03 August, 2009

A'kum n ello...

did i say i'm fasting today? seriously.i am.haha.

k,just few minutes after my sahur,i suddenly had the urge to vomit.

i vomit.
lots of water gone from my body,but it actually made me quite comfortable.i'm HEALTHY!yeay!

anyway, i have a new lab instructor for my Genetic lab.the lecturer quite friendly.she doesn't mind the craziness of our class.haha.cool rite?i'm happily having fun in this semester.Alhamdulillah~!!

and then,during Genetic lab,both me and KP talked about........PORN!!! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

haha.seriously,we talked about some dirty stuff and we were laughing about it.haha. it was a lil bit weird for us to talk it with aqilah,maybe cos she never really watch porn.but she was curious cos of our laugh,and so i told her about it.

she almost collapsed cos of laughter after listened to our storiES.haha.

i told her,"THIS is sex education"haha. and what a hypocrite i am.i told afiq ersyad that medic student use study as an excuse to talk about sex. Naturally, they (medic students) will learn it.haha.shitto.

it was laughable really.

and then,my craziness didn't end just that.

before Analytical Chemistry lecture,i asked Hamka when is our LDK (latihan dalam kumpulan).

and the conversation became like this.

Alia: Hamka,LDK bile?
Hamka: Esok petang.
Alia: -_-"
Aqilah: -laugh-

and then i saw Wan.and i told Aqilah "now lets see what Wan will answer when we ask him the same question"

Alia: Wan,LDK bile?
Wan: Semalam.
Alia & Aqilah: -laugh laugh laugh-

seriously,the real schedule of LDK was suppose to be last week,but bcos of the sudden Mid-Sem Holiday,the LDK is postponed to another date.

and to hear those kind of answers are really SOMETHING.haha.

another story that related to LDK.
the person that already listened to 2NE1's I don't Care song might understand this.

so i asked Afiq,my class rep,about the real date of LDK.he's a k-pop fan btw.

Alia: Afiq,LDK bile?
Afiq: Ape?
Alia: LDK bile?
Afiq: A..a...Ape?
Alia: LDK Bile...???
Afiq: A..a..ape??
Alia: (realized that Afiq was being an ass i.e being ignorant)(so..........._
Alia: I DON'T CARE....e....e....e...e....(sang 2NE1's i don't care)

then afiq laughed.cis.haha.
we invite him to join the MY-TVXQ's gathering.hoho.cool.and he said he wanna go.

and aqilah n me might skip this semester's LDK cos we want to go to that gathering IF the LDK happen to be on this Sunday.

btw,KP already plan to skip it cos she has a date with her boyfriend.aha.

and we're thinking to repeat it together next year bcos next semester won't be as busy as this semester.

and btw,thanks Liyana for picking me up at UiTM today. i'm sooooooooo grateful.seriously,i'm guilty.


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