30 December, 2008

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A'kum n ello..

Tagged by Long and Izzah
by Long;

1. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your wallet
is it CX?..i don't really know..i always take things by it use instead of brand..

the carlsberg card is my Liverpool Official Supporter card...tho i have to renew it..ahah~!

2. Introduce your wallet brand, price, and where you bought it.
to tell you the truth,i dunno what is the brand..and i think the wallet cost about RM29...where?at shah alam mall...hoho...liyana bought this for me..she gave it to me as a present when i was form5...and i stop using it for awhile cos i bought coolcat purse after that,and again i bought another coolcat purse,and bcos i love to put my wallet at the back pocket of my jeans,so i change my wallet to this black one..and when i chose this,ah hin was a lil bit against it,cos she thought the green+light brown colour was more attractive...but that colour will be very boring,so i chose the black one instead...cos black is always attractive and never boring...haha..and also,this wallet can be put easily into my back pocket..hoho

3. Take out what ever is inside your wallet ( at least 5 pictures)

cool then.next~

4. Snap a picture of your wallet with yourself
me in the picture with the purse~

5. Tag other 5 persons.
izzah,alisa,noi,nazneen,nazmi,fatin aqilah,fatin hashim,erin
tagged by Izzah;
1. What's Your Most Favourite Colour? =
red.Liverpool red.red give me passion.tho sometimes i love purple cos of purple line.lol

2.Who Is The Most Important To You?
my family.nobody else but them. and also hani n liyana.ahah

3. How Often Do You Think Of Commiting Suicide?
maybe 5 times.i dunno if i had blog about it.i once think about drugs.

4. Do You Think You Have Enough Confidence? =

5. How Many Babies Do You Want?
2. i want 1 boy n 1 girl.already enough.but if i'm too active or something,i just have to accept it then.AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

6. Do You Believe In Seeing A Rainbow After The Rain?
i saw it,so i believe it.is the person who create this live in greenland?

7. What's Your Goal Next Year?
cgpa 3.8

8. Who'll You Miss The Most, If You Don't Talk To Them?
hani n liyana n aiman n halimah

9. Do You Think The Person Who Tag You, Like To Play Kidnapping?
no.she loves to dance to britney's songs on the bed.is that even true? (tho i was once that kind of person)

10. What Do You Want For Christmas?
duit raya RM300++ and a Liverpool banner

11. What Is Your Bad Habit?
clean my dirty hands with my jeans

12. Do You Have A Secret Crush?
yeah.xabi alonso and changmin.

13. Do You Cherish Every Single Friendship Of Yours?

14. What Does Flying Mean To You?

= plane.

15. What Do You Crave For The Most Currently?
takoyaki at sunway pyramid!

16. Are You Single/ Relationship?
single tho currently in love with xabi alonso and changmin's stare

17. What Have You Done To Yourself To Make Yourself Happy?
by thinking positive

18. How's Your Day?
brilliant.i love my loud self.

19. If You Were Asked To Make A Wish, What Would You Ask For?
for Liverpool to be unbeatable and rafa benitez to be sihat~!

20. I Tag =
long,noi,nazneen,fatin aqilah,erin,asya,nazmi,fatin hashim.

thank you~!

A'kum n ello..

first,i want to thank this person who posted about putting smileys in the blog and thus produce arrowbiggrinconfusedcoolcryeekevilexclaimidealolmadmrgreenneutralquestionrazzrolleyesredfacesadsmilesurprisedtwistedwink so that i can blog with many of this emoticons...

and btw,to reward him,here is his blog, servalx02.blogspot.com/

and to thank my dear cousin who gave me the link to download this emoticons...
here is her blog, ifmk11143.blogspot.com/

nice eh?

and so people,don't say that i never promote your blog...

lol <- my hoho smile~
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A'kum n ello..

just when i thought things are already good for my Liverpool life,my favourite captain is charged with an assault....and now,he's in jail like other human being...

and to think that this maybe not is his first time,or not his first ever charge,gerrard really is something...

and as much as i love the city of Liverpool,their criminal records is really something..

i believe in you that you'll play well after this..

ta then~

life in the eyes of people

A'kum n ello...

k now..i'll try to make my blog better and better...the last 2 weeks,i think my life was dull,which is not...cos really,my life is very2 adventurous and challenging..and i don't think anybody can have a life like mine...and let just say,i'm ASHAME of it...


and let just say,i don't think you can be as strong as me or my sis about it...i think maybe you'll cry or blame that person about what have he/she done....

and let just say,i'm very2 mad with that person,cos to tell you the truth,that person LIED TO ME!!...AND ONE OF THE THING THAT I HATE IN THE WORLD IS THE PEOPLE WHO LIE TO ME!....MAY IT BE SOLAT OR ANYTHING,OR WHERE YOU ARE,JUST DON'T LIE TO ME....

NEVER EVER LIE TO ME...!..eventhough it'll hurt me or something,but never lie,cos if you lie to me,my trust to you will gone....

and i'm a naive person..once i lay my trust to a person,if that person broke my trust,i'll never be comfortable or even want to friend with that person...and i already show my true being as a HATER in this 'broke my trust' thing by still not being friend with amalina...as much as i forgive her,i already lose my trust on her...to friend with her again is a nice thing,but to have a friendship like last time is definite zero.....

like hani said "waktu zaman gemilang dulu~" which means when we were friends....

maybe we'll hang out again like before,but i don't think i can be comfortable with her like before...maybe i'll just smile and be nice to her cos i'm not a person who'll burst my anger in public...and anyway,maybe i'll just hang out with her just to make my friends remember our 'zaman gemilang' which obviously will make me become a hypocrite...

and another thing,maybe i'm just too tired of my life,that i only talk nonsense in this blog..unlike some people who talked about interesting stuff like going on a holiday,their crush,their fantastic family and all....

i'm jealous with many things in my life...when a certain people that never interested in Liverpool suddenly tell me that she'll be going to Liverpool,i'll be mad as hell...but i'm a positive person..i'll just accept it and just thinking it's not my time yet...when people inform others that they'll have their hajj or even umrah,i'll envy that people cos God already call them before me....and that's just show that i'm still not a good person in the eyes of the God...you may see me hold my hands like i'm praying all the times,or see my mouth mumbling about something cos that is just me saying my syahadah all the time,cos i don't want to have a hard time during my deathtime,eventhough something like that is not as east as it said...

i'm jealous with many things...and that just show how strong and weak i am..strong;by thinking that i'm still human and still not give up and just accept life like it is...weak;by thinking that i never try hard enough to be that someone and thus makes me jealous to other person...

i like people praise me,but i detest people that overestimate me...i like people to respect me,but i feel embarass and dislike when people overrespect me...

some people maybe like to be me,and some people maybe never want to know me...maybe i'm just a person that never satisfied with anything...but sometimes,i want to condemn that...

just like when i say that the people who understand me is me..i always want to condemn that...

just when i think that i'm not a friendly person,i think that the truth is i am a friendly person...i'm just never close with other person...i realize that i have many types of friends...may it be plastics or nerd,i just friend with them...

but i'm stupid just like other human beings that never realize about themselves...

i have everything that i want...

and why i still not happy about it?

pity me with a reason bcos i think i'm more distant than usual...and i only make you wonder what really happen to me...

but all i want to request is just one thing,please pray for me to be happy..to enjoy life better than before,to accept things as it is and to be cheerful just like before and also to open my heart more and more..

ta then~!
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29 December, 2008

new roommates

A'kum n ello...

so i went to Melati Unite to put my things there...and i already know who'll be my new roommates...

to tell you the truth,i rather have someone that i dunno instead of someone that i know..

cos in the end,the person that'll be my roommates are some mates from my course....lalalala...

i know them and now i'm their new roommate cos last semester,the two girls are roommates too..


such luck...

but i have to stay positive then...i don't think i'll be often in the room...only to change my clothes and maybe sleep at that room only...

so alia,study harder next sem!

ta then!

28 December, 2008

Newcastle 1-5 LIVERPOOL

A'kum n ello..

kk..this is really an awesome thing for me...!!

5-1 win...and Liverpool is on top!..
hoho to that!

and chelsea drew with fulham...so Liverpool already widen their gap to 3points...and all we need now is consistent display...

my,i feel sad to see owen being a player like that...he is world class...but since he left Liverpool,he's like a joke......

i miss the wonderboy~~~

i'm very happy today..
Liverpool show their real might..and i think that's only 60% of their brilliance that was shown cos no torres and riera and also keane...
wow oh wow!

ta then!

reg college

A'kum n ello...

just got back from Melati Unite...and how nice,my new room is at 4th floor...and i didn't see any people that will be my roommate...


such luck..

but nvm...thinking positively,maybe things will be alright...maybe i'll be alone in the room...and i don't have any roommate...that'll be nice.kot.


anyway..aqilah n kp are roommates....haha..weird....and so good luck to aqilah cos kp loves to make experiment....pls make her cleaner...haha

anyway...i dunno what to do tho...and i want to thank Liyana and her brother cos picked me up from Melati Unite just now...really tho,my brothers are useless but my friend's brother is like an angel....so thank you REALLY REALLY MUCH!...i dunno what can i do without them...


k now.

27 December, 2008

nice evil

A'kum n ello...

i watched MAOU few days ago..and there was this part when Serizawa Naoto(Ikuta Toma's character) told Naruse Ryo(Ohno Satoshi's character) that he always have in mind that every people is good by nature...

nice eh?
such a naive thinking..

and what's more..
i can relate myself to that statement cos really,i'm a person that always thought every people is good...

and that's why when i left something accidentally,i know that people won't steal it..

such naive..~

the world is not that dramatic nowadays to even thinking like that...

some people is just evil...

whatever then.
i'll try to be nicer to people after this.

so Alia.shut up!

register course

A'kum n ello..

cool now...

i already registered all the courses...ahahahaha..

and i have to repeat a certain paper...wth aite?
but still,it's my fault really...but whatever...

anyway..i am very2 happy that i don't need to KAWAD anymore!..haha..

but still,next sem's ko-ko is not that happening...i chose Literature Appreciation...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAA...but i love to read...so maybe it'll be alright.
i think.
and i have to read more n more cos my english is becoming badder and badder..and i have MUET next year...SHHHHH~!

and tomorrow will have to register the college but really,i dunno what to do tho...
anyway...cos my father won't be home tomorrow,so maybe will go to times square..ahahaha!


ta then!

Liverpool form

A'kum n ello..

see the above?

nice result...
i'm happy cos this is kinda like the first time after 6years(or so) that i've seen Liverpool on top...
and they keep it up,and that's what make me happy!!


and to Mr Wenger...
before you talk nonsense about other teams,better you care about your own team first...
a well-respected man like you is a joke to a football fan like me..
and i'm a girl and only 19...


k now...

to asya,this is the link for your request...

DBSK's Unforgettable Love HQ! ^-^


k now..
tata then!
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26 December, 2008

bkt tinggi story

A'kum n ello..

i think i haven't blog as often as usual nowadays..



nway...last time,went to bkt tinggi with my father,haikal n ica...

went to colmar tropica first...i had a nervous breakdown on the way to that place...really tho...maybe i was trying to resist myself to not pee or maybe cos my nervous moment attack happen...


but still,that place was good...maybe some people feel that place is like france..ahah~...but i think that place is just alright..nothing much..hoho...or maybe bcos i never been to france,that's why..

i'm bored really~
the food were brilliant!!!
better than kenny rogers~!


KP's no1 enemy!!

went to the botanical garden first...the usual flowers and plants and trees....and then to japanese village...that place is very beautiful~!..that,if you like waterfalls and rocks...~...cos that place is refreshing...tho the tea ceremony wasn't held...so things are like a lil bit lacking...and the tatami spa is only for the guest..and i wonder who really is the guest??...

breathtaking aite?

the tatami spa..
all we can do was just watch and smile...haish~

a japanese cottage...
only for tourists to watch and rest...
and not sleep~

and after that,went to rabbit park...~!!...hoho...my favourite part of the day..the rabbits were very2 cute!...ahah...my father said i was cruel to the rabbits cos letting them fall at a high place..


nway..there were also some donkeys..my sis rode the donkeys...and my brother fed them...the people who took care of the donkeys recommended a job for my brother; someone to brush the donkeys teeth~....aha...

btw,there was this donkey..named Simon...and the guy there said Simon can smile..and so we said "Simon,smile!"...and then,THAT SIMON SMILED!...tho it smiled really ugly cos of many reasons...ahah~


haha,cute eh?


and that's my sis with the donkey...
my father said they mix the donkey with a horse...
so kinda like KU-DAI~
and my bro was scared to feed the ku-dai~

and that's all.

later then!
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25 December, 2008

bkt tinggi summary

A'kum n ello..

i went to Bukit Tinggi today...went to Colmar Tropica,Japanese Village and Rabbit Park...

not in the mood to blog right now,but maybe later...

ta then~!

something for you to say cute~!

i always love rabbits more than cats!

23 December, 2008

some words

A'kum n ello..

being happy and be positive are 2 elements that will give a person a bright future..

trust me about that~!

cos eventhough how big that problem is,you'll know that by being happy,you'll think that things are just simple and easy...

and eventhough that big problem is still too big,you have to be happy cos you still have one thing that very,very important to you..

that is,life.

ta then~!

22 December, 2008

hanging out at times square

A'kum n ello..

man,i laugh like a HAHAHAHAHA maniac...


now there~

went to Times Square with hani,najwa,aqilah n nazneen...it was nice~....

i have to borrow aqilah's money~....
non of ur business..~

nway...hani drove a CAR,not the famous GREEN VAN to ts....and nothing surprising happen..
if you count the parking incident?
that's just hani...
and i'm not a person who qualified to talk about other person's driving skill..

anyway...hani said before that we won't eat anything when we're at ts cos she's on a diet...but then,cos of being considerate,she asked us if we want to eat anything...so,we just settle for hot plate~...all of us except aqilah chose yee mee,while aqilah chose kuey tiow...

and i ordered watermelon squeeze juice...and wow,that juice was 'healthy'....

and then we went to DBSK's shop.......

ah~before that,i bought 2 dvds of J-dramas,Maou and Code Blue for RM29.90!

we went to MyStar(ie DBSK shop)...and we were looking at the t-shirts cos i planned to buy the t-shirt that DBSK members design...but the person there said it's already sold out...and then i asked if they have more shirts...and then she pointed at......................

the one that i want very much...!!!!!!!!

something that look like this...
only that i want a white one with blue robot..
but the one they have is a white one with pink robot...
but that's alright..cos i think pink suits me better~

and both me and aqilah looked at the price tag,and RM160~!

don't mind about my english~

only 2 sweaters left....and only have size M and S...and only have blue and white colour.......~~~
mind you,i think God sent us sign to buy the sweaters....

but bcos it was RM160,and i have to borrow aqilah's money...so we have to pay the deposit for the sweaters first...

and yes,yes...we are buying the sweaters..~~!!

whatever,if you think i'm just wasting my money,go to hell cos in the end,i'll still buy it....


but still,only the deposit...and i have to borrow aqilah's money until january arrive..~~~!

sorry aqilah~!..u dunno how guilty i am rite now~~~~

and then,went to solat....and went to buy another clothe cos i think i'm getting bigger eventho my weight still the same....and so,i bought a shirt and again,i have to use aqilah's money~~~

what a friend i am~~!!...

that's all then~!



ta then!

now i blog lil

A'kum n ello..

went to alpha angle to buy some bras and also shoes..~~


Audrey bra,buy 1 free 2....~~!!!

and that's brand are massive~!


ah,n also a slack pants....i dunno when will i wear it...ahah~!

later blog more..~!

arsenal 1-Liverpool 1~!

keane coolio~!
rafa,cepatle sihat~!

21 December, 2008

kak ita,my maid

A'kum n ello..

there was this time...when i was really young...i was happy cos my kindergarten gave a holiday,so of course,as a 5years old girl,i was very happy....

a happy walk (like kp said "larian suka hati") into the house,and i shouted "kak ita~~!esok alia cuti"...and so, kak ita,my maid at that time,suddenly pulled me very hard,and pushed me into the bathroom and locked the door from the outside...and she yelled "ko ngadu kat mak pasal aku eh???"...and so i cried very hard...and thinking about what my mistakes.....

and so..

i was in the bathroom...for maybe 3 hours...crying and doing nothing....

it felt long at that time,mayb cos i was a little kid...
maybe the exact time was 20minutes?
i don't really know..

and that's my childhood days with kak ita,the maid...

and i still remember her...she took care of me,and i love her eventhough i had that incident....

and since my mother passed away,she never contact us anymore....


k now..
ta then~!

tagged by Izza

A'kum n ello..

she said write,not with a pen or anything..
so i'll do something like this then...

The rules:
1. Your name/ user name
2. Left handed or right handed
3. Favorite letter to write
4. Least favorite letter to write
5. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".
6. Tag 6 people

i'm in love with Paint right now..

ta then~!

20 December, 2008


A'kum n ello..

when you think that you have ur life already planned....in the end,you'll think that you are just wasting your time by thinking about it...

it'll be nice when you think that you'll have what you want...

like me..

i want a smart,handsome,nice man as my husband....
maybe that'll be too hard,but as long as that man can be responsible for anything he do,know what is the wrong and the right,understand me,and accept me...maybe i'll just accept that kind of man..

i also want a nice day,that can let me relax...i want a day that doesn't have any problem....and that's where my problem start...i never realize that i have more than 10 days without problem....and why i still want something more...

and that's show how low as a human i am...

i have many dissatisfaction(?)...but bcos of that,i realize the low of me..

haha...i'm really a serious person...

but my friends said i am too strong...and i'm proud of that,so i really like to brag about it quietly...but sometimes,i want to be weak...i want to be taken care of...

maybe that's just my inner feeling as a woman..

ta then~!
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thoughts again

A'kum n ello..

i'm glad that this blog doesn't have many followers...cos i really glad~

i don't want to put myself among the Malaysian bloggers society thingy,cos i rather put my blog as an individual thing that doesn't need to be among a society,except if that 'society' is DBSK or NEWS..

i really love my life...i'm happy that i have a nice,loving father who sometimes annoyed me with his sarcasm...and siblings that really love me,eventhough they never show it but still care about me...

i love it...
i love them..

i lose my mother when i was 12...2 years after that was maybe the hardest year in our life...we didn't show it,but we felt it that we were mourning for her...and it was 2years...

and that's harsh.

cos around that time,my dad didn't have a job...and my bro didn't get nice score for his spm..(harsh reality:you lose a mother before ur massive exam,can you study for the exam?)...and people asked me "when will you have a new mother?"...."oh,your father with that woman" and so on...rumours and rumours circulating....and some even from my cousins...

and that's harsh.

and so i had a new stepmum...whom, i have to say a person that dislike and like but never love...

and for once in her life as my stepmother,she never say thanks to me about me being the first person that feel positive of her to be my future 'mother'...

and for once in my life as her stepdaughter,i never think of her as my 'mother'...cos eventhough nobody can replace my mother,she's a person that doesn't have the character to be a mother,in my point of view.

and that's why i put myself as an on 'orphan without the mother but with a father,eventhough i have a stepmother' in my school form...it's kinda nice,eventho it was also cruel,cos i'd get RM70++ every year cos being an 'orphan'...

haha with that.

maybe i'm a cruel person..but i am reasonable...maybe i am immature,but i know what must and what not...

and so..

eventhough some people think that i am too arrogant or something,i have to admit,maybe i am..

but i have to be happy,that there are people in this world that know how arrogant i am,but still know the true nature of me...they accept me,and they understand me...and they know when to shut up and when to ask...

and i'm glad...

instead of being proud that they are the person that i trust,they just thinking about how to make me happy....

and that's what i'm guilty about..

they try to make me happy...but i seldomly make them happy...

i thank them..

and again,my post is never tidy...

meet my dream men!

A'kum n ello..

i want to meet changmin!
he is very,very handsome~!!!!!!!!

i want to see his smile.
that shy smile that he doesn't know what to do.

i miss looking at him..

he was standing totally in front of me(around 5m or so) and he was HOT!


and also..

i want to meet xabi alonso.

k now.

19 December, 2008


A'kum n ello...

forget the depress post just now....nobody can stop my excitement of Liverpool~~!!



that's more like it~!!!
the battle of rafa benitez~~!!

real madrid wants rafa,and Liverpool don't want to lose rafa...


inter milan vs scums tho...

mourinho n fergie...
that'll be nice..

ta then!

i have to be more positive towards life...maybe this thing will make me better in life...

maybe the existence of her just give the low of me while the non-existence of her will give a better me...

k then~


A'kum n ello..

dear people...for some time,maybe i won't blog.

i am thinking to delete this blog.

nice eh?

i always tell all my problems here..but things are just too bad right now....

my tears already gone....i don't want to cry cos i had cried about this before...

and so,my heart just can't take it anymore...

and eventhough this blog have been the healer of my problem,but this time,my problem is just too much...

something that happen like on tv...and it happen in my life...

and so,one thing i must tell you...


i've lost many and i hope i hope i won't lose more...




A'kum n ello...

i am depress.
but not like too-'mentally' depressed....

i have to look at the bright side...and think like "my pointer is still good.and hell to chemistry eventho i'll face organic,physical and biochemistry"...

but still,bcos of chemistry,my pointer is affected by it,and so....................

but still,i have many things to be happy about...i have to be positive....i'll watch more 1N2D so i can laugh and forget all the miseries.....

now i understand what it feels like when you try so hard,and in the end you still lose...

i always had this happen to me many times when it related to Liverpool,but still,it's VERY painful when it happens to ME~.

so then..



A'kum n ello...

i wonder why...

am i a loser whenever there is chemistry~?

i wonder...
why chemistry is like the worst thing ever happen to me....

i wonder..
why i must take chemistry~?
that thing is illogical for me,thus i couldn't score....
cos i'm a logical person...i couldn't imagine about those atoms...
unlike physics or biology...which relate to life....

i don't have talent in chemistry...
how can it exists negative and positive atom...?
where is the real proof?

i tried really hard to score the paper...but in the end,all i got was some lousy D with a +...

i.e D+
which means fail.



i want to condemn the people who'll say i don't study much before the exam...
bcos if you know me,i AM a last-minute person,but i don't include chemistry as 'last-minute' study....

i tried to understand all of those formulas,the whys and hows and also the symbols...


and bcos of chemistry...my final exam is bad...very2 bad...~~!

the only positive thing from my result,maybe i don't need to kawad next year..


i just have to study harder than now then...

18 December, 2008

hani sms

A'kum n ello..


i dunno what to do rite now...i've been downloading 1n2d...hoho...coolio~~!!!!

hani sms-ed me last nite...around 2am i think....i was sleeping after watching 1N2D.......

did you watch last night show???...hahahahahahhaha...it was stupid last night...total funny...

ji sang ryul came for the first time, 1 year after leaving 1N2D..
and he brought a dog,it was sanggeun's son....
and sang ryul said he taught the dog something..
and so he told the dog to sit...
and so the dog sat.
and then he told the dog to high-five...
and then the dog punched him...!

hahahhahaha...i was laughing really hard when i watched it..i watched it with my brother...hohoho...

k..continue with the hani's sms

she said something like our holiday nearly end and so better we hang out before it end...so she plans to hang out next tuesday,which is good,i think,if i don't have anything to do....and maybe we'll watch The Day The Earth Stood Still....yeay~!.....and i am wondering where will we go,cos i really want to go Times Square to buy some CDs....

i want to watch MAOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oooh~~...that drama is whoa~!

k now...
wanna tata~!
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17 December, 2008

result BEL130

A'kum n ello..

i got an email about my BEL130 result,(only the carrymark)...i think it was alright..


when i look at the amount of people who PASS~

and it was only _____.

it was bloody SIKIT!


k now.
have to tata~!
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A'kum n ello...

I HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

NEWS album!
BIG BANG album!

have it~!!

YEAY!!!..this album is very expensive...~!
and it's NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!
and originally from JAPAN~!

my brother loves this album~

hani came to my house 2 hours ago(or so) to give me this albums...hoho...this is the first time i ever shop online internationally...~


i'm happy!

the big bang album is very unique...
have some thank you notes handwritten by the big bang members...and also some stickers of them...hoho....

cool eh?

thank you hani for sending me those albums to my house..hoho..~!

thank you!

k then..~
i wanna watch more 1N2D...
i will listen to these cds later tomorrow cos i'll wake up the people who are asleep rite now...

i'll let aiman listen later...

k then..
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16 December, 2008

album arrive but not receive

A'kum n ello..

the whole day..i only watched 1n2d and also read mangas using the old dell laptop that my father already repaired...


thank you to Kingston 8GB...i can save anything~!
and also thank you to VLC...you're my favourite player of all time~~!!!

anyway...i sms-ed hani last night..she was in the cinema,watching Twilight...and bcos she adores cedric diggory...so she likes the movie...~~~

everybody ADORE edward cullen~~~~~~~

and she told me that my NEWS's color and Big Bang's remember album already arrive!!!...


i have to be pissed rite?cos i still haven't receive it yet......

but maybe i'm just too positive nowadays so i don't want to be mad...ahah...

maybe i've gotten mature about this....if i still the same old alia,maybe i'll be mad and say it to this blog....maybe something like

hampeh hani~...cd aku x bagi2 lagi.....~~!!!
yeah...maybe i'll say something like that...hohoho....

k now...i have to download more mangas...i'm addict to them rite now~!...

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  • aqilah,better i tell you before i forget again...your mickey mouse is unrecognized...sorry~!

stalker story

A'kum n ello..

for all stalkers out there...
or anybody...

try go to this blog...
my cousin's blog~

i think this is one of the funniest story that i ever read...
especially that this story involve a guy that wanna know a woman by using a lousy method i.e "nak berkenalan?"(not that lousy if you ask that question in an expensive restaurant or any glamor place)...

hit the link then~
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get well,RAFA~!

A'kum n ello...

health is very important.

yeah.kidney stone.
and people make fun of it..

try have a little stone in ur kidney.
or better imagine it like a little seed trapped in ur heart instead of going all the way to the intestines and to the anus....

imagine that~~
tho i don't think you can imagine that....

but something like this is really bad....
and it even need an injury...

but i have to respect this guy...he doesn't let football affect his life wholly...and that's good...

it means he still HUMAN as much as people think he is mental as a football coach cos of the recent draws....

and whatever you bull-Liverpool fans that always think of negative,rafa is the best~!

in Rafa for Liverpool i trust~!