27 March, 2017

update about UPTA

AsSalam and hello.

update about my UPTA appeal:


bcos of QUOTA.

apparently, the cost for the UPTA scheme were lowered so much, that UITM have to make a quota after years of not having one.

unfortunately, they had to do this deed when i want it so badly, so badly my entire semester actually depend on this.

they only provide it to 500 students. i'm not sure myself, but i think that 500 includes the students from other faculties too.

so... i'm broke for the next few months or maybe until i have a job.

yes, i have my father who have provided for me for years since i was a little child, but i have my pride too. until when will i ask my father to support me? until i'm 30? ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜–

this is the 1st time i ever feel that i should just have a job instead of continuing my study. but i love to learn new things tho. i love doing lab work. i just hate climbing the stairs and the hills and also park the car at UITM. no regret but i have to just swallow my pride and ask my father for help.

i've just send my car's aircond for a repair just now and coincidentally, my father was close by and he had lunch with me and my brother. as the luck shine for me, my father paid for the repair ๐Ÿ˜Š.

as much as i feel happy and grateful and very lucky for that, i still feel a bit sad that i still need to ask for money from him.

my supervisor is a bit guilty about this. i hope she does. i mean, who will take care of her lab this semester? someone who doesn't know anything obviously.

still, i hope she has a good UPTA student that will give her more good than harm. i wish her and the new student well. just don't come to me for free and ask for something. i don't have the money to help you. really.

ps: ooh. there's a meme generator on the internet!

22 March, 2017

appeal letter for tutor

AsSalam and hello.

update about that problem i had few days ago.

i asked my supervisor yesterday and she was also surprised that my application was rejected. she said she will check on it and told me not to worry much about it cos i also told her that i became stressed because of this.

she said again"takpe. don't worry"๐Ÿ’ช

i met her again. i updated her about my labworks and all (got some scolding cos i forgot what happen when glycan associate with proteins. my mind went blank. she told me to give the answer by tonight but i 'accidentally๐Ÿ˜ณ' forgot to tell her), and i asked her about the UPTA update.

she said she haven't checked yet but she told me to make an appeal letter first and mention that she will support my appeal.

appeal letter. a formal appeal letter ๐Ÿ˜–. i got A1 in my Malay subject when i did my SPM and at that time, i could even wrote 4 pieces of essay, front to back in just 2 hours. but this only relevant if i write a non-formal writing.

a formal one? an appeal? that is one of my weakness๐Ÿ˜“. i couldn't even write the right words when i emailed a bank in Malay language. not saying my English is good, but i've been reading so many journals in English that i am mostly comfortable using English words for something formal.

so i asked for help from the best person who can help me with this: my stepmother. she works for the government. she read and writes formal letters almost everyday. so i asked her for help.

and the result is fantastic. in my opinion anyway. thanks Cik Jie! you save my life here!๐Ÿ˜†

sorry. i won't upload the official one but this is the gist of it ๐Ÿ™ˆ.

anyway, here's hoping my appeal will be successful or else i really have to ask for my father for pocket money that is in smaller amount.

bye then.

ps: i ate 4 muffins today ๐Ÿ‘…๐ŸŽ‚. yeah, i've just noticed that blogger support emojis. haha. ๐Ÿ

20 March, 2017

Plz Don't Be Sad.

AsSalam and hello.

i'm blogging again.

why? cos Highlight a.k.a the legendary old BEAST just dropped their mv for their new song, Plz Don't Be Sad.

as usual, i understand none of the korean lyrics, but the song is so good, i have a smile on my face throughout watching the mv. the chorus is quite addictive. yeah i cannot even pronounce the suppose lyrics but the chorus still feel good for the ears. so that's nice.

some said the song is like a chill Block B song. i only know Zico tho so ok then.

Doojoon looking so mighty fine in the mv and the others also just as good but not as good as him ahahah but still with all the stressful stuff that happened to me for the last 12 hours or so, this mv and this song is my current medicine.

feel nice to see Gikwang at the center, enjoying himself better than before. a tiny bit disappointed that Dongwoon's voice not as clear but oh well. Yoseob and that game looking like a childish and adorable 8y.o boy.

overall, i love this song. the song before this song is also nice. i'm happy Highlighter! hee.

update about the problem before: told my dad about it. was hoping for a montly allowance like when i was doing my degree. he told me to check with UITM first and nothing can be solved, i have to accept it and move on to other things. might checkout some translating work too.

no tutor, no money, have problem.

AsSalam and hello.

i'm a bit in a depressed mode right now. all of sudden things are not looking good.

currently, my allowance depends on this teaching assistant scheme by UITM. i was expecting that i'll be doing the tutoring for this semester. however, suddenly, VERY SUDDENLY, my application for the UPTA is unsuccessful.

madness. now i'm shocked. very very shocked. my plan for the next 5 months just went blank, and i don't even have any plan B to prepare for this.

now i'm not sure how to have my own money. i had this plan to do a part-time job possibly this September, where i expect that my labwork might have finish by that time. but now, maybe i have to do the job earlier than expected tho.

i was thinking where should i get my allowance right now. things really not looking bright. part-time job is an option, but difficult for someone like me who is a research student hoping to finish her last labwork as quickly as possible.

credits image: theodysseyonline.com

currently, my labwork take 3 days of the week, with each day take about 6-12 hours of the day. the only work that might be helpful is a do-at-home job like key-in some datas like in the old days where a piece of data= RM1 each.

this is tough. in normal days, i'll choose a part-time job over doing labwork but right now i'm in the most crucial moment of my research. coursework students might have better chance to do part-time job cos they know when is their class and all, but my research can be too flexible, so i can't do inflexible part-time job.

tough. very tough.

you might have notice the ads in my blog. that's one of source of income. i put the ads since 2010 but the revenue that i got from that since 2012 is $3.++. HAHHAHAHA. tho that might be bcos of the lack of updates. i did notice that there is an increase of $2 since i blog about Train to Busan and that was few months ago.

so imagine if i update ALL THE TIME maybe i can have some bits of money from that then.

oh. my eldest brother just told me about his plan to do GrabCar. ok now that is one option. but that is only possible if i actually have a less than 10 years car. currently, i'm using a WIRA that was built during 1998. Commonwealth Games in Malaysia was during that time. Rombongan Cik Kiah was during that time. hrm.

this problem actually stressing me out since last night before the Man City vs Liverpool match. i could not focus much on that game. thankfully it was a non-boring draw, nevertheless still a brilliant match by both teams. i did have the thought when looking at those young football players that are mostly younger than me who also have more money than me too. i mean, Coutinho is only 25 this year, i think, and he already has 150k pound/week. granted, his job is difficult, but still.

yup, a Mickey Mouse tattoo on a very fit and rich Coutinho's abs
credit image: foxsportsasia.com

ah well. praying for a best outcome from all of this. this is a small matter compare to other problems i had encounter but not unsolvable. pray for me that things will be better then. thanks.

You'll Never Walk Alone.
the Liverpool version, not the BTS one.