10 October, 2010

purikura #whatidunno

A'kum n ello..

there was this time,when i went to Sungei Wang Plaza with EmiliaGendut,NazneenKurus n AqilahPrasanCute for iftar.

as we were busy searching for the musolla at that newly renovate Sg Wang, we looked at our favourite Purikura shop.


my thought at that time:


no purikura.

taken from GoogleImages

my life is over~~~~

the only purikura i trust in Malaysia was only the one at Sg Wang. i don't trust the one at OneUtama cos i had one last time, n it was ugly. no quality~~

nway, as i was cluelessly walking with EmiliaGendut and AqilahPrasanCute at Sunway Pyramid yesterday, we went to the purikura at Asian Avenue. we just randomly walked in. 

the clock was 9pm. n we don't really have anything to do at that place(SunwayPyramid). except me who was trying not to pee in my jeans.

and so....

we had this.....

have to say, the one at Sunway Pyramid is goood. my first impression for them wasn't that  good,to be honest. mainly because my sis had one,and it wasn't that nice.
but maybe she took the cheap one,that's why.

and ok then.
tata you!

ps: please look at AqilahPrasanCute's face.totally wow.haha.


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EverEvo Angel said...

Alia,you may have noticed it by now, but if you didn't there are a lot of Purikura machines available all across Malaysia now! Look for AEON's Molly Fantasy ( The arcade ) They should have it! All the machines have very good quality and the most expensive one only costs RM13! It's super affordable! I do blog posts on Purikura too. You can check them out at my blog =) everevoangelofficial.blogspot.com

There's also an official Malaysia Print Club (Purikura) page on FB!! https://www.facebook.com/smilekawaiipix