30 August, 2008


A'kum n ello..

so the fixtures for Liverpool in Champs Leagus group D match are these...~~:

September 16 v Marseille (a)
October 1 v PSV Eindhoven (h)
October 22 v Atletico Madrid (a)
November 4 v Atletico Madrid (h)
November 26 v Marseille (h)
December 9 v PSV Eindhoven (a)

hell,atlectico and the old mates in last season group also in the same group right now..
and unbelievable~~
i thought man utd's group is the hardest 1st time i saw the whole group..
but marseille and psv were brilliant last season until Liverpool battered them...
and now torres's old club will come to anfield....
and not just atletico madrid,luis garcia and pongolle also will come to anfield..

you remember luis garcia?
he scored the ghost goal against chelsea 3 years ago...

anyway...he's bloody good in CL..
scored a 1/4 of Liverpool goals in road to Istanbul when they won the champs leagus for the last time...
so he can be a killer for Liverpool later..
i hope no ghost goal against us will happen..
i'm praying really2 hard right now..


and btw,tomorrow is the deadline for the transfer window..
cool,no news about barry to Liverpool..
or even news about XABI TO ANYWHERE...

ta then~

"Luis Garcia, he drinks Sangria, he came from Barca to bring us joy! He's five foot seven, he's football heaven. So please don't take our Luis away!"
-sing it to the tune of 'you are my sunshine'-

xabi alonso: alia,i'm going nowhere~
alia: i'll wait until tomorrow to confirm that
xabi alonso: you don't trust me?
alia: HEPI MERDEKA and win tomorrow,you bloody spaniard~


A'kum n ello...

tho u short,but i love you..~~!!


one of the stupidest~~~~~ -_-

pervert?not really nice~

A'kum n ello..

i'm very2 tired..~~..da..stupid kesatria...haha.~~...cos really tho,4hours..???..but still,i can't complaint especially that i only kawad for about 2hours only...hoho...cos of the pain in my knee,hohoho...not that i have to brag about this disease....but it certainly helped me to avoid the kawad that happened on a very2 hot day...killer~~

sorry to qilah and kp who kawad like 2 soldiers celebrating merdeka...~hoho...

nway..tho i rest after 2 hours of kawad,i chat with Lah...people said both him and me look the same..hahahaha...never i thought people will say i'm similar to a guy...tho both Lah and me have similar specs...so couldn't object anything if people say we also similar...da~....he also wants to introduce his handsome friend at terengganu to me..he said the guy has a very hot body,can play guitar and just break up with his gf,and also can charm woman with his voice ie by singing(and i said "no",the bloody me)....and Lah talked about his roommates who love to wear boxers only when they're sleeping,and said that amier always have dirty conversations with him..heh~~0_0?..

just yesterday,all kp,aqilah n me and amier did during bel were talking about pervert stuff....maybe the effect of the conversation is still in amier,so he became like that...
the conversation was kinda interesting but also dirty and puke-eee at the same time..~...

and to make it worst,in this 1 whole week,both me,qilah and kp talked about some dirty + private stuff...really tho,from fart,to porn,to lesbians,and sodomy,and 'turgid' breast,and not forget,'flaccid' butt,and sperm,and also semen...and so on....really2...

we even watched Knocked Up,the movie that have that lesbian scenes,sex movement and also boobs...hahahahaha..

what happen to our mind??..
tho we talked about this things,but our mind still not corrupt tho...
and thanks to amier who let us know about the habit of species called MALE~

ta then!


24 August, 2008


A'kum n ello..

admit that i am a loser,a very weak and too bloody nice,that i may have this naivety to accept people easily...
i,have to admit,that i am a very2 low person.
i don't have any money,except the money that my mother left me behind..
i don't have any power to change my past;to change all those immature mistakes that i made in the past..
i don't have any reason to think that my life is too good or too bad or think that i can decide things on my own eventho i already reach 18..
i don't have any reason to think that every people will like me,or even think i am well-known among people..

i am just a very2 low person..
i have to start everything from behind..
eventhough it brings pain or uneasiness to me..
or even bring some wreck relationship to me...
i just have to do things that really will bring me happiness,and not just to me,but also my family..
my own self is what important most for now,cos it effects the others around me,cos truthfully,it's not MAINLY me...
so ALIA OTHMAN,BRAVE up and think that you have a long way to go and just do ur hardest..

i'm glad that Liverpool won eventhough it was well past the added timeand also after a poor performance....
cos it makes me realize that how badly you are,but if you work hard for the win,you'll achieve it in the end...
i'll work hard eventhough i'm bad in something..

melaka journey

A'kum n ello..

so..this is the top6 for the current time..

Top 6

Table - August 23 2008
Pos Team P Pts
1 Liverpool 2 6
2 Blackburn Rovers 2 4
3 Hull City 2 4
4 Newcastle United 2 4
5 Chelsea 1 3
6 Aston Villa 2 3

tho i don't want to be too excited or anything..but i'm glad that things are going good for Liverpool..nice start for the 1st 2 matches...and that is a positive thing....hope that things will be better after this...

nway...just got back from Melaka..hoho..dear couz,sorry that i didn't tell you that i went to ur place,we're near but still far from u...hoho~...my sis been asking where the hell is mmu cos we didn't see the college anywhere near us...but what can u do if you stay and have fun at a place in mahkota hotel in the pusat bandaraya(if that's the correct word~)..

nway...went there on friday;during the evening of the day...and arrived around 7pm...mak cik azah's friend took us out for dinner...and then she joined us after that for karaoke time at the karaoke oasis at the hotel..the karaoke kinda awkward tbh..cos the room kinda big and wide and not dark..unlike the karaoke booth at times square,where the place really2 small and also dark..so things kinda weird..and also,very2 awkward to sing a boyband song and also britney spear's hit me baby one more time with the grown ups...but still,enjoyable...and also,the grown ups chose their songs also,so something like search's rozana appeared for us to sing the song~

know the song?try search at imeem..

and really tho..somebody need to teach mak cik azah to karaoke...somebody must teach her that we must wait our turn to sing..da~..anyway,that's that..

and on the saturday,went to that museum samudera..haha...cos the day was raining heavily(or maybe not,just drizzle(is that the correct word?)),so we went there around 3pm or so...and then,went home..

and mak cik azah told my sis that she was being selfish to her..
i mean,she said my sis the one who selfish..
let just say,my sis is selfish while mak cik azah think she's too good she can do anything she wants...
yeah,that's my view on these 2 people...

da~...i suppose to study my chem,instead,i'm blogging~
da~..class will begin this monday..and chem's test~
and KP didn't search anything for bio and chem lab...oh the luck~

i dunno when will my niceness last..haish~
ta then!
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21 August, 2008

hang out with old mateys~

A'kum n ello...

so..continue what happen yesterday...

so went out with hani,najwa and fatin aqilah..

from the start,my sis and i planned to go out with our cousin..then found out that she's bz...so i called hani,and she said 'outto~'...and so we went out..ahah~

went to sunway pyramid cos i want to buy some clothes at nichii...sunway pyramid is the nearest and has nichii,so we went there...when we arrived,like a normal person,we want to eat...so i told them about the korean stall at asian avenue...so we went there...

and the waiters and waitress there treated us nicely...i said this korean word,ramyun~,and the waitress laughed at me,and so i laughed and then we laughed together...haha,weirdo~...

and to be honest,now i can understand expensive food and cheap food~~~~....hahahahah~!!

and i love it that the people there were so nice to us,the tauke even gave a free food to us...hoho..

and then,i bought another shinchan again..and then went to nichii...thank God i brought my sis with me...she chose all the clothes for me...and she wanted me to try this green top...i tried it but definitely won't buy it..green is just toooooooo bright~!....and SOMEBODY put a pink top among the clothes that i wanna try....and heh~?...lucky not suited to me...and so,bought 2 clothes...nice~~...i had to pay for my sis' top too...

and then went to popular...and then to j.co...my sis said the waiter there tried to ngorat fatin aqilah...hahaha~~...or maybe the indon the one who thought he's a hotstuff...unbelievable...ahah~....

and i think that's all...nothing much really...just that yesterday i talked too much...i even have less time to finish my talking.huhu..

and btw,RIP to Lee Eon..the guy who acted in coffee prince and strongest chil-woo...u know,he is the guy that act as a stupid,tough guy who was in love with that eun-hye's(i forgot yoo eun hye's character name) lil sis in that drama....sadly,he passed away...i dunno when,but i think it was last night,after a wrap party for the strongest chil-woo crew...strongest chil-woo is currently airing at kbs at 9am every monday and tuesday and have that shinhwa leader,eric~...

and my,i'd just watched that drama last tuesday or so...and saw Lee Eon in it,and i was screaming at my sis that the stupid guy from coffee prince who have that hot body acted in it...and suddenly,this morning,POM,died.~

life is too sudden...that's too scary~

so...take care ur life more,k?
ta then~!

RIP Lee Eon


A'kum n ello..

lets watch this vid~~

and to make things sweeter,it was torres who passed the ball to xabi and not xabi to torres like always....~...and yeah...no stevie g bcos this is a spain match,not a Liverpool match...cool eh?

and to add the sweetness,xabi scored 2 goals....
bcos this is SPAIN team!!
SPAIN,that has many world class players in the world~!!
XABI ALONSO,1 of the best player in the world,that people never recognized that,scored 2 goals against denmark,a very2 good team,(ah,agger made a solo but didn't score tho)...

i'm still praying that xabi won't go anywhere other than Liverpool...he's been an absolute class from the pre-season till now...hope barry won't come to Liverpool...i don't think he'll be as good as xabi is...

pls,pls,good club....pls don't buy xabi alonso,for you xabi alonso is worth more than 18million pounds..
but for me,he is priceless~~!
his class is worth more than that~!


20 August, 2008


A'kum n ello...

went out with hani,najwa and fatin aqilah...~~!!...yeay!!!..i'm out with my old friends~!!!!....bloody missed them so much!!....and how nice to meet the old faces...and fatin tried to made hani mad and all was very memorable...haha...

and how nice,i can throw away all those anger that i had in the past few weeks and months to my old mates...hoho...nice!~

have to go tata..
more later..
have to go to acu's house..

karma eh?maybe

A'kum n ello...

man i'm tired...but i don't want to sleep...why?cos i don't want...u r not da reason for me to sleep~~..

what the hell~~

have u been in a mood where people asked you to do that and that...and you follow and when you asked that person to do something for you just for tiny bit,and that person that you helped many times,with ur sincere heart and all,and without u complaining and just a simple and direct ok,said to you "BUAT SENDIRI"...by other meaning "FUCK YOURSELF"...

heh~...this world is not what i hope it'll be right?...very2 sad~.....where is karma when people say it really exist....and to make it sadder,i'm a believer of karma but this kind of thing always happen to me...haish2....

this situation can also happen like this:you saw ur teacher that u always tried not to hate,and gave her a sincere 'ASSALAMUALAIKUM,CIKGU'...and then the teacher just nod...and at the end of the day,the teacher pissed of with you with no reason at all....kinda stupid when that happen rite?...it's not like u're being unsincere from the start...but things always happen like this...kinda sucks...but that's life....

it's like when ur favourite team will have an important match...and u desperately want them to win,and so u prayed hard for the team to win,even made a nazar and all...in the end,the team lose....and the moral of the story:don't try to get hard.just take life as it is...kinda sucks,but u can't blame fate about this...

cos like i said,IT'S FATE~!

u have to accept it and think it positively..move on and try to think about some improvement...really tho..

once,i thought about life...i want things to happen like i plan...like when i go out,i don't want hani to be late,but nope,things won't be that perfect..she'll definitely be 3 hours late or so....like i hope liyana to bring me chocs when we meet,nope,she'll never bring it...and when i think the day when we hang out will be perfect,nope,nothing perfect will happen...rarely things will go smoothly...something like,tickets for parking was missing,rushed to pray,'sorry dude,i don't have any money.lend me some?'...those kind of situations will definitely happen...

and as much as i hate it to happen,i can't help but smile that unfortunate things are predictable and kinda interesting when it happen...haha..

so that's that..

and i conclude my post by uploading this pics~

i'm currently reading this book...kinda interesting...cos u can relate ur life with this book...i mean,a girl try not to be a slut around her boyfriend can't help it when her own friends think the opposite(by thinking that a friend of them is a slut after having a boyfriend,eventho she's try not to be)(sounds complicated?it's not that complicated if you read the book)

kun aguero...real name:sergio aguero...i find it cute that he use his nickname KUN just bcos he loves anime..hahaha~!...aguero-KUN~!..hoho..btw,he's the hero when argentina beats brazil in the semi final of olympic just now...he's hot~!...bloody nice pass and all and tap in...ahah...he really knows where to be and where to put the ball in...hoho

and that's all..~!
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19 August, 2008

life is not that easy to handle eh?

A'kum n ello..

man,i'm bored...i was too tired taking care of my bdak kecik; aiman....he was 'kemas'-ing the house...hoho......

and haish2 to that~~

k-rol and liyana's bro added me at ym...heh~?..last time,3 scum's fans contacted me like they're miss me...and now,2 chelsux fans added me....what a day~~.....

do this people can't live without a Liverpool fan like me..?

and yesterday...chat with KP...cos she loves SKILLET very much,so i tried listening to their song...hoho..bloody nice~~....nazneen and liyana have to love me more by treating me secret recipe cake cos i'm back to rock music...haha...kpop and jpop still in me,but u can't take this rock music especially english music from me...hahaha~~..

or maybe vise-versa...u can't take out jpop music from me,something like that...
i'm beginning to make my life more confuse~~

this computer is becoming bengong..i couldn't read izzo's blog...really want to know what stupid deed she's making at that mmu...hahahaha..no offense...i'm just bored...~haha

my body is aching madly...i think maybe cos i'm not comfortable with the pillow i'm using right now..da~..why the hell i didn't bring home my favourite pillow...??...haish~...

so tomorrow,i'll be going to sunway pyramid,AGAIN~!...haha...i want to buy another clothes at nichii...hoho...so emi,i want my rm40 tonight k?....i'll remind u again,and again later tonight....

anyway...i remember something...many people that i met and talked to...made me promise to them...the promise kinda like "don't tell that person pls,cos she'll mad at me if she knows this"...and so i have to keep the promise...that's why i don't like secret and promise...makes me drowned and feel confuse and all...shut up is not my nature to be honest...so i hope people pls don't involve me in this...

let just say i have this story...my dear roommate,daphne,already broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years...3 days or less than that before the break-up day,her ex called me and asked me things about her,and told me not to say anything to daphne that he called...and so i didn't tell daphne...it was a difficult task for me,u know,cos daphne talked about how desperate her boyfriend is, to me...and so i tried to keep my mouth shut...told u bfore,it wasn't easy....and then..suddenly,daphne told me that they broke up...and the next day,her ex got into a hospital and needed her badly...and i dunno what she must do,go or not...and then,i told her about him calling me,maybe it'll effect her choice or anything...and then...i dunno,she said she didn't want to go..so in the end,she didn't go...

hrm...i think she did go tho...but maybe not.
she cheated on her boyfriend,and she has another man waiting for her...so i really dunno what good for the man to accept her...

i'm an immature and bad roommate...
but i'm just care about the happiness of people only..

that's all then!
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18 August, 2008

pathetic am i?

A'kum n ello..

last saturday,i slept around 5am...
5am Sunday Morning~
KP just arrived home at that time(her house at perlis)
and i started to sleep..

and amier was studying at that time..
after sms-ed me about Liverpool won the match..
he said bye2 cos he wanna STUDY with a capital BELAJA~

and last night,he sent a sms asking me which topic in BEL that we must do..
he study~
not that surprising cos he refused to go out with us to eat KFC eventho aqilah the one who'll pay..

and this morning..
i woke up around 1.17pm...
did i say morning..?

i'm beginning to be a pathetic person~~~

i have to be better if i want to have my own laptop...hoho..
3.5~here i come~!

what an aim -_-
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17 August, 2008

lee chong wei,coolio~!

A'kum n ello..

so Malaysia lose in the final of the badminton olympic..
Lee Chong Wei lose...

but i kinda proud of him...tho he lose TOTAL BADLY in the final,but heck,he has a silver medal!!!...
nobody other than him,except rashid sidek and cheah soon kit and razif sidek(i think so), have any,at the very least,a bronze...

and so...when lin dan won the match..and threw his racquet and shoes to the home fans...i tried not to switch off the tv(cos its irritate me to see someone so happy,haha~~i'm siot~!)(tho i switched off the tv when the score was 20-8)....and so i still watched lin dan enjoyed his moment and all...just to see a MALAYSIAN ON THE PODIUM with a medal held on his chest!...huhu..

cos u see,we have to admit that malaysia has a very low chance to grab a medal...so better watch some beautiful moment from our countryman when we have the chance...hoho...

and how proud i am right now to see him kissed the medal...hoho...

a silver is already alright..
it just mean our country is improving...cool~!

ta then!
that's all!
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torres and xabi chump~

A'kum n ello...

these pics mean something to me..~

torres with his short hair..

torres and xabi talking....

torres's short hair??
huhu..tho i really want him to take off that cekak~~

and in the 2nd pic..
torres and xabi talking~~
and wonder what language were they talking..
and torres got a tattoo even at his leg,eh?

i'm just happy after this morning win..
so don't mind me,really...

pls reply my comment at myspace,instead of reply it at as a message...
i seldom check my inbox...

and yes2 people,i'm trying to activate my friendster and facebook~...
activate~what a word~~

k then..
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  • yeah~the blog's song~!!
  • ahahah...dun mind eh?


A'kum n ello...

so the Liverpool post~

i start with...

or maybe ALIA TORRES?


ALIA ALONSO is clean......

ALIA TORRES is pelik -_-

but still,why dossena?
the lad put some fine passes just now~~!!!
and cos i'm addicted to this 'pass the ball,long or not' thing,i nearly had tears in my eyes whenever i saw this new Liverpool lad passes...~!

but then,xabi came in,and bcos he is better looking than dossena,
(italian are sexy and spanish are hot.but i prefer hot~!)
and his pass were hotter and more confident..
and i nearly in tears cos it was xabi the one who played and not barry..~!
some points,xabi nearly made a fine 60yards shot....
but the ball didn't go in like it usually do,but what a MAN...
how can he have that confident to score from such a far place????

and then...
xabi made another fine pass...
to dear torres...
and that torres took the ball...and POW~!into the goal...
and so,we,the LIVERPOOL crew won the match!

and that ROBBIE KEANE~
such a cutie..
he is Liverpool player..
but he act like he is a Liverpool fan...
his happines is like "YEAY!MY FAVOURITE TEAM WIN" when the match ended...
and when he hugged torres,he was like "yeay!he is Liverpool best player right now!and i'm meeting him!"...
such a cutie...

i wonder what will i do when i face torres and gerrard in real life..?
i don't mind about them..
but what will i do when i meet xabi??
maybe i say,"i'm carrying ur baby in my dream"..

and lucky me,i have a new Liverpool friend list in my phone..
the annoying amier sms-ed me and we talked about the match...
and i talked passionately like i'm blogging rite now..
bless my life that have passion towards Liverpool..

ta then!
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  • bounce myself with the TORRES SONG!

tuk mak,jia you!

A'kum n ello..

the main reason of this post is Liverpool..
but better i start about my visit to Batu Pahat...and then straight to that lovely,warm and happily win of Liverpool...hoho~~!!

so..after BEL130 class yesterday,straight back to my room at Melati Unite..and then waited for my bro n lil sis to pick me up...then after that,arrived home,and had to pack for the Batu Pahat..ahah...

heh?why the hell i talked about that eh?

then...arrived at batu pahat around 12am...ahah...

and why again i talked about that?

then...woke up at 6++am to do my subuh prayer...and then slept back and woke up at 9am..i supposed to wake up at 8am cos we'll be going to sri medan to visit my grandma who is staying there with her sis,my dear tuk uda,around 9am or so.....

but i was too tired...so my family weren't mad or anything,kot la kan...

and then..arrived at my tuk uda's house...my grandma was on the bed...with her sick and blur face...she didn't show any expression...but from her face,u know she was tired and sick...her sickness kinda like she doesn't feel any pain or so...or maybe she just doesn't have any strenght to feel anything....anyway,she was staying at her sis's house cos i dunno why...ahah~...my grandma was massaged by this tukang urut...i dunno her tho..i shook her hand but nothing much.....but thanks to her,cos maybe she makes my grandma healthier...

then...i was tired...so i slept on the sofa....until tuk uda woke me up and told me to sleep in this room...the room had 4 kids inside it,i think...i told tuk uda that some kids were inside it...i didn't want to disturb their playtime or anything...but that tuk uda,she's very cute...she told the kiddies,"kakak ni sakit.bagi dia tidur"...i thought my sleepy face already showed a sick sign...but heck,the kids said"kakak ni sihat je.dia leh senyum n pegang handset"...kiddies~~~..is smiling and holding handphone is a sickness??..da~...so i slept on the bed in that room...

until i woke up with my eyes slowly opened...and i saw my tuk mak(that's what i called her) changed her clothes...i was surprised...but then,when i fully un-sleepy,found out,it wasn't my tuk mak who was changing,but it was tuk uda..
da~both of them have the same face...~~

ah~..tuk uda is a female k?

and after that,i woke up from my sleep and my sis called me that House was on...so i watched House...and during the commercial break,i change the channel to KBS..and watched Full House...haha...and then,went back to watch House...

ah,btw,hani called me to go out with her..but cos i was at Batu Pahat,so i had to refuse...
she'll be going to batu pahat tomorrow...~~
and currently,i'm already in shah alam,just got back from bt pahat...

and then..went to bp mall with my parents and aiman...bought shoes for raya and also a handbag..muahahahaha~~!...handbag~~...they got sale in that place...ahah.

nway...after maghrib...went back to sri medan...and chat with my tuk uda...
i remember our conversation that really cracked me up...
u know about my knee problem?
tuk uda also had some knee problem before..
her synovial fluid already drained(something like dat)(and google that if you don't understand what is synovial fluid)....and so she need to put some jelly in it...

and so...
the conversation kinda like this..

alia:saya punye lutut ni kan tuk,sakit gile...(an incomplete sentence cos tuk uda interrupted my saying)
tuk uda:ala,aku punye lutut ni sampai kene byr 7000 ntuk cucuk jelly kat dlm lutut aku ni...

alia:(dlm hati berkata:yela2.ko nye lagi sakit dr lutut aku ni.da~)

yeah...so i laughed...
she's an old woman and i'm young...
and i had some old-folks conversation with the old people about old people sickness...
i think i need to plan my pension immediately if this old-thing continue...
this mild osteoarthritis thing is making me older and un-wiser..~da~

and then...i told my father that we need to arrive home before 12.30am cos i had a date with Liverpool at that time....
it was 9++pm at that time......
and so,my father said 'K,BALIK'...
so we off~

and some of my cousin there asked"sempat ke balik sblm match tu start?"
and i replied"dengan ketereran ayah bwk keter,sempat punye"

and on our way home...my father drove like michael schumacher..
i was sleeping at the back,but it was bumpy with the schumacher speed,so i fastened my seatbelt,eventho i sat at the back...and then,i thanked my father,cos we arrived before 12am...hoho...cool eh?

and bcos this post is too long,my Liverpool post will be in a new post..hoho~
ta then~!
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15 August, 2008

lee chong wei~!

A'kum n ello..


i shouted like a crazy-sports fan when i watched the match..


now i can finally feel the feeling of being in a country that have an olympic medalist..

now i'm going to BP...

my grandma is in the hospital cos of mild stroke.
hope her better~!

14 August, 2008

Liverpool and mob

A'kum n ello..

Liverpool drew with Liege and the doubles badminton team lose and now just lee chong wei in the badminton team that still in...~...heh...i really need to show my support...ahah~..they need me btw~...ahahaha

i'm fasting right now...and i thought i want to watch the Liverpool match at the tv room in my college..but heck,i looked at the window if anybody in the tv room or anything...i saw that room was locked..~...so,no chance to watch any Liverpool match...though i read at lfc.tv that the match was a low performance from Liverpool...da~~~~..do u need my support Liverpool??..ah~I WILL SHOW YOU MY SUPPORT NEXT WEEK~!

anyway...if u read the newspaper,u'll know about the mob from the uitm students to the MB selangor cos of the 10% quota to foreigners and non-bumi...u know,i thought they protest bcos WE WILL DEFINITELY HAVE THE QUOTA..then,i found out it was only a just a "CADANGAN" from the MB to do it....

to tell you the truth,i kinda like this MB's way to talk to people....just saying stuff like some weakness for malay,all the malays are scared and rushed to protest...

the malay show their trueself....

i'm a malay..but i'm not an-anti...i'm more into i'm malaysian than malay...bcos races are maybe different but we're still have the same blood and mind...just that people thought that MALAY OWN MALAYSIA..i dunno if 'own' is the correct word...but i have to say we are sharing with the chinese and indians....

and anyway...malay nowadays thought they can have anything...so they're lazy and do all those stupid stuff that give the shame to malay....

and now when the MB said QUOTA TO THE NON-BUMIs...they're mad and that...

this is a cruel world...don't naively think that malaysia will always be ours...portuguese already took Malacca when the people thought that they will always be peaceful...Singapore took our batu puteh already...anything is possible in the future....

we,malay, can't just think that our future already decided or anything....how about improve more of ourselves?...

skip class to show our protests and miss some important learnings that will make the malay weaker....nice~..

really though,i'm young,but i don't think that all people will agree with what i think...

but the malays can't deny that this maybe a wake up call for them...

i don't know what u want to say about my view...
i have microbio class to attend....i need to be one of the best scientist in the world to show myself as an improve person..or maybe a malaysian or the very proud one,as a malay...

and uitm,u're good to make the protest...~
i have to say,thank you for letting me have a future..
so now malay,just study hard more...
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09 August, 2008

uitm story~

A'kum n ello..

and another post to make this blog a complete 800!!
wonderful eh?

so this time some pics of my time at uitm..

this is a kicap..
me and kp both proud of it cos we opened the cap of the kicap with our own mind and hands~
and we're proud of it,we nearly had tears in our eyes..

but before that,let introduce this 3 girls that always laugh and laugh...

and from left,is the 'shrieking shack' aqilah,the 'food lover' KP and the 'bloody good Liverpool fanatic' Alia Liverpool..

aqilah was doing some checking on the microscope...
and that's my Liverpool pencil case btw..

and amier started his intro by making this feminine gesture~

and bcos amier is called FRUITIES,KP wanted to eat him~

and bcos alia wanted to join the fun,she made a peace with him~
so eventually KP didn't eat him..

and then KP was telling the whole class why she didn't eat amier..
and Alia and Amier laughed about KP's regretful decision~
and aqilah couldn't join the fun~

and then amier slept with that new scar that made of permanent marker pen..
the men who did the scar were....................
it's not him and that guy behind him,k?
and btw,this guy in front is Khir..
his father's name is the same as mine..
so i told the lecturer that he is my big brother cos we had the same father's name..
he is an ex-pre dip student,so that's make him older than me..
and that guy behind him is someone who always 'lost&found'

the person who did that scar on amier's forehead is not this thing..
this is a procaryotic cell btw..
the people who create this model were the people who made that scar..
and those person were.........................................

the left guy was aiman,and the right guy was nazreen...
and btw,they drew the scar with my marker..
i let them use it cos i wanna take a picture of that scar...
and put it here..hoho~

and these are acap,k-rol and afiq..
it was an old time pic..~
these guys cracked me up like hell~
acap and afiq love to blanje me..
and that guy in the middle?
__ _____ ______~!

and so we end this with ALIA&AQILAH's tell me dance with a labcoat!

mind my face at the end~!

that's all then!

and YEAY TO 800 POSTS!
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panic again~!

A'kum n ello..

so i blog again~!!
now i put some of the pics that i took during the panic at the disco's concert..
tho some of the pics of the band members(mostly brendon tho.couldn't snap that cutie ryan cos he was far,and i'm still not that expert with my nikon.ohoh) i took it from the videos that i recorded..ahah~....

we start with these 2 close-friends
one is a very nice dudette with her crazy and so-called psycho friend~

and then the good dudette's crazy+bratty lil sis with her korean-lover friend,hana~

and then a peace from the bloody good dudette and the psycho girl with a barely recognized brunette(kot~) friend

and then met jon,the guy who has a sexy hips~
(btw,i found this cute guy at uitm,in a bus,on my way to my faculty,that has a bloody fine butt~!)

and ryan the cutie that has a cute songkok,
my mistake~,
a hat~

and brendon the hot guy who made a cute face like this~

and then he smiled like this and a bloody fine way to show his charm~

and then he smiled again,and thought,"the crowd love me!"

and jon hit his guitar in a drunk state,like he's humming 'lalalala,i'm drunk'

and that's all~

and some 9inTheAfternoon


A'kum n ello..

just wanna say..
that in the previous post,i said Panic!at the disco instead of Panic at the Disco,and also spelled Brendan instead of his real name:Brendon Urie...(he is the vocalist btw)

so,pretty much sum up i'm not their real fan,but heck,i'm beginning to like and know them more..~

maybe this is a waste of my time to blog just to inform this small thing,but my number of posts that i have right now nearly hit 800 POSTS!...hoho...i think currently i have 796 posts not include this one..
so yeah~
i'm beginning to be happy as a bloody good BLOGGER~!
mayb GOD bless my LIFE even more~!
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A'kum n ello...

k..some quickie~

  • Wanted-BLOODY AWESOME! 5STAR+ ZILLIONS cos of the hot body!
  • The Dark Knight- AWESOME! 4.5~!
  • The Mummy 3- BRILLIANT!4!
i'm a good movie reviewer rite?

these good points are because i only watch GOOD + BOX-OFFICE movies only~..
other than that,toodles~

and btw,i already watched 21...watched it from the pirate dvd that my sis bought..
and not to let ur hope down,i don't think the movie is worth watching in a cinema....
buy the dvd,pirate or not,with a HQ video+audio and subs...
and u'll think the movie is already enough just by watching at tv..

the story line kinda ok but should be better...like that TheStar reviewer said,the climax not that ok~...ahah~!..whatever she said...~...

now,go go~!

emi,this wednesday,me and qilah watch Journey To the Center of the Earth,while you and kp watch The Mummy with the other kiddies i.e my sis watch with you...k?

and btw,i also watched Knocked Up...yup2~!that old movie that feat. Katherine Heigl and that nerd-perv dude...have to say,the movie is more like a porn movie but with a clean image...ahah~...

k then~ta!
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days of moody and like-wise

A'kum n ello..

so i want to blog again after that long post about panic!at the disco~

nway...nothing much to say really...next week will have tests...all the subjects that i learned will have their own tests~..nice eh~?...da...i don't think i can study if i stay at my room in that Melati Unite~..hoho...

with KP's laziness to clean the room and put her clothes in one place,and me joining her doing those lazy stuff,i don't think i can study~..ahah..

and also,with my father's iBook with me,no way i'll study..~

anyway,i have to keep that iBook with me for the next few weeks cos i have plenty of assignments using the computer...da~..my father should just give me his laptop or just buy me a new one....to wait for my 3.5 will be later that i expected~..da....

i finished my CTU assignment...me and KP did the stuff in the whole day...and on the next day,the day when we had to pass up the assignment,our usual ustaz was replaced by this young ustazah...and she told us to made a new assignment....classy instruction from a cutie~...so i had to keep the iBook with me for a lil while then,ahahahaha~

nway...about my BEL moodiness...it had to be the most hateful thing that ever happen in my life at UiTM...

it was on a very nice day..tho nice,but my mood wasn't right...even that nazreen and amier did this stupid stuff,i wasn't impressed with them...and then,suddenly,becos of my sudden stupidity that asked "why AE-BYSS and not A-BYSS?" and made my ex-leader asked our dear madame how to pronounce abyss in the correct way...and that dear madame asked him back "where is ur dictionary?"...and then he said "we don't have any dictionary"..and the other groups including us that didn't bring the dictionary(ENGLISH-ENGLISH,no ENGLISH-MALAY,and also A GIGANTIC DICTIONARY,not that tiny OXFORD DICTIONARY that cost RM21.90 or so like that,but a more expensive one)...and so she told us to be separated from our group and go into a new group...and cos i was moody,and she made me moodier,and so i stay moody...and my new group members had to be careful with words..and aqilah who together with me in the new group,follow my mumness....but she still said a few words...and suddenly,acap(my new group leader) told me to relax..and that made me a lil shock at myself cos i really too absorb with my bengang and all...and so i talked a lil bit...and then nazreen said sorry but at the same time showed his anger towards the mdm...and i looked at my other ex-group...and that amier made this stupid smile that really2 large it fit his face and so i had to be more relax and don't make my new group members to think i'm such an ass...

nice thing there's a concert after that rite?..so my anger and tension already out in that concert...and on the next day...i'm a happy me~!...huhu..tho on the night,when i had dinner with aqilah,acap,afiq and k-rol,k-rol told me that he was scared of me during BEL time...really tho,i kinda want to make my face have this mysterious face that nobody will know my tension and any expression that i have...da~...but whatever..i'm happy enough that these guys care...hoho..

anyway...on thursday,i was bullied by my friends...ahah~....i didn't wear a labcoat to my chem's lab...and cos i did the experiment alone,my place was kinda messy with many beakers around it and water all around the apparatus..ahah~....

and some people said i looked sleepy...tho i only felt hunger at that time...da~

so that's that then...
i'm more direct now...so bear with it ok?
ta then!
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Panic! at Bukit Jalil~!

A'kum n ello..

k now...i think i'll blog like i suppose to...tralala~...hoho...

this week was kinda like a roller coaster week to me...cos at 1st i'll be moody,then sleepy,then tired,then lazy to bath,then happy,then back to moody mode,then bored like i'm the only person that felt it,and etc,etc....da~

anyway...in my previous post,i blogged that i went to the panic!at the disco's concert...hoho...cool eh?...my father sent me there...he fetched me at seks.2's bus stop,and then got nagged by him cos i didn't plan smartly to go there...(i planned to go to bkt jalil by train~)...and then my sis called my phone every 5minutes,asking where the hell i was..da~...and then...arrived and met my sis with her friend,hana and also my dear 'gila' i.e liyana and also nazneen with her new colour hair that i barely recognized when i first saw her...hoho...and so,we went inside the stadium..tho the guards there checked our bags...if during the dbsk time,they checked our bag to see if we bring any camera or any sort of recorders..but this concert,they search for any water bottle...not that weird considering this is a rock band concert(sort of~)..and the guard checked my bag and saw many papers i.e my lecture notes..and so he asked me if i ponteng class,i told him I CAME HERE JUST AFTER MY CLASS....and so,went inside,and saw ilham without her tudung but also with a new colour hair...i barely recognized her not becos of the new colour hair but bcos of her weight...ah~...many people gain weight nowadays eh..?..i have to say,maybe the U.M's food are brilliant then~...KMPP's food are brilliant too,so wanna know what size is emi right now...ahah~..

anyway...got into the concert and kinda shocked that the crowd there were less than i imagined...more like less than 300...it was 7pm already,but still lacking in people,unlike DBSK's concert that people already crowd around 3pm or earlier than that...but whatever~..boy band and rock band aren't the same~..

anyway...at 7.30pm,suddenly it was dark in the stadium..and so all of us went to the front and joined the crowd..and i thought panic! already there...but nope,there this fat dude with his bandmates sang on the stage...and people were singing their songs and all...and i just miming whatever they sang and asked liyana,"who the hell is that?" and so liyana told me that's One Buck Shot...the guitarist reminded me of hamzah,with his afro hair...hoho..

and so they end their performance..i kinda felt like o_O cos the vocalist always asked this questions "ARE YOU READY TO PARTYYYYYY????" like about 3 times or so....ahah~...

and so..we had to wait for Panic! to come on stage for like 15-30mins or so...and then the stadium dark again,and so there they were,on the stage;Panic!at the Disco~!!...hoho..so they start with this song that i dunno but heard it before(i tried to memorized their songs before their concert cos like u know,i'm not 1 of their die-hard-fans,but bcos KP made my Apple like her own and always play that I KISSED A GIRL song every day,so i barely listened to any Panic! song..da~)...and then,nice thing they sang '9 in the afternoon' after that...and then the concert flowed smoothly~...hoho....it was brilliant~!...maybe cos i was in a bad mood before the concert cos my BEL lecturer separate me from my group and my father nagged me from the start to the end,so the concert really made me lose my tension..hoho..

and during the concert,i jumped many times with my bag behind me..ahah~...i jumped with liyana,and to make things a let-down for me who really short,i had to stand behind this group of VERY TALL GUYS who also JUMPED MANY TIMES..so i couldn't see Brendan,Ryan and Jon from up to down...~...da~!....

oh,btw,RYAN THE CUTIE~!...

and that Brendan remind me of amier...
so i told amier on the next day that i saw him singing on the stage...he made this -_-....whatever~

that's all about my day at Pretty.Odd concert~!..hoho~!

and i end the day by smelling my sis' armpit...
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  • couldn't upload some pics now cos the batery of my camera already exhausted and i don't have any memory card reader with me~

06 August, 2008


A'kum n ello..

i went to the Panic!at the disco concert just now..
bloody fun~~~!!!!!!!!!!


u know ah~
concert is the best place for u to let put ur anger and be more relax and just be in ur own world...

bloody fun the concert..
my sis said she was surprised to see me..
and liyana said i kinda very active..

cos i jumped and jumped like i'm true fan of them..

not really~

that's all..
some pics i put here..
but not dat many..
ta then!

too many blur pics..~
later then!

02 August, 2008

concert again~

A'kum n ello..

wanna make a quick post cos wanna do my CTU assignment~
my group have to send it this tuesday~


i'll be going to the Panic!at the disco's concert this tuesday~yeah~
the same day that i must send my assignment~
and i hope no prob will happen on the night of the day~

last week was alright..
i had too many laughing moments..
those 3 boys who sat behind me during the lecture made me crack up everyday~
afiq(da garfield),k-rol(k-ro-gi) and acap(shrek)..

tho k-rol is a chelsux fan...so i don't want to bother about him~lalala..
and that acap~thanks for blanje me kropok lekor..
next time blanje lagi..
afiq,lets go to suju concert together~!

last week had this presentation in BEL130-speech class...
the whole group were damn nervous before we start our speech...but lucky,in the end,the speech end with no prob,with everybody relief like they already had their pee,poop and fart~..nice~!

and btw,KP snap amier's pic with my nikon...and he looked like xabi alonso-trying-to-smile face but in the end the picture is ugly+funny to the max~

and i still bengang cos my dear groupmates postpone the dinner at KFC!!!
u dunno how long had this girl dream about eating KFC~~~!~FOR FREE~!

and that's all then..

more later~!
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super junior!!

A'kum and ello..~!

found this~

As a successful Korean band, did you have to sacrifice a lot to get to where you are today?
Eeteuk: First of all, we have to give up having a girlfriend. By giving up having a girlfriend, we now have so many “girlfriends” all across Asia (steps up and points to all the ladies in the room, and laughs).

i want you!!!

i'm mad right now..~
cos why the hell those stupid agent didn't answer our call but answered a singaporean call?...~
is malaysia that low class that you don't want to sell it to a true citizen but to a foreigner~?..

KI BUM not here tho~
but siwon is..~!
another wa~~!!!!!
hankyung not here also...~
heard that he'll perform in the beijing olympic ceremony~

tonight will go back to college..
and so i maybe try watch the MTV Award at the TV room there...
shoo-shoo u people~!


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