18 August, 2009

MY-TVXQ Gathering

A'kum n ello..

guess who is this chinese guy?

answer: he's a DBSK's fanboy!!

i know this is a late story,still,the gathering was a nice memory that i don't want the 50 year old me to forget.hoho.


date: 09/08/2009.
time: 12pm-1.30pm
venue: McDonald Titiwangsa.
TVXQ a.k.a DBSK Gathering.

it was nice. we(alia,emi,aqilah) went there around 11am cos we barely knew the route to the McD. still,emi actually know a lil bit about it,and i should also know where the place is cos it's near my birthplace,Hospital Tawakal.

anyway,we arrived around 11.50am,and we saw 3 girls whom we know as obvious DBSK fans cos of the RED shirt (official DBSK's colour).

anyway,we went into the McD,and nobody that look like a DBSK fan was around,so we went upstair,and still,no people that have the words "I AM MY-TVXQ MEMBER!" on their face,and so we just sat at a nearby table.

then,we saw this group of people.they were searching for something/someone,and so we thought,they might be the MY-TVXQ admins.so aqilah went to them,and asked the girls there,and yup,they are the MY-TVXQ people.

and so went into this one room,and they told us to seat according to our favourite members.

so, i went to Changmin's table, emi to Yunho's,and aqilah to Micky's.

me and emi.
we were holding the signs that show our table.

aqilah with her park yoochun sign.

and so i sat at my place. and when the place already full,you can already guess whose table got the most fans. Jaejoong's table cos the most girls,and Changmin's table only got me and Dorothy(a changmin fan) and Yunho's table got around 5-7 fans. micky's was around 4-5 and junsu's got no one? i'm not that sure.haha.

anyway,to start it off,the admins told us to introduce ourselves.and so we introduced ourselves.

oh btw, Dorothy was really2 hyper about changmin.she loves changmin more than me!!haha.anyway,my intro was like this.

alia: helo.i'm alia.i started to like DBSK since....(looked at emi)....since 2007. and i'm from shah alam
dorothy: who's ur favourite member?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
alia: changmin~~~~~~! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway,one of the admin,i'm not sure of her name,maybe vivien?or evien? i'm not sure myself.but she was like the host of the day,and she said that and that.

anyway, i know some of you might want to know this,among the fans,there's only 1 boy among us.aha. his name is jerry. and he's a jaejoong's fan.but he sat beside dorothy cos she's his friend and also bcos the jaejoong's table already full.haha.

anyway,my table kinda mixed up with junsu's (so-called) fans,so i talked mostly to them.haha.

anyway, i mingled(yeah,i intentionally used that word) with dorothy,jerry and april.april sat beside me,and she loves all the members,and bcos junsu's table was quite empty,so she sat there. all 3 of them are friends.

btw, this is when your ENVY mode have to be on.

so i talked to Dorothy and the others.Dorothy was the most talkative.and she absolutely in love with changmin.she told us about the MIROTIC's bangkok concert THAT SHE WENT TO and also the SM TOWN's bangkok concert.

i'm sooooo jealous!!!

alia: you're making me jealous with your stories.
dorothy: you should be!

and not bcos OF THAT.

she told us that she gave thumbs up to changmin,and changmin replied back with a thumb up and obviously with a SMILE!!! and during the SM TOWN concert,she saw Hee Chul kissed Shiwon,bcos they were totally in front of her.

both she and april told us what the DBSK boys were doing i.e fooling around at the concert,and i was like "now you're making me JEALOUS!!"

the only thing i could told her was,"i went to DBSK's KL concert" and she replied with a "i went too! i was running around at that place to see them up-close"

she beats me!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway, she told us that during the SM TOWN's concert,SHINee's taemin was very2 cute,and SNSD are really beautiful.

aha.oh,she went there with jerry and april.

while she talked to me excitedly,emi came to me and joined the conversation. dorothy asked her jokingly "what are you doing here?you're uknow's fan" .then i said to dorothy "she's being unfaithful to uknow".haha.

while dorothy talked about changmin excitedly, emi said "before this,i was a micky fan.then i go to (uknow) yunho,then i slowly like changmin". then i told dorothy, "changmin doesn't want someone like her,bcos he doesn't want an unfaithful person.shooh,shooh~~"

we were happily talking until viviene said that we only have 5minutes for the gathering to end.and so,we snap some pictures before we went bye bye.

you see me? i'm at the middle with that white tudung.beside me was dorothy.we were doing a changmin's poyo pose.haha.

both me and dorothy were not ready when this picture was taken.haha.

and here are the OFFICIAL PICTURES!haha.

and so,we asked dorothy,if they have another concert at bangkok,maybe we can just join her.and then she said "so now i kene buat rombongan la?" and then i said "yeah!rombongan!" and then she said "orang lain buat rombongan umrah,we all buat rombongan dbsk" i was laughing hard with this.haha.

and then,dorothy asked us where we're going after this,and we were planning to go to Korean Plaza,but dorothy said the place only open during office hours.and then she said "chat chat?" so we ended up stayed at McDonald,cos we were chit-chatting about DBSK until 4pm. it could be longer than that if we didn't realize that we haven't pray yet.

anyway,during our chit-chat, there was this story that i remember the most.dorothy said she always listen to DBSK's songs before she sleeps and bcos she was too absorb listening to the songs,she ended up sleep late,and wake up late.so April,had to tell her, "atas nama Changmin,you will only listen to one song" and bcos Dorothy just can't be disloyal to changmin,so she ended up listen to 1 song only.aha.

and that Jerry guy. he loves to laugh.he laughed in every reactions that we showed when dorothy told us all the stories about DBSK.haha. really tho,fangirls reactions really excite men,rite?haha.

and that's all.
i have analytical chemistry test tomorrow.


credits image: aqilah mohsin

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