26 January, 2008

no maid+miss aiman+finally a work!

A'kum n ello..

so my maid won't be here for at least 1 week....and i'm now beginning to be an Ainaa..except that i dunno how to cook...ahah!...

mak cik azah will go to Johor tomorrow...and bcos me n my sis cannot be trusted to take care of aiman,so she sent aiman to his bro's house who have 4 children already and totally can be trusted to take care of him....so..i'll miss my dear lil aiman for 3 days later...ah~~..sad eh..?...but can't do nothing about it...on monday i have driving lesson...and nobody can take care of him if he is home....

so today helped mak cik azah at the kitchen...nothing bad happen...just that aiman was being noisy and so i have to take care of him...and then my dad asked me what did i cook...i told him i don't really know cos it's not like i take care of every food...but my sis did the talking then...bragging about what she did and what i didn't....and also she told him that i took care of aiman all the time and so my father said i'm like a woman who helped people at the wedding but by taking care of kiddies;something like that....yeah2...

now i have a work..!...haha...the work is,scanning...i'll work with my dad for this..ahah...he wants me to scan for him and he said 1 scan of paper is 10sen....and i thought,"lorh,10sen"only??"...then he showed me the file that have about 300 papers and he wants me to scan all of it.....with that amount of papers,i'll have about rm30 and so i can buy some cds that i want!..huhu..coolio~~!

tata then!
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