31 August, 2009


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A'kum n ello.



k,i know you'll never list me in ur 'most patriotic person' list,but you know i'm passionate when i watched the Malaysian badminton teamblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

erm.yeah,only the badminton team. don't ask me to watch the Malaysian football match.you'll know my mouth will not stop criticizing the team,especially that i've been observing the English football clubs for more than 5years.haha.

still,Malaysia is not only about sports. we have the most dramatic political drama,we have different cultures from "kechek kelantan" to "wa cakap sama lu", we have one of the hardest exam in the world, we have the scariest ghost in the world that can even beat dracula, we have the most beautiful woman in the world but nobody notice that,we have the respect of the Arabics that say "I LOVE KLCC!" and the best thing of all, we have the MOST DELICIOUS FOOD in the world that even Micky Yoochun said "I LOVE NASI LEMAK" .

cool eh?
(Discovery's Travel&Living called Nasi Lemak as Coconut Rice. man,i thought it was Fat Rice!)

another addition of Malaysia's wonder list : even Andy Lau choose Malaysia as the place to have his wedding.hoho.

MERDEKA in english (blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com) means FREEDOM. 52 years ago,before my father was born, around 28days before that, our 1st PM whose name was Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted 7 words of Merdeka at the Stadium MERDEKA.

yes.the place where i met my dear changmin on 24/11/2007.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

still, starting from that time, the 31st August 1957, is our Independent Day. thanks to Tunku Abdul Rahman, now,we're in a country that has the hero of 3rd World Countries and also have the cheapest football channel in the world with only RM116.95(USD 33.17) and that's include other channels like HBO and AXN.

cool rite?

so,we have to be grateful. without this Merdeka Day, you'll find yourselves as the sex slaves of the Harimau Asia, or maybe the cover model of Communist's Playboy Magazine, or maybe,just maybe,as the victim of the Perjanjian Pangkor and also, you need to pay the Cukai Kepala,instead of Toll-Gate, just to go to KL.

i dunno if you understand what i say,but whatever.

so, be grateful people. FREEDOM is not really free. that's why you have to pay all the bills.


HAPPY MERDEKA!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

30 August, 2009

pak yang came~~

A'kum n ello..

dear ainor salikin.
another no motive post.haha.


at 12pm,i woke up.my sis got a phone call from Pak Yang that he's on the way to our house.

so,cos both of us still on the bed,i went to the bathroom.washed my body and all those things.

while i was bz cleaning myself, Pak Yang already arrived with his family,minus Syahir.

after my bath,i met them. they mostly talked about Aizam,her work as the vice attorney general, and also "bile nak kahwin?"


i wonder what will happen when i'm the one who'll get married? will they talk about me? will they talk about my choice of job? will they talk about the man that i'm getting married with?

tengokla karang,long. bile ko nak kawin karang, sme mende ni akan jadi topik perbualan.haha.

shame. that aizam already a person that loves to 'talk behind people's back' a.k.a GOSSIP!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ta then!

what happen.......?

A'kum n ello..

what happen when this Ramadhan season hits you?

you'll become like this.
sleeping anywhere you want,and nobody care.

what happen when the room is too cold and the only thing you have is your telekung?

you'll use it as a blankie

what happen when a boy said "aku tataula nak senyum kat kamera camne"?

he'll make a pose like this.
(the boy refer to is the one at the right)

what happen when you have 2 umbrellas?

you'll use them as ur tongkats!

what happen when you randomly snap pictures in the lab?

stupid,poyo pose like this will happen.

what happen when you snap the car's side mirror?

you'll see ur own reflection~

what will aqilah do when she see emi's shoes?

she'll pose like this!

what you need the most in this holy month?

you need THIS!

that's all.

Bolton 2- 3 LIVERPOOL

A'kum n ello...

i've become lazy to blog.


the continuous busy-ness makes me tired and exhausted.

still.something like this will always make me "BATTERY FULLY CHARGED!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com"


finally,i WATCHED a Liverpool win.
and they did it DRAMATICALLY.

seriously,i was shouting like crazy when there were misplaced passes,when carragher didn't defend well,when torres sulked,when torres missed many chances to score,when GERRARD SCORED,when Johnson scored,when torres scored.

i shouted and shouted and the next-door's dog was barking,just to find the source of that annoying 'shouts'.

haikal (my 2nd bro) was happy that torres scored cos torres is in his fantasy team eventhough he's a scum fan.

still, Liverpool was better than the previous match.and seriously,they need to improve more. we need THAT long balls!!

if they happy,i'm happy.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ta then!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

29 August, 2009

a PET!

A'kum n ello..

FINALLY,i can use the internet!


it was kinda tiring last night. i was very2 stoked. emi slept at my house today,and she was hovering her laptop,'sweety' chat with her guyfriends and i was a sleepyhead.

i don't really remember what happen last night, but i know that i online-d(via emi's laptop) and watched a lil bit of Code Blue SP and i picked up my maid and her mate at Pasar Seksyen6...

something happened when i picked up my maid.

a kitten followed my maid and it nearly went into the car,like it already know us.my maid noticed that and she held that kitten and brought it home.my sister was horrified,cos she hates cats. and so,right now,i have a KITTEN!!!!!!!


obviously, my sis hates it.but who cares.

at first,i called that kitten as Aiman,cos that cat maybe can replace aiman. but then, the people around me said "tak sesuai la,alia" so, i'll call that cat as MAX!! as in MAX changmin.hahahah!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

(ditto Aqilah's bunny~)

anyway,my sis maybe will like that cat too cos that cat's name is Max.haha.

-i'll care you like a girlfriend-

i don't really know much about cats but my maid had a cat before,so she knows all about this care-cat stuff.haha.

enough about the cat stuff.

last night, emi was active,i was sleepy. emi didn't let me sleep,but in the end,i doze off. when my sleepy mode is on, i'll be this one crazy person that'll talk about crap stuff.

and that emi said "kite suke bile alia jadi camni"


oh.she's still sleeping.haha.

k now.


28 August, 2009


A'kum n ello..

i'm at aqilah's house right now.hoho.

i'm using MY OWN LAPTOP!!

however,the main reason i'm here is to install the antivirus.but what the hell,i still CAN'T INSTALL IT!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com seriously~~~

aqilah said maybe i need to format the computer and maybe i can install the antivirus back.cis..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

btw,do you know any bazaar ramadhan that sells delicious Kuih Sampan?? since the start of the puasa,none of the kuih sampan that i ate were delicious.seriously,somebody help my tastebuds!

and ai~~my head is really2 heavy.i want to sleep.i want to have a dreamless sleep.i don't want to hear annoying rants from the lecturer.


need to solat now.tata!

p/s: i'm haus!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

27 August, 2009

no and no.

A'kum n ello..

positive thinking is like the best thing in the world,rite? blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but don't you think it's like you're lying to urself about it?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

hopefully NOT. cos i live myself with this kind of attitude;with a life that believe in karma,with a life that full of laughter,with a life that always expect,"ONLY GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN"

IF i lose this Positive Thinking faith,i'll lose myself. i dunno what to believe,i'm not a human being,i just can't look forward for anything in life.

so,don't you ever try to make me say "Liverpool already lost."

and don't you even try to make me lose my confidence.

yeah,THIS is a Liverpool post.

ta then!

p/s: some people can be VERY,VERY STUPID.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

Danyl Johnson

A'kum n ello...

this is random,but i better recommend this to you.

found out from E! that a new Susan Boyle is born.

erm,no.it's a HE.
erm no.it's not an OLD MAN.
erm,no.he's not UGLY.for me i think.

but whoa this guy is good! he has the showmanship and the voice that i really really like!

i can't embed the vid. but you can try click this link!

check it!


off to Asar!

p/s: ok,that's one hilarious 1N2D just now.

26 August, 2009

summary of 26th

A'kum n ello..

i'll make this quick cos it's 1.++am already.

  • Liverpool lose 3-1 to Aston Villa.at first i thought the ref was annoying,but in the end,i just have to admit,they were FEW LONG PASSES! totally unlike last season (xabi alonso~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com) and lucas was soooooo bad.seriously.and gerrard was disappointing and somebody need to replace insua.he can be immature sometimes eventhough he was the one who created the Liverpool's goal. oh, i realize that the EPL already started for 1week,but it feels like 3weeks.seriously, we need AQUILANI,FAST!!!!!!!
  • did you notice that Tuesday,26/08/09 is one of the sunniest and hottest day in this year? like our life need that kind of weather right now. so i went to PKNS to buy some food at the bazaar,and the place was crowded and i bought murtabak and kuih sampan,both for RM10.very expensive especially after the whole family ate them,the taste were simply URGH!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
  • No immunology test for this week cos the photocopy broke down just minutes before the test start.so,Dr Hana said that the test will be held next week,and we should get at LEAST A for that test.haha.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
  • Biochemistry's test 2 will be held next week,on the same day of immunology's test.
  • right now,i'm a CHUCK's follower.very,very late,i know.
  • and xabi alonso will remain as my favourite player in the world eventhough he already left Liverpool.his passes are just BRILLIANT. hopefully,aquilani will beat that.
In this fasting season,i'll try to remain humble and no tight blouse to class. haha.

ta then!

24 August, 2009

Pak Uda's bukak puasa.

A'kum n ello..

yesterday's iftar was at pak uda's(i still use this term) house...hoho.

the food wasn't as good as at acu's house,but still, blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.huhu.

these were the food AFTER the iftar.haha.

anyway,that night was noisy;pretty common if you have the whole tg malim native at one place.haha.Mak Long's,Pak Yang's family and Acik were there.so pretty much,it was crowded.


and nothing much happen after that. after maghrib,we recited the yassin,and bcos i brought my analytical chem's and immunology's notes(i have quiz and test),so Pak Yang said "yassin ni ntuk bdak spm,upsr and UiTM" haha.

and after that,we had solat Isya' and terawih. and i forgot the niat for Solat Witir. seriously~~! prove that i haven't solat terawih for some time already.ai~

and behold,a new trend! Telekung Pose is the new Chanel.haha.just look at these pics.

aizam and sarah~

kononnye nk pi Mekah la ni.

cool eh?
tho not as cool as this.


anyway,we celebrated Mak Uda's birthday at that time.she's 56 this year. and people wished her to live a long life,and also maybe,meet a new man,at the same time as her daughters. (Pak Uda already passed away) and yeah,people found it funny.

ha-ha. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.maybe she'll meet a young man just like demi moore and ashton kutcher.haha.

not funny,i know.haha.

this is mak uda.....

and this is her BIRTHDAY CAKE!

and that's Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.huhu.

there was this conversation between me and mak long.

Alisa found out that the Secret Recipe cake is Chocolate Indulgence,not Cheesecake.

Alisa: la...nape bukan cheesecake??
Mak Long: chocolate ke? mak long tak ske.chocolate pahit~~
Alia: chocolate ni manis,mak long.
Alisa: cheesecake lagi sdap,mak long.
Mak Long: cheesecake? sdap ke?
Alia: Mak Long tau ke cheesecake tu pe?
Mak Long: *smile* yang makanan tikus tu kan?
Alia: *laughed very hard*
Mak Long: *???* camne cheesecake tu?
Alia: *didn't know how to explain,so-* SUSU BASI!

haha.really tho,mak long is too cute.haha.

k.that's all.tata!


23 August, 2009

iPod classic?

A'kum n ello..

u know,i've been thinking of buying this 1 little thing.and that thing is an iPod.

iPod,as in iPod Classic.

yup.that big iPod that look like this one here.

seriously,i want this iPod BADLY!!!!!

i know it was a shame when i lose my iPod nano cos i left it inside my pants and the washing machine 'washed' and broke it,but maybe that's the signal that i have to buy another one.something better,something big.

last time,the iPod nano had 2GB memories.i can only save around 400 songs.
if i buy this iPod classic,i'll have 120GB memories and maybe can save around 4000 songs.

major difference right?


it's not like i don't have the money to buy it,but what will my father say when he see the ipod?

still, i'm off age and the money that i'll use is already mine.

i dunno how could haniyana bought all those stuff like Wii and mp3 without her parents approval.didn't she feel anything?aha

k now.

22 August, 2009

1st day of Puasa

A'kum n ello..

my first day of iftar(buka puasa) was at acu's house.haha. mak uda's family also there.huhu.

nothing much happened except the usual gossips..seriously,aizam is the world's best gossip talker.hahaha.

she even know my father's secrets.what the hell,rite?cis.haha.

k now.

pictures for you peeps.

the food for our iftar. snapped this pic before they went to Solat Terawih. and yes,yes.that's my sister,not alien workshop.haha.

oh.before the iftar, i went to sunway pyramid with my dad and sis. my father bought me a new camera's charger cos the former charger was already wrecked.and i saw this Olympus camera.

Olympus Pen (model: EP-1)
correct me if i'm wrong.i'm not really a camera lover.
anyway,the camera is very unique and cute and retro-ish. however,the price is really blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. i know about this camera when i read kenny sia's blog.hahaha.the salesgirl there laughed when i said to my dad "alia tau pasal kamera ni pun sbb alia bace kat kenny sia nye blog" then my father replied "KENNY SIA??" and that girl laughed.

should i type ha-ha?

anyway, maybe cos we were fasting today,so we went home early without buying anything.


tomorrow maybe have iftar at mak uda's house.another lala then.