28 June, 2008

uitm eh?

A'kum n ello..

so i'm still at home..
but i already register at uitm...
nice eh~
it was kinda hectic..

my father was pissed off towards the uitm...
he thinks the uitm's plan for today was like,very bad~

and haish~
my wish to be aqilah's roommate doesn't happen..
cos aqilah register early...
and i was a lil bit late for like 10minutes..
so she registered 1st,and so we're not roommates..

if she had called me before she went out from her house..
maybe our plan will just go smoothly..
but whatever,maybe God just think i'm better live with a roommate that i don't even know..

anyway,the diff between the room in this uitm and matrik is,
the room is smaller than in matrik..
the one in matrik in spacious,and u even can put ur bed in the middle of the room,but this uitm..
too small,you have to squeeze in..

just like matrik,i have to live in a room with 4people(that's include me)..
my roommates are kak pah(full name:syarifah mansura) and the other 2,a girl from sabah and someone that also live in shah alam(she's from seksyen18)...
and to make my life more happening,my neighbour is sheena,u know that girl~
she lives in the room next to me..
and that kak pah,she's in the same course as me..
and she also a former KMPP~!
and the other two,both of them take music as their course..
microbiology students and music students..
a very nice combination~!
both me and kak pah will learn about virus,while the music students will make the virus dance~

and later in the evening,i'll be going back to uitm...
pack those stuff and all..
dunno where will i put my massive luggage..
the room is tiny~

and btw,my room is on the 1st floor~~!!!
bloody good~!
and near the bus stop,and also the exit gate..
totally unlike that blok A1 of kmpp...

k then..
wanna tata!
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27 June, 2008

pack for the 3rd time?

A'kum n ello..

ahah...i haven't pack yet~!
do i really need to after twice being in a different colleges?...

but still,i already know what must i bring and all,and lucky those shieldtox still many...hoho~...i don't want any mosquitoes biting me during my sweetie dream...hoho..

and also,why must i care anything anyway..?
i'll be living at shah alam..~!
only like 5-10minutes drive from my home....
and if i suddenly want to exercise or anything,i can jog my way from that hostel to my house...or even aqilah's house~..

and bcos we really want to be roommate tomorrow,aqilah and i plan to register early..
sometime around 8.30am...
badly want to be roommates~!
so that i can put my 'shit-stick' to her face every morning~!

and da~..i think i can't watch the euro08 final later~..
i dunno if i can cos next week will definitely have that orientation week,
what does it call again?
minggu mesra siswa??..
atman informed that thing will make u have less sleep..
he said be prepare to sleep for 2 hours only..

have to pack more nescafe then..
that's all then~!

it's already 9pm..wanna watch 2D1N...
lee seung gi!!!
ta then~!
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xabi alonso,pls don't go!

A'kum n ello..

i'm bloody in love with xabi alonso's

LONG PASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he bloody well can make that kind of pass!

and in that spain vs russia match,i was more than happy when i heard his name...
it was brilliant..

yeah,yeah~~people were talking about torres and villa...
but i was stalking after xabi cos rumours said he'll be leaving Liverpool for juventus..
his long pass will definitely a miss if he really go..
please don't buy gareth barry!

i was praying hard to God to not let a thought like xabi alonso leaving Liverpool happening..

new phone,na-da!

A'kum n ello..

so i'll tell u what happen yesterday to me..~

long or whatever,just read it..

went to bank Islam to pay the uitm fee...and i thought this bank won't have many people gather around it like the CIMB and maybank...my wrong~...it was plenty of people....~

and then when i had to fight with the people to get my que no.,the counter there told that;uitm students need to pay their fee at mawar square,not at that bank Islam that we're currently at..so,it was like stupid cos my father,me n and my sis already waited for the bank to open and then it said we had to go somewhere else?..0_O?....but still,my dad said he wanna open a Bank Islam account so that things will be easier later...u know,things like pay the uitm fee and so on..~..

anyway...after that,went to the post office to send my quitting letter to matrik penang...saw hakim but didn't say hi to him....and then off to mawar square at uitm...

and then paid the bill...quite easy...and i saw my future 'house'....i saw that melati college..it was like mak itam said,the college is ok cos it's still new...so,nothing scary~...ahah~...and near the food place...

and then...went to do my medical check-up...went to klinik roziah cos demc will be definitely full,and the doctor there did the medical check-up but still asked some nonsense questions like "telinga ok tak?"...i said ok..and then he asked"mulut ok?"...i said ok..but then i thought about my mouth that sometimes doesn't open as smoothly as i wanted..so i told the doctor about it,and so he checked,and he said that my gum is bengkak..i was like "bengkak??"...cos really,i never expect that...he said he won't put that in my medical check-up form,but he gave me medicines,and also asked me to go to the dentist to check on my gum...he said something like "awak kene suro dentist tu potong gusi awak tu"..i was like,heh??...potong??...and then he told me to check my gum at uitm..hoho..~...

and then...the doctor continue asking me nonsense questions like "mental awak ok?"....
do i really need to answer that..?

and then went to shah alam mall,to snap some passport size pics...and then while my dad checking some cds at the cd shop,i looked at some phones,and...

believe me,i need a new phone badly...but things are just impossible cos these people love to make my hopes up by being so deaf and misunderstanding my questions...

and thanks ah hin cos treat me 1901!
and bloody nice that metal slug game we played at arcade~~!

summary:my sis,ah hin and me went to the mall again in the evening cos my dad gave me money to buy a new phone,but still,the amount wasn't enough,so i didn't buy any..and i was frustrated,but ah hin helped me about it and that's summarize everything..

and in the end,i don't have a new phone...
and my father told me if i get 3.5 in my 1st sem,he'll give me a laptop...
when is the end of the 1st sem?

and also,my father asked pak itam that i want to be roommate with aqilah,and hope he can reserve it and everything,but pak itam said something that i already expect "register together if u wanna be mateys"

he didn't say it like that but u know what i mean..

k then~
that's all..
  • liyana hang out with izzah..
  • and afiqah,my ex-schoolmate from sk19 made a miss call but i was sleeping at that time.


A'kum n ello..

hoho..i'm totally happy!!!

through to the final..
and spain will meet german...
it'll be like Liverpool vs Chelsea..
cos Spain has torres and other Liverpool players..
and that German has ballack..


i'll support Spain all the way..~!
wanna find some spanish badge later for my Liverpool's pencil case!

26 June, 2008

brazilian name

A'kum n ello..

i went to this site just to check my brazilian name..
and i got..



all of u,try it!

check your Brazilian name here

care to tell me what u got.

aqilah,a future-hoping-roommate

A'kum n ello..

man i'm bored..
wanna disturb arina,but i think that girl is already sleeping...
better don't bother a good matrik student sleeping~..

i'm bored..
bloody2 bored..~!
i hope i can have something that can help me blog everyday when i'm in uitm..
badly want to blog everyday..
i'm totally addicted to blog!

and my dearest cousin izzo told me that liyana is in the same english presentation group with her..
i told izzo don't be too close to liyana cos it'll be difficult for me to handle liyana later..
and that dear cousin of mine don't understand a word that i said..
haish,i'm lazy to explain why i said that..~

anyway...i badly want aqilah to be my roommate at uitm later...asked mak itam yesterday cos both her and her husband work in uitm...so maybe they can do the 'inside' stuff for me...btw,is it that fair for a biology student like me and others(pls don't include me) that a person that never study bio before can actually take diploma in nursing..?..

k now i say it..
that another cousin of mine,Nani,who currently has a crush on my 2nd bro,will be studying at uitm..
diploma in nursing~
and she already reserved a room even before the registration day...
the power of the 'inside' people.~

anyway...i don't think i can ask my dear pak itam i.e nani's father and mak itam's hubby,about me asking for a room...cos even if i ask for a room,maybe he send me to the highest floor,and also,maybe he won't help me cos i always talk bad things about his favourite daughter...haha...~!

me and my bad thoughts..
but still..
i have to pray i can be aqilah's roommate...

hrm,is that all?
k then.
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25 June, 2008

aqilah's house watching shadow in the palace

A'kum n ello..

so just now..went to aqilah's house...

btw,somebody steal my money...haish~...i dunno why the hell this person want to steal my money..??...can't that person just ask instead of steal it..?...stupid hell that person...haish..~

k..back to the story..

that aqilah said she'll pick me up at my house...and mimi said that i had to prepare my deathwish early....haha..~...later when they arrived,it was mimi who drive,not aqilah..ALHAMDULILLAH~!..haha!...

nway...we bought dominos...[thanks aqilah!]...and then went to aqilah's house to watch Shadow in The Palace,that korean horror movie...trust me,pls don't watch that movie when u're eating pizza...cos maybe u'll puke or anything....cos really,it was like watching porn but the actors wearing clothes..hahah!..

and that movie,not that scary~...and the ending?the korean ghost will always win in the end..~...

and then...like i always wanted,i 'played' with aqilah's 'roller-coaster',her osim ie the massage chair!..haha..!...lovely~...

and then went home and that's all..

aqilah's mother asked me to register early if i want to be aqilah's roommate at uitm later....she also told me that if we come early,we might get the 1st floor room...hoho...

cool~..and thanks~!

and that's all..
nothing much happen in my life today..

tho emi called me and informed me that pak tajudin told the people at matrik there,if there is any student who wants to quit matrik,he/she must pay back the allowance that he/she get...and also must informed about quitting early...

this orang tua really,really annoying~

and that's all then...nothing much~
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annoying people

A'kum n ello..

there are 2 people that i find very2 annoying...

1 is pak tajudin..
who said that
my,is it that surprising that i choose 3years over 1year..?
not all people has a very good offer like this,ok?

and another person?..
i don't want to bother myself to say about her..

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24 June, 2008

A'kum n ello...

so today...went out with aqilah to sunway pyramid...

btw nazneen,it was lucky for you to not join our lunch..cos the lunch was EXPENSIVE!!
like the usual phrase,i told aqilah..
"SEKALI-SEKALE JE QILAH.bkan slalu jd cam bdak kaya".

anyway...arrived at pyramid around 12++pm...aqilah n i had lunch at sushi groove...the place kinda exotic so u can expect what kind of price we'll face...and so,both of us ordered many things including the udon,and other don...and also the tempura and this kind of sushi called rock n roll...and add the mineral water and aqilah's guava juice,the price was rm83.95....


RM83.90 for 2 teenage girls....how rich were us!...i dunno what will our parents say when they saw the bill...lucky dey...and i didn't take the 5sen balance....i told aqilah that's the tips for the waiters there...ahaha....how kedekut this 'so-called rich girl'....

and then..we had our zohor prayer...and after that,we begin our shopping!!...haha..we didn't buy many things to be honest...but bcos we plan to be roommates later at UiTM,so we search for mugs...haha..!...and also we bought something to wake each other up....snap some pics,the picture of those things are with aqilah right now,and she's not online right now,so i'll upload the pic later...back to the story,i bought this stick thing that have something like a shit at the end of it...i told aqilah i will wake her up using that shit-stick so that aqilah will wake up by smelling that shit...hahah!....and then..aqilah saw another stick that has a human's palm at the end...more like a high-5...and so...aqilah bought that...and told me,she'll slap me every morning with that stick..

heh~..i have to wake up early then....don't want to be slap...haha!

and then..we went shopping again...went to this shop...i bought this keychain that has shit design(another shit @gatai)...and both of us continue searching for the mug...and when i want to pay for the keychain..the salesman there told us that the shop has a promotion for this mug...a winnie the pooh mug...including the lid and the other thing...and so,nice...~...and they sell it for RM5..the cheapest mug among all the mugs that we'd seen...so obviously,we bought it...ahah!..and after that,we went to asian avenue,a must for people like me..hoho...

and then,went to this shop..saw this cool watches...so bought one of it...ahah!....i bought the big size one....and then,aqilah also wanted to buy a watch...after ask and ask,compare and compare...she decided to buy the same watch that has the same design like me,but a smaller size...ahah..~...

n then aqilah bought sandals...and all...

and unlucky for her,there was no promotion for the mattress....when i bought the mattress before i went to KTT,the mattress had a 70% discount,so the mattress was very2 cheap..!...but this time,the mattress has no promotion...so it means:EXPENSIVE!....

and after that...we went to eat some waffles....but it was a bad timing for us or even a bad choice...cos we kinda feel like puking up when we ate the waffles....the waffles were brilliant,but maybe our mouth just couldn't except more yummy food...ahah....

and then..went to Popular...and i bought doraemon manga...hahaha!!....i bought it cos i want to know what happen to doraemon...haha!...i bought this vol.6 of the manga...and the ending was something like doraemon had to left nobita...obviously i want to know what happen to nobita..haha..!...

and then aqilah said she wanna buy this meg cabot's boy meets girl book...haha!...that super-duper bloody brilliant book..after went to the bank for the 3rd time,she bought the book..haha!...

and then...we went home after aqilah's parents fetched us at sunway pyramid...tho i kinda feel a lil bit bad and guilty cos they planned to go to aqilah's aunt's house...but in the end,cos i had to meet with a friend,they didn't go..da~..sorry2!!

and then...arrived home...and had to get ready to meet the friend....and nice~...nothing much happen...and that's all..

ah,ah!!..btw,aqilah and i went to watson...and saw this specs...and so we wore it...aqilah said she didn't see any diff when we wore it...i thought i also saw no diff...but then,i realized that the blurry price no. that i didn't see at the shop,was very clear when i looked at it with the specs...cool eh~?...

now i understand why kenya west and that big bang's TOP wear it...ahah!

k then...
we look like the musician at pasar malam!

aqilah trying to be like jaejoong~

i kinda look short in this pic..
maybe i really short..~

the shit and the high-5..

23 June, 2008

ss501 and fahrenheit japanese singles

A'kum n ello..

i think this new post will make the ss501 and fahrenheit's fans mad...whatever...i only say what i think and not something i don't think..


k..i heard 2 japanese songs...ss501's lucky days...and fahrenheit's 1st japanese single;i forgot the name of the single...and both of those songs that i heard,none of them i like...maybe the nobody that never heard any japanese songs before will think their songs are wow....but still,those songs are in japanese!!!...[some info for the people who really clueless about SS501 and Fahrenheit..SS501 is a Korean group,and Fahrenheit is Taiwanese group..couldn't they put any feeling into it????...haish..~..

i heard ss501's lucky days...cos the single got 2nd in the oricon...so i listened,and i wasn't really fascinated with it unlike their recent korean songs that were really2 good...and to be honest,i think they sang this japanese song without passion,something that really important to me in life...

i mean,if you do something,and you put your passion in it,the results will be very good and satisfying and not just to you but also to the others around you...

it's the same as songs...but still,to sing,you have to understand the song first so that you can put ur passion in it....so i think this ss501's single maybe don't have that understanding the language yet,that's why i don't feel their passion in their song....

truth to be told,dbsk's 1st japanese album wasn't that great..they sang without understand the meaning of the songs cos of the language barrier...but now,their japanese songs are becoming better and better cos they sing with passion and all...

and fahrenheit's japanese song also...the passion and feeling in the song is just not there....haish~....their chinese songs are soo fun to listen to...but this japanese song~?....know the meaning first,and so put ur feelings into it...

k...like everybody know,i don't even understand japanese...but still,i listened to it...listeners don't need to understand a language to understand music...they understand it by listening,unlike singers who have to understand music by saying it and ALSO put their heart and souls in it...that's the difference between singers and listeners...singers;they sing..listeners;they listen and JUDGE...


i can be part-time reviewer in almost every topic!
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mad eh?

A'kum n ello...

so..wani sms-ed me..and said many ppl angry with me..angry?mad?..why???

i don't think i owe them anything..haish..this people make me wonder...i can understand if the lecturers there mad at me cos i know they will..i know they'll think i'm a quitter cos i'm like avoiding the re-test and also meeting them...whatever...

and i kinda clueless why the hell everybody in my practicum mad at me..??...i really wonder...cos really tho...in my days in that practicum,nobody ever asked what happen to me,and ignore me about what to do...and forget me in any practicum occasion...and now,it's like i owe them something,and they're hating me..

call me cruel and sial...
u think i care...???..

da..i really wonder what the hell that make them mad at me...

nobody told me when the english tutor room had change.
nobody told me that there was a math re-sit test..
nobody realize that i'm in their group..
nobody asked me when i'm in a blank mood..
and nobody told me that we have math homework to pass up..

why this people mad at me is beyond me..
is it bcos they can't ask for my help for the computer work anymore..?..
read the instructions one by one,people!


people nowadays are so full of craps...
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blab and say nothing

A'kum n ello..

hehe..i'm at home!

tho i kinda sad just now...let just say,in my practicum,i was close with this 2 girls;mawaddah and wani...i couldn't informed them that i accept the uitm offer yesterday...so just now,wani sent a sms telling me that how could i do this to them!!...so u know,it was sad and gave me guilt..but i hope they can be happy more and more....although the reason we're close in the practicum was bcos of the same reason,we hate the practicum....hahaha!

dear wani and mawaddah,BE HAPPY!

anyway....things been a lil bit boring to me nowadays...nobody take me anywhere..haish...lucky i plan to go to sunway pyramid tomorrow with aqilah...aqilah asked me why i didn't ask hani....truthfully,i dunno why i didn't ask her...maybe cos she'll give me excuses...hahaha~~!!..and also she'll wake up very late after that....haha...

that's hani...and that's why i love her...ahaha!

anyway...wonder how emi and her crushes doing...?...some info here,emi really popular in kmpp...ahah...cos she's a free hair...so many people easily recognize her...ahaha...that's what i heard from my mate that knows emi...ahah..

anyway...this early morning,i woke up and watched spain vs italy match...the match was alright..tho now i can understand why people talked bad stuff about ref....cos really tho,the ref last night was stupid..ahah...and anyway,i only watched the match cos i was looking forward to watch the Liverpool players...but heck,only torres the one who played...and he only played for 85minutes when the match was still 0-0...and so,i shut the tv and went to sleep..my passion in football is mostly bcos of Liverpool...and last night just prove that i only have 1 team to support,and that is Liverpool...and that's why i support holland and spain in this euro...cos holland has kuyt but that team already out..and spain has torres,xabi,reina and arbeloa...but just one of them played...haish.~....anyway...in the end,spain won the match after won the penalties 4-2....is buffon really the best keeper in the world?...ahahaha..~

and just now also,i read the news at google,and it said there that xabi is fascinated to join juventus..haish...this all happen cos of that stupid gareth barry rumours...haish...i dunno how can that barry is better than xabi alonso...?...my my...i really hope xabi going nowhere...i only have torres to stalk during a Liverpool match...ahahahah~..gle kamu alia....GO GO LIVERPOOL!

anyway...really want to go out right now...
whatever..have to tata cos dunno what to do..
ta then!
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22 June, 2008

bye2 kmpp!

A'kum n ello..

got back from penang..and already took all my stuff...dunno how to tell the matrik peeps about me quitting that 'cool' matrik...and i dunno what will my practicum feel when they know about me leaving them...ahah~...will they cry,or will they just think 'elokla takde alia'?...haha...whatever,don't wanna care...

i still wonder what will pak tajudin feel?

nway...nothing much happen..sms-ed with xiuqi...i told her i couldn't buy the meteor garden cos nobody took me out to the mall...and i told her that i will try to contact her and also i will call her whenever i have probs with my math and chem...ahah...already out from matrik and u wanna ask about diploma questions?wth u are alia~!...

but still,xiuqi said no prob~!...hoho...told arina about it and she said 'my roommates are leaving me!'...cos yantie also out,tho the way yantie left them were kinda too sudden....unlike mine,cos i had to think many times about leaving the matrik..unlike yantie,she knew she got an offer from uia,and voila~i'll go tomorrow,leaving my roommates......but still,yantie left us a pic of her...hehe

da~too sudden...
i wonder what xiuqi and arina are doing right now..?
xiuqi will study...and arina also study...but without me always telling them stories...or my phone radio berkumandang di malam isnin~...
and i dunno how those 2 go to the toilet in the night?..both of them are scaredy-cats....that xiuqi also claimed that she is useless in this kind of thing....and who will wake xiuqi up tomorrow morning..?..da...i'm like her mother already..

anyway...hope both of them well...its not like i'm their only friend...i'm the one who is a loner!....

anyway...both of them were the best roommates i can ask for!..

and nice~
no need to re-sit those chemistry and math's test..!

and yeay!
i can watch spain vs italy later this morning..!
woo,i miss watching football!

and also..
just realize...if i study at shah alam,i can watch LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love shah alam!

k now..
heard that dbsk's new pv already out...
doushite tralala!
ta then!
bye2 my bilik!

just wanna snap the big KMPP sign..
btw,this wasn't my block..
this is emi's..
k..this was mine..~!
and that 2 window at behind,that's my room.

bye2 KMPP!

21 June, 2008


A'kum n ello..

i have plenty to say..but maybe i'll make it short or not even say about it..

i have this online friend that i already known for some times already...and this girl kinda think like she is my close friend,or even understand me in everything...and always tell me,'if you have any probs,tell me'..thanks for the care,but it'll be a lil bit a problem for me to tell her my probs...i mean,we barely know each other...but still,okay,i try not to mind...but she's like want to know ALL MY PROBLEMS!..and worst,she's like forcing me to tell her my probs...

i don't want to say it cos i kinda like being rude but still,WHO THE HELL IS SHE TO FORCE ME??

some ppl just can't understand a people privacy...personal's prob is a private matter..u can't force people to tell u what's the matter...especially towards someone that you barely know...anyway....another thing that made me pissed off,she told me "its ur bad if you don't want to tell me"...

who is she to say what's bad and what's not about my choice of people to tell my probs with...?
maybe she thinks i'm a crazy person cos tell my blog all my probs...or maybe she even feels jealous....da~
really such a drag...

and there this 1 girl at matrik..she always being too GEDIK!!!...you can say that she is kalut..but is an annoying way...i can bear it from the start...but i realized that she kinda makes it over-reacting like she wants some attention or something or maybe she thinks her behaviour is adorable or cute..GEDIK is more the suitable word for it....haish~..

haish...and i don't like my practicum~
thank you very much~
****** people they are...haish~

i'm in a bad mood~..

i think people around me are like some suckers..
do things with motives...and just think about the benefits for themselves....haish...

and i kinda have to say that i now understand why people said something like "ko ni cam bdak kampung"...now here,when you say something like that,it's kinda like saying bad things toward kampung people...how about make you mind more global,and not just think about the positive thing,try think the negative thing also...maybe the person who create the sentence "ko ni cam kampung" want to show a wider view of kampung people...we have to think about the reason why he said something like that..is he jealous of the kampung people,so that's why he said something like that...?...or maybe he is a city person,and so he proud of the city and look down on the kampung people...how about we make our view wider,and think about the reason why people look down on kampung people...

let's see...in my experience of viewing the differents culture of matrik people and differentiating the way city and kampung people act...i have to say that kampung people is TOO DESPERATE!!...

i mean,the way they told others about having a boyfriend....and how proud they are....i'm not like being a anti-couple here...but yeah,you can't help but feeling proud about having a boyfriend....but just don't too over-talk about ur own boyfriend...arina told me that she only knew this girl for like a minute with a few hi and what's ur name....and the girl that she just met suddenly talk about her boyfriend...i mean,come on...are you that happy having a boyfriend that you even want to talk about it with a person that you're not even close with...??..heh...really tho...and from my observation also,i sense that this people love to lie...i can sense that nearly all my practicum love to lie....heh?...being hypocrite every moment is not healthy you know..?..you maybe won't know urself bcos too absorb of being a hypocrite...and also...they love to treat a small thing like a big thing...they love being on the spot,and so always try to make a conversation more mysterious...

its nearly like this story

b:dgr tak psl hal after solat jemaah tu?
b:tak dgr ke?
c:tak dgr papepun.nape2?
b:dgr cte orang tetibe bengang after that
b:ah~kt takleh btau.
c:eh?ape jadi?nak tau!
alia:nape?ape jd?nape bengang?
b:ah~~~takleh btau.nnt org marah.takleh2.takleh btau.
alia:heh?skit sgt ke org dtg solat jemaah tu smpai ade bengang2 ni..?
b:bkan2.tp ramai org bengang.
alia:then,nape bengang?
c:yela.nape bengang?
b:(dgn mata mysterious but besar) takleh.mende teruk
alia:ceh.btau direct jela.nak ngade2 camni plak.

n u can guess what i did after that.ignore the person and just live on with my life..
but in the end..found out,all those bengang2 are just crap...after the solat jemaah,people was suppose to meet...and when people gather,found out,it was only about voting for the ajk surau for the stupid pilihan raya..that's all...

i mean,do u need to be mysterious to tell people THAT?

k then..


A'kum n ello..

so i decided!
i'll be going to UiTM!
i know some people have diff opinions about it..
and trust me..
you don't need to hear the explanation..
and i can say that only the people who understand me are the one that know why i choose UiTM instead of matrik..

and yeah..
money wasted,but my parents support me,and that's already alright..

shah alam~~~

kinda sad to see my roommates without me..and just now,yantie checked the upu web and found out,her appeal to uia is accepted..nice~..but it was kinda sad to see xiuqi and arina without us..ah~...hope xiuqi will be well...i'll miss her everyday after this....

i'll also will miss u too,arina..!@jelir

anyway...i'll be going back to matrik...and i'll pack my things...and will sign the quit matrik form,dunno on what day...hoho..hope i'll say bye2 to pak tajudin...ahah~!

anyway...these are the pics of me and my roomates...

k...from left,xiuqi,yantie,arina and me....
i don't think xiuqi looks like malay~

u know them already...
btw,u see the pink towel at the back..?
that's yantie's..
she's a pink freak~

me and xiuqi at the dewan al-farabi..
one of the boring-est moment at the dewan i ever been..
and i dunno how the heck the girl at behind can even be in the pic...

and that's all..
to be honest..
i'm not in the mood to blog..

16 June, 2008

choice again?

A'kum n ello..

not many stuff to say..
just wanna say hi..

there was this one time,i appealed for upu..
i appealed the dip. in mikrobiologi at uitm..
i applied there together with aqilah..
and then the appeal was approved by uitm..
both of us got it..

but aqilah knew it first before me..
and i only knew about it yesterday..

things been a lil bit awkward cos i had a 2nd thought about leaving the matrik..
but things are not that easy..
cos both matriks and uitm have its pros and cons..
and the most risks of all is the matrik..
and the uitm is like the safe choice..

especially after my math lecturer informed that if anybody couldn't handle the one year matrik programme,they should take the 2 years...
and i also thought about that..

i told my roommates about the uitm..
all of them are the sweetest..
they don't want me to go..
and xiu qi said she'll try to make me better and help me whenever i'm in a slow track..

and talking about xiu qi..
it was funny when people thought she's malay..
it was funny..

k then..
more later..
i'll pray2 and pray..

and i'll let you guys know what i decide..

14 June, 2008

pak uda

A'kum n ello..

i start the blog with some bad news...

my PAK UDA,whom i blogged about earlier,who also the cancer-victim...had passed away yesterday...it was something that already predictable,but still i couldn't help but cry when i heard about it from my father...cos he was a very close uncle of mine...he once asked me to live with him when my mother passed away..and he always gave me money...and he always made stupid jokes...and now...i couldn't face any of that again....ah~....i was too sad when i heard about it...

and more worst...i asked the kmpp office to approve my emergency call to go to tg malim cos that was the place that my pak uda will be buried...but the pengarah of kmpp,pak tajudin as i called him currently,he said something like this..

pak tajudin: bile meninggal ni?
alia: pagi td,pukul 10 lbih..
pak tajudin: (instead of asking what the disease)esok ade pilihan raya kmpp.
alia:(i was trying to not say "SO???")
pak tajudin: esok pukul 8 takleh balik ke..?..kalo pegi skarg pun,dah kebumi dah pun.
alia: erm,ok.

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???????????????????

can't you believe it???
that guy think the pilihan raya is more important than my uncle's funeral!!..
i mean,i know it was only an uncle..
but do i really need to explain WHY HE IS AN IMPORTANT PERSON TO ME..?
THE MAN is an old man already..
he doesn't need my explaination..
nor my vote for the future..
the heck~

imagine if that was his funeral..
and one of this student-ketua h.e.m conversation will repeat again...

ketua h.e.m:kenape ni..?
student: uncle saya,pak tajudin meninggal.
ketua h.e.m: penting ke?
student: erm,tak penting.pak cik saya je.
ketua h.e.m:takyah balik then..

imagine if something like this happen to him in the future..
shitte really..

such a sucker..

and then...
more things happen cos i really want to go tg malim..
not bcos of homesick..
but bcos i want to mourn for my pak uda at tg malim together with my cousins..
i mean,he was one of the most important person in my family..
and now he's gone..
and i don't think i can be that close with another uncle...

and so...
this morning..
after that stupid poll...i went out with emi to pacific...met new people ie emi's friends...and all of them were guys...and one of them is Liverpool fan....but still,these people are new to me..so i have to control myself when i was with them...really tho...things are too awkward for me to show my trueself...i can't make myself shown just by directly show my trueself...i mean,the 1st time i met atman and shazizan and other guys..i think i wasn't too directly friendly with them..but still,it was fun being with them...tho those guys were being such an Atman ie being gay....and when they showed their gay pose,i sent a pic of their gay pose to atman...cos maybe i have to
remind atman that he wasn't the only gay alive...ahah...

and so...bought a new shoes...nice~..rm25 only...

and my dad called me on my way home after the outing...he let aiman talked to me...that lil boy always said my name!!!...ah~...and at that time,they were celebrating mak cik azah's birthday..and also...i asked my dad that i want a new phone...and i told him i want a 3G cos i need that desperately!!!!!!!!!!!

k then..
too long i think..

ta then!

*any spelling or grammatical errors are something that i'm lazy to care


10 June, 2008

A'kum n ello..

i blogged,again.

want to know something??
i cried today..
in front of my roommates..
and xiu qi was like comforting me,so she gave me a tissue.
but i smiled to her..
tho my inside was laughing very hard.

so i called my father.
he didn't pick up.
so i called hani and asked her to call me back.
she called me and i cried to her and so she comforted me and so on.
it was comforting.
then,after the call...
a waiting call appeared telling me that emi was call waiting me.
and then,emi asked"lets go main basikal!".
i said no,cos i have reports to do...

then my dad sent an sms...
he told he was in a course,and asked me if i have anything to tell him..
so i replied and told him that i was homesick~~..
penang is far,k macha??...
not like UM...
or even MMU...

and so...
i waited for my dad to call..
and then my roommates and this one girl that i don't even know were in the room..
arina teased me cos i cried..
she told me she once was like that when she entered boarding school in form4...
and her father was like "LET'S GO!LETS FETCH ARINA!!"..
unfortunately,her mother was like "biarkan je arina tu"

i had to laugh to that..

my dad called..
and so i cried again..
and he told me not to cry..
and asked me which one i want,him to come to penang or me to shah alam..
i told him i want both..
and he asked me why i homesick..
i told him,i missed aiman,ayah,ica and all..
and so he asked me when will i come home..
i told him in 2 weeks time..
tho maybe i'll go home alone cos emi will have extra class..
then my dad told me to check on the internet for the train schedule..
so i said ok..
and then he said maybe on the holiday he come to penang..

if you thing homesick is childish,you're wrong to thing something like that..
yantie said she nearly cry when she saw me crying..
such a sweetie..

tho that xui qi was a lil bit kejam..
cos her mother called her...and then xiu qi told her that i homesick..
and xiu qi laughed while she told her mother about it..
but lucky her mother defended me by telling her"ur house is in penang.if you're like her,maybe u also will homesick"...
yeay to her mum!


that's all then..
have to finish the reports.
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tagged by eireen and ainaa

A'kum n ello..

2 people tagged me already..
so i do it.

erin n ainun were the one who tagged me...
both of them tagged me the same thing..
so here it goes..

Saya perlu menjawab semua soalan in dalam bahasa melayu.
Baiklah.saya akan.

7 fakta tentang saya:
  1. Seperti yg anda tahu,saya adalah seorang penyokong Liverpool sepenuh
    masa.saya belum berjumpa lagi perempuan yg mempunyai keghairahan bola sepak
    terhadap Liverpool seperti saya.walaubagaimanapun,saya tahu,ada yang 2x5 seperti
  2. saya juga seorang peminat DBSK and NEWS.siapakah mereka?Google ada.pegi
    check sendiri.
  3. saya adalah seorang yang suka membaca semua benda.buku cerita,surat
    khabar,ramuan koko krunch dan lain2 lagi.apa2 yang boleh dibaca,saya akan
    baca.itulah saya.
  4. saya mempunyai ibu tiri yang suka membebel dan adik angkat yang amat
  5. saya suka melihat laki2.tetapi,selepas saya melihat mereka yang kacak2
    tersebut,saya akan mula berasa bosan.saya berasa hairan kenapa saya tidak berasa
    bosan jika melihat lelaki hodoh setiap hari.
  6. saya mahu telefon bimbit baru yang mempunyai 3G supaya saya tidak berasa
    rindu kepada ahli keluarga saya yg berada di shah alam.
  7. saya adalah seorang yang baik.noktah dan senyum sorang2.

7 perkara yang menakutkan saya

  1. saya takut apabila kemalangan terjadi terhadap kereta yang saya bawa.
  2. saya takut apabila Liverpool kalah.
  3. saya takut apabila melihat kawan saya memalukan dirinya.
  4. saya takut apabila saya melihat orang lain melakukan kerja yang
  5. saya takut apabila seorang penyanyi tiba2 sahaja bersuara sumbang.
  6. saya takut apabila seorang penghibur merasakan dirinya seorang yg
    menghiburkan,tetapi sebenarnye tidak.
  7. saya takut apabila mengangkat telefon kerana apa2 sahaja berita akan

7 lagu buat masa sekarang

  1. chris brown -with u
  2. rihanna and maroon5-[saya tidak tahu nama lagu tersebut]
  3. shinee-nuna [something]
  4. my best friend is hot [saya tidak tahu siapakah yang menyanyi lagu
  5. NEWS-baby be my baby
  6. junjin-wa
  7. chris brown and rihanna-[ntah apakah nama tajuk lagunya]

(pelik tapi benar.disebabkan saya berada di pulau pinang,saya mendengar lagu
inggeris setiap hari)

7 perkara yang selalu saya sebut

  1. shoot
  2. shit
  3. damn
  4. bangang
  5. gile
  6. hello,hani!
  7. cak!

(ya.ya.saya mencarut dengan banyaknya)

7 perkara yang amat bernilai

  1. keluarga saya
  2. kawan2 saya
  3. telefon bimbit
  4. nescafe
  5. nyawa
  6. komik
  7. air

7 pertama kali dalam hidup

  1. tinggal berjauhan daripada keluarga.
  2. kehidupan di dalam asrama.
  3. konsert dbsk
  4. membuat 23 soalan matematik yg pelik dlm 1.5 hari non stop.berhenti hanya
    untuk makan,tido dan sembahyang.
  5. menelefon bapaku dan menangis kerana rindu.
  6. menghantar kad hari jadi kepada acu dan airina dan mak cik azah.
  7. petanque.

7 orang bertuah

  1. haniyana.
  2. ah soon
  3. nazmi
  4. kayshan
  5. noi
  6. alisa
  7. fatin aqilah

itu sahaja.

07 June, 2008


A'kum n ello..

hehe...now i can relax after hours of study today...hoho...the math stuff aren't that difficult..but i feel like an idiot cos kantoi the last paper...man,why2??...but whatever,i know things will be better...i'll try to think positive...hoho....

nway...nothing much to say..i don't really know what to say..
i only say what on my mind k..?

emi is currently chatting with syamim...want to know who is he?...he was my classmate when i was standard 6...and he said he doesn't know me...shitto~...i know not many ppl from my class remember me...ahaha...

and anyway...tho i was in the stupid popular crowd when i was at sks6..but i wasn't that famous in my class...and somebody informed me,they know me as ALIA,THE MOTHERLESS GIRL..haha.,..bengong gle nak mati...pi mati sape yg igt aku sbb tu...haha

anyway...i washed my 'plenty' of clothes today..cos i'm too lazy to wash the things with my own hands...i have to appreciate the mind of the people who created the idea of inventing a washing machine...ahaha!!...and so..those lot of clothes already dry and peacefully in my cupboard...hoho..

and also...i bought things today...i bought softlan and also box of liptons..but cos i was too happy cos finally found lipton...i forgot about the sugar..da..~...but luckily,there is KICAP!!!!!!...lucky the stuff is cheap...ahaha....n yeay to kicap!!!

anyway..my mind really blank rite now...so wanna off...
ta then~!

btw,got this joke from my math lecturer...

there this math question that ask

solve this problem without using the calculator.

and then my lecturer said "so class,you can throw away your


i love this math tutor/lecturer~!

ta again!

06 June, 2008

matrik again?

A'kum n ello..

so..my life at matrik again...nice~...better than last time...but still..nothing like a close friend in class happen...tho mawaddah,this girl who is a fan of dbsk and also ft island is the closest right now,she's not the type that we can call as siti's sisters...hahahahahah!....there won't be another 2nd sis..but u know what i mean..i want a friend that can be really2 close that i can talk about many things....currently,arina my roommate is the person whom i talk with especially about boys and all..cos she's a person who currently love to hear what i'm talking about...ahaha~!

anyway...nothing much to say tho...yesterday have math quiz...i kantoi the paper...cos i suddenly bcome panic...and my mind suddenly blank..haish..~..pity me...tho the worst thing that can happen later if my math quiz really bad is having a 1on1 study with my math tutor...nice~..cos my math teacher is the funniest teacher in the world...ahah~

but still..
THAT'll happen if my MATH SUCKS~

i miss aiman~~!!!!
haikal said the truth that i'll definitely will miss aiman when i'm in penang...i want to buy a 3G phone...so that i can talk with aiman..!!...ahaha...

my tak malu behaviour still continue...i ate xiu qi's food last night..and this morning ate emi's friend biscuit...and also asked xiu qi that i want a secret recipe cake...hahahahaha!...gle la me..~

and liyana will be home this sunday..
and the fuel price increased drastically...
dunno what pak lak is doing,petronas is becoming richer..but the fuel price still need to be up...
pity to the poor....
their salary not even increase..but their main thing to travel will increase...

wanna out..
really dunno what to say..

ta then!

euro 08!!!...
i want to watch you!

ah~..another thing...the result of my ko-ko already out..i have to join petanque club...i dunno what the hell is that game..?....lucky xiu qi also is in the same club..but in another thing...da~...things will be too tiring after this...ahah..

wanna check what the hell is petanque later..
ta again!

03 June, 2008

my bad day at matrik...

A'kum n ello...

k..i think my dad will kill me if he knows i'm online right now...but whatever...i need this blog BADLY!!!!!..this is the source for me to let all my bad spirit out...i need a listener or a reader for to hear my feelings...hani isn't beside me anymore,so things are a lil bit harder than i thought..

matrik is great...but things are,again,becoming badly for me to me more acquainted with the people here,except my roommates...they're the best!....but my practicum mates are a lil bit difficult for me to cope with...they're too smart for me to handle myself...and also,they look like they underestimate me...so i kinda feel a lil bit left out....and also,cos i'm a kid who live in a city for most of my life,i mean,ALL OF MY LIFE..!!...

k..if they say penang is like the 2nd KL,they're wrong...and if they say alor star is like the 3rd,they're wrong...no place in malaysia can be KL wannabe....maybe somewhere in kuching,but right now i'm talking about the people,not the city...and let just say,i kinda have a culture shock...

by nice,i mean they are too 'sopan'...
or maybe too skema..
or maybe,they are freakos..

[i think i'll change to a new url to avoid any proble later]...


i'm like the freakos of all in here..

people stared at me wherever i go,like this LIVERPOOL neck-strap is something that too weird...and i dunno,i think my clothes are normal...but people look at me...

ahah...i don't want to talk about the way their dress...cos really,i have a hard time is differentiating which one is the lecturer and the students...the people here think too much about attracting people...da~

anyway...i think i'll overcome this culture shock later...

anyway...today is kinda like a a boring day....my bio lab partner kinda like upset that she have to my partner...and sadder for her,we have to remain as partners for till this semester end...da..

whatever...like i care...
lucky my study is improving...shocking or not,i finally know hot to balance the chemical and ion equation...kinda stupid eh..?..but whatever....at last i know it already...ahaha....

anyway...i kinda hating my lecturer time...too many smelly things....last time,i finally recognize the smell of Indian...da...there was this indian girl who smell really2 tengik....and in te last few days,i had to bear the smell of feet...haish..~....i dunno why these people never know what smells they release??...haish2...

k then...
my complaint end...
that's all...
later have to go to my room that only far about few walks...
and then get ready for tonight's bio bengkel...

ta then!
  • erin,i do the tag later..
  • hehe,saw this handsome tall guy at this shop...hot hot!!...even the mak cik the cashier kinda want to be gedik with him...and btw,i was behind him,and maybe cos he is hot,there this girl want to cut my line...tralala~...no way girl~...