16 October, 2010


A'kum n ello..


this(or should i say last?) week was good.BRILLIANT even.

ok. maybe not in term of some stuff like the SIRIM thing. something happen about the SIRIM stuff. but i'll ignore that, for now. and there was also my Medic Test. which was horrible,or should i say, the hardest test i had faced in this semester? but still, the test was a multiplication test. i just hope most of my 'circling answers' are correct. Amin~~~!


i haven't told you the brilliant news yet.


this 2 yanks are out from my beloved Liverpool.HAHA!

ok. long story short: Liverpool had 2 owners before this. they were these 2 ugly people above. anyway, 1st

thing that i remember, these 2 guys wanna sack my beloved Rafa Benitez. and yes, he did sack Rafa. and this 2 yanks gave plenty of debt to Liverpool. so whatever money Liverpool had i.e sold players, won something, qualified something, those moneys went to pay off the debt.

so, basically, Liverpool have no money, cos all of them went to the bank to pay off the debt.

and so, this 2 people wanted to sell the club. and so,they wanted to sell Liverpool with a very high price which will benefit both of them cos they'd lose the debt and they'd getting richer. but oh, Liverpool on the other hand, still full in debt and gotten worst cos we didn't have any money to buy players. and bcos the club's price was too high, not many people could buy the club, so end up Liverpool still in debt.


and last week, something cool happened. Liverpool was on the brink of getting a 9points deduction if they still didn't pay the debt. but then, a bid to buy the club from this certain company was accepted by the Liverpool board. however, the owners don't like the new company. so they refused to sell the club. why you wonder? cos that company wanna buy Liverpool with a cheap price, that won't benefit those 2 yanks. but from the history of that company that really successful in sports, it was a BRILLIANT news for the Liverpool fans.

tho as i still don't trust that company completely, but they can make H&G OUT, i'll support them 100%.

and so, Liverpool almost let the new company bought them. until the 2 yanks wanna took this stuff to the high court, but the judge loves Liverpool more than 2 yanks,eventhough people said the judge is a Chelsea fan, and so Liverpool can be owned by that new company. but another problem surfaced, but the judge still prefer Liverpool, so yeah, Liverpool now owned by the a new company called NESV a.k.a New England Sports Venture.

so now Liverpool is in good hands.

and the best thing about this news is THIS:

20% OFF!

but still, after some calculations, the Liverpool shirt that i want so much will be about RM300++ including international shipping...

oh well.

H&G ARE OUT~~~~~~!

my future as a Liverpool fan is getting better :)

ta then!

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