31 January, 2008


A'kum n ello...

i'm hungry..
very bloody hungry..
it's 10.08pm and i eat nothing yet..
and today only eat lunch that liyana brought from her home...
and i didn't eat breakfast..
except some cakes...and also half teaspoon of caramel..

tell you something about me..
when i'm sleeping,or hungry or liverpool lose..
you better don't make funny remarks or even tease me or say bad things to me..
cos my mood is changeable but when this 3 things happen,
i will lose my temper and seldom control it...
cos both sleeping and eating are very important to me..
and obviously a Liverpool win is terribly special to me..
so when i'm not eating,nor sleeping and also liverpool lose..
it means i'm in a very2 bad mood..

right now...
i'm not eating..
my stomach is empty..
and my mind is sleepy...
and liverpool lose this morning..
so i'm terribly moody..


not that it decrease any of my bad mood,that stupid word..

stupid domino and mcd...
why the hell people order fast foods on the night like right now..??

A'kum n ello..

read this article about Liverpool...about the fans want to buy the club from the american owner...and wow...!!!...you know,i have this dream..that my husband is a billionaire...and he isn't that passionate about Liverpool like me but still,he support Liverpool..but then eventually he will become a passionate Liverpool supporter like me and so he will buy the Liverpool club and manage it like a true Liverpudlian...and i'm the happiest woman in the world not bcos i'm the wife of a liverpool owner..but because i can know all crap of gossips about Liverpool from my husband's mouth rather than the british tabloid...

anyway,back to the story...the Liverpool fans want to buy the Liverpool club...cos they think that this ownership from foreigners and rich people just thinking about the profit than the club tradition itself...to make matter worse,the owner is not even a Liverpool nor a football fan....so why must a club with a long and brilliant history like Liverpool is owned by someone like that rather than the fans itself..?..so the fans think like that..and so they form a company(?) with the name of Share Liverpool FC..fans united to protect Liverpool from falling down...and this is why i love Liverpool so much...they're passionate and protective and also proactive..coolio~

anyway...liyana and ah hin came to my house...ah hin wanted to give me stuff that she bought for me from Times Square yesterday..she bought a DBSK poster and sticker of changmin...so good~~!...and then..she told me that they bought stuff from the cd shop there...the cd shop sells very cheap jdramas...example:yukan club is rm19.90 and that drama is one of the newest drama that shown in Japan...the cd shop in shah alam sells the stuff with rm49.90...too expensive for a person like me..haish~....so i asked liyana to go there next week cos i don't think i won't be busy next week..and she said she ok with it...ah hin also said she maybe join us too..so yeay!!!

k...the friend of mine that i want to tell today is Liyana...everybody know that liyana is a very2 nice person...i can say that nobody ever seen liyana lose her temper cos she always that happy go lucky girl and always make stupid jokes and always being bubbly and always smile...she's that kind of person..she is understanding and everybody can friend with her...she is Liyana,everybody will think she is theirs but she's not...ahahaha~...anyway...i've seen her in a sad mode before...but she never that moody when that happens(unlike me)..she just shove it off like she can handle it herself...but sometimes,she can be a lil bit insensitive..her jokes were sometimes a lil bit cruel,like this one time,when she asked me to wait for her to give 'santan' to her...she asked me to wait across the road and she'll be there to take it..so i wait for her then...but she never arrive..i wait for her for almost 10minutes(kot)..and she still didn't arrive...and so i sms-ed her and she said she was only joking...and i was like,"LIYANA!!!!!!!!!"...that was the time i was very mad at her...she apologize after that..anyway...i seldom told her my big probs to her...cos she'll make this concern face when you tell her your problem..and so i don't want to see that...

my nickname to her is Liyana Giler and ah hin called her Liyana Loser...the reason i called her that cos she always make crazy sound...anyway..liyana told me before that i was the only person who knows her weakness..ahah...she's easy to understand...but i have to love her eventhough sometimes her insensitiveness makes me annoyed..ahah...

ta then!
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aiman sick with no backstab but with bbf

A'kum n ello..

so today didn't join ah hin,ah hin's sis and emi to times square...cos have to take care of aiman..

it was tough last night...aiman was restless when he was sleeping...he kept crying all the time and it was hard for me to sleep...i kept waking up every hour cos he always waking up crying...it was like he had a nightmare or something..or maybe cos of the fever...and i tried to make him sleep...and it was hard but he went to sleep..and then he woke up and cried and sleep back again...i was tired after that...i was too sleepy to continue the day today...and all the laundries that i didn't take care of..i delayed to do them....and when i woke up with aiman slept on my tummy(don't ask)..it was 12pm...and mak cik azah still not home...but lucky in the evening,my sis helped me with it and i had a rest after that...

anyway..read izzah's blog...there's some about backstabbers in her blog....when i was standard 6,i was a backstabber...ahahaha!...i wasn't very nice at that time..i was ashamed of my life back then...i told my best-friend's boyfriend that his girl made some bad things behind his back...i know some of it were true...but me at that time was like pissed off a lil bit with my best friend cos she coupled with the person that i like..and she obviously know that i liked him before her...but she's the one who start the flirt and i'm just alia,everybody's friend...something like that..so cos i was a hypocrite and also a stupid nice friend..i said okay to my best-friend,"sure,couple with him"..but in the inside, i was like"you traitor"...at first,i want them to break up,until one time when i sms-ed with him(for him,i'm his best friend.so my life was pathetic) asked about my best friend,she is a rich girl,i asked him that did he like her cos of her money or herself...and his answer made me feel like an idiot so i always support them all the way after that and when i knew they nearly break up,i tried to make themselves better but that stupid boy made things harder cos he gave me a present(i was the reason for their first break up prob) in front of his girlfriend when he was in the verge of break up...and i heard my best friend asked for a break up..but i told the guy that he should be apologizing to the girl about it cos he was stupid and not realizing what happen..and then they got back together..but in the end..they still broke up and this time,that guy is in love with a person name alia and she is not me.....pathetic but i'm already over him...there's someone better but i don't want to get my hopes up...

and then there also something about friends in izzo's blog...so i talked a lil bit about a friend of mine(i think the post is already long right now but her blog really switch on my blogging-mood.hope you don't mind i steal some of ur topics)..so like everybody know,my best friend is haniyana...sometimes i wonder why we're best friends,cos i think both of us have different view on something but maybe that's what make us best friends cos we understand each other..sometimes she makes me annoyed and sometimes i makes her annoyed...i always think she is an irresponsible person but she can be the most responsible person when she in her mood...but that's a very rare part of her that just few people can see cos truthfully,she really irresponsible,ahah..but still,she can be the mood maker..she made jokes with her spontaneous self...when she annoyed,she really showed it...most people will get scared by it..and when that happens,she will talk less and other people will talk less...and some people will think she hate you or something..but when you start speaking terms with her with just few words and not being annoying,all the problems will gone..and that is from my opinion about her...there are times i wonder is she my real best friend...but then i realize that unlike my friendship with other peeps,i don't think i have other friends like her cos she knows me in every way...and she knows when is the time that i will get mad so she always ask other people to do it instead of her,and that's what i experienced before...and from friend with her,i know that i should be more direct and truthful in my life cos by that,i will be more happier and be more carefree without feeling the guilt and hatred...

so..that's about my friend...i'll tell you about others when i want then....tata!

30 January, 2008

new blog song

A'kum n ello..


saw this hindi song at astro..
then i immediately search the song at esnip..


Domoto Questions!

A'kum n ello..

so i want to cheer myself up..and watched Domoto Kyoudai when they have Kanjani8 as their guest..and so...i took the Domoto Questions part and want to answer it myself..so..here my answers then...

normal font=question

state your name and age please
Nur Alia bt Othman,17 -> 18 this year..

who do you look up to
i should say my dad..90% things that i did were from him and for him...

what part of your body do you like the most
everything..sometimes i hate my thigh..but i always try to be positive and think that that just what it means by bootylicious...hahaahah!

what is something you really concerned about recently
driving lessons......and also aiman's health....and also my pocket money that is na-da~

what is the most difficult thing in your life right now
when aiman crying with no reason at all.......i dunno what to do if that happen...

what is something you just cannot stand
when a person asked who did that,and the one who did is someone else,and then the person asked what did i do cos that person expected me to do it......ceh~

strange fact about your mother
driving a car like michael schumacher...seriously,i remember when she drove the car with just 60km/h and i was like,why the slow motion..?..cos the car was too slow..then i found out that she always drive the car with more than 110km/h and she never scared when my dad wants to race with a stupid driver who also wants to race in an open road...not that i want to say my dad is stupid..he is a genius~...and also other things about my late-mother..she could wear a t-shirt and look very ok with it and even went out with it but when my sis and i wear it,we only wear the shirt for sleep only...

what kind of gesture does a man make that causes your heart to go pitter-patter
when the man show his abs or by other means,his 6packs aka his chocolate...by abs,i mean abdomen,not the big belly~

what is the biggest mistake you have made on a stage
i was in a nasyid group before...and when we were performing,i sang the song without realizing that i sang it not according to the lyrics...ahah~

what is a good thing about you
erm,i'm nice?..seriously that's totally true...haha!

what is a bad thing about you
i'm a hypocrite

what is the secret behind the good friendships in your life
ah~..maybe i think too maturely and so i understand some parts about my friends too thoroughly and so i think i can understand them better..but maybe some of my friends think i'm just bragging about this..but that's my opinion though..whatever you think~


so that's all...
i change a lil bit of the questions..but still nothing much...

29 January, 2008

alisa's birthday &aiman sickie

A'kum n ello..

got back from secret recipe...we celebrate her birthday there...tho seksyen9 has it owns secret recipe,we went to sacc..cos maybe that place is better or something like that...anyway...i told my dad to go there cos maiz works there...and my dad asked if we can get discount from her...haha

so we went..and saw maiz working..i think her work place is friendly cos she can say HI loudly to me from the counter..and then she came to me and saw aiman and played with him...and i asked her if we can get discount from her..she said she can't cos she's a part-timer..only the full-timer can ask for discount...then we did the blow the candles thing...aiman had a weird face watching the burning candles...the whole family laugh looking at his expression..and then we ate the other food besides the cake...and also gave the pressies to my sis...i can't remember her response when she saw our gifts...i gave her this spray water thing(?) for her hair-styling activity..my dad gave her this hair-curler that most professional use..the thing is good~~~~!!....cos i'm the first person who feel the use of the curler...hoho...and then bye2 from the secret recipe...

btw,on the way to go to secret recipe..pass by the Giordano shop...and saw arif,an old mate from standard6 working there...wave at him and he looks at me weirdly and then wave back with smiling face..ahah..cos we just chat about what we're doing after spm at myspace just a few days ago..and then we met..cool~...

anyway...something bad happen to aiman..he got a flu...and then just now he got a fever...haish~..i dunno how he got it..maybe cos i'm bad in taking care of children..ah~..i'm disappointed in myself about this...

so ah hin,sorry that i can't go to Times Square with you...very2 sorry that i can't go with you...hope you have fun then..~

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acu's house!

A'kum n ello..

last night..had dinner at acu's house...we did it secretly without telling mak cik azah cos we brought aiman...you know what mak cik azah's opinions about the tg malim's peeps..she thinks they are someone that was born for her to be sworn enemies...

anyway..aiman was sleeping on our way there...it was his sleeping time....so when we reached there,acu and her kids woke aiman up...i was like"hey hey"...cos you know,eventhough it looks easy to make him sleep,but that is one of the stressful thing to do..then,aiman woke up and look at everybody..acu's kids were so happy to see him...cos it was the first time aiman came to their house courtesy to mak cik azah who don't want them to get involve with aiman's life...and for the first 30minutes or so,aiman was quiet cos still not recognize his new surrounding...or maybe cos mak cik azah already sent a warning signal to him before he met acu for the first time...

anyway..after the 30minutes,he steadily become himself,become more friendly and playful...he wasn't that active yet...but then...my dad asked acu to try his new car..acu loves to to drive...she is a maniac in driving...you can say that most of the tg malim peeps are maniac in driving...my late mother was one of them..her driving style was very cool cos she drove very fast..hoho...and when acu drove the mercedes,she drove it like a maniac racer...my sis who is a coward when people drive a car too fast was scared on the way my acu drive..but still,when i was in the car while acu was driving,it was nostalgic..haven't felt that kind of maniac feeling for a long time...

and aiman,he became active after that...being himself is good but he really kate with his bedtime..

and so..that's all for the night of last night...and i was too tired,i missed Likable or Not last night...haish~

tata then!

28 January, 2008

aiman makin me tired

A'kum n ello...

one of hardest day of my life..and also the tired-est day...cos aiman is back...!...and my life is happy but also tiring~~~~~~

anyway..my father woke me n my sis..told us that he will send my sis to school and also wants me to fetch aiman together with him..so we were like,why??..what happen to aiman?..and then he told us that mak cik azah's bro,pak cik rashdan can't take care of aiman anymore cos aiman got a flu cos pak cik rashdan just move to a new house and his new house is full off dust...and so,for aiman to avoid any harmful substance other than dust(we dunno the mystery of the new house yet~)..so the adults think we should bring aiman home and let me take care of him...

take care of him=the clean the poo and also sleeping with him at night..

sleeping with him is the hardest part cos he often wake up when people are sleeping and that will effect other people's attention to sleep and will result amsonia(??)...and lucky me,i always sleep very2 late....~

and just now...just in the morning...i had to give him a bath...and made him sleep...and after that..i have to do the laundry...and then i found out that aiman was berak...and while i was cleaning his cute butt,he bit my finger with his tiny and only tooth very2 hard...and i was shouting like crazy cos it really painful with just that tiny tooth bit me and i think the alam flora men outside the house could hear my shouting cos today is garbage day...

but mak cik azah told me that garbage day is tomorrow tho..

anyway...just to make aiman not that active...me n my bro took out the cot from my father's room to the living room and put it opposite the tv and also beside the comp so that he can watch us play the comp..and also the tv..and being not active...

and that my dear fellow readers,the cot is the jail of his baby life...

and i'm very thankful to God for giving me friends like ah hin and liyana cos they came to my house cos i asked them to....especially with food that i asked them to bring...(ah hin's response:alia tak senonoh mintak makanan kat orang)(liyana's response:boleh!)..so...nice..~...have a nice thing to do with my friends while having lunch with them...and ah hin was a lil bit sad cos i told her that i dunno if i can go to times square with her this wednesday with aiman to take care of..

and mak cik azah called...asked about aiman...she said she will try to get tomorrow's flight..and so i told ah hin after that maybe i have a chance to go then...

that's all then..
aiman is whining in his jail...~

27 January, 2008

driving test+learning back

A'kum n ello..

ainun helped me called metro today...i called them yesterday but nobody answered the phone...and i tried this afternoon,but nobody answered,again~...so i asked ainun to helped me reserve for tomorrow...and then she called them...after a long wait,the metro told her that our jpj test will be held this 21st feb,the same day like fatin hashim's test....and i was kinda like,woo~lucky me..but wow,so sorry for fatin cos she suppose to do the test on this Thursday..but cos of the Chinese new year holiday,the jpj kinda like busy for her...so what i expect before totally happen,that is she will take the test with us...

so fatin,don't be shy or lazy...bake some muffins for me and give me on that day..!


anyway...mak cik azah and aiman won't be home until Wednesday..so..this house will be a lil bit quiet without mak cik azah's nag and aiman's noise...but i don't mind about mak cik azah cos she always not home...but aiman?..ah~..gonna miss his noise....and kinda sad to know that he won't be here for my sis' 16th birthday...

btw,i think i have to start reading some learning books...i better read the biology and chemistry books and even have to revise some maths cos i think my brain is being a lil bit rusty cos to be honest,the only bio thing that i'd done after spm is watching House,the only chemistry thing that i'd done is cough medicine cos i drank some cough med last 3 days, and also the only calculation that i'd done after spm is thinking about how much money should i ask from my father....LORH~...i'll be an idiot if my brain is not working efficiently like it should be...so..gotta start unload the revision books from the plastic bags!

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football story and fan fic

A'kum n ello..

so...watched the Liverpool vs havant and waterlooville match...and the match was kinda bad for Liverpool but alright for havant cos they're a non-league team but still make Liverpool life miserable...but still,class and brilliant beat the non-league side cos Liverpool won 5-2 after that courtesy to the Liverpool israel-born player hatrick...and bcos of him,i'm not really that happy for the match cos i want someone else other than him to score a Liverpool goal..but the goal were important,so don't mind then...

anyway...i was kinda thinking about something...if a big team play against a minor team and the big team nearly lose but still eventually win,the critics will say "the big team get over the scare from the minnows" or when the small team get the lead first and the big team push their hardest to better them,the critics will say"it was a very great match"...but when the big team beat the small team easily with a big margin,the critics will say"a very good result,next~!"...ceh!!!

the football pundits are stupid...they think they're so good like they're the manager...they said something like they know,but they're not...they're not even a former manager or even a good manager from their past or even a good former football player,but still the critics are idiots for thinking like they know everything...b&b!!...

so..that's all about football...

anyway..emi made a fan fic...it wasn't complete tho...she didn't told me earlier about the incomplete story cos the story was good...and she should know that i dislike incomplete story...ahah....but still i hope she continue doing it..i want to know what happen to that woman...and the story kinda like a walk to remember but without the bible and the leukemia...haha...

k then..
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26 January, 2008

no maid+miss aiman+finally a work!

A'kum n ello..

so my maid won't be here for at least 1 week....and i'm now beginning to be an Ainaa..except that i dunno how to cook...ahah!...

mak cik azah will go to Johor tomorrow...and bcos me n my sis cannot be trusted to take care of aiman,so she sent aiman to his bro's house who have 4 children already and totally can be trusted to take care of him....so..i'll miss my dear lil aiman for 3 days later...ah~~..sad eh..?...but can't do nothing about it...on monday i have driving lesson...and nobody can take care of him if he is home....

so today helped mak cik azah at the kitchen...nothing bad happen...just that aiman was being noisy and so i have to take care of him...and then my dad asked me what did i cook...i told him i don't really know cos it's not like i take care of every food...but my sis did the talking then...bragging about what she did and what i didn't....and also she told him that i took care of aiman all the time and so my father said i'm like a woman who helped people at the wedding but by taking care of kiddies;something like that....yeah2...

now i have a work..!...haha...the work is,scanning...i'll work with my dad for this..ahah...he wants me to scan for him and he said 1 scan of paper is 10sen....and i thought,"lorh,10sen"only??"...then he showed me the file that have about 300 papers and he wants me to scan all of it.....with that amount of papers,i'll have about rm30 and so i can buy some cds that i want!..huhu..coolio~~!

tata then!
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naruto blurgh+e21 rocks!

A'kum n ello..

if you're a manga lover,read it.if not,go shoo shoo..~~!!
anf if you're a spoiler-hater,go shoo shoo too...


so today read naruto and eyeshield 21 latest chapter...

naruto[chapter 386] begins to make me wanna burn the manga cos the uchiha clan becoming such a bastard....stupid2...and like usual,the end already known cos i think itachi will die and sasuke will win over his brother...as much as i like itachi before,i think he is becoming pathetic...and i don't like sasuke,so i hate it that he'll win over his bro...haish2...eventhough he looks like a real bishounen when he reveal his chest...hoho..

eyeshield 21[chapter 266] makes me wanna cry cos all of the deimon peeps love hiruma so much!!!!...and hiruma tried to not reveal his painful arm to the other people around him...and that is hot cos thinking about the others...woo..~~...and monta so good cos know exactly what he should do..huhu....


and so that's all..!!
what a lame manga rambling from me..~~
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choc cake!

A'kum n ello...

have to blog fast cos that izzo and ah hin IM me all the time..and if i don't reply early...izzo will BUZZ at me...and now she's talking about don't want to compare SPM results...cool!...cos i don't like it too...but naturally,it will happen...

so today..baked another cake..a chocolate cake...got it from the internet...again~...but this time,i looked at the comment under the recipe of the cake..and people said the cake is their favourite...and the one who did the recipe said she change a lil bit of the original recipe to make the cake more delicious...so i think the recipe can be trusted...

asked my maid to buy butter and the sugar while she went to mall...she went there alright,but she didn't buy what i ask cos she didn't have enough money..then my sis told me that she bought many food for her relatives in Indon(she'll meet them cos her dad passed away and she'll fly to Indon later this morning)....and so at 1st i was like,"weyh~~?"..but to think nicely,i think it's ok..so i asked my dad to send me to mall later after that...and cool,bought the ingredients..and we baked the cake after we arrive home...cos Friday night in Malaysia is very different than the US cos the telly don't have good program to watch on Friday's night....

and the result?...it was better than the kek pelangi..the kek pelangi was horrible...this time it was alright..the cake was moist...but maybe cos i was too worried about the result of the cake,i couldn't enjoy eating it...ahah...

and my dad said he wants to eat it..so i let him...and he didn't finish it...he said the cake is not fluffy enough...but he didn't say the cake is horrible aite..?...so...dun mind..

that's all..
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DBSK date -part 2-

A'kum n ello..

again,if you're not emi or a devoted DBSK fan,don't even try to read.cos this part also long~~.

This is gonna be a scenario as your first date ever with a member in DBSK. EVER.

You just woke up and are so excited that you are gonna date one member of the group for the rest of the month, but you don't know who it is yet.All of a sudden DING DONG! You rush downstairs in your dream house and swing the door open. Standing there on the front porch is Yoochun, smiling the biggest smile you have ever seen, holding a box of chocolates, and he swings his arm from behind him with a bouquet of roses.

1. Q: Remember, you just woke up!! That means you haven't bruhsed your teeth, your hair's a mess, and you don't look decent. He sees your state of being and says ,"Look, if now isn't the right time, then I'll just come back and-"
What would you say to try and tell him to come in without letting him catch a whiff of your breath?(P.S You can also make gestures too!)

smile.and take the flower and just nod and smile again and making him understand that i'm thankful about the flowers and by that,he understand that i want him in.

So he stays and you signal him to come with you upstairs. SO he follows with his eyes wide, staring at everything in your house. You point him to your room or the guest room. He walks in your bedroom. So you go to the bathroom and fix yourself up. You come in and see that Yoochun has fallen asleep on your bed!

2. Q: Without hurting him or anything of that sort, how would you wake him up? (P.S. by hurting him, I meant, that like, don't slap his cheek lightly or hitting him or anything like that.)

just shove his body like i'm waking up my sis for her subuh prayer.unlike my sis who will lose her temper to me,i don't think micky will lose his cool by that shoving.

So now, he's wide awake, kind of blushing because he's embarrassed that he fell asleep on your bed. You tell him to come downstairs and have breakfast with you. YOu take the flowers and put them in a vase. Then he starts to speak, but in Korean. And you haven't learned korean yet!! So you just nod, and he gets a clue that you don't get what he's saying.

3. Q: Yoochun begins to ask you in english, 'do you know what i am trying to say?' What would you respond without making him feel kinda dumb for not knowing you haven't learned that much korean?

i'll say no to him.cos honesty is the best policy.and then,by not making him look dumb,i will ask him to teach me korean words.so that i can understand him more.and also tell him that the only korean words that i know are saranghaeyo,yoboseyo and hwaiting.

So you tell him, and he smiles and laughs at himself. You stutter to say in korean, 'what do you for breakfast?' He says in english, ' don't strain yourself with korean. It's okay, I can still understand english. I think I want ramen.' You feel embarrassed and a little shy around him. You make him his breakfast, and he ate it quick.

4. Q: Now he feels a little shy and nervous because you were staring at him in amazement that he ate that quick. He looks up and says,' Sorry! I'm just really hungry.' You say,'Oh no...it's okay.' So then he says,' Guess what? I got a surprise for you.' You ask what it is. Then he says guess. What would you guess?

a good morning kiss??..cos truthfully,i love a good morning kiss...~~chu~~~!..eventhough it's from yoochun and not changmin..

Well, whatever you guessed was wrong. So he takes you by the hand and says,'close your eyes.' So you close them shut and he takes you to the front porch and says,' okay, you can open them now!' You open your eyes and you see a long train of cars and a man holding open a car door. Then he says,' Today, were gonna show you off to the world. Starting at the pier.' (GASP!!)

5.Q: What would you respond? Would you over react or something?

erm.i think i will over react and say "gile banyak kereta!!"

So you run upstairs, still holding his hand for some strange reason. He says breathlessly, 'What are you doing?!'
'Something!' You push him against a wall and kiss him then let his hand go and run into your room to change into something pretty and perfect to wear for the pier.

6. Q:What would you wear?(P>S> It's bright and sunny and it's pretty warm outside with a slight breeze.)

that white quicksilver long sleeve that i have with a jeans.

So you're all ready and when you open the door, Yoochun 's just slouched against the wall waiting for you. He looks you up and down and says with a smile,'wow...you look pretty.' You thank him and drag him by the hand downstairs and out onto the porch. He says wait! You stand still on the porch and he hugs you and holds you. He says, ' are you sure you won't want a jacket or something?'

7. Q: Would you say yes because he is offering his jacket, or just say no and wait till later?

i'll say no.cos i don't think it will be that cold right?..it's still morning...

Here's the split scenario already. I know it's kinda early, but remember, this is the first day of a whole week. You go out with him for a month, but I'm just gonna do a week's scenario okay?

So if you said yes, here's your part of the scenario. If you said no, just scroll down to your eighth.

So you're wearing it and it gets a little warmer than intended. He asks if you want to take it off, so you do. He's holding it for you and you two go on the ferris wheel. It stops where you get to see the whole city and beach's view. He stretches his arm around you and you cuddle up to him. You rest your head on his chest and he rests his head on top of yours. You both just watch the view happily. As the ride continues to turn one last time, Yoochun tries to kiss you.

8. Q: So he tries to kiss you. Do you resist or not?

If you resisted, your story ends here. Do you want to know what happens?
Since you resisted, he feels awkward as you pull away. You look the other way, and he does too. Sadly, your date ends early, without him asking you out for tomorrow.

And you two kissed! Yay...you got your first kiss from Yoochun. XD hehe. He smiles after and you blush. You feel your cheeks turn warm and smile an embarrassed smile. Then he tries again, but you feel yourself pull away. He looks down disappointed, but understands why. He makes conversation, and makes you laugh. He says,' Your laugh is cute.' You blush some more and look the other way. He follows your eyes and pulls your hair back and sees you blush some more. You turn to him and give him a quick peck on the cheek.

9. Q: He smiles a big smile and walks you down and takes you to the food court. He buys you food and sees you eat it down within 5 minutes. He stares at you in amazement. How would you respond?

Here's the 'no' scenario for you.

So he leaves the jacket in the car when you guys go to the rides. He has his arm around you the whole time. You two walk around until you find a good roller coaster. As you two wait in line for the tickets, he begins to talk to you. He tries to tell you the best he can in english ,'If you're scared of roller coasters, we can choose another ride.' But your persist on staying. You two finally get in the cart.

8. Q: As you two go up the chain lift, he takes a picture of the both of you making a scared face. It turns out good and he hides the camera. You clutch onto his arm tightly and as you go down on the tip he flings his arms in the air. You aren't that scared, but you just need something to hold. He looks at you laughing, and tells you to fling your arms in the air and just don't be scared. Do you fling them up, or stay tightly down?

let just say,i fling them up.cos he asked me to.i'm not that scared of roller coaster.and yoochun is not changmin~~~~.i don't want to held him that tightly....

If you stayed tightly down, your story ends here. Do you want to know what happened?
He looked back at you and yelled to speak over the people behind, ' why didn't you do it?' You couldn't respond. So as you two board off, he feels untrusted and ignores you the whole day.

If you listened, your story continues.

You fling them up and your frown turns upside down! You laugh, smile, and yell at the top of your lungs. He turns to you and you two laugh together. He walks you off, still laughing together. You two walk over to the games area and yoochun sees you peek at the prizes. 'You want one of those prizes?' he asks you.

9. Q: Your choices are a large teddy bear, a smaller one, an inflatable hammer, and a small hello kitty plush. Micky asks what you wanted, remember? so which one would you want him to win for you?

teddy bear.dunno why.hammer and hello kitty??kidding me?

So he gets you the one you wanted and sees you smile. You points you to the ferris wheel and you both get on. His arm is still around you and you lean on him. he moves your hair and you both look at each other and kiss. (hehe) The wheel stops turning and stays still for about 5 minutes. He says,'Today was great. But you know, there's a part two to this day right?'

Here's where the split combines!! XD Enjoy the rest!!

The sun is beginning to set and he says, 'okay, I want yo to trust me and close your eyes.' So he puts a blindfold on your eyes and he takes you by the hand down some stairs. All of a sudden, you feel a soft texture on your feet. He says to keep the blind fold on, so you do. Then you feel cold air hit your skin and you hear a roar of the ocean. Soon , it gets colder and the roar gets louder. He says, 'okay, take it off!!' He goes behind you and unties the blindfold for you. In front of you, you see a beautiful sunset and the ocean's waves adds a perfect natural touch to the whole scene. He wraps his jacket around you. He rolled up his pants, kicked off his flip flops and splashes in the water. You laugh your loudest and he pulls your hand and holds you while you both wade in the water.

10. Q: He holds you close(You two are facing each other). He asks you,'how did you like my surprise? Did I really surprise you?' Well...did he? Did you like it?

to tell you the truth,i like it.cos it's romantic.and i don't want to spoil the mood and say no,so i just say truthfully i really like it.and anyway,eventhough he is not changmin,i don't think changmin will do something like this right?..ahahah!

If you said no,(i don't know anyone who wouldn't of enjoyed THIS day, but there are those kinds of people) your story ends here. Do you want to know what happened?
He says 'oh,' and lets you go. He walks off, and is quiet for the rest of the night. He doesn't bother to ask you out again.

If you said yes, your story continues.

It gets darker and you two walk on the beach, on the shoreline(feet are still in the water) You said its getting really cold and he holds your hand. He smiles, and wraps his arm around you. You smile back, and rest your head on his shoulder. He says,' Today was fun. I really liked it, especially knowing that I spent it with you.' He kisses you.

You two hop in the car and cruise around. He finally drops you off at your house and gives you a goodnight kiss and he holds you on your porch. He asks you out again and of course you say yes.

credits to:Kristine from group dbsk@multiply


i found out that this is the micky version..
kinda want to change the ending..

but whatever...
the day was alright.
maybe eventually i'll like micky after that...
cos i love the beach..

DBSK date!

A'kum n ello...
this entry is for emi cos she wants to know what i feel about this whole DBSK story date(or something like that)...so if you are not emi or not even a DBSK fan,don't even try to read cos it's really long...


Let's say you spend seven months dating each of the members. The last two months will be divided evenly amongst the five. Like maybe a week per person or something...it's up to you. So it's th last week you get to spend dating them. But the whole week, you go out on a date with all five of them at the same time. So basically they are together.

1. Q: Changmin sends you a text saying that dinner will be a formal one. So what do you wear?

a nice brown blouse with black jeans..totally!cos i love brown and i think that's a formal colour..and pls don't ask about the jeans.it's black.it's formal.

So you take, like, 3 hours getting yourself together. After you got all ready, you receive another text from Changmin.

2. Q: It says "Yoochun and YunHo have argued for the past 1 and a half hour, and they finally concluded that we have to go casually." So now you're all pissed because what your wearing is perfect for the dinner. Now what do you change into?

doesn't need to change.cos brown is also formal and also casual.and jeans.that's casual!

You get all changed and wait downstairs in the family room. DING DONG! You rush to the door and greet all of them and they each are hiding something behind their backs. Junsu walks in, then Changmin, then Yoochun, then Jaejoong, then last but not least YunHo. Junsu walks up and gives you a ring. Changmin gives you a copy of his favorite book. Yoochun gives you a bracelet. Jaejoong gives you a purse. And yunho gives you a designer necklace to match Junsu's and Yoochun's.

3. Q: They all ask to sit you down. As you sit back down, they ask you which one of their gifts do you favor the most. Which is it? (P.S. YOU HAVE TO CHOSE ONE!!)

easy.changmin's.cos i love books.and i don't like jewelry to say the least.and understanding changmin,you really understand me by heart!<3>So the one you chose is very happy and smiles the biggest smile ever. All the others frown and walk with disappointment. The one you chose is the one you ride with to the restaurant. You see, they each drove their own car to your place.
So you arrive at the restaurant. The guys say just to go ahead, they have to get something from their car. SO the waiter seats you at a table on the patio. 5 minutes later,each of the guys return with a bouquet of flowers. They hand you their bouquets. You excuse yourself and go to the restroom. You call your friend and talk about what has happened so far and your suspicions.

4. Q: She laughs at the whole scenario and doesn't take you seriously. She told you to just ask them to take you home and dump them. Do you follow her advice?

ahaha..is that you emi?..r u the one who gave me that advice?..cos i want to slap u if you're the one who gave that advice..just believe me,they did that to me!

If you did, your story ends here. You want to know what happens?
They drop you off at your house angry as Lord knows what and they take each of their gifts back. (that's what you get for leaving them!)

As for the rest of you that stayed, good job! Your story continues.

You hang up on her while she still blabs on about her opinion. You walk back to the patio and see all of them on one knee. You sit in the chair facing them and they each stood up and began to serenade you. Junsu is first, then Jaejoong, then Yoochun, then Yunho, and last but not least, Changmin. You begin to blush and Yunho notices. He walks over to you, bends back on one knee and kisses your hand. He asks you to dance.

5. Q: So he asks you to dance. Lovely music plays in the background as you answer yes. All of a sudden, you have a crazy urge to sit down for you are very nervous you might do something. You try to pull away, but he holds you close. What do you do?

trying to think of a solution that my nervous breakdown always result in thinking about peeing...but still,not even trying to look at yunho's eyes..but look at the food....

So you end up pulling away. He feels a little insulted, but understands that you feel tired. With everyone still on their knees, Jaejoong walks up. He kneels back in front of you and recites a poem he wrote for you.

6. Q: As he recites, you glance at Changmin. He looks very nervous. Jaejoong looks up at you and catches you looking at Changmin. He turns to see who you are looking at. He begins to feel a rage against you for thinking that you weren't paying any attention to him at all. In the middle of the stanza, he gets up and walks away. What would you do to get him to stay?

erm..mutter a soft sorry that only jaejoong can hear cos i think he really being understanding...~~~~~

So he stays and finishes the poem with a low and sad voice. You stand up and take him by the hand. He turns around and you give him a quick peck on the cheek. He rubs his hand on it and smiles. You sit back down and Changmin walks up. He gets on his one knee and he sings to you again.

7. Q: Your heart feels warm as he sings to. But your heart feels even warmer as he holds your hand when he sings. You sing back to him and he smiles at you. You try to move your hand, but Changmin just won't let you go. You really try to let him go, but he just won't. Who would you call up to get him to move?

erm...can't i just let him hold my hand..??..cos i want it~~~...but still,i think i will call yoochun.

He eventually lets go, but is still staring at you. Yoochun walks up and gets down on his one knee. He kisses it and he begins to make you laugh. You both laugh very hard that your face turns completely red from laughing so much. So once he stops making you laugh, he gets off and kisses you on the cheek. He gets back on his knee and sings to you too. As h sings, he caresses your arms.

8. Q: When he caresses, you melt. He also told you that you looked very beautiful. You melt some more. But he says something that really hurt you. He compared you to BoA, but said something that insulted you. Do you pull back and ignore him, or do you play along and THEN ignore him?

haha..play along to him and telling him that BoA put too much make up so eventhough i don't look that beautiful like BoA,i still look natural..hoho.

So he gets a hint that your ignoring him and walks back. Everyone chuckles a little when he realized his mistake. He tries to go up, but Junsu said that his turn has ended. Junsu walks up and puts on his serious face. He takes your hand and kisses it. He gets pulls you up and asks you to dance. You of course say yes and he holds you close to his chest. You rest your head and he whispers into your ear.

9. Q: He whispers into your ear Sarang Hae Yo. Then he says it in english, I love you. You begin to blush. You feel his hand on your hip go a little lower than intended. Then it slides a little lower. You stop dancing and step back a few. He looks at you strange and asks what he did wrong. You tell him that you felt uncomfortable when he did it. So you walk back to where you sat and he seats you. He said, I'm sorry. WIll you dance with me again?

sorry mate.no.cos i'll feel more uncomfortable after that.

Here is where the story begins it's official double scenario. If you said no, continues. If you said yes, you might want to scroll a little.

So you said no and he gets disappointed. He goes back down into place. Yunho, then Jaejoong, then Chnagmin, then Yoochun, then Junsu stand up, one after the other in that order. Yunho walks up and kisses you on the cheek and hands you a red rose. Jaejoong kisses you on the opposite side and hands you a white rose. Changmin kisses you on the nose(i know, kinda weird) and hands you a red rose. Yoochun kisses you on the lips and hands you a white rose, and last but not least, Junsu kisses you on the neck(kinda weird too, but I am running out of places) and hands you a red rose as well.

10.Q: This is your tenth question if you said no. The waiters move the table back in front of you and you guys all eat now. Changmin is still staring at you. (hehe) You look up at him and you catch hims staring still. Since you sit next Yunho, you whisper to him. Yunho looks at Changmin, and he he stops staring. You whisper thank you. Junsu, sitting next to you, sees you whisper and thinks you two are flirting. He excuses himself and Yoochun follows. You look up and you excuse yourself as well. You followed them and you send Yoochun back. Junsu is sitting on the bench outside and looked down. He said, if you really loved Yunho, why are you bothering with us? what would you respond?

easy.i'll explain like i suppose to.don't need to tell him yet who the one like in DBSK.but still just telling him,that nothing is between me and yunho and he doesn't need to be that down.and btw,changmin-ah,i love kiss on the nose..!!!!

SO now that you have cleared that up with him, you two walk back in, with his arm around you. You walk back to your seats and continue to eat.

So those who said no, you might want to scroll down to the last question. The lat question is a combination of the story.

Those who said yes, here's your story.

You said yes and walk back up to him. He holds you close, but keeps his hand up more. He sits you back down and they all get up one by one in the following order: Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yoochun, then Junsu. The waiters move the table back and you finally eat. You are sitting next to Jaejoong and Yoochun. Yoochun moves his hand to your thigh and moves it rubs his hand. You drop your fork and grab his hand.

10. Q: This is your tenth question fro those who said yes. You grab his hand and h tries to let go. You place it back on his leg, ut Yoochun keeps trying to move it. The others are un aware of it, but Jaejoong spys it. He excuses himself and drags Yoochun with him. Would you follow?

If you did. your story continues. If you didn't, your story ends here. Do you want to know what happens?
You follow and hide behind the wall. You see Jaejoong slap Yoochun and yell at him. Your night ends up being ruined.

If you didn't heres yours story.

Your story now combines with the 'no' scenario. Here's your final question.

11. Q: You all eat desert and the waiters move the table . You ar still seated and all of the guys get on their knees again. They each pull out a little blue box out of their pockets and popped it opened. They all ask, 'will you marry me?'( I know it's too soon, but whatever.) Who would you say yes to?

tralalalala.changmin.cos he gave me books.he gave me a kiss on the nose.and always stare at me like he wants me but can't say it directly.so i want him.changmin,i do!

credits to:Kristine from group dbsk@multiply

24 January, 2008

job hunting

A'kum n ello...

went to shah alam mall,then to pkns,then to sacc,then to alam sentral...went to shah alam mall with amalina...her ucu sent us there...before that...when i was still sleeping in the morning around 11am,got a call from amalina asking about job-hunting..so...i said ok about it and went together with her and hani...then arrive at mall,and hani joined us after that...saw ah hin and syefah when we thought about asking for job at KUMON..ah hin asked us what we're doing...we told them that we just want to hang out...ah hin then asked about the DBSK's new album then...i told her that i already burn the whole album and she made an expression like "burn?pathetic~" something like that..i don't really mind cos it's not like i want to sell the burn cds to other peeps aite?...it's not like i want to do pirate bussiness..so..i immediately say byebye to her and then we off to KUMON...

we went to KUMON and the place was close maybe cos it's during lunch hour..and so we think it's better to start searching at other places...so we went to pkns by bus...there's nothing in pkns though..maybe cos we didn't search enough..but that place only have a lot service work instead of office work...then went to sacc...saw that Watson has a job vacancy...both hani and amalina want that job...but both too shy to ask about it...or maybe cos hani think about the fluent english that the job need...then went to Anakku...asked if they have any job vacancy...they said they don't have any...so went to other place..saw that SOX ask for a full-time job...ask the woman there...and she said the place apply for the age 21 and above cos they need someone permanently...so...rejection after rejection...saw this place..it's like a boutique...saw the job vacancy notice outside the shop...so..we tried...the lady there asked for our contact details and so on...and so she said she will call us...

the day went like that....asked hani and amalina do they want to play bowling tomorrow...hani said she wants to search another job...and amalina said she want to join her...and so i don't think i want to play bowling without them...wanna tell ainun that i think we can continue our driving lesson tomorrow...but i think it'll be too sudden if i told her like that..so just do it like we plan then...next monday~

and also,had lunch at alam sentral...order nasi pataya and share hani's tom yam..i think i never ate lunch with nasi pataya before...anyway..the tom yam was awesome!!!!!!!!!!....i want to eat at that place again..!

and then got a call from my dad on the way home...he wants me to search at the internet about the flight to Medan...he wants to buy a ticket for my maid cos her dad passed away....mak cik azah also asked me to look at the internet and send a sms to her about it after that...then when i look at the internet,there was something that i dunno about..so i called mak cik azah about it...and she answer the phone saying something like"sms mak cik azah" and then she immediately hung up...i was to kick her.

but still,it's not something i have to be piss about cos i always hung up on her...

that's all..

i'm a lil bit piss about something other than that right now..

23 January, 2008

suju concert schedule

A'kum n ello..

sad thing aside...cos Super Junior concert schedule already out...
but not the exact date..

Concert Schedule
hey there~ well i don't know if this is posted but i saw this on soompi

Super Junior 1st Asia Tour Concert Schedule (not fixed-still negotiating with local companies) :

1. Bangkok, Thailand -- April 2008 (Impact Arena)

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- May 2008 (World Expo Arena)

3. Singapore -- May 2008 (Singapore Indoor Stadium)

4. Taipei, Taiwan -- August 2008 (Taipei Arena)

5. Beijing, China -- August 2008 (venue unknown)

6. Shanghai, China -- September 2008 (Shanghai Dae Stage)

7. Hong Kong -- October 2008 (venue unknown)


so there is singapore...but i'm thinking about the World Expo Arena...i think they mean PWTC?..cos trade and expo have the same meaning aite..?...so...the people that translate the korean article should better know about the name of the venue though..but don't mind then...cos it's in May...and i think i don't have any problem during May..it will be brilliant if the concert happen on 18th May cos that's ah hin's birthday..the only present i can give her on that day is drive her there..huhu...
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[edit:not a very reliable source cos the only confirm concert right now is the Seoul Concert only but the schedule is quite alright i think]

RIP Heath Ledger

A'kum n ello...

wow...he's dead...
liyana really adore that guy...
and he's dead...!
oh my God!!

the man is Heath Ledger...
his body was found dead at his apartment...
with sleeping pills around him and people suspect he is drug overdose...

eventhough a stupid way to die...
but still,he was one of my favourite actor...
and liyana's all time 'hubby'..
and he is now dead!
Liyana is really sad right now...
when i told her what happen..
she thought it was from a movie...
to be honest,my 1st thought when i saw the title at yahoo! news was maybe from a movie..
but then when i read the article...
it said that he is dead...
oh my.............

i dunno what will i feel if xabi alonso the one who died...
cos heath ledger was young and not even 30 yet...

very,very sad........
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  • still love a knight's tale..

22 January, 2008

disaster cake,new friend

A'kum n ello..

so...we baked a cake today...we baked 'kek pelangi'..my late mum always bake the cake when she was alive...when she baked,the cake was marvelous...very2 delicious..everybody will ask for more and many people will ask her to bake again and also asked for the recipe..but eventhough the person asked for the recipe,they can't do it as better as my mum...

anyway...cos my mum's recipe file disappear(i really want to know who the hell steal that file that full of awesome recipes)..so i have to search the recipe at the internet...and so i found one...the recipe was good cos i have all the stuff at home...but! when i bake the cake with my maid and my sis,the cake was a disaster..the only person who love the cake is aiman and i know he love it very much cos the cake only taste of powder and he really love it cos the cake also dissolve easily on his tiny tongue...cool~~~....so...what a day...lucky that i didn't waste my money to buy the stuff...and i know that recipe was wrong..but my bad,cos chose an easy recipe rather that the result of it...

so i have a new online friend...found her from CrunchyRoll...her name is Sang Xiong..i asked her is she chinese....then she said she's not..she said she is Hmong...i was like,what's that?...so i search at wiki what's the thing...and wiki said a community that live at the southern of china,also migrate to Laos and Thailand...and then,i asked her stuff like about her culture and so on cos i really love this culture stuff...then she said this is the first time that people asked about her culture...btw,she live in US...then,she told me that there are Hmong live in the jungle,and some people killed the Hmong and the tv shown the corpses and all and this happen cos of the war...and she said Hmong was a mix of chinese with other race(i'm not sure about this) and they got mix with it cos of war and you know,when war happens,woman will be like a sex-slave and that's when Hmong exist...i was like wow when she describe about it...and she also said that the owner of China is not chinese but hmong...when she said this,i was like"this kinda like hindraf" and also kinda like the chinese dynasty cos the Han people thinks that china was theirs(got this from the Dynasty Warriors)...but i didn't say it to her though...so to make the mood lighter,i asked her how she got into DBSK cos i know her from cr cos she is a DBSK fan...and so she told me that she only know them for about 7 months and 21 days...hoho...she counts!

bye then!
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21 January, 2008


A'kum n ello...

my father looks so happy right now..cos the Mercedes that he wants already arrive just now..he bring it home and bye2 to the Audi that was very memorable to me cos that thing once tried to make my butt on fire before[no need to know further story]....

anyway..he is so happy that even you can recognize his smiling face...he smiles in everything that he is doing right now...he smiles when he holding his phone,when he drinks the nescafe,when he asked me to make the nescafe,when he asked for my sis about what she thinks about the new car,and when he asks me about what i think about the new car...all the things he is doing right now,he is smiling like a boy receive a treat from the ice-cream man...

wow,wow..man really love a car very much eh?...
the way his smiling right now is just like me when Liverpool won against any top opponent..

maybe later i upload the merce..

nway...today is my late-mother's birthday...21st January...her age will be 47 if she still alive...ah~..i miss her...the last few days,my siblings and i often talked about her...if she still alive,i don't think my life will be like right now.......

lucky my father is so happy today...but i still don't want to spoil his mood by asking about money..eventhough the reason i want to ask some money from him is because i want to buy some stuff to bake a cake tomorrow...



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park myung soo's girlfriend

A'kum n ello...

for my fellow blog-readers..you remember this picture???

apparently this couple won't be a reality...~~~~
park myung soo has a girlfriend...

maybe some people already know this stuff..
but this is my 1st time knowing that this man actually has a girlfriend..
i always imagine him with najwa though..

park myung soo's girlfriend is a doctor and 10 years younger than him..
and this is a picture of them together cos the picture was revealed recently..

the left pic is a pic of pms and his gf
the right pic is a pic of mc yoo and pms's gf..

heard that many people attack the hospital that the gf works cos they want to see her face...

i want to attack najwa's house to see if she's crying or not..
i know this news is hard for her to accept...

i have this idea to make a pic of her with kim jong min..
but kim jong min is hyun young's boyfriend...
and she'll be crying more...

and i'm thinking to make another one with her and shin jung hwan..
but that's aqilah's...
there's still ji sang ryul~~~

bless me~~~~

pic credits:coolsmurf

20 January, 2008

day of cook

A'kum n ello..

so..done the cooking-for-the-father thing...not really as special as it seems...cos we only cooked catfish(that is ikan keli btw),some veggie,and also fried chicken...so..nothing really significant...cos to be honest,i kinda happy with my work..cos my maid the one who instruct us to do that and that...and eventhough that maid of mine is really a piece of work at some time,but she really helped me n my sis for this...and my sis said i only did the easy work...yeah,yeah..whatever...i did something to the chicken,fried it,cut the shallots and other small things,and etc...so yeah,i only did the easy work..where else my sis did something similar like me and she thinks she's the one who did the hard work...ok2...tralalala..~~

nway...after that...my father asked what will we cook for next week...haish..it's not like i hate cooking...but the way he asked only made me annoyed...shite~..i just dunno why,this past few days,my temper to him nearly reached to the max cos of the recent events that happen to my life right now...haish2...really wanna kick something...

wanna watch Xman...

jaemin accident

A'kum n ello..

DBSK's Youngwoong Jaejoong and Choikang Changmin in Car Accident
On the way to Seoul's Olympic Stadium for a fanmeeting at 2pm, Jaejoong and Changmin collided with a taxi at 1pm.

They were rushed to a hospital in Gangnam after the incident; the result was "luckily there was nothing wrong with them, so they rushed to the fanmeeting immediately after."

Because of the accident the meeting was delayed an hour to 3pm. This meeting marks the first time in a while DBSK has met with their fans in Korea.

heard the news that changmin and jaejoong had an accident with a cab..
hope they're fine...
and immediately went to the fan meeting..
they're insane~~

the accident happen on their way to the fan meeting in korea...
then crash into a cab..
and the one inside the cab is the cab driver and a dbsk fan.

just hope they're okay...

all the people that i like,most of them are too caring to other people...
such nice but also a lil bit __.


korean names

A'kum n ello..

found this and kinda interesting with it..
like usual..
not 100% true..
but fun..

1. Surname : Korean surname is the
last number in your year of birth .
- 0: Park
- 1: Kim
- 2: Shin
- 3: Choi
- 4: Song
- 5: Kang
- 6: Han
- 7: Lee
- 8: Sung
- 9: Jung

II. Middle name : is your month of
birth .
- 1: Yong
- 2: Ji
- 3: Je
- 4: Hye
- 5: Dong
- 6: Sang
- 7: Ha
- 8: Hyo
- 9: Soo
- 10: Eun
- 11: Hyun
- 12: Rae

III. Name : is your date of birth .
- 1: Hwa
- 2: Woo
- 3: Joon
- 4: Hee
- 5: Kyo
- 6: Kyung
- 7: Wook
- 8: Jin
- 9: Jae
- 10: Hoon
- 11: Ra
- 12: Bin
- 13: Sun
- 14: Ri
- 15: Soo
- 16: Rim
- 17: Ah
- 18: Ae
- 19: Neul
- 20: Mun
- 21: In
- 22: Mi
- 23: Ki
- 24: Sang
- 25: Byung
- 26: Seok
- 27: Gun
- 28: Yoo
- 29: Sup
- 30: Won
- 31: Sub


so my name is Park Je Kyung..
very2 ugly name..
dat's why it's not 100% true..

tell me urs in the comment link below..

alia liverpool is very dizzy and also scared cos that Twilight book make her uncomfortable cos wickedly good

18 January, 2008

A'kum n ello..

just got back from visiting Pak Uda's house..he is my late-mum's older brother...and currently,he is sick..i don't know what happen to him..i already asked his daughter...she said she also don't know...anyway..he was a lil bit quite today..not as funny as he use to be...but still as kind as always...just rest and pray...

sickness really make you quite..

but the visit was fun...my cousin,ngah(real name:ain) bought us pisang goreng and nasi lemak...just after few minutes at that place,my father called pak uda's phone..and he wants to talk to me...he asked me why we didn't tell him about our visit..and so on and on and on...i was really lazy to explain to him about what we(my bro,sis and i) doing nowadays....and don't ask me why..

anyway..i'm thinking about the a-level stuff and also about what me and my sis will cook for sunday...to be honest,i don't have any idea what to cook...i search at the internet,google 'resipi untuk ayah'..and one of the results i got was cekodok untuk ayah....cool!..i told my friends yesterday that maybe i will cook porridge for him...hahahaha....God knows how i really want them right now...

about the book that i currently reading right now(stephenie meyer's Twilight)...i search about the book in the net cos i thought i heard there's a movie name Twilight..so i just wanna check it..then..i found out that VERY thick Twilight book has a sequel...and also that book will have a movie...and the one who play the hot vampire is Robert Pattinson,the guy who act as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter 4...haish,i really hope there's someone better than him..but tough luck,i'm not the director...

and also here i want to say..if my plan to be a doctor has problem later,maybe i'm planning to be a tour guide..hoho...i just dunno why..maybe cos something like Tokyo Holiday will happen..huhu..dream on~

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twilight the good!

A'kum n ello..

so i don't want to talk about the a-level thing..already explain it to emi..but i'm lazy to explain it here cos i'm not in the mood to say it....

anyway...read 2 things right now,Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and Ouran Host Club chapter 55-57(manga)...ah!!!..so goood!!!!...haven't feel this thrill for some time!!...huhu...ps i love you was alright...where rainbows end was good cos really made my day and nearly made me think twice about confessing to someone before things got too late..but still the plan about confessing didn't succeed..[don't even bother to ask]...but this Twilight book makes me soo WOOW!!..i don't know how to explain it,but the feeling is really good...it's like when you see something so good and your mouth open without you realize it,and then you suddenly say WOW...the feeling i got from the book is something like that....now i know why Amazon said "Best Book of The Decade..so far"....cos the book really awesome....the only book that makes me feel wow other than Twilight is The Coram Boy cos that book show you something that you never expected from a book..huhu...eventhough i'm a fan of books like Princess Diaries and The Clique,but those books makes me feel happy without the WOW symptoms..huhu..

and that ouran manga...tamaki+haruhi!!!..yeay!!..so cute!!sweet!...ah hin,if you want to read a clearer version of the manga,try read it at onemanga.com....

k..wanna read the book..!
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  • my bro kinda memorize DBSK's love in the ice..