doing my parking,ainun's precious instructor aka old man asked me who was my friend that he taught before,and i told him that it was ainaa...and he asked how she looks like..i told him,kinda like arabic..and then he remember,but he said "ah~yg kurus tu.ainaa anak mami"...haha..i laughed...~..

and also there was this one time...i was listening to the news in the radio..and there was this news about inter milan want liverpool captain's steven gerrard...and i stopped my driving a lil bit,and my instructor asked me something but obviously i ignore him and in my heart was like"no chance inter"...and then my instructor asked me again..and then i told him"sorry,news pasal bola"...and then he said"ooo..minat bola"...and hehe...we talked about football after that..he asked me do i play futsal and all...ahah..i told him i don't play but i support them...and he asked what's my favourite team and all...i told him mine is Liverpool and he said he didn't support anything in this current time cos he has no astro...i think cos he didn't pay his bill if i'm not wrong..i didn't hear him properly...and also..i told him that if i pass my jpj test,i'll get my license on my birthday..and he said "if you pass,that'll be my present for you"...err..isn't that my achievement?..and then he said if you fail,u get ur present a lil bit late...ceh~...

and anyway..on the way back,the person who sent me home was talking with his colleague that wanna have a ride to pkns...and suddenly..they talked about sex...i was like,trying to be an innocent girl who know nothing about TIPS TO GET A BABY GIRL...ceh~...if only i told them that i follow the edison chen's sex-scandal photos...haha...

and ainun...my next lesson will be on wednesday and friday next week..and urs will be tuesday and friday next week..so we'll meet on friday then...

k then..
the post is too long today...

idiots that thinking they're nice..

A'kum n ello..

read ainun's blog about the metro fee..and yeah..it really happen then...nothing change...but she said i have to bring the payment slips that were given before...and heck,i was a lousy keeper in saving this stuff even the bills for the house,so i dunno where did i put the payment slip..haish..can't do anything except inform the receptionist about it then...

but still,that person is too nice...how can she let us..?..man,ainun's father is a very brilliant man then...have to respect that father...

anyway..so..i had a date with nazneen...hahaha...ate kfc at the mall...and then we talked stuff about some people at school...she told her this story about this stupid so-called in-crowd(no offense about this word) that she met in some occasion...and she told me about their main topic when talking, that is,saying bad stuff about the nice people...very2 crap when i heard about it...it's like,these bunch of stupid people thinks they are the king of the world..stupid really,its not like they're that nice of a person..those kind of people,their actions are too predictable...we can guess what they had done in life..cos really tho,this kind of people are just too easy to understand....ceh~..bunch of crappies...

ok now,maybe i'm the one who think i'm-better-than-them-so-shut-up-you-people kind of person,,but those idiots talked bad stuff about a very2 nice girl~~..ceh..

bye then..
many things to say but i think i better go to sleep so that later won't lose my focus during my driving lesson..


14 February, 2008

v-day eh?

A'kum n ello..

k..HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY..not that i celebrate it with no boyfriend right now..but still,i'm thinking to buy a chocolate and eat it with my friends cos they are my beloved right now...i'm in love with them...yeah2!!..wanna kiss you lot....

so the victim later will be nazneen cos i told her maybe we go to the mall later cos i want to buy a present for Noi for her birthday...i wanna post the cd that i burned for her and if i have some money,i want to buy birthday card....anyway...for nazneen,i told her that i'll buy her ice-cream mcd...haha...that's what enough for me right now...hoho....

so...talked to liyana about something...lucky tho she's clueless and just say "yeah?u like him?even a lil?"..and just that only,i know all this matter is settle...so..i'm in a happy mood...huhu...

k then..
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13 February, 2008


A'kum n ello...

short but the meaning is only understand by me..

a lil boy eh~
why oh why..~~

ta then!

new layout and metro fee

A'kum n ello..

k..i change the layout...i think the previous layout was one of the longest layout i ever used....but not as long when i use the Liverpool and changmin's layout last time...but still,it wasn't like me to satisfy with the same layout for a long time...the new layout is cute with that cartoon boy that i think is korean and it also white....black right now depress me...white however make me feel that the future is bright and must not full with hatred and sad things...so i love white right now..

nway..ainun told me about the metro's fee....when i heard about it,i was like "THEY GOTTA BE KIDDING????"...cos it was really unexpected....i mean,i always thought someone who suggest that kind of digit is stupid and not even exist,but it really happen...but lucky ainun's dad will settle this fee...i know it is very kind of them to treat us like this,but still,a 'gift' like that is not really that easy to except in this modern world...

then again,if this kind of situation happen to a concert that i wanna go,maybe i will accept it without feeling guilty like right now..huhu...

ta then~
  • sorry to hear about ur childhood friend,Marjani....

ichigo100% finish!liyana!

A'kum n ello...

there are many things i want to say right now..


already finished reading ichigo100%...and i'm in love with the ending...the main character,Manaka Junpei chose the girl that i really want him to be with!!!!..yeay!!!...and the ending was sweeet!!!...and i'm glad he didn't choose the other girl that really like fated for him and also in love with him her whole heart and also totally suitable with him.....but in the end,eventhough manaka chose to dump his girlfriend that love him more than the other woman but not that suitable with him,but the reason of his choice was becos of something really really great,that is pursuing his dream 1st and then will be love..!!...ahhh~~~!!!!..what a great timing for me to read this manga...now i know which one i suppose to do in the future...and i kinda felt a lil bit sad that the malaysian universities are unlike the japanese universities,...cos the japanese education chose students by chosen or entrance exam...either way,that will be good...cos by that,people will know what are their special ability instead of wondering till the end..........


anyway....liyana IMed me just now,telling me where will she have her PLKN....and she got somewhere in Sibu,Sarawak..so later she can fly to sarawak just for free and leave me alone wondering what to do without her...ah~~~...now i know how my dear cousin feels right now that her lover-dearest had to leave her alone in JB even during valentine's day...ah~..lucky liyana only my best friend so i don't need to buy her any gift during v-day except that she has to buy my birthday gift before she fly to sibu...anyway...liyana~~~~!!!!...i will miss you!!!!..eventhough you still here,and there are more that 20days for you to fly there,i will start missing you rite now......

ah~~i'm starting to feel sad..........haish2..
i have to keep this sad feeling until march12 (if i'm not mistaken) so that i can miss liyana even more later....

anyway...i gave aqilah this micky icon with his beatle hair..and i told her that we need to make a lyric inspired by the icon and compose a song about it and then send the song to SM or AVEX so that they can make a single using the song and we think that the company should make the icon as the cover single with the title,THE LOST BEATLE feat. micky yoochun......hoho....but like usual,this stuff will only happen when i really2 have the mood to do it....

this is the icon...

tata then!

12 February, 2008

a friend's sickness and love

A'kum n ello...

some funny things happened just now...

ah hin told me about her friend from cruncyroll that currently sick from some kind of disease..her name is Toa....i thought that's only her nickname...and i also thought she is the girl from kelantan that ah hin told me about that currently sick cos of 'buatan orang'....anyway...ah hin informed me that Toa is sick..and was very worried and all...and so i also worried and sad seeing my friend like that..so i told her to tell Toa to recite some Yassin and all...and then ah hin informed me that Toa is a non-muslim..lorh~...how should i know??...i thought her name is only a nickname and not a dutch-name...ceh~...but still,i told her that her friend ought to drink some warm water cos that drink is healthy...not a useful tips but i think it's alright cos my father always said"tau nape ayah sihat?sbb ayah slalu makan buah and minum air"....

anyway...emi and i chat about some boyfriends and touching2 things...and i told her that when you're with ur boyfriend,you'll feel uncomfortable everytime he touch you cos that's a male skin and you ought to be that uncomfortable eventhough you think he is ur current love...but when you really touch a male that will be ur future husband,you'll feel warm when he touch you...cos you'll feel it and also cos a true-love-partner is chosen by God since 'azali'...it's not that i experience it before or something like that,but this is only my feeling and idea...any comment you want to say about this is not needed...tq very much!

and i'm not in love with anybody right now..just reminiscing the past and i'm thankful for it cos it was great and fun...


bye n ta again!

11 February, 2008

bye2 imeem!

A'kum n ello...

yeay!!a new widget that i like!!!..huhu..bye2 imeem cos i hate that plain widget of urs..and now ijigg beat you and esnips...huhu....and lucky now that ijigg can be autoplayed..cos last time i use ijigg,something like autoplay is not exist for them....hoho...

anyway..been busy reading Ichigo100%..one of the perverted mangas i ever read but lucky no ecchi stuff happen...huhu...but still,in this 4 days,i saw and thoughts too many perverted things like yamapi's butt and also his half naked body,jaejoong and yunho's underwear colour(red btw),a few naked clips from stand up! drama and the reason why i want to give changmin a kain pelikat and also why sheng xiong wants to be yunho's main maid..some people will say eww and that...truthfully,i think this stuff are just hilarious...haha...i think i'm a weirdo....

k then..
  • runaway bride OST..wanna watch that movie when i have the chance.

steamboat tralala!

A'kum n ello..

ate dinner with steamboat and also after that watched chelsea vs Liverpool match...nice~

steamboat..~...been asking my father about eating it...and finally,we had dinner with that food...fresh and satisfying~~!..huhu...but i still love the shabu2 at times square more...cos the tom yam there is spicier...huhu..can't wait to eat there again with my friends..ah hin said she and liyana will treat me and some peeps this march..so i hope they treat me shabu2...cos i still want that thing in my mouth again..huhu...but still,the steamboat that i went with my family excluding mak cik azah was alright...my dad showed us his skill to break the eggs...haha....and also his behaviour when talking to a pirate-dvds seller....and also he still use the same annoying ringtone for his phone,that is,the hindu's wedding song....i dunno why he still use it...and he also use another annoying ringtone for his blackberry,that is the sound of my alarm clock...sometimes when i heard his ringtone,it reminded me the day when my alarm clock suddenly 'shouting' during spm...haha..anyway...it was fun,eating with my family,without mak cik azah,minus my 2nd bro but adding my 1st bro who seldom join us when we have family dinner...so it was very harmony..huhu..

and the best thing when eating steamboat is,u can put all the food together with others...huhu..that's what it mean with family....and eventhough there still someone not being supportive about my IPTA and lucky the one who talk bad things about my way of driving is not there...

and then just now..watched the Liverpool match...a draw...enough said..

ta then!
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10 February, 2008

esnips makes me mad~~

A'kum n ello...

so i know that esnips is bengong....~~

yeah,i think my esnips file nearly deleted cos i made all the songs from my esnips' folder downloadable....and the only song that been deleted by esnips are Jordin Sparks' tattoo song cos many people asking me to make it downloadable...ceh~..esnips that have been my all time favourite is becoming stupid...i have to go back to iMeem....though the creative director of iMeem should know that they only have 1 mp3 widget and the widget is plain~~~..they should think more about making the widget unique so that i can be happy when using it...

anyway...chat with sheng xiong right now..she asked me how Muslims pray...and i was in difficulty to say it cos she thought Muslims pray like the christians pray;go to church and say to God'give me prosperity'...she thoughts Muslims pray like that....so i search at youtube to show her how we,Muslim pray...and then i saw good video and also some stupids too...the stupid ones,videos of people playing when Solat and all...kinda stupid and prove that this people are becoming stupid in soul-life...the stupid vids kinda made me embarrassed to show it to her cos i want to show her a good side of Islam instead of the extreme side that they know...and then i found it,i showed it to her...she didn't say anything about it...but whatever,i still show a good side of Islam to the non-muslim...

and then..she asked me my phone number so that she can send me messages using her bro's phone...i dunno if text messaging is similar to sms cos she told me that text messaging is free there,and why OH WHY DEAR MALAYSIA!?!??...why other country have free things but us nearly NONE?...haish...anyway....she asked me many things about why phone number have to put +6,and why the number is long and all..and i thought she has difficulty is sending the message to me...so i asked her bro's number...and then i sent a message to the phone...and then i asked her back if she receive it....nice~she said the phone is not with her,but with her bro...she only asking those questions cos she wants to know..and i think too much about it..haish2...and so i told her to ask him if he receive it..ceh~she scared to ask him...and lucky me,cos i never use flirty words when sms..so nice~her bro won't think i'm a person who want to flirt wit him...or maybe the americans don't have that kind of thinking?...

whatever,not that i care..

tata then!

09 February, 2008

saw me but driving??

A'kum n ello...

saw ME at aec...haha...when i saw myself,i was like HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!THAT VIEW ONLY??...but still,i was glad...cos my face wasn't that obvious,lucky about that cos i watched the concert with my dad...so fuih,nothing bad happen....but i totally happy that that shirt of mine can be seen...haha..the white colour of my shirts really obvious when i saw it...so i know that's mine and i was on tv...haha...i tried to search for aqilah's voice though..but i couldn't hear anything...maybe cos i was too busy singing the songs in my heart myself,my ears were deaf to listen to the shrieking shack...haha...

anyway...i read ainun's blog...she said that the jpj test will be on 28th instead of 21st...k then,i don't mind...but i was a lil bit sad cos i won't see fatin on that day and no muffin will be receive...haish2...never mind then,i'll try to go to her house when i have my own license then...*shing shing*...anyway,mak cik azah tried to teach me driving just now...and she was yelling when i drove the car...haha...i was like,'ok,ok.be patient will u?'...but then i think i have to take care of my way of driving cos when mak cik azah was yelling,i was like laughing inside of me cos i wasn't scared but i think my was of driving is dangerous...i have to admit about that eventhough a scared-mak cik azah makes thing funny..haha...whatever,i have to control about the clutch and not forget to hold the gear when i'm driving cos obviously both of them are important...

k then..
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batu pahat and piss

A'kum n ello..

k..got back from Batu Pahat..not that boring cos i only waste my time read mangas from kreko and the gempak graphic novels...so i'm not that boring but also not that happy....arrived there at 11am on thursday morning...i was too sleepy on that day...i slept during the journey there..i slept after my lunch..and then read mangas...and then asked my dad to bring me to eat mee bandung...and then went to the house again and read mangas again...until,i received a call from emi...she told me about the DBSK's concert that was showing in the tv during that time...she was wondering maybe i'll appear in the tv cos i told her about the camera always record both me and my friend when we went to the concert...but she told me she'll call me if she see me so i was waiting for her call during my reading of the manga...and then i received a message from naniko telling me that changmin was hot during the concert..she didn't go so her pain about not being able to go to the concert was cured just by watching the concert from the tv..and then...i received another call from emi...she said she heard aqilah's voice...haha...aqilah is a living shrieking shack...it's no wonder that voice can be heard....and then she called again,and asked me did i wear a long sleeves shirt during the concert...and i was like"omg,yup!"...and then she asked,did the long sleeves white?..i was like ah~~!!...haha...and then i said yup...and then she said she saw me!...ahah..kinda like crazy eh...i was like oh my,if my parents watch the concert from the tv,i'll be dead...haha...cos i went there without their my permission...and my hope that i won't appear on tv wasn't happening....haish2...but never mind.....already the past.....

anyway..back to the batu pahat story...i told naniko that my friend said i was in the tv...and she replied"glemer la u!"...ahah...i'm beginning to think that changmin will recognize me more after this...ahaha!!...anyway...after all those calls and sms,continue reading the manga that i was reading at that time....and after that i realized that it was nearly 3am...lorh~...i always sleep very2 late when i stayed at batu pahat...and i thought this habit will end without Noi there...but nope,nothing like that happen....but still..i read to many mangas....and i dreamed that i was one of the characters in the manga...lorh~

so here i am...not that long at batu pahat...and i'm back at shah alam...lucky there's a replay of the concert at AEC on 10am later....so i can watch it...and again..i was pissed again by my family who really unconcerned and unsupportive to me...my 2nd bro was bengong,he said i was too sensitive when learning to drive...and he told my father that this is the proof of woman's driving~...ceh...and then i told them including mak cik azah that later i'll drive like michael schumacher...yeah,watch me!...i think i have that tg malim's crazy driving blood in me....

tata then!
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  • yamapi naked!cute butt lorh~

06 February, 2008

bengong instructor~

A'kum n ello...

today's driving lesson was a disaster..i'm still upset about it...my new instructor made me mad all the way....haish~~..i wonder why nobody complaint about him already...the 1st time when i saw him,i think he'll be an alright sort of person..then,when he wanted me to go to his car,he didn't say it,instead he made a gesture with his hand to go to his car...i was alright with it at first...and then he wants me to go to the office,but then he made a gesture again...this time,i think it was rude,very rude...so my mental was like mad~~...but still,i tried to remain calm and didn't want to burst in front of him...but when i started the engine,he start his nagging...the nag was non-stop..it was all the way from 9.30am to 11.30am and then i didn't hear his nag for another 10 minutes cos we had break at that time...but after that,he start his nag...during the break,i realize that his nagging is similar to someone like i know..obviously,he is like the male-version of mak cik azah...nag all the way...i want to kick him if i'm not a nice person...anyway,during the break also,i was praying that my previous instructor will come back teach me for the next lesson cos i really want him after this...he never nag and all and my mind always calm..but today's instructor really wanna make me make a petition to make him lose his job..haish~~...lucky that the person that he taught was me,i think anybody that have him as their instructor will cry and lose his temper when listening to all his nag...

anyway...i made him surprise cos he admit that he always nag since he was born and all..and when i heard that,i laughed...he was surprised..he thought i will remain upset all the way and make mad face to him....and i kept smiling during his nag,ainun thought i was having a nice time with the new instructor...and there was this time when i was trying to keep my patience from the nagging,i saw liyana in another car waved at me like i'm in good mood..nice~...after that i lose a lil bit of my temper and failed a lil bit of the lesson..ceh~

i'll be going to Batu Pahat tomorrow morning...it was suppose to be tonight,but my father wanna play badminton...i asked him to go tomorrow morning cos i thought DBSK's 2nd Asia Tour will be shown this night...but heck it will be tomorrow..ceh~...and tomorrow also will miss Likable or Not...haish~..maybe i'll try to go watch the drama at the shop across the road tomorrow....but lucky that this Saturday will have another replay of the DBSK's concert...

k then..
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05 February, 2008

swimming,mak ngah and my dearest couz of all!

A'kum n ello..

i was too pissed off last monday..so i didn't have the mood to tell about the swimming that i went with the bunch...it was blast!...they were surprised cos i wore very short shorts(it was a swimming suit that has a short bottom)...i showed too many skins..that's the 1st time ever and i hope i won't do it again..it barely make me comfortable after i took off the 'not that baggy pants that i wore before' cos it was my 1st time...so i was like not happy about it...i even don't show the people at my house some of my skins,and so i was very2 not in a comfortable mood..but lucky the pool there only have us,5 people swimming...no tourist or other people...so it kinda make me comfortable a lil bit...huhu...anyway...nothing much to say though..just that we had fun...hani was funny when we snap her pictures...she made bubbles while she was in the pool...and aqilah was the best one,cos the way she swim was fantastic..!!!..huhu...

anyway...my mak ngah from my late-mum's side came to our house with my other cousins...she wants to solat jemaah with us..huhu...coolio~...cos we didn't had that way of pray for some time,so it was a lil bit hard to find some sejadah cos we often shared it with other people...i absolutely wondering why the sejadah in my house is disappearing rapidly like the towels in the house...haish~...

and also...i want to thank my dearest cousin of all,Noi cos helping me with the IPTA...she's the best guidance among the peeps that helped me before...especially that she took the same course like i want,so i can ask her some things that i confuse of...she wants me to take the PreU instead of matriks cos that way is better...and other tips...and that's woo..~~...i asked her about being a psychologist,she said i should take medic about that...hoho...and she's the 1st one know the main reason why i only think about taking medic...when i told her about i want to be a surgeon,she said i maybe influence by House and Team Medical Dragon..haha...she's right!..i want to be like Asada Ryutarou in Team Medical Dragon...he was hot as that surgeon...huhu..

k then
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job then burst

A'kum n ello...

i got a call from the boutique that i applied for the job before...she said that i should come for the interview this evening at 4pm...so i said ok,cos my chance for a job is in front of me...and it's not like i'm waiting for another job considering that i didn't apply anywhere....

anyway..maybe cos i was in a piss off mood since yesterday,so i burst out loud to someone...maybe cos i expect too much so i was very taken aback about it...k then...i think i wanna go to sleep and make my mental calm so that my piss off since yesterday won't be shown to the woman who'll interview me later...

ta then~
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04 February, 2008

stupid Guide

A'kum n ello...

i was in a piss mood just now...and now i'm a lil bit happy cos i'd already watch DBSK's full purple line pv...hoho~~!!!!...coolio!!

anyway...i was pissed cos nobody in my house,especially my dear father,is not helping me with the IPTA thing...what the heck??...and if i choose something other that his precious science courses,i think he will get a big surprise...urgh!....lucky izza and naniko helping me with this...lucky my dear cousin support me and remind me about the future than my will-come-true ambition..i really need that kind of reminder,and thanks to naniko for helping me by explained all those complicated phrase for the ipta thing...that really help me a lot eventhough in the end i didn't finish the whole thing and now i have only 2 chances to kemaskini the application form...yeah2...both of them really help me a lot,but a guidance from someone that i really trusted my whole life is what i need the most right now..but what an idea~~...that idea just make me piss more and more...

why didn't that old man help me.????...is the tv that important than me...???...ooh~~~!!!!..lucky i need that tv as much as i want the internet,so i don't mind that ignorance of him..haish..~

anyway...saw the full purple line mv..very2 cool!!!...huhu...many dances and that's what i like most about dbsk...they have really,really cool dance...and after i watched the whole vid,i was very2 satisfied cos the 1.15min-japanese pv was not that satisfying for me...and now the whole vid just show more scenes and i love it...and in the end,i said"PUAS~~~!!!"...my bro heard that..so he said,"apa yg puas nye alia?"...he meant it like i only satisfied by just looking at the dbsk boys..don't want to comment about that cos the boys are really2 good in that mv and i was too excited with it,except that this vid is korean,not japanese..and cos i frequently heard the japanese version than the korean,so i kinda feel weird when i heard it...whatever,nothing matters if you love the boys...anyway,DBSK's fan club,Cassiopeia record the MOST BIGGEST FANCLUB OF AN ARTIST in the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS 2008....and that's only the official members and it didn't count the unofficial yet..woo..~~...the Cassiopeias are rich..that's why the fan club is BIG!!!

ta then!
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ignore scholar.?

A'kum n ello...

wow..!..i think i'm the only person who don't even think about scholarship among my fellow friends except after my dear cousin informed me.....ahah..or maybe the person that don't even think about this is najwa..cos she said to me that she doesn't want to think about study eventhough it's been 3months after spm...but still,to be honest,i'm glad if that idea doesn't even occur in her brain right now...

but if i'm wrong about thinking that najwa not even think about the scholarship,shoot me cos i'm the world most insensitive spm-leaver...lorh...~

k now..
wanna go to sleep cos tomorrow will go swimming with those crazy girls...

  • my maid is back!!!!

03 February, 2008


A'kum n ello...

i'm very2 happy but mostly,i'm relieved...very2 relieved...Liverpool back to winning ways..!..hoho...okay,it's only the first win in the premiership since the start of 2008,but i'm very happy cos of the criticism and all stuff i heard about Liverpool,i'm relieved that i can finally smile cos those crap can finally stop...however,i won't read any article about the match except in the liverpool web cos the match wasn't that good match from Liverpool...Sunderland got 2 penalties turned down and Liverpool got a penalty that some people will think it's not even a penalty...so,some critics from the stupid footie pundits will be heard later..so i don't want to hear some stupid stuff..

glad that torres scored a goal...haven't feel the thrill to see him score for some time...

anyway..got another good news...my father said yes about the korean class...he didn't mind i join the class...hoho..!!..coolio!!..yeay!...hani said i think too much about asking my father cos in the end,it was an easy task when i asked my father...i asked about joining the class to him..and he asked how much...and i said about rm400++...and then he asked"for how long?"..i told him that it will be 10 class..and then he paused a lil bit..but then i add"kawan alia drive alia pi situ"..then he said ok...so yeay!..hoho...cool~...success!

so changmin,just wait for me to say 'YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE' in korean....hoho..

ta then!
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02 February, 2008

if only this is true

A'kum n ello...

if only this is true..

Won Bin is coming to Malaysia......

sorry,mate..that Won Bin is that FT Island boy who will have the concert in Sunway Hall...

it's not Sunway Hall but i'll call it that way..cos the real hall name is difficult to spell..ahah..

ta then~

and no,i'm not going to the concert......
but maybe i'll go to sunway to shopping...
my friends go to the concert,and i'll watch movie with anybody that not even bother about FT Island...cool~

donkey game!!

A'kum n ello..

went to pak cik rashdan's new house today...the house is neater now...last time when i went there with my father to take aiman,the house was messy and dusty..and now it was alright eventhough the tv isn't on yet....

the kids were too active tho...the lil boy,his name is muaz..showed me this Donkey card-game,you know the card-play thing,the Donkey game,he showed us and i told him lets play the cards...and so yeah,we asked my sis and muaz's sis to join us...FYI,muaz is 6 year old...so he is very childish and very naughty and dunno how to play the game and he also can speak chinese that no people know if what he said is chinese or not...anyway..we played the game,the 1st game was crack..pak cik rashdan helped his son played cos his son really dunno how to organize the cards and everybody know he has the Donkey...and then..when the 1st game nearly end,it was between me and him...and when it was my turn to pick his card,i touched the Donkey,but that Muaz was too excited and not knowing what he's doing,so he shout "DONKEY!!!"...so i know i nearly picked the wrong card,so after that i picked the other one..hoho...and so muaz lost...but the 2nd game,it was between me and him again cos my sis and muaz's sis already end the game earlier,but that 2nd time,i lose...i don't think muaz even know he beat me cos i'm the one who shout "ah~~~kalah!!!"...but when i shout that,muaz was so happy like he know how he won me....lorh~..but still,we played the game again,and lucky i won...even beat my sis..haha..she's good in this card game..so i'm happy..haha..~

anyway...hani plan to go swimming this Monday..i was thrilled when i know that..but then i realize that i'm having my 'holiday' right now...lorh~...but i think maybe i'll go cos wanna watch them play the water...huhu...and also,hani called this afternoon telling me about the korean class...very expensive,but better than the english class fee that my friends are having right now...so my task after this is asking my father if i can join the class...though the class is korean class,i think that'll be okay cos maybe i'll go to Korea instead of Japan...Japan is too expensive...a coke cost about rm20....

k then..
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manga review!

A'kum n ello...

non-manga lover,spoiler hater go SHOO SHOO!

Naruto 387
i hate this chapter cos too many fighting..i don't mind the action..but it always take up too many pages of the manga..thus making the chapter dissatisfying...ceh~...sasuke and itachi continue their fighting..and itachi currently above him...but from my experience of reading manga and my hatred of stupid ending,i think sasuke will stay alive eventhough he is near to his deathtime in this current chapter...so..i hate this chapter...cos both characters that are fighting is evil...EVIL vs EVIL...i dunno what to expect for the outcome cos obviously EVIL will win by this...

i dunno what to say about this chapter...last time,kenpachi nearly got killed...but then,he stay alive...and that enemy of him(i forgot what his name) told kenpachi that he couldn't be cut...but in this current chapter,kenpachi finally realize that to cut someone you have to know the hardness(kinda stupid but from physics point of view,its true),then he knows the hardness of that man,and after that,his enemy is cut into half..

so,GO KENPACHI!!..i love you!!

this manga is currently my favourite...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...bye2 naruto and bleach,cos of ur stupid stunts and slow plot,this manga take over my heart....huhu...this manga is totally inspirational,more inspirational than izzo's long blog-post...hoho..that stupid hakushuu team thinks they can beat any team just by strength..but then deimon show them strength is really absolute but they can't do it with just that....eventhough hiruma is strengthless right now,his teammates support him and the team just flow all the way and right now tie the score with the match has 5minutes to go...huhu...

love it,love it!!!

and that's my rambling talks about manga!

if you manga haters& spoilers read it,don't say i didn't warn you...
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A'kum n ello..

i've just realize this..my maid will be home 3rd Feb...that is,on Sunday...and tomorrow mak cik azah will be home,and only have to left aiman with me and my sis during the morning cos she need to go to the market with my dad..hehe...so..i won't need to sweat my life then..

ok2..i forgot the laundry and other things..but still,i don't need to sleep a baby....huhu..~..that's heaven..cos the most tired and stressful thing to do while taking care of aiman is making his sleep...and now that will end...huhu..i'm FREE!!!!...i will go back to my own life..!...that is,being lazy and wake up late and go out with my friends with no excuse...huhu...

k..tata then!
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  • only another part of DBSK's waratte iitomo to download..

01 February, 2008

talking about today and Liverpool rocks!

A'kum n ello..

the internet is kinda slow right now cos my dad log in his computer account right now...too many memory used~..nway..today was quiet okay..doing nothing much but i slept in the evening with sleepless dream and it was good and reliving(?)...hoho...

anyway..today went to subang with my dad and aiman..he asked me to join him to pay for the land tax with him...actually,he wanna let aiman enjoy the day in the car...so he took us there..anyway..the only thing me and aiman did is only sitting in the car...nothing interesting than that other than exploring the mercedes with the help of aiman who want to touch everything...

then in the evening...join my dad and sis to the saloon in seksyen2...the saloon has this academy for the future-hairstylist...and so we went there...bunch of weird stuff that i never seen in my life before...and i found out that the teacher who will teach my sis is a man...i dunno if he is a sissy or not...but in this era,eventhough i hate sissy,that thing still a creature and human being with feelings but with a crack in the brain for not thinking about the greatness of masculinity ie being hot...haha...anyway...a man know about hairstyling is a genius rather than sissy IMO...

then arrive home,do nothing except sleeping..kinda fighting with my sis about whose turn to take care of aiman cos i was very tired..in the end,my sis took care of her,but kinda stupid cos she went to sleep with aiman and me joined her...lorh~

then in the night,i folded the clothes...and those clothes were too many...sms-ing with hani when did it..hani said i'm being a housewife..ceh~...and while sms,we talked about the korean class..she informed me that the class will be on Monday and Thurday...i'm not sure if it's during the day or night..but i kinda want it during the day cos on Monday,have show that i always watch on the telly....nway...i asked her when will she go for her holiday..she said next week..i told her maybe i'll go to batu pahat during chinese new year..but i want my dad to go tomorrow...cos next week have DBSK's banjun drama on 8TV..so i don't want to miss that..and my village's tv lack of clear channel and if i'm not wrong,the only clear channel that i can watch from the tv there is the singapore channels...anyway...just to make sure..i sms-ed my dear cousin,adila to know if the tv there is alright(i'm that desperate)..and adila replied that 8tv sometimes alright,sometimes not..so i think maybe my luck will be alright...actually i was in a dillema about choosing the right time to go cos this sunday(1.10am) has a liverpool match...really don't want to miss that especially that that time is a lil bit difficult to watch a football match at the restaurant in front of my kampung's house...

and talking about Liverpool,the Share Liverpool FC company really exist lorh...they really build it..there's a website about it..every fans can join...and they can donate some money for the company to buy the Liverpool team..but i can't join..cos i don't have any money to donate...but still,i support it..the liverpool manager said some classy words for the players...cos with the probs that happen right now,the Liverpool fans still back him including me...so...i'm one of the best fans in the world..yeah,praise me!....

some of my friends already have a job now....the one who search and the who i never know is searching have a job...nazneen has a job but i dunno what it is...and aqilah has a job..i also dunno what it is but the job is near marjani's shop...woo~...gotta get some jobs fast...so i can put some good words for my future resume later..i wonder if the word 'past-jobs' in the resume can put 'working with my father by scanning his documents'?..i don't think that's enough....haish2...

tata then!
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