27 February, 2007

Johnny's Entertainment quiz

found this at a forum....pretty nice..

1. When you meet someone for the first time, it takes you a pretty long time to open your heart to them.
For true, go to 2
For false, go to 7

2. You believe in the legend that people who are fated to be together are tied together by a red thread on their pinkies.
For true, go to 9
For false, go to 3

3. You're not bragging, but you rarely lose your stuff.
For true, go to 4
For false, go to 8

4. What type of food do you prefer?
A: Cheap but delicious fast food (go to 10)
B: French, Italian, or other high class food (go to 5)

5. If your heart was broken, you think you'd be the type who wouldn't recover for a while and stay depressed.
For true, go to 6
For false, go to 11

6. Even if it didn't fit with your tastes, if there was a type of clothing that was really popular, you'd buy it and try wearing it.
For true, go to 12
For false, go to 11

7. Rather than you treating others, there are more instances of you being treated by your friends.
For true, go to 13
For false, go to 8

8. You can't really wake up in the mornings.
For true, go to 14
For false, go to 15

9. Even if there was something bothering you, if you sleep one night you totally forget about it the next day.
For true, go to 16
For false, go to 15

10. Because your room is always kept clean, you never have things lying scattered around.
For true, go to 17
For false, go to 11

11. You often receive advice from your friends.
For true, go to 12
For false, go to 17

12. If when you look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house and your hair isn't set properly, you feel blue all through the day.
For true, go to 17
For false, go to 18

13. When you go out to eat, which is more common?
A: Going with your friends (go to 14)
B: Going alone to your favorite restaurant (go to 20)

14. You're often told by your parents and school teachers to be more quiet.
For true, go to 19
For false, go to 15

15. If you were to go to a movie, which would you see?
A: A love story (go to 20)
B: A suspense story (go to 21)

16. You've had a big fight with a friend before, to the point that it became awkward.
For true, go to 15
For false, go to 22

17. When you see a train door closing, you get flustered.
For true, go to 23
For false, go to 22

18. At school and other places, when you participate in group behavior...
A: You're good at it (go to 17)
B: You're not so good... (go to 24)

19. You have more than 5 friends of the opposite sex who you can talk to about anything.
For true, go to 25
For false, go to 27

20. If you were told to keep a secret by your friend, you would...
A: Never tell anyone (go to 26)
B: You might tell someone depending on the situation (go to 19)

21. You think that sometimes it may be necessary to lie in order to not hurt someone.
For true, go to 22
For false, go to 20

22. If it suddenly starts raining, just from that you become sort of blue.
For true, go to 27
For false, go to 30

23. You're often fooled by your friends and associates.
For true, go to 28
For false, go to 24

24. If you're walking down the street and you see something you want, you...
A: Buy it right away! (go to 29)
B: Decide after thinking about it (go to 30)

25. You love "trendy dramas"!
For true, go to 33
For false, go to 31

26. You at least look at more than just the TV pages in the newspaper.
For true, go to 32
For false, go to 25

27. In the future if you were to get married, you'd rather wait until you were an appropriate age than do it while you're young.
For true, go to 35
For false, go to 33

28. If you went on a trip, which would you prefer?
A: Have a relaxing trip to a hot springs inside the country (go to 27)
B: Go abroad and play (go to 29)

29. Rather than bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange, you prefer calm colors like navy, beige, and black.
For true, go to 36
For false, go to 33

30. At night, even if a friend calls you, if you're tired or it's bothersome you won't answer.
For true, go to 34
For false, go to 29

31. With your allowance or gift money, you...
A: Spend it all at once (go to A)
B: Put it into savings (go to B )

32. You love K1, pro wrestling, and boxing, and just watching them makes you happy.
For true, go to C
For false, go to 31

33. You're not satisfied unless you're the first to check out a popular artist's latest song.
For true, go to A
For false, go to 32

34. You're good at handling and playing with babies and small children.
For true, go to D
For false, go to 35

35. When you're playing a video game and you can't get past a part, you...
A: Give up in the middle (go to F)
B: Try until you finish! (go to C)

36. You think it's nearly impossible to win a lot of money at a lottery.
For true, go to 35
For false, go to E

A Bright and frivolous type
You're always bright and fun. You posess the power to make the people around you happy. But if you get too excited, you might be called a "frivolous person"!?
Members: Akanishi Jin, Jimmy Mackey, Kamenashi Kazuya, Yonehana Tsuyoshi, Kawai Fumito, Katou Shigeaki, Fujigaya Taisuke, Akama Naoya, Nakaegawa Rikiya, Kusano Hironori, Nikaido Takashi

B Dilligent and nervous type
You keep your promises, and have an ability to make plans, you're a very dilligent person. But you also have a side where you get nervous about minute things. It might be good for you to become more big-hearted.
Members: Yamashita Tomohisa, Hasegawa Jun, Taguchi Junnosuke, Akiyama Jun, Murakami Shingo, Koyama Keiichirou, Yokoo Wataru, Machida Shingo, Iida Kyohei, Tsukada Ryoichi

C Tough and stubborn type
You hate to bend, and want to do everything precisely, you're tough and wild. Having strong intentions is proper, but you have a tendency to become too stubborn.
Members: Takizawa Hideaki, Toushin Yoshikazu, Tanaka Koki, Yokoyama Yuu, Masuda Takahisa, Goseki Kouichi, Uchi Hiroki, Nishikido Ryo, Uesato Ryota, Moriuchi Takahiro

D My pace and big-hearted type
You don't worry about the small things, and are lively and dependable. Your friends always count on you. As long as you try to keep harmony with your surroundings, you have nothing to fear!
Members: Hamanaka Bun'ichi (there were only 6 people who got this one, and most are unknown to me^^Wink

E Dreaming romanticist type
You're always describing big dreams. Although you're a very sensitive and naive person, if you only talk about your dreams, you may be taken by "escapism"...
Members: Nakamaru Yuuichi, Yasuda Shouta, Ueda Tatsuya

F Cool and detached type
Whatever happens you stay composed, you're an elite type who can advance things calmly. But if you're too composed, you'll be thought of as "always detached," so don't forget to smile!
Members: Imai Tsubasa, Ikuta Touma, Kazama Shunsuke, Maruyama Ryuhei, Shibutani Subaru, Totsuka Shouta, Ohkura Tadayoshi

Credit to vanggirlie from xanga

anyway...if u dunno who are those japanese guys...no worries..there always have google!

anyway...i got F:cool and detached...ikuta toma in it!!!!!!!

being moody

a'kum n elo..

nowadays...i feel myself being moody...not that i haven't realize it...but it just something that i am being careful right now...slip~...i don't want my greatest secret to slip from my mouth...but still...i can shout something stupid to shazizan about buying me grey's anatomy season 1 cd for my birthday next week and even tease liyana about something stupid...huhu...but anyway...i just keep this scary secret to myself..sorry liyana n hani,this is not the suitable time to tell you both..

anyway,now...my father's laptop already alright...cos my father suddenly back from Jeddah..no calls and no annoucement,just stand there at my bedroom door with a beard with him..haha....my bro told me n my sis b4 that he will be home..but i was too tired at that time to know it's true or not..huhu...neway...he's back and the whole family is like,happy..!..n also relax...~~...haha...he called me just now...he said he wanted to buy jdorama for me...haha...mind you,he said rm30(for a vcd) is EXPENSIVE...i told him that i bought the DVD for RM49!...haha...but he still want to buy the vcd anyway..he asked which one i want but all the cds that he mention already bought by me(scary!)....he asked the saleswoman what drama that's good...i heard my father said 'FAMILY'...hrm..i dunno about that...hope it just good...~~...

anyway...have to solat...tata!!

22 February, 2007


a'kum n ello...

the mates from school already know why i am being so crazy n happy today...n the ppl who not from school obviously know what i'm so happy about...LIVERPOOL beat barcelona 2-1 and at Nou Camp!!!....haha...ppl said liverpool will try to get AN away goal or maybe just a draw bfore they meet barcelona for the 2nd leg later this march...but nope..the REDS beat those barca 2-1..hehe..2 AWAY goals!...and barca at least have to score 2 goals at anfield...gonna be tough for them cos it's anfield and also bcos the match will be held on my birthday (u.k time,though)....anyway...i woke up at 3.30am just to watch this match,(sorry mate,no way i will miss this match!) and i was also a lil bit weak with my body cos i got a slight fever and i also thought to skip school....but liverpool won the match...and me,as a liverpool supporter,have to use my responsibility as a football fan to tell those arsenal/man utd/chelsea fans at school about this greatest victory to them..and so..i went to school~...bless me,those jealous faces are still in my mind right now...huhu...but anyway...i must not get carry away with this victory...just like craig bellamy said,"this is only the half time"....the 2nd half still have to play and Insyaallah,Liverpool will win at Anfield..AMIN~~!

chinese new year already past and the oath i give to myself have to be done...i have to study hard after this cos the spm is nearly here...yesterday's biology questions at tuitions were very hard...but it was my fault anyway...the questions were not that hard if i remember those scientific names...(and again,i forgot what is mitochondria)....haish...and anyway...thank you,makcik azah for realizing me this..i'm a FAILURE!...my stupid mouth did the talking that i will study on that chinese new year holiday...but my body didn't do anything what my mouth said...haish~~~~....

that's all though....what a sad ending btw...cos i dunno what to say..but still....LIVERPOOL VICTORY!!!...

  • the budin is shazizan~

  • i forgot about ronaldinho when liverpool played against them..

  • and momo sissoko was immense!

  • my birthday is 12 days away!

  • xabi alonso cut his hair and really look like a nerdy kid

  • fyi,liverpool is the 2nd english team that defeat barca at nou camp...and fyi again,the 1st english team was also liverpool

  • oh,sarjie also know about this blog cos a certain SOMEONE told him...but maybe that SOMEONE intro her blog to him and then he saw my blog link at her blog..and....so on....


  • lalalalala...LIVERPOOL WIN!!!!
  • 16 February, 2007

    old n new meeting

    a'kum n ello..

    thank God i can blog right now...huhu...the comp always hang when i sign in to this blogger...but no matter...my job to blog for ur ppl sake(or maybe not) will be done today!..

    1stly...i better explain about this siti sisters situation..a friend of mine,fatin aqilah,always call ppl siti to any ppl that she know or maybe see...when teacher ask who is that person,she will say"siti"...she even say it with a special tone...and that laura fernandez..my friends want her to have a malay name..n so we think that leha is suitable with her name...and all those friends of mine have another idea...they also want a new name...n so...each of us have our own crappy,village name...n here are the list of our name:

  • alia(me) : latepah

  • hani : gaya

  • emilia : munah

  • ainaa : minah

  • fatin aqilah : baya

  • marjani : pe'ah

  • nazneen : temah

  • najwa : joyah

  • aqilah : bedah

  • n all of these are the names for each of us...and bcos fatin always call us siti...and we also think that laura's full malay name is siti saleha...so we think that all of us have to put siti also..n so i think that all of us can be call as the siti sisters...n now u get it?..a few guys have their names also...we change shazizan's name to budin..but i rather not think that the budin in the cbox is shazizan..i dun think he is too sensitive about knowing ppl's blog...it's not that i'm stupid enough to believe that is him anyway..huhu....

    adam asked me why i drop tasawur....hrm...the reason is bcos i don't think i can handle another reading subject....biology n chemistry are too difficult for me to memorize...so..it is better for me to relax my mind by let go another memorizing subject so that i can work hard to the more important subjects...like what my father said before"choose subjects that relevent to ur ambition"...so i think i better drop tasawur cos it's not really effect my future and if u wonder why i still continue akaun...bcos i think maybe i open my own shop later...huhu....so..hope this answer ur question,adamon....

    that's all then..blog again maybe tomorrow..

  • in my previous post..i told you i saw someone like mozart(real name:aizatt)...n fyi...yup..it was him...he sent a comment to confirm that if that girl he saw is really me...the comment was like "IF im not mistaken. I saw u walking wit skool uniform kluar dari shah alam mall. am i rite? hahaha. "...why the hell he had to put the hahaha?

  • i never know that seksyen 8 has a tasik!!...i went there with emi,mimi,syakira n aqilah nadia...surprise to see that place though...they said the place is a part of bkt cerakah

  • happy gong xi fa cai!

  • maybe i will go to bt pahat this chinese new year..but i doubt the shops in summit bt pahat will be open on that day...hrm..

  • my dear lil sis...u r not minah

  • liyana,stop that "yo,my fren!"...i heard that words in my head 24/7

  • oh!..blogging is mostly done by female...but female are not stupid,stupid!

  • and i meet a friend of mine from my primary skool!
  • 15 February, 2007

    some craziness


    remember my previous post?..about the mak cik azah...??...i dunno why..she became like a good person..but still..i didn't feel that nice-ness very well...she is the reason i get caned by mr hakim at skool today...da...if she can got early for 5 minutes...maybe i won't get caned by him...i even had to stand for 1 hour at the dataran sinar and missed pj...heard that the pj class today was interesting...haish...but still...lucky ainun was also late..so..she was with me,standing together with other latees...there was something to be happy about this late-to-school...i did my chemistry homework while standing.. cool..

    yesterday was valentine's day...i gave shazizan a shirt...haha...it was not a valentine present....but it was his birthday present...the reason i gave him was not because some stupid reason like i like him or etc...but more stupid than that..i gave him bcos i want him to give me present for my birthday...haha...i gave him a quicksilver shirt and no way i would buy the original quicksilver for him..too expensive...but that shirt was already expensive anyway cos i already thought to buy something that below rm20...but the shirt's price is more than that..but whatever...it's the thoughts that count...he said the shirt was good...so i happy...lucky for him that the shirt is really his size...huhu...but wonder why i gave him on the valentine's day?....his birthday was 6th january...reason?..i just wanna joked with him that it was my valentine gift for him...haha..stupid eh?...huhu...

    anyway..that's all..maybe later i'll blog again...very sleepy..

  • my acu got breast cancer..luckily it was only a first stage cancer...but she already had an operation at 2pm today

  • i really can't stop laughing from that aina-chase-car-debate thing....hahahahahahahah!!!

  • taiki talked to me!

  • minah,thanx for the kit kat!

  • barca vs kops next week!

  • farahin sulked at me yesterday bcos i didn't buy her an ice-cream..but today...she greeted me like there was nothing happen

  • my sister treated me kit kat and also twisties..and she also treat liyana rocky...wonder what made her happy today

  • li>i think i saw mozart (my myspace mate) when i was walking home to school..i know he will be back from uk..but maybe that person is not him~..(but he looked at me like he knew me though)..

    10 February, 2007

    Some things

    a'kum n ello..

    my comp got hanged and what i blogged before was na-da! but anyway...just something to say bfore the clocks tick 1.00am...

  • i don't like shazizan,my dear frens..i hope you don't guess him,munah

  • taiki talked to me!

  • i totally said the truth..i study!

  • i hate younger man..eventhough the man is 1 day older than me

  • my dad is the coolest eventhough he called me at 1.51am just to inform me that bbc have news about liverpool

  • i went home with arif arfan last wednesday...and told him that i always saw him walking alone when he is walking home..and also told him that i sometimes wave at him when i was in the car...but unfortunately he saw nothing

  • i didn't pay my tuitions fee for 2 months

  • harry potter and the deathly hollow will be out 21st july

  • 2 ppl will die and like usual,jk rowling said "i didn't intend to kill them"..yeah,right

  • yellow team last again

  • ppl call me Tepah nowadays...full name:siti latepah

  • costa rican' laura fernandez malay name is leha

  • xabi alonso won't play against newcastle

  • i am sleepy

  • i trust my father to upgrade my iMac

  • that's all!
  • 09 February, 2007


    a'kum n ello..adam told me my blog is quite boring..i understand u correctly,adamon...n so...i just say what i feel and everything that happen in my life this will sometimes be here(or maybe not) whether you know it or not eventhough you like it or not,dear adam..

    let me tell u something that explain the meaning of dislike and hate...

  • dislike : u don't hate her..u just don't like her cos she is annoying..but u can just forgive her later cos it's not really a big deal

  • hate : easy,hate is the opposite of love...u just can't forgive her..

  • now u get my meaning,my dear fellowship of friends?...by typing her..u eventually know who..n u answer it correctly,dear munah....it is,just like ur answer...my dear,evil,irritating stepmum...warning u before...if i type bad words..forgive me..it is sincerely typing habit and also..THIS IS MY BLOG..

    i hate her...(i made it capital)..I HATE HER...maybe it's bad for me to say this...n maybe i am a hypocrite for saying this cos later she'll top up my credit and also give me money and all...but i don't mind...i can assure you something...i am the most hypocrite stepdaughter in the world....years,months,weeks,days,minutes,seconds....i finally find out who i hate most..n that is my own stepmum...maybe someone told me that my stepmum not as bad as others..but this is my point of view...i can hate her..she control too much of my life...some ppl will say,"she done what's best for you"...like i'm too stupid to know that...but i beginning to realize the breakdown of my life...especially things that related to my future aka my studies....she control it...i know the tuition fee is too much...like hell i dunno that...i know it is rm200++...but this is my SPM year..!!...and we have the money!....why can't u just let me study on my own?...i know u are an ex-tun fatimah student...but do u think i care?....nope,steppy..i dun mind...when i don't study,u nag...and when i study,u nag...she doesn't even understand what i feel but she's like "i know what u did last summer"...sumthing like dat....

    ok2..let me say from the start...i was study...and dat woman asked me something that very rude to my point of view..."alia,alia rasa alia bleh score A1 fizik ke?"...i was like,not the tuition stuff again~~....i said "i think i can.but i think i'll sux if i change tuition"...and she nag after dat...usual stuff btw...mahal,mahal,so on,mahal....trust me,will you?...i'm not stupid....right now...i'm totally in the mood to study...after the scene about me-a sucker in add math....i was like study-but mainly,add math..i already completed 2 chapters of form4 add math....n i'm getting used to books...so..it is better for her not to change my mood for the remaining 9 months...if my spm sux...i just have one person in mind to blame,HER....if she doesn't enter my life when i was form2...maybe my study still as high as before..but later on..with her in my family....i lose focus and mood to study..tell you something..i never feel this 'free' before...i hate her for this...i'm a genius to failure....da...but not this year,woman...another bite u gave me..i bite you till blood drain from your vein and i will study totally well...and maybe someone just have to be careful...haha...

    good things continue later...

    Alia:stepteen_lfc, Ayah:aghastduke

    chat with my father some times ago..so...this is it...

    aghastduke [offline 09:19:28 pm]: mlm dah mkn?
    stepteen_lfc [09:22:41 pm]: kenyang lagi..
    aghastduke [09:23:02 pm]: study ok?
    stepteen_lfc [09:23:03 pm]: nanti ayah upgrade kan komp apple ni leh tak?
    aghastduke [09:23:20 pm]: nape....?
    stepteen_lfc [09:23:50 pm]: komp ni asyik hang je..
    stepteen_lfc [09:23:56 pm]: n takleh tgk video..
    stepteen_lfc [09:24:19 pm]: n ade certain fle yg kawan alia attach ntuk hw kat emel tak leh dl..
    aghastduke [09:27:52 pm]: ok...tunggu ayah balik
    stepteen_lfc [09:29:14 pm]: huhu..
    stepteen_lfc [09:29:16 pm]: thanx/..
    stepteen_lfc [09:29:17 pm]: neway..
    stepteen_lfc [09:29:20 pm]: study alia ok je..
    aghastduke [09:29:32 pm]: exam bile
    stepteen_lfc [09:29:37 pm]: kat skolah kalo tade mende alia bace buku..
    stepteen_lfc [09:29:44 pm]: 5 mac..
    stepteen_lfc [09:30:59 pm]: ade satu ari tu kan..
    stepteen_lfc [09:31:05 pm]: alia tgh blaja kat bwh..
    stepteen_lfc [09:31:13 pm]: pastu mak cik azah tibe2 bebel..
    aghastduke [09:31:30 pm]: bebel pasal ape?
    stepteen_lfc [09:31:35 pm]: alia rasa tension sbb alia tg blaja..
    stepteen_lfc [09:31:37 pm]: *tgh
    stepteen_lfc [09:31:42 pm]: so..
    stepteen_lfc [09:31:56 pm]: alia agak rude pi naik atas lps tu..
    stepteen_lfc [09:32:06 pm]: alia lupe dah..
    stepteen_lfc [09:32:14 pm]: alia tak ske nak igt blk..
    stepteen_lfc [09:32:27 pm]: sbb waktu alia blaja..
    stepteen_lfc [09:32:33 pm]: alia tak ske tibe2 bad mood..
    aghastduke [09:32:43 pm]: ape yg dia bebel kan...?
    stepteen_lfc [09:33:12 pm]: about tusyen nye fee kot..
    stepteen_lfc [09:33:17 pm]: sbb mahal..
    stepteen_lfc [09:33:25 pm]: tp kalo nak tukar tusyen..
    stepteen_lfc [09:33:32 pm]: alia rasa nanti alia k.o plak..
    stepteen_lfc [09:33:36 pm]: sbb tibe2 tukar..
    aghastduke [09:33:39 pm]: alia rude camner
    stepteen_lfc [09:33:41 pm]: alia dah bisae ngan tusyen tu..
    stepteen_lfc [09:33:49 pm]: alia kemas buku then naik atas...
    stepteen_lfc [09:34:36 pm]: waktu dia tgh bebel..
    aghastduke [09:34:48 pm]: relax.....bukan dia yg duduk exem nnti...
    stepteen_lfc [09:35:42 pm]: tau..
    stepteen_lfc [09:35:47 pm]: tp alia tak ske la..
    stepteen_lfc [09:35:55 pm]: waktu alia blaja pun dia nak bebel..
    stepteen_lfc [09:36:15 pm]: sumer time dia bebel..
    stepteen_lfc [09:36:23 pm]: n tadi pun alia bengang gak..
    stepteen_lfc [09:36:26 pm]: tgh tusyen td..
    stepteen_lfc [09:36:35 pm]: dia kata nak amik dr tusyen awal..
    stepteen_lfc [09:36:36 pm]: so..
    stepteen_lfc [09:36:42 pm]: alia kene kuar dr tusyen tu awal..
    stepteen_lfc [09:36:50 pm]: tgk2 dia amik alia lmbt..
    stepteen_lfc [09:36:55 pm]: smpi alia miss maghrib..
    aghastduke [09:41:40 pm]: ade beli buku2 revision?
    stepteen_lfc [09:45:41 pm]: yup...
    stepteen_lfc [09:45:56 pm]: but alia nak complete kan yg buku revision for 4 dulu..
    stepteen_lfc [09:46:06 pm]: *form
    stepteen_lfc [09:46:14 pm]: nak igt blk..
    aghastduke [09:49:06 pm]: ape citer terbaru org BP/TM
    stepteen_lfc [09:53:54 pm]: tade pe..
    aghastduke [09:54:05 pm]: acu?
    stepteen_lfc [09:54:07 pm]: diorg tak cite pape..
    stepteen_lfc [09:54:13 pm]: acu pun tade pape..
    stepteen_lfc [09:54:16 pm]: ok je..
    aghastduke [10:11:02 pm]: Alia?
    stepteen_lfc [10:11:38 pm]: yup?
    aghastduke [10:11:52 pm]: MC Azah tgh buat ape?
    stepteen_lfc [10:14:22 pm]: tatau..
    stepteen_lfc [10:14:29 pm]: alia duk dlm bilik je..
    aghastduke [10:14:44 pm]: MC Azah ngan Ica ok?
    stepteen_lfc [10:15:15 pm]: ok je..
    stepteen_lfc [10:15:24 pm]: alia rasa alia ngan mak cik azah yg tak ok..
    aghastduke [10:15:42 pm]: MC Azah ngan Haikal?
    aghastduke [10:15:54 pm]: MC Azah ngan Amin?
    stepteen_lfc [10:16:04 pm]: rasanye ok..
    aghastduke [10:18:49 pm]: camne Alia leh rasa cuma Alia jer tak ngam dgn dia
    stepteen_lfc [10:19:12 pm]: dlm keter td tak ckp pape ngan dia..
    aghastduke [10:19:26 pm]: lagi
    stepteen_lfc [10:19:28 pm]: alia tak rasa uncomfortable sgt ngan dia..
    stepteen_lfc [10:19:31 pm]: tu je..
    stepteen_lfc [10:19:38 pm]: alia tak cam alisa..
    stepteen_lfc [10:19:47 pm]: sume mende nak bitau je mak cik azah..
    stepteen_lfc [10:19:51 pm]: kalo alia ade masalah..
    stepteen_lfc [10:19:55 pm]: alia bitau kwn alia..
    stepteen_lfc [10:19:59 pm]: bkan mc azah..
    aghastduke [10:21:08 pm]: Alia x baik ngan Acu?
    stepteen_lfc [10:22:33 pm]: ok je..
    stepteen_lfc [10:22:41 pm]: but alia tak trust acu sgt..
    stepteen_lfc [10:22:51 pm]: takut acu bitau rg tg malim yg lain..
    stepteen_lfc [10:22:55 pm]: kalo kawan alia tu..
    stepteen_lfc [10:23:05 pm]: alia rasa selesa skit..
    aghastduke [10:23:48 pm]: acu beritahu sal ape....
    stepteen_lfc [10:24:01 pm]: tak igt dah..
    aghastduke [10:28:08 pm]: Ayah solat asar jab
    stepteen_lfc [10:28:16 pm]: ok..'
    aghastduke [10:49:52 pm]: Alia?
    stepteen_lfc [10:50:17 pm]: yup..
    stepteen_lfc [10:50:20 pm]: nak nanye skit..
    aghastduke [10:50:27 pm]: ok...
    stepteen_lfc [10:50:36 pm]: alia rasa alia nak drop tasawur Islam..
    stepteen_lfc [10:50:45 pm]: sbb byk sgt subjek yg kene bace..
    stepteen_lfc [10:51:02 pm]: n alia dah amik extra akaun..
    aghastduke [10:52:20 pm]: ok.....u just focus.....on the subject yg relevant to your ambision
    stepteen_lfc [10:52:52 pm]: ok...
    aghastduke [10:57:31 pm]: Alisa dah tidor?
    stepteen_lfc [10:58:09 pm]: lum..
    stepteen_lfc [10:58:16 pm]: dia tgh tgk tv,,
    aghastduke [10:58:46 pm]: ok Alia.....Ayah nak signoff
    aghastduke [10:58:46 pm]: kirim salam kat sume
    stepteen_lfc [11:00:15 pm]: ok..
    stepteen_lfc [11:00:21 pm]: bye2..

    more of this later...

    06 February, 2007

    Nothing in School except Math

    A'kum n ello..

    this week can be the bz-est week in school cos of the preparation of the sports day that will be held this friday....n just this morning...the tarik tali competition was already started n end before recess...the tarik tali was the most awesome sport in the school cos of the passion that all ppl gave to their team...n me...let me see~...i am alia liverpool...who really like sports but never played them cos i am low in stamina...but still...i can be said as passionate to the team..huhu....when ppl shouted for the green n red team...i,a yellow-team,shouted for my yellow team eventhough the game played was between green n red n no yellow involve...haha...fyi,i am the only,YELLOW team,yell for my team in that situation( u know what i mean,no yellow involve)....i left hani alone cos she was being guilty,too guilty to be exact cos the yellow girls team didn't go to the final and she thought maybe the team lose cos of her...and before i know...she already called her sis to come to the school to send her sports clothes so that she can pull the rope with the others for the 3rd and 4th game-placing n again,before i know (sorry for this,cos i forgot about the 3rd and 4th game-placing cos i went to the class early than expected), n the yellow team girl was all hyped up with her present for the team...the team won the 3rd place...huhu...n hani was called a hero after that...haha...no me to support her all the way though..what a friend~.....but she ate my nasi goreng after that(all of it)...so...that's the present,mate...

    last monday,there was this costa rican girl came to my school...name laura fernandez....she is my classmate right now...1st time i look...she remind me of betty...haha...lucky she didn't have any braces....she will be involve in other class..i dunno what class..but her root class is my class,5sc1...welcome to the class that full of genius and also annoying little brat...haha...i had diificulty to talk with her the 1st time i talk to her...cos she doesn't understand bm n also english..so..it was kinda hard for me...but later on...she's cool...i just have to talk in english with her but in a slow way...huhu...that's english btw...it's not a fast-speaker language..just slow n calm...not like sarimah's english..huhu...found out that she didn't have any religion..so...she's not even christian..hrm...that is understandable...south american are mostly unreligion....but she's sweet....n aina..no need to murtad her..just show her some new thing n that is Islam..huhu....

    that's all!

  • heard that the boys (naquib,hamzah,afiq e,ben) talked about dragon ball..damn,i love that manga!!!..i tried to join them..but felt intimidated suddenly..da~

  • already bought that train man aka densha otoko dvd..thanx to my sis about this

  • Oguri Shun!!!!!!
  • 02 February, 2007

    Friday Night

    a'kum n ello..

    many things i want to say in this blog in this recent days..but the blogger really irritate me..when i signed in to this blogger...my comp will get hang..but Alhamdulillah..nothing like dat happen right now...so..i'm ok...many things happen in this week...such as liverpool won over west ham 2-1...the news said that the 2nd goal was a very good build-up goal from liverpool..from what i read at the liverpoolfc.tv's msg board...the ppl there said it like that goal was a goal of the season...maybe my knowledge of footie still less cos i don't think there was something to boast about from that goal...riise's pass to crouch...then that pole scored it...just that..but from what i read at the msg board..it said like,"gerrard pass the ball to xabi,xabi cheekily pass it back to gerrard,gerrard pass it to bellamy from far,then bellamy pass it to riise,then riise pass to crouch that shot the ball toward the goal"...pass,pass n pass n scored..kool!...but why i'm stupid not to realize it?...haish..blame this iMac(version 9.2!) cos i can't watch any vid from utube...haish2...but tomorrow will have the merseyside derby at anfield...evertoon!watch out!..the reds is marching in!

    last monday,my family celebrate my lil sis befday...i dunno what to give her..so..i gave this something(i dunno what it is) name Lucido Silky Straight Serum...at 1st,i forgot she just use this kind of thing to other ppl's hair...but not hers..but later..i found out this prob but i dun really mind cos maybe she can use it for my hair...haha...mak cik azah gave her these expensive hair-bands and my father (send to her;not from Jeddah but he called a flourist shop in msia) a bear n bouqouet of roses and also a discman...my bro didn't buy her present yet..so..dat's her befday...n next,it will be mine..can't wait cos my father asked me what i want for my birthday...i told him i want a sony ericsson w300...he said i want ap or ori...i dun understand what he said so i said ori..but later he said something that i totally don't understand..so..(i'm lazy to tell u what it is cos i totally don't understand so i don't want to waste my time..)..but if ppl asked me what i want for my birthday...i will answer it,"easy..liverpool stuff"...hehe..

    oh!...cos this is friday night..obviously many ppl will online..haha..my dad online,hani also,emi (just for awhile cos she later watch that goong drama) n DD...haha..the person that u saw the name at the cbox...she add me at ym..i dunno how she got it..but maybe she got it from the blogger profile..i dun really mind though..very2 nice person...at first..she said something too good..'every night is a school night' thingy n she really back-up my stepmum...at 1st..i thought maybe she is mak cik azah's fren or maybe my father's...but nope..i asked my dad about it...he said he dunno anyone with her ym id...but my dad asked me something like is she good or not...i said she really good...gave me advice like she is oprah...and my dad said"good..let her be ur kakak angkat"...hrm..nvr thought of that..but then...when i chat with dd again...she asked when my birthday..and i said 6th march...and like u all ppl know...i'm a very tak malu girl..haha...i told her to give me pressie for my birthday..and cool,she said she will register my name and pay the LSCM membership fee for me for my birthday...COOL!!!!!...my,she's cool...~...hoho...kkk...i think i blog too long...maybe later if my eyes don't feel too heavy right now..maybe i blog again...hehe..kk..tata then..!

  • i am soo happy! taiki,taiki,taiki!

  • a costa rican name laura fernandez will be my classmate next week

  • bought hana yori dango dvd at sg wang yesterday

  • DESPERATELY wanna buy that Train Man(densha otoko) dvd!!!!