04 October, 2010

you just bad,Hodgson.

A'kum n ello..

this is a Liverpool rant.

and a NEGATIVE ONE at that.

out you go, you non-readers of Liverpool fan and football and also the haters of Liverpool.OUT OUT!


my rant start now:

Liverpool lose just now. and the score was THAT.

and Liverpool currently 18th in the league, and for ur info, 20 is the LAST place. see that scrollbar? u can click the scroll button anymore.that just the last part of it.


you stupid Hodgson. why the hell you even played Meireless, the only new player in the squad at the RIGHT when you have other experienced right wingers...like Kuyt,Babel,or GERRARD at that position?!and why the hell did you even loan Aquilani,when it just too obvious that he is a WORLD CLASS player?aren't you a FOOTBALL MANAGER? why the hell did you even make that scaredy face during the match? why the hell you have to be so pessimistic? do you know that whilst you being pessimistic, most of the fans are trying hard to believe that we'll achieve something great whether the dream is impossible or not.

and WHY WHY WHY you Liverpool board. WHY DO YOU EVEN SACKED RAFA BENITEZ????he only had a ONE BAD SEASON! ONE! and it was mainly bcos of the amount of injuries that the players were having. and now you sacked him,and bought a new one, a someone that NEVER HAVE ANY GOOD TROPHY TO SHOW TO THE WORLD.oh,that man made a non-top4 team through to a final of the Europa League.and because of that success, that guy was chosen to be a manager of the greatest football club in England(which is now will become a cheap&embarrassing club).

oh btw, Rafa Benitez has 2 LA LIGA titles under his name,and his team at that time was not Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Roy Hodgson,however,won......nothing that famous.

i,maybe a bad fan for saying bad stuff about the current manager. but this Hodgson is just unbelievable. he is illogical. if he have something in his mind, show it to us.


sorry Hodgson, you lose the plot.

ps: stupid fans who wanted Rafa to be sacked. damn you people.

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KeCiK said...

Pilu siot. No words can describe the pilu-ness I feel.