31 July, 2007


a'kum n ello...

i'm a lil bit tired today...i made a banner for the history club,then tuition...duh...and during physics,i had to stand for the whole period cos i didn't bring the physic's textbook..lorh!

anyway...during history club...we had to made a banner for the merdeka day...and hani and emi weren't with me..i was a lil bit panic cos pn. shuhana was like rushing to do it...anyway...i had to meet her at the teacher's room...at the teacher's room...pn shuhana drew a line on the banner...and then..other teachers saw her..and they told me,"alia!apa suro cikgu yang buat?!?!"...i was like,'erm,she was there.and i was a lil bit far from her.and she did it suddenly without asking me or anything.and i didn't expect it.' but i didn't say it out loud...so..i went to her cos i didn't need any scolding or teasing from the teachers...so..i helped her cut the banner...if you saw them,you would think that they thought i didn't even know how to cut...ahaha...but the teachers were being funny...

changMin:just say it,you were upset with their teasing..
kimDongWan:yeah,just say it.
alia:...*ignore the question*
alia:shut up!

anyway..emi came helping me made the banner minutes after that...mior and some form3 were there too..some time after that,emi wanted me to pay RM1.50 for the food that she bought for me..so...i asked someone for the money cos i didn't want to use my RM10 cos i want to save some money right now..(for the DBSK's concert.duh!)...and then,there was this boy,syamim,the vice-president of the history club....he is one of the Form3...i asked RM1 from him..then he told me that i must buy a football ticket from him..i was like,"eh?sape lawan?"...and then he said it will be 2 matches between selangor vs singapore and also another match that is selangor veteran vs singapore veteran...i asked emi if she wanted to join me watch the football match..she said OK and she said it will be her 1st time watch a football match..so..i told him that i will pay the tickets later...he even reduce the ticket price from RM5 per ticket to RM2/ticket...so...i'm okay!...haha..and anyway..if emi and i can't go..we can sell it to anan....huhu...

and right now..i'm still waiting for one of my friend to buy a cheaper ticket than RM500 for the DBSK's concert...i asked marjani and aqilah last week...they said the will but the VIP seats...i was like,lorh!they really want to sit at THAT VIP place!..i hope farahin can seat with me...i don't want to scream towards the DBSK alone...huhu...
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's summer dream..
  • download Tohoshinki's summer dream[single] and Plain White T's hey there delilah..
  • huhu,i finish reading harry potter..!
  • too many people died...
  • and in the end~~~
  • the good people win~~
  • dead and then alive..

i forgot the person at the left..
but the right person is ANDY from Shinhwa...
someone said,when you're at a place like this..
but these famous peeps just have to wear shorts unlike other people to hide their privates..ahaha!!

try find me!
huhu..got my pic taken while i was in the kindergarten..

29 July, 2007

lunch with acu

a'kum n ello...

went breakfast with acu just now...actually,it was lunch cos we ate at 11.30am....before,acu called me that she wanted to come to my house to take some of my story books for her daughter...then,when she came,she asked me to join her to eat breakfast..so,i followed...before we went for breakfast,she went to a clinic to meet a doctor...then,we went to have our breakfast that was actually a lunch..huhu..

anyway,we talked like usual...usual talk and i left some frustrations about mak cik azah to her...and she looked so sick though...i was sad to see her like that...and i asked her if she has a maid right now...she said she already fired her last maid cos that maid got pregnant...da...it was shocking to hear it....n another shocker,her maid didn't even know when did her boyfriend 'rape' her....another da..!

changMin:woman~~they are easily cheated..
Alia:*hit ChangMin*

i read that harry potter book last night..huhu...the plot was kinda slow to tell you the truth...but i only read 1/4 of the book....i read it until 3am..haha...n dear DD,your guess about me reading the book was correct...haha...

SOME SPOILERS! (highlights it if you want to know it)
  • mad-eye moody got killed by voldermort..
  • voldermort can fly..
  • dudley loves harry...
anyway...want to know something?...there was this boy at myspace....we talked about football n all....i think i know him at the time when i know mozart(aizatt)....n if I'm not mistaken..his myspace's name is famously known as aimar....and i just found out that he is a student at my school..da...and let just say that,i don't know his real name right now...

whatever..i don't really mind...people at myspace know me as Alia Liverpool instead of Alia Othman....

  • currently listening to KAT-TUN's yorokobi no uta..
  • acu gave me RM20,so,my saving for DBSK's concert increase!!!..
Andy and Kim Dong Wan..
both of them are from Shinhwa...


28 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

dear citizens of this blog...I'm here to say............



the carrier peeps called me 6 times today when i was at school..luckily i brought my phone at school today..or else they'll send the book late again..hoho...they called me to confirm my address...all this while,the address that they got to send my book was incorrect...instead of 9/6A,the address they got was P/6A,that's why they couldn't send the book to me...kkk...sorry for cursing before....

and thanks to my father for buying the book for me..!

neway..i already back from times square..i went there with emi,aqilah and marjani...aqilah's parents sent us there...we went there just to buy some dbsk's merchandise..haha...damn,the dbsk's thingy was too much!!...and the shop also have the dbsk's shirt that was designed by the dbsk's members themselves and FYI,the shirts are limited edition shirts...i was very surprised when i see those shirts cos the shirts already sold out at the internet...i asked the tauke of the shop,how much is that shirt?...she said 'RM100'...i was like,da...where can i get that money???..

and another thing..she also said that maybe DBSK's concert will be in December or january..cool!...i'll try to ask adlil to find me a part-time work...huhu....
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's hello again..
  • a dbsk's card,shinhwa's card,dbsk's poster,changMin's card..
  • still sick..
  • and thanks for those Get Well wishes!
  • and i slapped ainun today!!
  • i'm GOOD!!

26 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

to my dear friends who are wondering why i didn't go to school today...the reason is..I AM SICK!!...yesterday's sickness is getting worse!!...da...but i think it'll be alright later...

and just pray that i'll go to school tomorrow...i don't want to be a lazy ass...

and another news...I STILL DON'T GET THAT HARRY POTTER BOOK!!!...my dad called me that they will send me the book tomorrow..but what i get right now,huh???...nothing!!!...in this sicky day,i was waiting for the book...but nothing appear!..da...if i send another sms to my father about the book,i think my father will think i'm annoying...but what can i do?...da...this is soooo SICK!!!...


25 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i still don't get that harry potter book...
i want to scream..
i want to curse someone...
but I'm very lazy and so,i don't want to waste my voice just like that...MPH really get on my nerve....i tried to walk faster when I'm walking home with Liyana just to know if the book already arrive home...and damn...i saw nothing...


Alia: :(
teppei,ki bum,kim dong wan:*dunno what to do*

k...at school..the peeps were discussing about the class photography....after those discuss...afiq ersyad and atman called me and asked me why i didn't told them that we used the class fund for the photography..?...it's hard to explain cos afiq constantly shouted ALIA,ALIA,ALIA..da..but dun mind..

they were mad cos they don't want to appear in the school mag....and the class used the class money(that also have some of theirs)...and now,pn. sabarita wanted us to pay RM5 for the datin seriah's retirement present....

haish2,these people...i dunno what to comment about this...

oh,Liverpool already revealed their new stadium plan...and i already saw the pictures of the future stadium..it is unique and have it own identity and different than other stadium..huhu...it was fantastic,cool,brilliant!!!....

erm...today...many people got sick...aqilah have a flu and dry throat(i think) and so do i...and i am very2 weak right now...haish...i think i'll get a fever...and haish..i can't kiss the baby with my condition like this!!!!...da....

  • currently listening to Fall Out Boy's The Take Over, The Break's Over..
  • my allowance for 1 week is RM1 cos i'm saving for DBSK's concert..
  • and those people really want the RM500-front seat!!
  • DA!
unique and cool!
so cute,these people!

24 July, 2007

still not

a'kum n ello.

latest news about my future-harry potter book..the book is not here!!!..i still don't get it!!!!....ahhhh!!!!..i'm very mad..!!!!...how could this happen to me!!!!??!?!?!!

fyi,my dad called me last night..he said MPH already post the book..but why i still didn't get it..???...da...snail mail is totally slow!!!!

just pray that i will get it tomorrow..i'm dying of infos!!!!!

changMin:who do you think will be dead?
kim dong wan:dumbledore?
alia:he's already dead~~~
ki bum:sirius black?

i'm very,very happy today..!

nothing really XD

anyway,that Hafiz said something about Torres...like usual..my reply to the people who said about torres will be this words "ko jeles"...ahaha...these people will say that Torres is not good enough and so on,and so on..ahaha..like hell,i care....

xabi alonso:GO LIVERPOOL!

k..i have homeworks...tata!
  • currently listening to Kim Dong Wan's scream
  • emi wants me to inform her whenever Liverpool has a match
  • she wants to see Torres...
  • ahaha..
  • and thanks Aqilah..
  • i'm very happy i got changMin's sticker..
  • and i hope hani bring shinhwa's sticker tomorrow..
  • and hani was touched to see those wishes from the whole class.
  • huhu..

23 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..


yeay..!!..it's my best friend's birthday!...huhu...

i called her 30 minutes before midnight....and she was a lil bit sick cos she had a fever..but i mostly think it was bcos of reading harry potter non-stop..hoho..

she gave me a cupcake for my birthday..
i think i should buy her the same..

n i hope she won't kill me tomorrow...

kim dong wan:HAPPY BIRTHDAY,HANI!!
alia:wey,shut up.she'll fall in love with you if you wish her happy birthday..
changMin,ki bum,teppei:LOL



chang min:ohh,24hours already finish.
ki bum:can't you be more patient...?
alia:shut up~~

and where is my father???
i sent 2 sms to him about the book..
and he didn't even sent back a reply..

hrm..i wonder what he's doing right now??
  • currently listening to Shinhwa's perfect man
  • ainun said kim dong wan is not handsome..
  • she prefer teppei..
  • LOL..
  • kim dong wan's body is great!!!
  • i wonder what happen between atman and the german dudette?
  • he was a lil bit down today...
  • DJ ozma is a freako..
  • LIVERPOOL is in Hong Kong right now..
  • and the Liverpool team arrive with a massive greeting from the fans...
  • and let me tell you,the fans were like 'THAT IS DBSK!!!!!!!HERO!U-KNOW!MAX!MICKY!XIAH!'
  • but a lil bit different with 'THAT IS LIVERPOOL!!!!!GERRARD!!RAFA!!TORRES!!!CARRA!!'
  • ahaha..such a legend...
  • and the women there were like DBSK's fans..
  • they were shouting mad for torres...
  • huhuu..

22 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

wondering what i'm doing at 2.02am?..

it was bcos....

*kim dong wan:ya~~tell,tell!!*
(kim dong wan is a witty person.so,don't be surprise.and i know you all not even surprise~)

anyway...1 hour ago..i accidentally deleted my MP3 folder in my handphone..so,the result?the whole songs were gone..i often listened MP3s through my phone(now that the iPod is a prob),so..i don't want to wait until tomorrow to transfer the songs...so...currently,i'm waiting for a 97++Mb songs to be transfer to my phone..

stupid me....~~

*changMin&ki bum:yes,you're stupid~*
*teppei&kim dong wan:we didn't say it!*

anyway,today..my sis and i went to bkt raja to watch transformers..and bcos it was too sudden and not systematically planned..so...a funny and annoying thing happen...the tickets for transformers were all sold out..at 1st,i found it very funny..but when i saw my sis' face,i was a lil bit sad for her..she really wanted to watch the movie...it's not her luck then...but she was furious..she even wanted me to asked the person at the ticket counter to check if the tickets were really sold out..i was like,"are you insane??"..she was very mad...i can't blame her

..and the journey after that...


i hate it.no need to tell you what happen..it was annoying..

but i saw MaO at bkt raja!he was walking alone with his usual walk...huhu..


i told you before,my luck had run away from me..i didn't even watch transformers...and i couldn't even read harry potter 7th book today..haish2...my father said that MPH will sent the book to me cos he already pre-ordered it...but i didn't get the book...however,i read the paper,4 major bookstores in the country will not sell the harry potter book cos carrefour and tesco sell the book for rm69.90,instead of rm109.90...and they wanted to make some protest about it..so,they didn't sell the book on the 1st day i.e today,(i mean,yesterday:21.07.07)..

i don't mind all those wuss wuss..but why the hell i didn't get the book??!?!?

kk,like my father said,"WE WON'T GET WHAT WE WANT IMMEDIATELY".
k,i'll try to be patient for another 18 hours....

*changMin:i think you should be patient more than that..*
*alia:ok,add another 6 hours...*
*ki bum:that's not enough~!*
*alia:...(where is my fan??i want to hit him)*

kk..tata then...already finished all those transfers...
  • currently listening to Shinhwa's throw my fish(jap. version)
  • woo,I WATCHED IT!
  • MTV showed MTV japan video music award..
  • and Tohoshinki a.k.a DBSK were there..!...
  • and i saw the dance,and..
  • u-know spoke korean..
  • chang min spoke japanese..
  • and micky spoke english..!
  • woo~~~!!!
  • cool!!!!
  • and japan beat australia in the asia cup..
  • i'm sorry,harry kewell..i support all the asia teams...
  • but i will support you when you play for Liverpool!
now i know why an almost-bald head is sexy..
cos you look sexy!
go,go DONG WAN!

20 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i didn't go to school today..cos...

no reason..

*alia:ah~~so cute!
*ki bum:...*
*alia:(cough)erm..i didn't go cos i don't want and i don't think there are any learning*
*kim dong wan:you're so honest~~*
*alia:(i feel like i'm being teased)*

anyway...what i did at home,i cleaned my room..huhu..the room was too messy...and when i cleaned it..too many dust!...huhu...but i was glad i cleaned it today...lucky there's only 1 plastic bag i used....so..my room was not that dirty then..huhu...

*teppei:my room is messy*
*changMin,ki bum,alia:.......*
*kim dong wan:same with me!*
*teppei&kim dong wan:(high five)*

ah hin gave me another sms like before..i mean,the one that she sent the "alia,aku mintak maaf.aku takkan kacau ko lagi" something like that..she sent another one again..liyana said she got the same too...it was a lil bit scary...but like usual..i replied a funny sms to her...hrm...

*alia:sorry,ah hin!*
*kim dong wan:scary woman~~*
*alia:(glare)you annoyed me too much*
*changMin:(hit him with that red plastic hammer)*

i read ainun's blog..she said they got bm's paper today...and pn noraini was mad that just few people got A..i don't think i'm one of them...i have to pray then....

kkk..tata then!
  • currently listening to Shinhwa's once in a lifetime
  • kim dong wan,i lap you!
  • xabi alonso,you hot!
  • ainun,why that george change class?
  • lady luck is running away from me..!
  • ahaha..
  • yahoo,tomorrow HARRY POTTER 7th book will be out!

kim dong wan,my darling..
what the hell are you doing??

chang min-ah..
why with that dress?

19 July, 2007

finish but not end

a'kum n ello..

the July's test already finish..cool...but i didn't feel anything...not like there is any differences to me like,I'M LIKE A BIRD!I'M FREE!....nothing like that..cos...it's only a test...not some big national test...

and lucky math's paper was good...i nicely knew ALL the answers for all the questions...cool2!!...

*kim dong wan:Alia,you're good!**pat my head*
*Alia:saranghae!**love sign*

I'm becoming like those johnny's peeps who use jimojis for their blog...huhu..

something funny happen...emi was making some memorable ending for today's test...during EST paper,she was asleep...n yup,on the EST paper...and the EST test was a lil bit hard...so,people were very focus in answering the test...then...suddenly,emi was like a mad woman,she made a surprise motion like she was being attacked in the her dream...and said "OH MY GOD!" in a shock way...people were looking at her like she was insane...and they looked at me cos i was close to her...najwa asked me what happened...i told her emi was sleep-talking...at 1st,i didn't want to laugh hard..cos the whole class already laughed hard..and emi was blushing cos of embarrassment...but i looked at pn nurul hana who was there at that time...she was laughing like it was a comedy...so,after that,i couldn't stop laughing...haha....

*changmin:what do you think emi was dreaming?*
*alia:i think she was chased by u-know's crazy fans*
*changmin: (*-*) *
*ki bum:and OH MY GOD!*

now,now...I'm dizzy and lazy...
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's dead end

now,now chang min..
don't be insane...
and who's leg is that???

Xabi Alonso..
i watched you passed to voronin last night..
it was awesome..
that's why i love you!

18 July, 2007

July test

a'kum n ello..

didn't blog last night...there was nothing interesting yesterday...except the test(i was a loser in managing time for my account paper)..but why bother,aite?.

neway...today was a lil bit bad for me...today's papers were a capital K.O!...english was alright...but add math,AHHHH!!!!*pull hair*I'm a loser!...

never mind,that's add math...my father will kill me after this..*ChangMin pat Alia"don't mind.I'm here!"*...hehe..

neway....i was late for school today...so..the prefects arrested me and my sis cos of my late-to-school....to be exact,it was all mak cik azah's fault...she was the one who late..and she pretend like it was nothing...da...my sis and i had been late for 2 days in a row...she should try to at least wake up early...haish2...i hope i will go to school early tomorrow...

emi told me that DBSK's ticket concert will be RM500...k,it's just too much!....she said that's the front row...RM500??....i know this concert is like a once in a lifetime moment..but RM500!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!...even that DBSK-maniac farahin doesn't think that's worth it...i hope there will be a cheaper price for the ticket..i don't mind seating at the back..cos looking from far is just enough...


now where should i get RM-more-than-100?...

*Chang Min:I'll pay for you*

in my dream!
  • currently listening to Shinhwa's perfect man
  • money,money..where are you??
  • azri told me that cikgu rokiah extend the date for me to ask my father about the Bandung-Jakarta trip....
  • erm..?
  • i don't think i can go......

haha,my sis tickle him..
so,he laughed...
so cute..
just like a baby...

i really miss TEPPEI!

16 July, 2007

spanish boy

a'kum n ello...

my,my..i think the Malay quote is totally true...'Rezeki di depan MATA'..woho..!!...when just months ago,i told Atman that i like Spanish man...then,VOILA!...an 18 years old Spaniard appear in my class....haha...he is good looking and friendly and love football...haha...

the girls were excited to see him..

ME,on the other hand,excited cos he is Spanish...and i can ask him something about Fernando Torres and i will ask him how to pronounce XABI ALONSO...


I'm very happy when he said Liverpool are cool...but he supports Real Madrid and Chelsea...and that makes Liyana happy but i was like,Chelsea?..i loathe them....haha...

and because he is good looking..obviously,a man name Atman adore him...and he told me many times that he is KACAK..and told me to go to him..and i told him that i have someone i like and so i don't want to betray him...

huhu..what a LOYAL word..

anyway,enough about him...yesterday,my sis curled my hair...and i look like OPRAH!...with the curly hair behind my head..i was like,"WOOO,i look like Oprah.I SHOULD BE PROUD!"..


anyway,if in the day,i met a Spaniard..later at night,I'll meet a Scottish..my cousins from Scotland will come here..and they will sleep at my room...which is very messy right now and I'm very lazy to clean it...huhu...

and i hope my dear auntie Marianne will buy me that Liverpool shirt...i hope this good luck today will continuously happen..

  • currently chatting with emi...
  • tomorrow will have akaun,physics,bm
  • and emi said pn rokiah told her that dokumen for akaun tomorrow will be hard!
  • and forgot to say,that spaniard name is George

14 July, 2007

japanese festival

a'kum n ello..

huhu..just got back from the Japanese festival that emi invited me...it was at stadium matsushita..and it was awesome..especially when the time that we did the Japanese culture dance..it was brilliant..!!..huhu..

i dunno most of the dance steps..the Chinese peeps were like,danced like they know it by heart...huhu..i just followed them..there was this dance that we need to hold hands with other people..and at 1st i thought i didn't want to hold this Chinese girl hand..not becos of rude,but becos i'll feel awkward...but she gave her hand to me..so,i think it will be very rude to her if i refuse..so..i just hold her hand and did the japanese dance...haha...

you can increase your relationship with other people by dance...

emi held a boy's hand...lucky he was not a handsome man..

neway...like usual..and like a human nature..especially for girls like me and emi..we both looked around stalked some cute guys...and there was this one guy...very2 cute with a male kimono that he wore...i saw him...and emi also saw him...and bcos i knew emi would stop to see a better view...so..i pulled her away...but she pulled me too cos,like i said,i know she wanted to have a better view of that man's face..haha....

and later after that..on the way to go to akmali's car,i saw a cute guy with a specs...his looks will be totally like yuu shirota if he take off the specs and make his hair longer...however,he still looks good...at that time,emi was pissed about something...so..she missed that...haha..

today,i got fat,fat nags from my parents...both of them talked about study..anyway...what funny about it,was when my father nag me...he said something like"manga etc."...i was like,whoa!he knows about manga..!...ahaha...

ok2..i will study hard!

yosha,July's test will be next week.....
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's step by step..
  • i can't update my iPod..
  • my dad will work at Malaysia starting 1 September..
emi made this especially for me..

13 July, 2007

new man

a'kum n ello..

i'm sorry to say this to hani..i know you said this before that he is your man..but i want to make your words as a WAS..so...

right now,he is MY MAN!...

i think i have another favourite korean band right now..ahaha...


neway....i'm very fond of SHINHWA right now..they are a lil bit older though..but don't mind...right now,age is not the most important...looks are...haha...

however,their songs are awesome!..nice!


12 July, 2007

3rd period sleepy

a'kum n ello..

from the title...you can understand that i am a sleepy head...not that u don't know about it..haha...i realize now that i always sleep during the 3rd period at school...can't help it aite?...3rd period is like,the peak of sleepiness...haha...

anyway..i already finish my English homework...haha..it had been a long time that I've done my homework at home...so..it's a relief now that I'm becoming more like myself than that stupid moody girl..


now i know who is that faos...haha..lucky it's someone i know...haha...she nearly got me on that one...i thought it was my myspace's friend...haha..

I'm very sleepy today..emi didn't come to school..and i watched the boys played football..from watching them played,i miss cheering for LIVERPOOL....i nearly forgot the feeling of supporting them...haish2...that's not a good thing ;p...

it was funny watching them played...Atman made an own goal and Hakim made a stupid pass to Atman..haha...


i purposely made it capital ;p

ta ta then..!
  • currently listening to Linkin Park's don't stay
  • abingdon high school's new single is out..

saw this pic
i think the back are nino and aiba..
i dunno the one in front but i know the right at front is moto jun..


11 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

kk...i thought i don't want to blog for today..but the entry from ainun's blog just made me want to let go what i had in my mind..

i know i didn't officially say it to her....but damn,my sis told her some hints...and then,voila!she knows!...kk...she said he looks good when he smile...and let me tell you,dear ainun..that gentlement thingy,let's say that it's only me who know about it...i'm not bragging..but he did it to me twice!..

haha..hani can made that Alia's gedik sound later...huhu...
anyway ainun...i TRUST YOU!..

you know what i meant~~

anyway...today,it was another awesome day for me...i watched harry potter and the order of phoenix..the movie was great....i don't think kiddies will like it cos the movie is mostly words than action...and i think the people who doesn't read harry potter books will love it....and the readers of harry potter books will be a lil bit upset and unsatisfied...

i'm not proud,but i felt guilty for skipped the solat jemaah today just bcos of harry potter...

hrm...i think i'm gonna made my own blog layout...my dad already install the photo software that i often used to edit pictures..so..i can edit happily..huhu..

bye then..
  • currently listening to Trapt's headstrong
  • gotta give all the books that i borrow from my friends tomorrow..
  • i've got to remind my sis to buy Byakkotai dvd tomorrow..
found this picture from somewhere....

jaejoomg's face made me collapse
and micky is totally different when he was young..

10 July, 2007

life as a weirdo

a'kum and elo..

i feel that it is very incomplete for my life not to blog for the day..so,i blog....


anyway...it was so fun today...ainun said i'm a bomoh...ahaha..it was very funny..haha....

i got an umbrella from emi...and also 4 scents candles and a dvd that emi always made for the Weird Day..i got a dvd that has many songs and a video...i already watched the video,DBSK'S king's man parody...lucky emi that the one who got it was me,a DBSK maniac...the dvd has many things about DBSK and also super junior...and i'm so happy when i know the things inside it..huhu..lucky me...

the one who got my present is Nazneen...i bought a pack of disposable underwears...haha...it was funny..!..and nazneen was so sporting,she wore the panties without thinking that she was humiliating herself..but why must mind about it aite?...we all wear panties!..haha..

or for boys,underpants..haha..

tomorrow,my sis,liyana and me and maybe a friend of my sis will go watch harry potter..huhu..this is so cool!!..i waste many hours just to book the movie..but hours after that..my sis finally got the chance to book it...4 tickets were available and i chose the best spot in the cinema to watch the movie..huhu..

now,the problem is,who can send us there..?
don't mind,there's still taxi...

about my previous post,i never hate my father..i never will..i'm just upset...upset that the person i love already made me lose my trust to him..

there are 3 major things i hate in this world and those are:last-minute decision,lie to me,lose my trust..i definitely hate it...

bye then!
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  • azri still asking about the Bandung trip thingy..


a'kum and ello..
today is WEIRD DAY..!
the founder of this day is Hani..
it was a fun day..!!
i want it again!!

the list of presents that we got
  1. fatin's present:2 handkerchief that she got from ainun
  2. aqilah's present:some string thingy that she got from najwa
  3. najwa's present:a nemo watch that she got from hani
  4. nazneen's present:a disposable underwear that she got from me ;p
  5. ainun's present:a dental floss that she got from nazneen
  6. my present:an umbrella,4 scent candles,a dvd from emi
  7. emilia's present:a spiderman thing,a baby's shirt that she got from fatin
  8. hani's present:a mask that she got from aqilah
here the pics!!

i'm sorry peeps,i think the original one is better than any editing..

hehe..this is najwa with hani's mask..!

emi is being mental for awhile..........

emi with her presents..
a spiderman thing and a baby's shirt..
if she really wants to wear that shirt..
she better lose weight..
or just hand it to her daughter...

hehe..hani with her mask..
aqilah gave her..
she love her mask more than her face..

hani with her mask,and emi's shirt and spiderman...

oh,and also with aqilah's present...

me giving some mantera to the 'dead' hani..

ainun got a dental floss from nazneen...
haha..she can't wait to use it..

nazneen with her underwear that she got from me and hani's mask..

nazneen with her underwear...

she will use the underwear for her shower~~~~

aqilah was too in love with her present...

najwa love to pose with her eyes close..
and btw,the nemo watch is her present..
hani gave it to her...

hani with her mask with her body lying on the bench..

i dunno what to say..

fatin's present..
a handkerchief..
she got it from ainun..
she really dunno a suitable place to put the handkerchief..

hehe...nazneen really can't wait to wear her panties...
model underwear!
victoria secret wants you!

ainun took nazneen's present and put it on her head..
i know she wants that present..

don't look at najwa..
look at her watch...

again,she really dunno a suitable place to show her handkerchief...

btw,i recorded a video from the weird day..
but there was some error in it..
need some editing..

k,later then!


09 July, 2007

stupid night with my big 'boss'

a'kum n ello..

so...the secret that i've kept for months was revealed yesterday...the secret is about my father and his friend..at 1st..he asked me what the hell happened to me...he asked about my unusual study habit i.e not study...he asked why i become like this and what made me become like this and so on...and i was lazy to think all the things he said cos why must i listen to the person who was the reason behind all of the probs in my life..?...maybe he said he understand...but he definitely not...hani said this prob thing is so damn hard..she said i'm very strong to handle it even until now..haha..i have to say,i never expect something like that to be said to me...and i don't think i'm strong..i already spilled the beans to him...but what disappoint me,he didn't say a direct 'NO' for the prob that was in my mind for a long time i.e the secret...

so..i'm not bother to hear a 'YES' or 'NO' from him cos he already lied to me once,and i don't want to hear another lie twice...cos my life will be sucker that ever...

and anyway,he tried to compare my 'tension' with his life and also my cousin's life...i found it a lil bit funny(Eventhough a lil bit rude) cos my 'tension' can only compare with a person who already has a dad who married another woman and also lied to you and give you false hope...cos that's what i feel right now..

anyway..in school...something funny happen..emi and i write this fan-fic about DBSK...and at that time,it was my turn to write it...and so..at that time,it was something like this

JaeJong :*eyeing Alia*
Alia :*eyeing JaeJoong*

1st time you read it,i think you definitely think something like "Kya~~~~~~!"..Alia with JaeJoong!!!...but nope..it's not like that...but i know hamzah will think something like this cos he saw what i wrote..and the thing he saw was that..and i was blushing all over my face..even emi said my face was very red...i don't mind if other people see it..but Hamzah to see something like that?...my life is DOOM!!

not really,but he called me JoongJoong after that...haha...
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  • yeay,tomorrow is Weird Day!!
  • i'm looking forward to see my friends' face tomorrow..
  • especially when they saw my 'present'!
  • have to study Physics..!

08 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i have to make it quick cos i think my dad will be majorly mad and also start his nag when he see me playing this comp...

cos yesterday,i played it like,the whole day,and just a few minutes stops,so...i know what it feel like to be angry when a person just nose her/his life towards the comp..huhu..

my dad told me he already pre-order the harry potter 5th book at the internet...so..that's nice...

kk..gtg...my dad wants to use the comp...


07 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

someone said i'm moody...haha..yup,i am..!!..

anyway..the whole day i am seating in front of this computer...hehe...i just can't leave that Xman show...the show is soooooo brilliant!!!!...haha...i can't stop laughing when i'm thinking about park myung soo..!!..haha...and i think HAHA(a person) is so cute!!...haha..

i think i'm mental~~~~~~~
lee min woo cute!

neway...my cousins are here in my house....they're here cos they want to send my lovely cousin, Noi to bandung..they want to say farewell to her at KLIA tomorrow...

Noi is my favourite cousin..!!...i can't live without her!!!...she's one of the peeps who knows the REAL taiki..da...if there is something i can't tell hani and liyana and ah hin about taiki,i will tell her...da..!!...NOI,WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME ALONE IN MALAYSIA!!??!!?!?


my cousin,Nani,said that she already checked her PLKN result...and her name is in the list..!..she got a place at somewhere in sarawak...i tried to check mine..but the PLKN website is kinda bengong right now...

so...i just have to wait..

anyway...i watched hana kimi (japanese version) at crunchyroll.....the dorama is brilliant!!!...soooo good!...it's nowhere near like in the manga..huhu....oguri shun looks good as sano..and toma looks very cute as nakatsu.....and maki is brilliant as mizuki..hehe..

i've just watched DBSK's new PV,summer dream..it's cute..!..chang min should cut his hair...micky looks hot!...other people just the same...huhu...

tata then!
  • Weird Day will be this Monday
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06 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

some of friends know i was moody this morning..cos i was being moody from yesterday...i was too upset last night...maybe cos there was this person who lose my trust bcos he lied to me...i still can't forgive people who lied to me...cos the person who lose my trust can be the most slothful person i ever met....

conclusion,never ever try to lie to me...

hehe..i know someone's secret...not just one,but two..haha...i'm happy for these persons...they now can be happy eventhough the happiness is mainly about one thing,that is _ _ _ _ .

it's not like i'm not like them..i'm just the same..

yesterday,something funny happen...i asked hakim who is the most beautiful person in the class...he said "atman"...hahaha...i forgot to tell him that that question was specifically for female...but it was a laugh..then later,i asked him who the most handsome...he was hesitant...so,he looked around...and then he looked at shazizan who sat beside him,who also listened to my question....he was smiling to hakim and he wanted hakim to choose him...and hakim laughed at him and said"poyo la ko(i think he said that).dahla takde pipi"...

i have to laugh at that...i live with my 15years old sister who always said bad things to other people...she often said bad things about people's teeth and lips and hair,but i never heard her said bad things about cheeks aka pipi...haha.....

takde pipi....

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  • haha,peter petricili..!!
  • emi said i should just stick to xabi..
  • cos she wants torres..
  • da..!

05 July, 2007

fernando torres again

a'kum n ello..

something about torres that made me WOW at him..

reporter in this colour
Fernado torres in this colour

Tell me about the captain's armband you displayed during a game against Real Sociedad last season, with You'll Never Walk Alone written on the inside?

There is a group of my mates, about five or six of us, and we've all grown up supporting Liverpool. Because they are all so committed to Liverpool, they've had We'll Never Walk Alone tattooed on their arms. It's changed slightly because it's a symbol of our friendship as well as our support for the club. Obviously I couldn't have that tattooed on my arm playing for Atletico, but they gave me this armband as a present for my last birthday.

a group of friends make a pledge of their friendship with YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE support..wow~~...i always said something like this to liyana and also as a support to hani..huhu...

04 July, 2007

fernando torres

a'kum n ello..

huhu...fernando torres...1 of the handsome men in the spanish national team join liverpool..huhu..i'm very happy but also a lil bit sad cos garcia is out from liverpool...da..nvm then...people move on..~~..but welcome,dear torres!

neway..ah hin sulked today..cos i didn't go recess with her..i refuse to go cos i don't like recess at school..i will spend some money over something when i needn't to if i have my recess..and anyway...everybody know that i don't like going recess...and ah hin should just understand that...

but lucky this prob already sort out...
n emi said i always think too deep in people's feeling,

maybe i am....

najwa said chang min's nose is big..ooooh!!!..i was so mad at her...but i dunno,i can't get angry too long except when ppl said something bad about liverpool...so...i forgive her later after that...

and so..bcos i am so baik to forgive you(najwa),you must not say bad words about chang min...
he is my darling..!!

i just found out that i didn't finish my math's,english's and chemistry's homework..

  • yosha!heroes season1 is already end!
  • good!!
  • yosha!
  • another handsome man join liverpool..!!
  • i'm happy..!

03 July, 2007

super junior pics in Malaysia!

ki bum and hee chul..
somewhere in Malaysia..
i like both of them...
especially KI BUM,my darling..

you have to click this pic to see the bigger size of it..
you can find that super junior took a pic in front of some advert..
with words like 'BUDI BAHASA BUDAYA KITA'
and also i think somewhere near the pudu jail..
with words like 'SATU KECELAKAAN' etc
if these ppl know the hell the meaning of those words,
they should be proud...


my bro with an idiot face like he has..
i really wonder why some ppl think he is hot~~~

a cruel thing to do to a baby~~..
you want to know why it's cruel?
it's becos my lil sis did it when he was asleep....
and that's why he had that sleepy eyes...

the baby with my teddy bear..
ahaha..they look cute together!!

my cousin,arif that i told you who looks like adam brody..
this pic was a long time ago when he was 3 years old or sometime at that time..
very2 cute!!!!!!!
like a puppy!!

a very2 cruel thing AGAIN that my lil sis did to the baby..
but he looks cute with the coins..huhu..