05 December, 2008

normal human

A'kum n ello..

i read blogs that i saw somewhere.....

and when i read them,i was like....

"this people,they're so 'fun'"

"this girl,she really love herself eh?"

"ah,ah.now she said she is beautiful with a brain~!"

"-check the picture-"

"erm,she looks like my maid"

"nvm,she's beautiful.kot.she loves herself.that's alright then"

by all of these,i can confirm myself as a normal human being....i'm doing what other people will do...and like what people said,be yourself,don't care what other people think about yourself...


i think i made another bad post eventho i meant it as good post...

maybe i am evil...hrm2~~

maybe i should enter an audition to be a comedian,becos there this japanese comedian whom people labelled as 'a person who work by making fun of people'

making fun?i'm just using good words...


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