20 October, 2010

yes.it's the JYJ Malaysia Showcase post!

A'kum n ello...

hehehehhe. [LONG POST AHEAD!]

lookie here~~~!

haha.MiezahTeuk is smiling here~~~HAHAHA.

from the STADIUM NEGARA word you obviously know what i was doing at that place.

and for the people that don't know.erm...i'll show you this:

so it was on Sunday,the October 20th around 3pm.

the event was suppose to start at 2pm, but instead they did it at 3pm.

but oh well. i'll blog from the start.

so the night before the showcase, AqilahPrasanCute message-d me what time we have to go tomorrow. so i told  her around 11am cos JYJ will arrive Malaysia(from Singapore) at 10.30am, so maybe around that time it'll be good for us. and not just that, i had to pick up some goodies set from SaranghaeTVXQ before 1.30pm and also this DBSK fanmade shirt that i ordered from someone that i didn't even know from my life.

so i told her that.

on Sunday,the day of the showcase. i woke up around 9am; already ready with the binoculars(in case JYJ is tiny in my eyes),full-battery camera,red shirt,full-battery phone.

so when 11am almost there, AqilahPrasanCute sms-ed that she'll be a little late. she said it'll be around 11.30am.OK~

then 11.30am, i ate lunch. i know she'd be late.

i checked up on twitter. news about JYJ arrived at KLIA were buzzing. SharingYoochun was tweeting about being on the same flight as them. and some fans already tweet to mytvxqfc that she touched Yoochun's arms.

i didn't care much about those stuff. maybe because Changmin was not among them.HAHA.

but then,there was a tweet from mytvxqfc:

"JYJ showcase album normal edition is RM30.the limited edition is RM150.selling at Rock Corner booth at the venue"

and i was like, WHAT?????RM30?????

then i looked at the time, and it was 12.05pm. i sent sms to AqilahPrasanCute,"PALLLLLLLLI!!!!!ALBUM JYJ PRICE RM30!!!PALLI BEFORE GONE!"

she didn't reply.CIS.

and it was 12.25pm.......
and she still not arrive.

so i called.and she was "SORRY SORRY.I'M GOING NOW!!"
ok then.
then she arrived.we picked up MiezahTeuk and her friend,ThirahJae.

we arrived at the venue.we saw cars, we didn't see any fans YET.

so we went to the entrance, and saw PLENTY OF FANS. and seriously,it was HOT!i called the girl who had my DBSK shirt.....(and seriously people,i want to show you the shirt,but the memory card reader is having this stupid problem.DAMN).

after we picked up the goodies sets from SaranghaeTVXQ, we saw this booth that sold JYJ's the Beginning album. so i asked the people there how much was the album. and she said "RM50" and obviously i was shocked. i told her that i heard it was RM30.and that seller became shocked and asked me "where did you hear that?" i answered slowly and said "Twitter........."

anyway, i bought the album.HAHA.

oh,when we were buying the album, suddenly a girl i know called me excitedly "ALIA~~~~~~!!!!!" i looked at her and it was HaniyanaGD. HAHA.

anyway,cos she was in a good spot with her sister,behind the booth that sold the JYJ album,so we were together with her.aha.

and let me inform you, that spot that we gathered were kinda 'noisy' cos of that motorcycle that have 'tracer'(is that even the word?). whenever people is 10cm from that motorcycle, the vehicle will suddenly nininininininininininininini

it's the alarm.
and with 4000 fans at that stadium(or maybe 1000 or so cos the other 3000 were at the other side of the stadium), people will look at us and wonder where the hell that ninininininin sound came from.

anyway, let me introduce you the person that were with us on that day:

from above to below :
KakIc(Hani's sis),AliaBaik.

anyway, we were outside the stadium. and some fans already que-up to enter the stadium.they always screamed tho.at first,i thought they're like other fans who love to scream at everything.but then,we found out that from their position, they could see the 3 HANDSOME MEN OF KOREA DANCED ON THE STAGE eventhough the fans were outside the stadium.

don't understand?

it's physic.

so it's like the diagram above. the fans could see JYJ rehearsed at that position.the door was opened,but it was prevented by grills and also RELA(security a.k.a green men).

anyway,we tried to be at the fans position, and yeah, we saw Jaejoong sang and danced.anyway,we didn't really see him clearly,but we saw the screen tho. so i saw the dance steps for eEmpty(JYJ's song) ;hands up,spin spin(ok not quite).

and then, we back to our spot. we kinda loud, maybe bcos of the motor. some media people came to us. i remember some media called Rentak Sejuta and also Hot Express. haha.

AsyaPrasanComel showed me a picture from HotMagazine's facebook:


cool eh? i couldn't find the picture from RentakSejuta,so..oh well.

anyway, it was 2pm already, and we still not inside. some 8tv people were there.erm,i forgot those 2 guys name. and when i was talking about Sungkyunwan Scandal with HaniyanaGD,their cameraman filmed us.haha.ThirahJae tried to avoid it cos she didn't want her mother to find out that she went to the showcase.HAHA.

oh well, around 2.20pm, we entered the stadium. while we were quing up, some fans gave us balloons and lighsticks. and i was kinda like -_- cos i paid RM16 for the goodies set that include balloons and lighsticks.but then, they distribute the same stuff to other people FOR FREE.ceh. tho i don't think it's from the same people that sell the goodies set tho.
and then, we entered.


our seats were ok.it weren't that far. we could see Jaejoong's muscle-y arms clearly. haha. i don't even need binoculars to see that sexy thing.

you don't need that Miezah~~~

anyway, we waited for JYJ to come out.it was 2.45pm,and people for the free-standing were entering at that time.

then,around 3.10pm, STARTO!

Jaejoong appeared and yes, he was the most significant one among the 3 maybe bcos he wore a sleeveless clothes.so he was really...HOT.muscle-y arms. and then Micky was heeeeeee tho he kinda messy with that long hair,but still ok.and Junsu,erm.....i seldom notice him.his voice was wow.

first song was Empty. and that song is really catchy. and luckily, unlike the time when i was at Super Junior's concert, i had my voice in this JYJ showcase.hoho.

and so,with the voice that i had...I SCREAMED!!
i screamed like that.

the lyrics suppose to be like this:
Why can't you let it go 
Let it go let it go let it go 
Girl because your heart is empty

and oh, if you look at this fancam, you'll see that hand part during the Let It Go,Let It Go. and haha. it was like that Malay traditional dance.HAHA.

 credits: mardiya@Youtube

by the way, i didn't record any performance from the showcase.the showcase was short.and the flow was very fast, so i didn't want to miss any minute of it.so i'll just put some good pictures and videos from someone else here.ok?cun.

but if you think i'm too stingy to share my picture,here this is the picture that i took:

this is Micky Yoochun. from the screen.AHA.

anyway, i didn't really remember much what song they sang after that.haha. i remember that they sang Be My Girl. and Junsu's voice was really really good here. oh,if you're not a DBSK fan, you have to know that DBSK hate lip-synch. so this guys sang all the songs LIVE.awh-some~!

and also some other songs that i couldn't remember it names,but remember the beat.aha.

and then, there were this 'break'.JYJ went backstage to change their clothes, and SerenaC was on the stage.and she was nice! she remember the time when DBSK came and she also the one who handled their press conference. and she also said that last time she talked about durian with DBSK,this time she was thinking about other stuff like Nasi Lemak and so on (i shouted KETUPAT!!SATAY).haha. and then, JYJ came up on stage.

SerenaC talked with them,in English, with a translator.anyway,she was different than the usual host that handled other korea stuff.totally better than that host that handled the BEAST showcase.he was horrible.anyway,SerenaC made the guys comfortable.before she start, she said to Micky"last time,you couldn't understand what i said cos i talked too fast.now, do you understand me?" and then, Micky answered her question and wittily said "errr.what?"

HAHA.classic. fans were laughing~! you can see JYJ were in a comfortable state.anyway,SerenaC made them shy tho cos she always teased them,especially with their lack of English.haha.

there was this time,when Micky was talking, and the translator was beside him. and then Junsu the one who talked,and SerenaC said "i think you better go there"HAHA.

and SerenaC asked the boys WHAT are doing right now.Junsu said that he is currently doing Mozart musical.Jaejoong who didn't have any schedule with him right now said that he did a drama.and SerenaC asked when will we watched that drama.Jaejoong said "already end".hahah.Micky then said that he is currently acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal,which make fans SCREAMED so loudly,and Micky then added "the fans know" to SerenaC and she then said "oh.they already know?"hehe.

and there was also this time,when SerenaC asked "do you think Malaysian girls are the hottest woman in the world?" the translator translate that to Junsu.and Junsu said "YES!" fans screamed~~ and then SerenaC asked Jaejoong to answer the same question. and Jaejoong looked at the fans.he was pausing with a very cute smile on his face. and SerenaC said "ahhh.you people make Jaejoong shy" and yes,he was really really shy. and the screen showed his shy smily,with those big muscle,and i was like "weird,but beautiful"HAHA.

anyway,Jaejoong answered the question.i didn't really remember what he said,but i think it was like "BEAUTIFUL!.....the weather is hot".

and then, SerenaC told him, "yes.the weather here is very hot.that's why Malaysian girls are hottest!"
fans screamed.HAHA.

and then...

Micky: thank you for your support. we will come here again for our concert next year.(fans screaming)
SerenaC: ooooh.what time next year will you come for the concert?
Micky: (look at Jaejoong.pointed the microphone at him)
SerenaC: ah you want Jaejoong to answer the question.
Jaejoong: (thinking.i think he was thinking the English words.not about the answer for the question) SUMMER?yes.SUMMER....
SerenaC: ok people.they'll come here again during SUMMER!!!!(fans screamed)
SerenaC: except that they don't know that Malaysia is all-time summer.(yes.i laughed)
SerenaC: so we can expect that they are coming here around June or July.

so.i have to save plenty of money for Super Junior concert and also JYJ concert.DA!

and then,interview end.it was kinda short,cos even Micky asked "IS THIS THE LAST QUESTION??" SerenaC was like "YES" you have to admit,even the boys are having fun with the fun interviews.haha.

Micky always smile.Jaejoong with his shy smile.Junsu.......i seldom notice him.HAHA.

and then,they continue to perform.they sang Chajatda(Found You), the OST of Sungkyunkwan Scandal.and of course, the fans were happy. the song was really good, and SaranghaeTVXQ planned this project to fanchants during this song.at first, we followed the project,but then,we ignored it cos we couldn't focus to their singing.haha.

and then, they sang Ayyy Girl.ahaha.the song was good.i didn't really remember what happen in this song.hahahahah. maybe Jaejoong was doing some sexy waves when he was singing *salivating*

and then, the clock almost struck 4pm.i know it was almost the ending.the guys suddenly said Thank You and they hope they can come here for the concert and Micky also said "Keep The Faith,always" YOU HEAR THAT CASSIES?!?!? HE SAID THAT!

now bring me Changmin.

and then, they sang the last song: Empty(remix). and Micky told us to stand up. and so we stood up and sang the song and JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP.haha.

and we did the dance again,you know,that Malay traditional dance hand.haha. and Jaejoong sang like he was in a karaoke.haha.not in bad way,it just that he sang it passionately.haha.

and then.


fans were trying to make an encore,but SerenaC then appeared on the stage and said "sorry,no encore".

fans still inside the stadium even though announcements about leaving the stadium already out. haha.

and so we went out cos RELA already blew the whistle to chased the fans.ceh.

oh.on the way out, we saw a musolla,so we prayed there. after i prayed, i went to the toilet and saw some Japanese fans with KIMONO!haha.and so....


and i told the other girls about it and they also want to take photo with them and so...



anyway, the showcase was really really short.but it was enjoyable.seriously,very enjoyable.it was one of the best korean stuff thing i ever attended.aha.hopefully, next time, i can see Changmin.

yo Changmin,get out from SME.haha.
ta then!

ps: next time,please do the showcase during night-time.day-time is not dark.


asya said...

baca pun dah tersenyum2 sorang dpn laptop
kalau pergi mesti lagi angau.
aaaaaaaa jeles!!

Alia Liverpool said...


dasat anda.
part mane yg buat anda tersenyum cm org gle?HAHAHA.

aimM said...

so sorry post kt sini..
belek2 blog org tetibe terbuka ur blog n da story..

just nk ckp,sy pun suke k-pop dan sgt2 suka diorg..

..dan sy pun pergi stadium negara pd msa dan tarikh yg sama mcm awak..


Alia Liverpool said...

haha.best aite??hepi gle ble igt blk.