28 February, 2010

me n cousin:wedding preparation

A'kum n ello...

message between me and my cousin.

(my cousin is currently preparing for her wedding)

cousin: alia,nanti nak join khatam Al-Quran masa kite kawin tak?
alia: ok.no hal.
cousin: alisa nak join skali ke?
alia: tak sure.dia join kot.
cousin: ok.nanti kene bagi rm50 for kain *blablablabla*
cousin: aku nak bapak ko sponsor telur boleh tak?
alia: haha.ko suro sendiri.kalo kitorang yang btau,dia ingat ktorang buat lawak.
cousin: ala.part yg nak suro sendiri tu la yang malas tu.
alia: ko yang nak kawin.so buat sendiri.
cousin: aku ni,syok2 nak kawin.baru aku perasan,aku dahla kawin 29/30 hb(May) karang.dah la aku tengah period.camne ni?
alia: ....
alia: ko nanye la bakal suami ko.yang ko nanye aku pehal la plak.mane la aku tau.
cousin: hoi,aku bkan cakap pasal malam pertama la!aku cakap pasal khatam Al-Quran tu.pikir kotor je ko ni.
alia: HAHAHAHHAHA.maap.hormon bdak yang nak masuk umo 20.ala,ko nanye la orang yang dah kawin.aku ni,umur pun blum lagi 20.
cousin: (no message received from her after that)

sengal eh?

wonder what will happened when i'm the one who get married.


i'll make sure that my wedding date won't be on the same day as the Liverpool match.seriously.

ta now.

A'kum n ello..

i dream that i have a nice man that will always be there for me.
loves me for who i am,what i wear,what i look like,what i say,what my habit is.

i dream that i have a nice family.
a normal family.that eat dinner together,that pray together,that laugh together.

i dream that i have a friend.
someone that know how sad i am,how mad i am,how confuse i am,how lonely i am.

but sometimes,
the man that i want only exist in my dream.
the family that i want only exist in my dream.
the friend that i want only exist in my dream.

you wonder.
why dream is not real.
why it just happen to be a dream.

how sad life is.

27 February, 2010

alia n maxis man.

A'kum n ello..

i really want to make a happy post.

i'll try to make it as happy as possible.


the whole day,couldn't really surf the net cos no connection.i really think Maxis was the main problem of this no connection thing.

my brother told me to call the Maxis man,but i told him that they'll give us the same reason just like the previous one..

still,i waited until 8pm.no connection. what the hell.

so i was frustrated.i called the Maxis man. a man at the end of the line. told him the problem.

then he told me to check the modem.he asked "is the DSL light blinking?"

(the modem got 4 lights.power,ethernet,dsl,internet.to connect to internet network,all 4 lights need to blink.but if either one them doesn't blink,no connection)

before i called him,and also in this 1 whole day, there were only 3 lights blinking from the modem.

and when that Maxis man told me to check the DSL light..........


i was looking at the phone.'now,what i should do?' i looked at my laptop.saw that Google Talk suddenly on and showed the emails in my inbox.

in my mind,i was like "ok.baru je nak call orang ni sebab takde internet.leh lak skarang ni ade internet?????"

so i told him about the 4 blinking lights.(so that he can assume that the internet connection is alright)

"oh.4 lampu dah blinking la"

guess he didn't heard that.cos suddenly, he said "ok.bkak internet explorer n masuk url ***.***.*.*."

so i did.

he told me what must i do and so on.

so i did.

he was really kind.he was so into helping me.haha.so i was really guilty when he was helping me to repair the connection when the connection already ok.

so i did this one childish thing.

(no.i didn't hang up the phone)

i told him "jap eh.nak check internet ade ke tak(even tho i already know that the internet is obviously there)"

that guy was quite for awhile.

then i clicked the Liverpool website.

then,i pretend to say "La....!!! ADA INTERNET LA!!!!"

and that guy was laughing really2 hard.

seriously.it was embarrassing.

so,to show that there really was no connection for the whole day, i asked him "kenape takde internet eh?"

he laughed.and then he asked "sejak bile takde internet?"

my reply "sejak pagi tadi.sejak kul 8 lebih sampai la time nak call ni"

maxis man: "so skarang dah ade la?"

alia: "yup"(i need EMOTICONS!!)

maxis man: "sure?"

alia: "InsyaAllah kalo lepas ni takde problem lagi"

maxis man: *laugh again*

maxis man: "ok.lepas ni kalau ade problem lagi,cik Alia boleh call balik,ok?"

alia: *small voice*ok~~~~~~

maxis man: terima kasih kerana menghubungi maxis.*happy voice*

alia: ok.tq. *whisper* sorry~~

hung up.

seriously.like wth eh? i was really embarrassed at that time. how the hell the internet suddenly ok at that EXACT moment?seriously tho.

tq Maxis man.

Customer Service people really are nice.haha.

so now,tata!

ps: i just remember that the conversation between the customer(me) and the maxis man(maxis man) are recorded,to improve the service.aiyo~~

another ps: she's a bitch.


A'kum n ello..

let me tell you this:



26 February, 2010

new layout.

A'kum n ello...

don't complain.
just get used to it.
no warna-warni.
black and white just like the way my shirts always been.
lame lame lame colour and layout and fonts.
still da same song.

seriously,this is the hormone of a teenage girl that waiting to become 20.


ps: i haven't checked if this layout has the comment link.oh well.u know what to do.

pre-birthday talk.

A'kum n ello..

6th March 2010.

know what date is that?know what it means?

it means,you have to prepare some gifts for the most BAIK friend of yours. who?누구?

of course! ME! 나! who else??


anyway, 20 is almost here. and i have to say,it's not the best moment in my life.i mean,20 is like the start of everything.it is the start when you have to think about your future,your marriage,how many kids??what work you want?which house to buy?which car to buy?what kind of sexy panties you have to wear after this?

seriously.20 is FULL OF RESPONSIBILITY.it is the start to start sucking up on people.

and so, yesterday, i told KP that if she thinks i'm being such a kiddy nowadays,that's bcos 20 is around the corner for me,and unlike her who was born on the last month of the year, she doesn't know what it feels like to be 20 at the start 3rd month of the year.

anyway, i was planning on having bbq on my birthday.i was thinking of asking some uitm close friends.but with ONE CONDITION: YOU CAN COME,BUT WITH A PRESENT!

so i told them that. only 1 people said ok about that condition,others were thinking i'm being a wank.

i'm a psychology tester kind of person.i judge people in my own kind of way.

anyway, the plan have to be cancelled tho. my maid will be having her holiday on MY BIRTHDAY(i dunno why the hell did she choose that date) so nobody will do the bbq for me,and i obviously can't do all the bbq stuff cos seriously,you only get BURN chicken instead of BBQ chicken.

so i was thinking,maybe i should ask my father to eat somewhere else then.

where eh?

my sister's birthday was at Victoria Station.


where eh?

maybe the place where this 2 girls not talking looking at each other?

and the place that has the BEST MUSHROOM SOUP ever?


ta then!

unirea 1-3 Liverpool

A'kum n ello..

Happy MAULIDUR RASUL,people!


anyway,was very sleepy last night. there was a Liverpool match last night,and while i was watching it,i suddenly doze off. i woke up when i found out that the opponent scored.and at that time,i was thinking "they scored when i fell asleep" so i tried to remain focused during the game.

Mascherano and Babel scored 2 goals in the 1st half.i was NOT sleeping at that time.

half-time whistle blew.so i went back to sleep.assigned the alarm to wake me up at 3am.

so i woke up around 3am.watched and watched.the opponent,Unirea,was very good in set-pieces.too many corners from them.then my sleepy mood attacked again.slowly,i went to sleep.i woke up when i saw Skrtel was on the ground,he was injured i think.

so then i saw the scored,3-1 to Liverpool.i was wondering who scored.found out,it was Gerrard.

then i'm off to sleep.
and Liverpool through to Last 16 and will meet Lille after this.

i really am tired nowadays.i even sleep during a Liverpool match.

ps: mind my way of blogging nowadays.i'm reading a classic book right now.so my english is kinda classic.

24 February, 2010

ignore me.

A'kum n ello...

have to say,i'm quite busy now.and i should do my Mycology lab reports instead of online and do nothing even though i told my sis that i am using the internet cos i need to do some research about the lab stuff.

no way i'll spend all my online time just for some research.nuh-uh.no way.

so i checked my tweetdeck,saw those tweets and facebook status.
found out that KARA's Nicole has twitter already.so NICE!!(check my twitter to find out her tweetname)

then i checked Liverpool's website.saw news about Aquilani to repay the fans' faith on him,and also about Michael Owen not the best penalty taker in Liverpool history.funny that this happened after the news about Xabi Alonso and Christiano Ronaldo are fighting with each other cos of some penalty kick thing.

then checked my email.nothing good in it.just some picture's comment about people wanna buy this Bill Shankly's t-shirt.nothing much,cos i don't have any money to buy it.


about my life of today.

kinda miserable.

i'm just not in the mood to have fun today. tho during the Physiology's lab,Amier and KP were making some stupid jokes,that makes me laugh just when i'm not in a good mood.

and seeing aqilah stalked my purse,my mood just got better.until amier suddenly took my purse and pulled out my I.C. i tooked the IC from him,and he told me that he never once see a good photo of girls on their IC card. i told him that unlike men who don't wear any tudung,women got problems when having their IC picture with their tudung on.

of course,women wanna look good when taking pictures. so we wore nice tudung to the IC center.then when we were confident of ourselves, suddenly the cameraman said "u have to change the tudung.too bright~" the smiles that you prepared for your IC all gone.you have to change your tudung.the only tudung that they prepared in the room are all hideous tudungs that maybe some 10weeks-of-no-bathe women use it.and those tudungs aren't comfortable like your usual tudung.so when you pose for your IC,you can't even smile,cos the tudung that you have right now is very hideous.so in the end,your IC has an ugly picture of you.

get it,amier?

and you said you look ugly in your IC cos your face is very2 bright.how nice.

and oh.my skill of asking people for money already gone lor. couldn't get any RM1 from anybody today.cis.

and i so hate men who change bcos they have commitments.what the hell is that?so you have a girlfriend,and then your friendship with me then go into the drain?oh wow.our friendship is that cheap eh?

ok.maybe the girlfriends don't let their boyfriends friend with other girls bcos of jealousy.oh,ok then.be happy.let the world know that you are a jealous girlfriend.it's a good thing anyway.

aiyo.it's not like i'm a beautiful woman.

and just now,my father asked me what i want for my birthday. so i told him i want Clarks shoes.he said those shoes are expensive.and i told him that's the cheapest thing i want for now.i was thinking of asking him Samsung Corby tho cos my Nokia e61i is having this stupid problem.


k now.tata~

22 February, 2010

to whom?

A'kum n ello..


i was in major bum few hours ago.all those gone now after i chat with mimi. thank you,sayang :).

like usual,maybe this post will start with nice mood,and end with anger note.

ok.start it off.

some people may know what is the current state of my family matters. and i don't really want to say it as a bad or good thing. i just take it as it is. it's not like i can change anything now that things already become like this and all.

and to tell you the truth,with all the major things that happen in my family, i tried to ignore it as much as i can.if it suddenly appear,i'll give you a nice happy face that make you think "she's one happy kid there"


that is my face.

bcos you know why? i want to think that positive things will happen if i smile.maybe it is pretentious smile,but as long as i smile,i know things will be good,whether it is fake or not.

all this smile started after last year.i want to have a positive feeling. i don't want to care about the negative.you may realize that i haven't blog anything moody since last year.except the posts about my immature siblings and some insensitive friends,i don't have any other moody post.

and so, i thought, that moody thing won't happen anymore.it has not appear for 1 year already,why must it appear again.

my thought was immature. the moodiness creep suddenly into my life,and my unhappy note start over again.the familiar moodiness appear as the problem that start becos of one man occur again.

i stated it before that i don't like to know things from others,especially the important and private things.

like this one time,a close friend of mine got a boyfriend.i know her for long,but i knew about her relationship from facebook,from all places.she knows i dislike that guy,and she was scared of telling me,but seriously tho,can't she even try to tell me whenever she saw me online? heck,she's not the same person anymore anyway.she's a different person with some personality that i don't even recognize that i better off not care much about her until she realize that she is a different person especially to her close friends.

and also this one time.a best friend of mine who lost her father.what is best friend anyway? isn't it someone who tell you everything? isn't it someone who knows all about your secret?isn't it someone that will tell you how she feel? as you know,i was worried about my best friend's condition.is she alright?can she still cope with her lost? is she fine? i was worried sick and she didn't do anything to ease my worry.but i tried not to mind much,as her lost is something terrible,therefore i let her have the time to not contact me or anything.but then,i found out,she's not far from me,she's near me,with one bus stop away.and i know where she is from someone else,and not from her.you may think this is a small matter,but please define best friend,and you know why i feel so unhappy listen to this kind of news from someone else.

and now,i heard this 1 news from a relative of mine about the state of my family. it's already wreck enough by not knowing it.but it wrecker now that you know it from someone else.what must i feel now after listening to all this news from someone else,but not from the suppose person?

maybe you think this is a small matter.it is a big matter bcos it affects my life.i'm sensitive enough to care.but you people not sensitive enough to not care about it.

you people think this is a small matter to you.

try stand in my place.your close friend,you best friend,your own family don't treat you like you're important,just like you feel them as the precious people in your life.

ok.you maybe don't feel anything,but it's not because you are insensitive,but also bcos you are selfish enough to think that you can live alone in this world without the need of other people in your life.

i know i'll have response that will say "that person is doing that for your own sake", but let me tell you this, prove what good things i'll have by treating me this way.

and i know i have plenty things to say,but i just don't have the mood to continue anymore.ignore this post,and just looking forward to a happy post from me.

thank you.

21 February, 2010

my house and 3 IDIOTS.

A'kum n ello..

my brother,Amin asked me "alia tak bosan ke kat rumah ni?"

i dunno what to answer but i stared at him instead.

"maksud amin,kat rumah ni asyik buat benda sama je.makan,tidur,main tenet,tengok video.tak bosan ke?"amin said.

to tell you the truth,i think i have fun doing those stuff.SAD,i know.but i didn't said that out loud.i just made this sad smile just to show my (fake)agreement smile.

you know,being in this house is not that bad actually. when i'm bored with the net, i watched the videos.when i feel hungry,i eat whatever in the fridge.when i feel tired, i sleep.when i feel very2 bored, i'll do something weird like baking or bbq-ing. i'm that kind of person.

i have to admit,i'm a very stingy person.i always avoid using money whenever i feel bored at home.

like just now,i felt the urge to eat something sweet. i don't have any money with me.i told aqilah about it.and she recommended the pisang goreng near my house.but i told her this lame excuse that i don't want pisang goreng cos it is fried(goreng),not creamy,sweety like cake. but then,my cousin,Nanal came.and with my brilliant skill, i asked him to treat me.

and he said "OK.later will buy you McD"

see my skill there? (damn it,i need EMOTICONS!)


i watched this movie today:

ok.i download this movie at btjunkie 2months ago.and after 1month of waiting for the FULL subtitle, i finally watched this movie. and after i watched My Name is Khan, i was trying not to watch this movie,cos my excitement for My Name is Khan haven't decrease yet,and if i watch another Hindi movie after Khan,i maybe will compare them together.

and so i watched 3 IDIOTS.

starring: Aamir Khan,Kareena Kapoor and another 2 idiots actors that i dunno.

and hell,the movie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!PURE FUN!!!!!

ok.My Name is Khan is better for me cos Shah Rukh Khan is in it, but Aamir Khan is also brilliant in this movie.(SEE???I AM COMPARING!!!)

ok.enough of the compare thing.

3IDIOTS is about 3 boys in a university,that are best friends,and 1 of them doesn't like the education system.this movie mostly show that study is about learning and enjoy about knowing the unknown,but not about getting high marks and get a job that you don't even like.

and that's all.

you can relate this movie with your way of study.some people memorize the whole book,some people understand the concept,and some people still clueless about what really are they learning.that's the whole point of this movie.and also,you have to ENJOY everything that you do.may it be a nice thing or a bad thing.

what i like about this movie is the part when a bestfriend sacrifice himself for another bestfriend.and lucky him,he lives.THAT kind of FRIENDSHIP is very2 pure.you can't even see it again. i'm not that naive,but i trust people easily.i know that that kind of friendship exist even though i have a friend that really really LOVE herself more than others,especially the one that is PELUPA.

oh.did i just curse?

ok.that's all about the movie review.watch it by puchasing it at the nearby Speedy.remember,don't download it by BitTorrent. 

like Shah Rukh Khan tweeted "please dont see the pirated version...see it in the cinema. otherwise twentieth century fox wont buy our films again..ha ha"

ok now.wanna do some revision.haha.

20 February, 2010

Ninkyo Helper.

A'kum n ello..

i'm alone at home right now,with my maid downstairs with her friend in her room.

nothing much to do as there is no Liverpool match tonight,and the Bitter vs Scum match is on right now with the score is 1-1.and i hope Scum will lose cos i want Chelsea to lead the league,not Scum.haha.


what i did today?

spent the whole day watching tv/dvd and surf the net.

and i already done watching Ninkyo Helper. and HOIYAHOIHOI!!! Ninkyo Helper is SOO DAMN GOOOD!!!bloody hell it was nice. i cried and then laughed.then cried again,the laughed again cos when you watch it,you wonder what will happen when you are 70y.o.will somebody take care of you?will your children be there for you?will i take care of my father?will i live that long?will i have dementia?will i have the nerve to wear the pampers for adults?die young or die old?which one?

seriously,you have plenty of serious thoughts like that when you watch it,as it all involves the life with old people.

that drama is one of the best drama i ever watched.SERIOUSLY! Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is very very da macho helper,but i love Yamamoto Yusuke more. he so damn STRONG.haha.and i love how strong and muscly(in a nice way) his arms are.this drama showed his masculinity more unlike his character in Hana Kimi and Himitsu No Hanazono.aha.

ok. i hate this font that i'm using right now.but whatever.

anyway, Kuroki Meisa also in it. and wow she's beautiful. wow.wow.wow.don't think men will fall for her easily cos she seems like a hard target for men.


i'm merepek-ing.feel like a lesbo right now.

maybe this picture will make me go straight:


Hiruma maybe not in Ninkyo Helper.but whatever.i LOVE him.so ta now!



ok.you're the reason i can live without xabi ~~

19 February, 2010

chilis,pig lining skin.WHY YOU!

A'kum n ello..

yesterday,hung out with nazneen,aqilah,ainun and najwa at midvalley.

all start with a request from nazneen: nak main boling tak?

and so i thought:main boling je kan? so ok then,lets go.

so i asked,where?

she answered: MID VALLEY. kalo nak tengok wayang pun ok gak.(ignored that line part)


i thought we will play bowling at P.A.S,not somewhere far and commercial like Mid Valley.

but still, i told her the simplest and cutest word in the world: OK!

then,i calculate my money.only RM20.got rm40 in the bank,so ok2,x worries.

so,the next day, went to Mid Valley with aqilah's sportcar,Forza KIA(or KIA Forza,i dunno).arrived and waited for Ainun. 

saw this old guy checking up on Najwa.realize that she was clueless that somebody was checking up on her.

then,saw Ainun's parents.no sight of Ainun after 10minutes.

called her. she was at the ATM in front of MPH. went to the atm and tried to take out some cash.couldn't get any,cos the ATM only have RM50 notes in the machine,and my account only have RM40,didn't even reach that RM50 number.

so,i used my skill to lure people to belanja me. Ainun took my bait.hahaha.

so asked the girls to decide the lunch. Ainun wanted to eat Subway. i reject that instantly cos Shah Alam already have Subway. Nazneen suggested Little Penang(not sure about the name),i rejected that cos the food not really satisfying.

then the girls told me to decide.

warned them that i might choose somewhere expensive.(eventhough i know i have little money in me)

so checked the brochure(?) that shows the eating places at Mid Valley. saw Chilis in the list. Aqilah got excited "Chilis!!" and others also excited. so we went there.

at the front door of the Chilis,there this guy,the waiter of the place.he opened the door,and Ainun asked him "is this place Halal?" that guy said yes. Ainun asked again "you sure?" that guy got scared after that.

then, we looked at the menu. my eyes got really BIG.

the cheapest thing is the RM6,and that's not even the soup,just the bread,or maybe the sauce?i'm not that sure.

the main course was about RM23 to RM60. 


Ainun told me that i can only choose something that is less than RM30.i was very guilty at that time,so i told her that i'll pay her back later.


chose the food.bcos the food is hella expensive,so we had the slowest decision we ever had.even the waiter came twice to us to ask about our order.

so i chose this one food, Fire Grill Quesadillas. couldn't pronounce the word,so i just pointed the menu at the waiter.

to tell you the truth,i didn't even know Quesadillas.just ordered that cos the name is weird,and also bcos the others are too common

oh.also ordered this Mushroom Soup:

totally delicious!!maybe the best mushroom soup i ever had.haha.

and please don't mind the size.just mind about the price.

and this is the Quesadillas.already expect the food will be like this. and i don't like that mayonnaise(or maybe not mayonnaise) cos i hate it. but the food around that white stuff is REALLY REALLY DELICIOUS.man i love THIS FOOD!!

then,after all those eating,we asked for the bill. we guessed how much the bill will be. i told them it'll be around rm100++.then the bill arrived.

it was RM220.10.

yeah.THAT amount.

oh ayah.mana anda?

so i took out my phone,press the calculator button and divided the 220 by 5.it was RM44. but the girls thought that'll be unfair,so ok then.we just pay according to the food and drink that we chose.


RM44 for 1 person ONLY.


i think the food is more expensive than Victoria Station.haha.maybe i'll ask my dad to eat dinner there.haha.

so then,ainun wanted to check some shops.so we went.we entered Topshop. i saw this cool shoes. touched it. then saw this tag attached to the shoes: PIG LINING SKIN.

oh FUCK.


i was seriously uncomfortable when i touched that shoes. i felt very2 dirty even though ainun and najwa said i maybe didn't touch the pig-lining thing cos that stuff should be inside the shoes,not outside the shoes, and i touched OUTSIDE the shoes,so maybe i didn't even touch that piggy.

still.i felt really2 dirty,and my mood wasn't as hyper as always.

then,after all those walking, Nazneen asked"nak main boling?"

like usual,we said "we don't mind"

we played bowling.

as expected, Aqilah got the highest score. i got second. Ainun third and Najwa fourth.Nazneen,the person who request for the bowling thing got last with 22 points.seriously, her throw was awful.

tho not as funny as this:

this is Najwa btw.

and then,after visit the Pet Shop,we went home.

and i search some mudwater and then i washed my pig-lining-skin hand with that water.and i felt clean,clear,innocent and pure.

and yeah.maybe that's all then.haha.

i'm using the modern version of blogger publisher,so i'm kinda in an awkward mood for blogging rite now.and also because there is no cute emoticons for me to express myself.

ta then~

ps: i better inform this again, I ONLY ONLINE MY GOOGLE TALK.i'll online YM after 5minutes only,ok?

another ps: curse words exist for human being to be more expressive.


A'kum n hello..

have something to blog.

but i'm too lazy right now.

maybe after i'd done watching Ninkyo Helperlangue.

so now,tata!

ps: just a notice really.

another ps: that SMAP man,Tsuyoshi Kusanagi,that was once arrested by police cos he was naked in public, is REALLY REALLY COOL in Ninkyo Helper.yeay!

17 February, 2010

nothing much.

A'kum n ello..

me and afiq are playing this game right now.

we call it "PELUPA!"

nice rite?

some people may know what is the real meaning of that word. cos seriously,it's more like a tease,or maybe a signal,or maybe a CURSE word for that certain someone.


oh yeah.

hypocrisy sometimes is best at time like this.fox2

ta then!byebye

oh well.

A'kum n ello..

so,no emojis came out from the previous post.

no crab dance and japanese poo appear in the previous post.

i'll be less expressive then.hoho.

ta sayang!

Alia Liverpool a.k.a Alia Othman

blog through email.emojis.

A'kum n ello...

erm.so i change my default browser to chrome.and seriously weyh,i'm LOVING it! 

i dunno how many times i change the theme,and i'm happy now that i can listen to itunes smoothly cos last time when i use mozilla,i can't even open my itunes,cos itunes makes the computer slow.

but now that i use chrome,things kinda nice.i love it.tho there this 1 tiny little thing why i didn't use chrome in the 1st place: the emoticons for blogger thing.

and you know,i'm an expressive person.so something like emoticons really is important to me.so really, i can't put any emoticons now that i use chrome.

tho i dunno if this works,cos i know that gmail has that japanese emoticons a.k.a emojis(if i'm not mistaken) in their compose message,so right now,i'm blogging through my email to use those emojis.


something like  and  are the stuff that i wanna use for this blogging stuff.haha.

and oh,the bad part is, i can upload picture,but i can move them like i want them to.

oh well.

hope this emojis work.so i'll send the send button now.


Alia Liverpool a.k.a Alia Othman

16 February, 2010

hang out at TS with ahhin.

A'kum n ello...

went out with Ahhin,Aqilah and Ahhin's cousin,Yaya(true name:Aliya)

my 1st plan was the roller coaster. been feeling to ride the roller coaster for some times already and bcos ahhin wanna have fun on her day off,so we chose that theme park at times square.

and when i told ahhin that i wanna ride the roller coaster,she suddenly said "ko naik sorang2.aku tanak"

what the heck???

and when we picked up her cousin, her cousin also said "don't want(to ride the roller coaster)"

ok now.

no matter. at least aqilah is not scared of roller coaster(she scared of cockroaches tho)

then. arrived at times square.

had lunch 1st.

ate Papa John.delicious pizza and platter.

had Zohor prayer.

then, off to the theme park..............

WHAT THE HELLLLLL???blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com MANY PEOPLE LA!!!! THE QUE WAS VERY2 LONG.

ok. so off to the cinema.if we have the chance,we can watch Valentine Day.

not a chance.the que was too long,i even thought the que was for some street performance that happened around there(but not).

checked the karaoke; long que but shorter than cinema and theme park.more expensive than the karaoke at sunway pyramid.

told the others which one they want.

nobody talking. they all said "AKU TAK KISAH"

and then,aqilah said the dreaded statement "jalan2 jela"
i told her that i want to avoid that cos i MIGHT buy SOMETHING if we have the jalan2.

but then,after much thoughts, we chose that jalan2 thingy.

then we off to Sg. Wang cos we can jalan2 there easily unlike Times Square that has those pissing smells.

as usual, we did this:

you just can't separate Purikura from us(me actually,the others don't really mind) cos it's like a MUST if you're at Sg Wang.haha.

OH OH! before that, we went to the arcade there, and me and aqilah played this shooting game,and for the 1st time ever, i manage to live in the shooting game for more than 30secs, cos usually, i always die after 10secs. so,yeah,i kinda proud and happy there.haha.i waste 2tokens(1 token=rm1) from ahhin,and 2 tokens from my own money.haha.

whatever,at least i improve.haha.

erm. that's all i think. don't really have anything else to blog about.

just happy that ahhin and aqilah actually get along fine,cos both of them not really that close,and so this hang out thing is like a bonding time for them.haha.

and also an unbonding time for that 1 person.she's just too selfish now.maybe sayonara to her later.

ta then!

15 February, 2010

tweet tweet.

A'kum n ello..

i really LOVE twitter.

twitter has many celebs. unlike facebook that has moderators to take care of their fan page,twitter is personal and individual.the celebs themselves tweet back at you.how fun.

ok ok.

it's not like twitter don't have any fanpages, but they also have this community tweets. tweets from forums like OneTVXQ(DBSK's forum) and B2STrising(BEAST's forum) some of the samples.

like this one here:

(#LoveisUnity is the trending topic.)


i'll make things specific:

and so there it is:

and another thing,i follow this UKISS guy,Alexander. to tell u the truth,the only member from UKISS that i know is DongHo. but who cares anyway.

anyway,UKISS' Alexander was online,and so he wanted to know about the fans all over the world;where they come from and all,and Alexander was happy to see that UKISS are known worldwide,and so i told Najwa about it,and she was OMO OMO and all, and so, i did this one tiny liar.

ok.i lied. Najwa is like the BLUR-est person i ever known. even if i said Changmin tweet me to marry him,she sure will believe 100%.but still, it's not like that UKISS guy know that i lied,right?


1 tips about lying: do it when THE TIME IS RIGHT.


ta now!

ps: is 10.23pm(Korean Time) that late?

cousins and creampoof

A'kum n ello..

one hot day. sweating like crazy just now.

oh.i ate plenty of things too.



went to Acu's house after Zohor. told her before that she don't need to cook anything for us,but her mother-in-law was there,so they cooked us something. i'm not sure what kind of noodle tho.i only ate them.

anyway,it was nice;meeting some cousins that i once took care off.still couldn't adapt the fact that airina is already 13years old,and already in secondary school,and around 11 years ago,i once washed her butt.how fast times gone.

oh. a little girl kissed me!! yeay!! and you dunno how much i like a kiss. she was scared at me at first,then, when i almost left,she shook my hand and kissed me.yeay!!

i can join SHINee's Hello Baby after this.haha.

oh.i saw this teddy bear. and bcos my inner kiddy life suddenly appear, i took a picture of that bear like this:

THAT angle!

then,went home.tho we stopped by at Plaza Alam Sentral to buy some breakfast stuff.

(i hate TheStore.they don't sell that AyamA1 burger that i like)

oh.ahhin and liyana baked this creampuff,and cos i had this family meeting to attend,i told them that i'll be late.so, i called liyana and asked her if she still at ahhin's house. she said she still there. so i went.

then i saw the creampuff.

and ate them.

couldn't say the taste outloud at first,but then AhHin said, "creampuff jadi creamPOOF!"


i told ahhin that it kinda tasteless,and a lil bit salty, but she already know that. she said liyana did ALL THE MISTAKES.

so....BLAME LIYANA!!!!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but still,after that Bakery at Shah Alam Mall suddenly gone nowhere, this Creampuff that AhHin made totally remind me the days when we always walk together after school.

(missing the time when we still wear uniformsblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com)

ah.never mind that.

we have cars now.and i have to renew my driving license in 1 week.aha.


14 February, 2010

keep it to urself.

A'kum n ello..

went out with ahhin and liyana cos ahhin said she got this emo problem.

so i picked her up after her work,and we ate at the warung at seksyen11.

food: dunno why, but da place was not as good as before. before this,the food was good.i love the kuey teow kungfu there.but today,it was lacking of something.

service: bad cos i dunno why.

with ahhin-the culinary student there, she kinda loves to complain. i don't really mind as she knows more bits about cooking. but there something that she said that made me upset. can't say it here as some people might get upset,but i hope she really can just put her annoyance to herself.

i mean, you just can't complain about things all the time right? you just have to ignore what you hate,and just pretend that you like it,cos maybe,just maybe,that something good will happen by thinking that good things will actually happen.

sometimes,i really feel the reason that i have mess up life is because i always want my family and friends to care more about the others. maybe they just can't.

so now.




A'kum n ello...

nothing much i did yesterday.

what i did?

eat.sleep.surf.watch videos.

and i was waiting patiently for the sfinee's fansub to upload SHINee's hello baby ep. 4 at youtube.aha.then, i watched AristoCats.

the 1st time i watched this movie was around the time when i was still kindergarten or in my lower primary school(around 7-9 years of age).


a rich old woman lives with her cat and kittens;Duchess,Marie,Toulouse and Berlioz.the old woman wants the cats to inherit her fortune,and that makes the butler-Edgar mad cos he thought her fortune will be given to him,and not CATS. so Edgar cat-napped the cats, and other stuff happened.

yeah.that's the drill. not the funniest disney movie,cos it's too family theme,so i think someone like me and ahhin are the only person that love this kind of Disney movie. and another info, this is the LAST WALT DISNEY's movie before Walt Disney died.

and oh,this movie was produced around 1970.

and the good stuff about this movie is,the CATS. you know how adorable and cute they are. the songs are great,quite nice with the jazz feel.and yada-yada.

recommended for someone that loves family-theme movie.

ta now!

rate: 3.5/5

12 February, 2010

my friend,the little kura-kura.

A'kum n ello..

this is a story about my friend here.

her name is Najwa.
he nickname: Wales,Budak Kecik,Blur,Little Kura-kura.

oh.she thinks she's a cutie.she very the perasan about being comel. total perasan-ness eh?(and i really have many friends that think themselves as cuties.haha)

so, aqilah and i went to Sunway Pyramid with her today. picked her up after 5minutes notice at her faculty.told her that we were planning to watch My Name is Khan. she doesn't even know about that movie, but i know she loves Bollywood(tho not as much as CN Blue and UKissblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com)

we had lunch at Tokyo-G,cos she never ate there.oh.people already know how much i loves Unagi,but this girl here, she said she dislike unagi.

so i wondered why.
asked her if she ever ate one,the unagi i mean.
she said no.

what's the reason to hate anyway? she said: sebab belut(unagi) macam ular.

so we ordered this sushi at Tokyo-G called I LOVE UNAGI!

not a nice picture,i know.

so we told her to try it.

she tried.
munch munch.
then "OO.SEDAP!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com"

i know she'll kill me after this.but i'm tougher than her.haha.


you saw that 1st picture rite? when she saw that puppets, she showed me the Bo Peep Bo Peep dance.haha.

and i have the video that she dance. but she told me to not show it to the world.aih.never mind.

so tata!

ps: ting tong me at Google Talk if you want to see the video!
another ps: yahoo messenger makes my laptop slow,so i'll only accept Google Talk chat rite now.

My Name is Khan.

A'kum n ello..


i watched MY NAME IS KHAN.

main actor: SHAH RUKH KHAN,the famous Rahul.
main actress: KAJOL,the famous Anjali.
director: KARAN JOHAR,the famous director of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham.

cool list names.

oh.oh. the rating.

rating: 5/5.

for me,anyway.cos i REALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE.totally epic. and i don't care if some reviewers said this movie is bad or messy or something sort of that, this movie is LOVE!

this movie is the best Bollywood movie.cos this movie is different. no dancing2,no corny dialogues,no rich man falls to poor woman love.this movie is totally not the usual type of Bollywood movie.

ok.i'll try to briefly talked about this movie,so some spoilers maybe will appear unintentionally.

Rizwan Khan,an Asperger's Syndrome/autism patient (aqilah said autism is someone that lives in their own world and will gone mental or something like that). he wants to meet the President of USA bcos his wife said that he can come back to her if he tell the President that his(Rizwan Khan) name is Khan and he is not a terrorist. plenty of things happened in the journey of his life,and all because of people's perception about Muslim i.e Muslims are Terrorist.

only can say that cos i really don't want to spill some spoilers.

some people might say this movie is like Forrest Gump,so maybe it is. but unlike mr Gump who has low IQ,mr Khan is a genius except that he has some mental problem. but seriously, just like Tom Hanks who played Forrest Gump brilliantly, Shah Rukh Khan really score in My Name is Khan. he just sooooo GOOOD!! he played the syndrome character really well and the way he said the naive words are really nice. the dialogues are brilliant,but only Shah Rukh Khan can pull off naive dialogues like that.

tho i know some people might hate this movie cos of religious reasons like Muslim x Hindu,but let just open our mind about it.religious view is people's own opinion.but when you watch this movie,just mind about the good and evil.don't you mind about the religion part. cos this movie is more like showing people that misconception is everywhere,and people have to realize that respect is needed in the society.


my review may sound boring. but just watch it la.

so now.tata!

another ps: i tweeted to him(iamsrk@twitter about the movie.hahaha!

to Adam.a blessing.

A'kum n ello...

i know plenty of my friends are going and already fly to some foreign countries cos of studying, and so,i want to make a blessing post to this one friend of mine,Adam.(i know his father's name but i don't want to state it.haha)

dear Adam, i dunno how the cars' plate number in Australia looks like,but i hope you'll enhance your memorizing skill by memorize them. eventhough people find your skill as a weirdo skill, just be yourself and continue enhancing that skill.

and also, be healthy when you are there and live well,and don't play2,and make yourself proud,and don't have sex with any australian women and men,and try lose that double chin of yours,cos i can see it from the above picture.

and also, don't forget to buy me some souvenirs when you're going back to Malaysia,ok?


ps: i don't if you hate this picture. i don't like stealing pics at facebook.

11 February, 2010

holiday plan?

A'kum n ello..

holiday starts today.and i'm going to sleep late and watch all the movies that i download and also watch all the dramas that i bought and also read all the books that i have in my possession right now.

yeah.i have plenty of things to do. and i don't think there'll be any good movie release nowadays.and the only movie that i look forward to is this Bollywood movie, My Name is Khan. reason? cos Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are in this movie,and also bcos Karan Johar,Kuch Kuch Hota Hai's director is the one that directed the movie.

so..cool eh?

Anjali and Rahul all over again,but this time it'll be about Rizwan and Mandira.
ok,not as commercial as Anjali and Rahul,but change is good anyway.

and so....

i don't think i'll shop anything in this holiday.i don't have the money to spend.tho the only thing that i want to do most right now is eating high-class eel,something like Nippon Tei.yeah,something like that.

(yeah,i wanna eat Tokyo-G again,but i had it before so better change to a new restaurant)

damn.i already forgot what i want to blog.ta then!

10 February, 2010

just rant.

A'kum n ello...

Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday. why i feel like i haven't blog for a VERY LONG TIME??

yeah.maybe the tests. maybe the tests effect the brain of mine and makes me think that days are becoming longer.instead of 24 hours,i felts like 36hours a day.


anyway. about the tests. don't have any confidence.just put all the stuff that i know,and tbh,for most of the questions,i know nothing for most of them.

like an idiot rite? maybe,maybe i should stop dreaming.maybe i should open my eyes wider and realize that in front of me is reality,and forget the dreams that i always dream about. so maybe now i'll realize that the reality is cruel,not wonderful and totally predictable.and i have to realize that these are all excuses. so,i have to admit then.i'm an idiot.


anyway, since yesterday, i thought today is Thursday,instead of Wednesday.nice eh? maybe i can't wait for Thursday to come.cos i'll have no class on Friday, and so my Mid-Sem break will start this Friday instead of Saturday.haha.and bcos my holiday is quite early, maybe i'll hang out early and maybe watch Shah Rukh Khan's new movie,My Name is Khan.hoho.

ok now. i seriously am bored.so tata~~

ps: thinking to go to Singapore for this holiday.maybe i'll follow my father to JB.i'll be more peaceful there with revision to do.yeah2,i want to study during the holiday.

08 February, 2010

You have received a Comek from Stepteen!

Stepteen sent you a Comek

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* Comek is a fun visual message combining photos, add-on stickers and speech bubbles. Visit www.comeks.com for more information.



07 February, 2010

remind her?

A'kum n ello..

you know,i really try very hard not to think that my sister is a stupid person. i really did try hard to change that perception.but no can do,she just really show to me that really is..stupid.

i mean,how could she not even think for one second?


all this start with this:

you know how dad is,right? do you know how busy your father is? i dunno about you,but my father is extremely busy person.and if i can count how many times i see him in 1 month,i can only say i only meet him 5 times.my life living in this house is quite like living in the hostel,except that my siblings are here,tv also here,cars also here,no rent to pay cos my father own the house,there's the washing machine,food also here but the guardian is not here i.e my father.oh,my father lives in JB btw. he works there,and he only come home every fortnight.anyway,i don't really care much as i'm all grown up and it's not like i'm living in hell right now.

and i also know how busy he is and bcos he is too focus on his work,he forgot to do almost everything that he need to do i.e bank in the groceries money,or yada-yada.he is an engineer anyway.he has to take care of the highways at JB and a mere groceries problem never really occur in his mind.


when my sister were given the task to pick up his laundry at the dry cleaner,she forgot to do it. i dunno what makes her forgot,cos it's not like she has tests to revise or food to cook.she only surf the net;tumblr-ing some so-called cool pics for her tumblr.don't think she's that busy to forget a mere task like that.

but still.she forgot to pick it up. thus,she had to do it on the next day. and her stupidity shown when she told my father to remind her to pick it up.

from ayah?
from your own DAD?

she gotta be stupid to even thought about that.
but she did.

like i said,my father is an extremely busy person.he only reply OK in most messages that people sent to him.how could he even remember to call my sister to REMIND her to pick up the laundry.

so he didn't.remind her,i mean.

and when the time my father remember about the oh-i-must-call-my-daughter-to-REMIND-her-about-the-laundry thing,it'll be around 9pm.tho at least he remember.

so,when he called to remind her, at it was 9pm, what my sister told my father is "nape ayah tak ingatkan aye??"



i got mad after that. how could i not? she told my father to remind her.that's like a sin.ok.it's not really a sin.

but the real reason i got mad is, she's being TOO STUPID!!!! and THAT is very,very sad.how could she even think that my father will remind her anyway.


and my sister,with her puny brain told me "apehal marah sangat???"
yeah.she's too stupid to not even think the reason why i got mad.

oh.God,please help my sister.
she needs help!

06 February, 2010

LIVERPOOL beat Everton.

A'kum n ello..

ok.i haven't blog about Liverpool for some weeks already.

so.now,i start.

LIVERPOOL 1 - 0 Everton.

ok.if you're not a footie fan,u may have this thought "Everton? Sapekah?" in your head.

so,let me intro something about Everton.

they are blue.they are bitter.they are a small team(as describe by Rafa Benitez the great) and Liverpool's CITY rival(city rival like Selangor FC and MPPJ Selangor FC) and ALSO, the team that Liverpool beat just now.

this match is a derby. it's a lil bit different than the Liverpool vs Scum match. Liverpool vs Scum is the derby of 2 Champions from the 70s/80s and the 90s. however, Liverpool vs Bitter is the derby of 2 cities that challenge their pride to be the best in Liverpool.thus,this match is about pride.it's the battle between neighbours. it's like me vs ikram-my neighbour.except that ikram is a scum fan,not a bitter.

ok.whatever.i'll talk about the match now that you MAYBE have understand who is Everton.


WIN LA WEY!!!!!!



imagine a battle of 2 neighbours that wanna show off their house during hari raya. the battle will be intense and passionate. so was the match. the match was intense,passionate,too many tackles and also yellow cards and red cards.

if i'm not mistaken,there were about 5 yellow cards from both team,and also 1 red card for each team.the match was too intense that i saw many players were TOO BRAVE cos they even put their head at the ball when people try to kick it(the ball,not the head). so it was kinda amazing really how the players were brave enough to let their head be the ball.seriously,it was quite scary.

but still,maybe bcos i was gloating with passion at that time,so i was like "WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR HEAD!JUST KICK THAT BALL!!" and i can imagine what will aqilah's expression be if she watch this match cos seriously,the match was really DANGEROUS.that's what makes it exciting.

during the 1st half,around 25th to 32nd minute,around 4 yellow cards and 1 red were flashed to the players.IN JUST 8MINUTES.see how aggressive this match is? and Liverpool vs Everton fixture is the most intense match in the premier league cos 18 red cards were given in the 32 encounters between this team.so,this match is COOL.it's like watching action movie that have no love but blood.

anyway, when the 2nd half already started,the McD delivery man arrived(we ordered McD during half-time) and when the McD man arrived,i was shouting "AHHHHH!!!LAGI SIKIT!!!!" then i went outside to pick the food. the McD man kinda friendly, and he even blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com at me. maybe i was too loud or too excited or maybe becos i had a Liverpool scarf around my neck, so he asked me "nape?ape jadi?" i just said "oh.tade pape" and so i gave him RM50,and while he was searching for the balance money, i heard the tv sound(of the match) roaring upstairs,and i was kinda giddy about it.the McD kinda slow,and when he gave me the balance, i said "OK.BYE BYE!!!" and even waved at him.and he waved back,and i thought to myself,'man,i really am too friendly when i excited'.

and when i went upstairs,just seconds after i arrived in front of the tv, the Incredible Kuyt headed the ball from Mighty Gerrard's cross, and THE BALL WENT INTO THE GOAL, and YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOALL!!!!!!!! i shouted.

oh seriously, i was OVER THE MOON. i seriously am happy. i haven't been this happy for a long time.i dunno why, but my Liverpool passion seriously takeover me.

dear Nadia,this man is Kuyt.he scored the goal.

and the goal proves to be the decisive and the only goal cos Liverpool won 1-0 against the Bitters.

and i'm in heaven.yeay!!!!!!!

my voice almost hoarse tho.it's kinda funny.but good at the same time. and you know what, even my brother not annoyed with my constant shouts throughout the match.haha.

ok now.maybe i should buzz off from the tv. Scum already scored 3 cos i watched them play.aha.(they already scored 5 da)

ps: Chelsea,you better win tomorrow.Terry to score.haha.

ta then!

baked choc chips cookies

A'kum n ello...

last night, baked another set of chocolate chips cookies.


the cookies don't look as delicious as chipsmore or oreo or famous amos, but the cookies that my maid and i baked are wonderful pieces that already made 5 people said "SEDAP!!"

cool eh?

the people that said the word SEDAP are Haikal,Amin,Haikal's friend,Suzy(the person that massage me this morning) and my maid.

the cookies may look this:

but don't judge a cookie by it shape and colour ok? you won't be a successful person if you judge a cookie or human like that.

i know something is wrong with the shape cos it doesn't have the nice round shape that a cookie should have,but i consider this cookie to be a very unique cookie that i don't think will have the same taste again when the next time i bake it.

and i'm very happy and proud to show the cookies that both me and my maid baked. cos seriously, we had plenty of problems while baking it.

1st, it was the blender. we couldn't blend the sugar.so we had to borrow Avon's(a.k.a Ikram's) blender,cos they are the closest neighbour that we know,and aside of me being ikram's friend, my maid is related with ikram's family,for being their maid's bestfriend. anyway, we borrowed their blender,and the problem gone.

then,another problem occur.the machine that we use to bake the cake(i dunno what it's called) suddenly in a bad state.dunno what the hell happened.so, we used the one that we shouldn't use,Mak Cik Azah's.oh well,it's not like she remember that machine anyway.

next,the problem that appear was:i miscalculated the number of sugars that we should put. it's not easy to explain here,so i'll just make you wonder then.

problem solve in the end, and because of the miscalculation,the cookies that should be around 60++ became 100++. maybe bcos of our not-give-up attitude and also bcos of the passion to finish the mission, the cookies taste great.hoho.

cool now. i don't need to buy Oreo after this.

ta then!

ps: the reason i want to bake this cookies are becos i don't want to buy more Oreos after this.