27 January, 2014

Treat people better at wedding

It is 3.04am and i am resisting myself from falling asleep.
To be honest, i had a very mindful weekend. There were plenty of stuff on my mind. Maybe i am in my period which end up making me very very sensitive in every small matters that happened around me.
Like that wedding i went to few days ago.
I rather not say who, but it was a wedding of someone that i knew when i was 11. A man, who acted like a girl and nicknamed Sizuka, got married to his childhood crush, his Nobita (a girl). I went to his wedding, feeling so excited to meet him and my old schoolmates. But when i went to that wedding, i could not even say the word "congratulations" to him and i could not even take a picture with him or even a nice 'hey, long time no see'.
Oh. You might wonder if he is a handsome guy or something. But no, he is not. But he is a nice guy. But i think him and his wife need to learn how to treat guests better.
They did not even smile at us. Not even a single hello. I was like an uninvited guest. To be honest,  i feel hurt.
There was i, excited to see him and naggy personality in his wedding dress. He finally married his childhood dream. But he end up making me feel like a hopeless friend.
Yeah, we never contacted each other. Yeah, we were not the nicest girls when we were in school. We were among the crazy bunch, unlike the other girls who were among the sweetest shy bunch. But to be treated like stranger at a wedding that someone actually invited you (with a card) is painful.
I thought i was the only one who felt hurt with that treatment. Apparently some others also feel the same.
You might have the most Islamic wedding of all time, but if you do not treat others with the way Islam teaches you, i think you have to stop for a bit and look yourself in the mirror and realize that you have to be more humble.
Maybe this is why i hate going to weddings. Maybe.
Still, i am actually looking forward to the next wedding that i will attend to after this. So hopefully this one might give a better treatment than the previous ones.
Ok now. Have a good future ahead of you and me. AMIN!

Ps: Never forget your solat!!

17 January, 2014

Pre-Master thought


Today is Friday. Today is Thaipusam (have a happy one for those who celebrate) and also a public holiday.

It's not like public holiday is significant to me, nway. I've been staying at home for the last few months n to know that today is a public holiday is actually a miracle.

So, here i am. Doing nothing at home n watching Life is Pi. Even the movie does not inspire me to do anything good. I feel bored. I was planning to go out but i checked my purse and i only have a miser rm11. Tsk3. What can you do with rm11? Nothing!

And Najib said we should not complain about anything and give kangkung a bad name. Tsk2.

I should start reading journals now. I should,  shouldn't i? March is around the corner and i still am clueless. Do all pre-Master+PhD students are like this?

Ah well. I am nervous abt continuing my study But i take it as challenge. Truthfully, i am so excited, i cannot wait to start. I had enough holiday and to face another tiring journey actually makes me realize that i can be useful to others too and that makes me excited. I also realize that is a sign of workaholic. But who cares. This is a very good opportunity for me. Compare to others, i am a very very lucky person. I thank Allah S.W.T for that. Thank you thank you.

I do not know what to blog. For something memorable, look at this picture.

P/s: do not spread the picture to other places without permission

01 January, 2014

New Mobile Phone


My father gave me his old phone, Samsung Galaxy Note. 1. I.  ONE.

Yeah, the phone is old. The market already have the Note 3. I think. And i have just started using it ancient version.

Cannot really complain. My old phone had a tiny screen. Now, the new one has very big screen and my eyes maybe will end up like Ozil.

Yes, i used that joke again. My sis said that joke is not a joke. Hey, big eyes and Ozil are relatable and funny, ok?

Nway, i like this phone. Major flaw is that the previous owner did not take care of it nicely (yes, father. I am referring to you). He wrecked the charge hole. So i have to charge the phone externally.

Ah well. At least i still can use it.

And i can finally finish up Candy Crush. Yup, still playing. That game is like a challenge. You win it, you are powerful. You lose it, you are a loser. Haha. So i end up continue playing it.

And oh. Finally have the chance to try Camera360.



The eff.
I cannot upload the picture through my phone!!

Anyway, as the date shows: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!! InsyaAllah this year will be better than last year or awesomely good. 2013 was hectic and messy but the end products were brilliant. Have a nice year ahead. :)

[edit] eh, i can upload the picture lah! Me and Alena  ♥