30 June, 2009

some random blablabla

A'kum n ello..

i didn't sleep again.


and i'm fasting right now.hoho.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
and will watch Ice Age 3 tomorrow.another hoho.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
maybe will go to kinokuniya this weekend with emi.wanna buy saiyuki reload vol.8.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

seriously,i'm bored.
there this guy at facebook,a handsome looking guy,suddenly IM me and said "Hi Sarah"
wth rite?
oh btw,there this info said that the name that starts with S is a slut. shitty rite? blame the PiGs movie then.haha.

and you know what i like about life?
it's when people want to be somebody else,and idolize people that not really need to be idolize,and when people suddenly have this low self-esteem.

i find it funny.

the phrase Survival of the Fittest is a lil bit true in some part. to continue living,you have to be strong in mind and body...

and you know what the tips to being strong mentally?

that's all.

saying is easy,but in life,you need all the efforts to stay alive and to be happily alive.


29 June, 2009

sad. not really.

A'kum n ello..

you know what is sad?

sad is when,
you're fasting,and ur sister bought a bread with your money and she ate it in front of you.

sad also happen when,
have to lie to ur maid and brother that bcos you didn't sleep AT ALL this morning.

sad also happen when,
you had ur sahur with 3 cups of water and a piece of shrimp.

sad also happen when,
the americans called the confederation cup as world cup.

sad is when,
you read the last chapter of saiyuki gaiden with K's only human(one litre of tears OST) in your head.

sad also,
is when you found out that ur father added you at facebook to be your FRIEND.

nice rite?

commento people.
i'm bored right now.
i need COMMUNICATION!! haha.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

credit image: mangafox


A'kum n ello..

some bits i wanna say.
if you're a first timer of this blog,read the sidebar first.

i blog and share what i want.

k now.


yeay to BRAZIL!

A'kum n ello..

i don't really watch the match.but the tv was on,and so i had some quick peeks.haha.

i don't want to say much about the match cos i didn't watch it.i'm a lil bit unhappy cos i missed the Spain vs South Africa match.

unhappy cos XABI SCORED THE MOST IMPORTANT(winning) GOAL!!!!!!!!!!




the americans played well in the 2nd half(i read from twitter.even Rob Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest watched the match.i never know both of them are football fans.haha~) and Landon Donovan scored the 1st goal. i saw him once during the world cup(dunno when,but he was brilliant) but pity that the americans don't really recognize him.

and then brazil played well in the 2nd half.goals from fabiano and lucio. fabiano's 2nd goal was good.haha.

USA said the reason they could beat spain was because they controlled xavi (I KNEW IT!!!) and so they won over them.

pity~ they couldn't controlled Kaka for this final.

i twittered about the match.hahaha. i was bored,really.and it's 4.38am,and i'm planning to fast today(monday,29/6/09).so maybe my whole day will be my sleeping day,and then i'll wake up just for the iftar.haha.

click the image to read my tweets.

ta then!

my driving points.

A'kum n ello..

now i know why people said "driving is tiring".

around 6pm,tiron ym-ed me and asked me if i can send her to uia. after much thoughts,i said i can.

and so,after Isyak, my sis and i sent tiron to UIA PJ.hohoho.

i drove the car to UIA.
my sis drove the car to go home.


after i picked up tiron at her house at seksyen11, my sis said "aye takut kalo alia bawak"
then tiron said "takpe.aku trust alia bile dia bawak kereta".
seriously,tiron was clueless in what future has for her.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and another thing,that was the 1st time i drove a car in a highway,during night-time.

cool rite?

1stly, around the roundabout at Bulatan Kayangan(the one near Shah Alam Club), someone horned at me.

1st point: bad driving.

and when i reached the highway, my sister said "aye takut gile sbb alia ni bawak laju" and then tiron joined her and said "agakla.ko bawak lajula, alia" and i was like "aku lupe nak warning ko awal2" (i dunno if i really said this) and tiron also said "ko ni orang yang bawak laju yang ske senyum" haha.

2nd point: too fast.

at the highway,i told the girls that i'll try to drive slowly.i told them that i will only take the middle lane. and after 5seconds i said that, i said "jangan arap~!!" so i went into the right lane(the one that people call "ikut kiri kecuali memotong") so i went into that lane and tiron said "ko tau,aku pun bawak laju gak.tapi aku takut nak masuk lane kanan" and bcos i think the car wasn't fast enough,so i went back into the middle lane.haha.

3rd point: impatient.

and then i told them that i want to pee.and so we went into a nearby Shell,and tiron said she'll pay for the fuel( she paid RM15! the my family always pay RM10~~.thanks tiron!!)...and after tiron paid the fuel,i fueled up the car. tiron told me "alia.ko patut jadi tukang pam minyak la.baju ko sesuai ngan pekerja shell" . i was T-T and so i pat her cheek and told her "ikutkan hati,aku nak je (pat=> slap) lagi kuat" and then tiron innocently smiled blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

4th point: never wear a mustard-colored shirt to Shell.

and then,there was a corner,and the girls were like "alia~~BRAKE~~!!" which i did,but tiron said it "ko ni bleh buat drift?" and i just smiled~~.

5th point: emergency brake is bad.

and when we arrived at UIA, i told tiron that i needed to pee again.haha.so i carried tiron's stuff and followed her to her room. my sis didn't want to stay alone in the car. i told her "ini UIA la.takkan ade hantu la" and then my sis said "dulu ade orang bunuh diri tu" and tiron said "oo.tau gak eh pasal mende tu" and so she followed us too.

and i met tiron's roommate. her name is sakinah.haha.i didn't ask her many questions tho.she seems nice.and i saw this bread at tiron's shelf,and i shouted "AH!BUTTERSCOTCH!" (refer to emilia's blog) and then tiron said "tu bkan butterscotch.ko ske eh,alia?" i told her that i never eat Butterscotch bread but i want to try,and so tiron said "next week aku beli untuk ko la"


and then,tiron asked us to send her to the library,and so we sent her,and she had this box of candies,and so i told tiron "boleh tak?" and tiron said "amikla" and so i took the candies.i'm just being ALIA.

and then.

we said bye bye to tiron.

6th point: never take other people's food.

and that's all.

oh btw,i already paid my UiTM's fees.good~.

P/S: things to buy:
  • Saiyuki Reload vol.8 (kinokuniya)
  • Saiyuki Reload vol.9 (amazon.com)ta then!

28 June, 2009

koko krunch + cornflakes

A'kum n ello..

i'm bored.

i upload this picture.

koko krunch+cornflakes

i know some people tried this before,especially at hotels when you had your breakfast.haha.

breakfast at hotels are brilliant. many choices,from nasi lemak to pancake,to croissants,to koko krunch and honeystars,and some weird food that only that place have.


anyway,i had some problems with my bladder nowadays,but after constantly eating this brilliant cereals,bladder problem no more..~~!!..hoho.

btw,mixed cereals are delicious and easily satiated.

i'm bored really.
but still,tata~!

bring back to life?

A'kum n ello..

sometimes i hate manga.
especially Saiyuki.

cos saiyuki is the only manga that makes me realize that those ridiculous things are indeed fact.and that manga maybe influenced a bit of my life.

it's like when sanzo said he hates rain.
i dislike rain.
hani said it cos i want to follow sanzo.
maybe i am.

there was this one time,when it was raining.it depressed me.but i'm a positive thinker,when it rains,i think some people need it.

there something about rain that i really2 hate.it's that negative feeling that i got. i'm sorry for being philosophical, rain is like seeing people cry.


and there this part from saiyuki, about bringing back the dead.

if you have a chance to bring back the dead,who will you choose?
and another question,DO YOU REALLY WANT HIM/HER TO BE ALIVE?

this is a big question for me as i already lost someone before.

but even if i have a choice,i won't bring my mother back to life. i have my own reasons. i don't think she even want to be alive anyway. and also,if i bring her back to life,i don't think God will like it. the dead will never be alive. if that person meet his/her death,it has it reason.God already choose that moment.

and another big question,if you have a chance to bring me back to life,WILL YOU DO IT?

i'm a pain in the ass sometimes,i am stingy,i am demanding,i am a brat.
will you bring me back to life?

if you have that chance, don't take that chance.or just take that chance to bring back other people.Optimus Prime,maybe.

i think my life right now is already complete.i have happiness.i have a nice family. i can think nicely.the only think that i don't have is a degree,a work,a husband,son and daughter, and a ticket to Liverpool.

therefore, like a quote from Saiyuki "you have to live your life assuming that time isn't coming for awhile" and so,all i have to do is just do what i must and continue my life like i want.

and btw, before i die,i'll make sure that i don't have any regret or debt. i don't want to meet Melinda Gordon and ask her to help me.

i want to die in peace,just like when i'm alive.


ta then!

thanks for reading

i have to meet this person first before i die.hoho.

27 June, 2009

saiyuki again~!cute2!!

A'kum n ello..

bloody hell.
this is like the cutest thing in the world.

THIS is sweet.

look at that sleepy face.
like a cute cat.
pity that they call him saru instead of neko.haha.


saiyuki reload~!

A'kum n ello...


finally,i found the latest chapter of Saiyuki Reload.

kreko stopped the manga. and mangatraders doesn't upload that manga anymore.

and finally,i found it!


and OH MY GOD,Genjyo Sanzo is hot!!!

GOKU!!!! such a cutie.

now baby.
i want to read that manga.


btw,i found out that Saiyuki Reload manga will end...and Kazuya Minekura(the mangaka of Saiyuki) will have a break,and then start another new and last saiyuki manga.

i need to learn japanese and a pay pal account.


p/s: sorry for the random post.haha.

credit image: mangafox

sorry,saya tak paham

Sign in Singapore in 4 languages: English, Man...Image via Wikipedia

A'kum n ello.

k now.

i'm very bored.
so i want to do some bit of 'thinking'.haha.

anyway, i haven't watch Lost In Translation yet,but i can understand his situation.
you know,as in,don't understand a single thing people said.

there was this one time,when i was at Singapore.i thought people in Singapore understand Malay.so i talked in Malay to the cashier,and she didn't understand a word that i said.and so she called the manager,and the manager asked me,slowwwwwwwwwly,like i don't understand a word that he said "yessssssssssssss~~~~~~~~~~~what do you want~~~~~~~~~?" and i was like confused and so i said to him,with my speedy english(not as fast as ainun) and the manager and the cashier were like "EH~~~~~~?"

and so i asked them "do you have the batteries for the Doraemon speaker?"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
and the cashier said,with a disappointing tone, "YES~~~~~~~~~"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


anyway,few days ago,my brother chat with this indonesian girl at facebook while he was playing Mafia Wars (stop sending me INVITES!!! i won't join!!) and then,the indonesian girl talked in Indonesian language to him...and so my brother had hard time understanding her words,cos you know,even his Malay is bad.

so,my brother told her "i don't understand indonesian"
and the girl replied in Indonesian again.
my brother was like -_-
so,my brother asked me,and i told him to ask my maid,cos she's the real Indonesian anyway.
and unsurprisingly,with her duration of 5years++ in living in Malaysia,her Indonesian vocabulary is disappearing,unlike her ability in Java language.

just like the Malay language,the Indonesian language is already modernized to adapt with the millennium.

Indonesian language is not 'skema' anymore.

there was this one part at Domoto Kyoudai when NEWS were the guest...and there this question.

if you're a God,what will you do to the world?
YamaPi: i'll make the whole world speak in the same language.

you don't need the grammar.
what you need is language.

still,grammar is language.

btw, i still have a hard time in understanding the Bahasa Utara.haha.

ta then~!

random rants at midnight?

A'kum n ello..

i'm bored.

it's 3.14am.
and i have to sleep.
tomorrow have to go to the market.

never mind.

all i have to do is just sit in the car,read the star and try not to have any stomachache.

and i'll improve my english by finishing that Paulo Caelho's The Zahir.cos seriously,i don't have any mood to read any book,thus,i haven't finish that The Zahir book.


k now.

3.14am is a lil bit early for me nowadays.

but i need it especially that i have a very tiring day today.


i blog cos i want it.haha.

p/s: do you know the difference between a pornstar and an actress? pornstar use tongue to kiss,while actress use their lips.haha.don't ask me where i got this info.


3 Pointer the Movie.

A'kum n ello..

i've seen this video before.
kinda like 'the famous movie of the year' among me,kp and aqilah.haha.

watch it.

never thought somebody will upload it at youtube,but still,credits to the UiTM student who created this video.

effing funny~!..haha.

and there maybe some terms that you dunno,but there's always google.

and nazneen might understand those terms anyway...haha.

3 Pointer the Movie

ta then~!!

p/s: found out that there's a Part2.but.........~~...no audio.shitty~it's not like it's copyrighted anyway.the audio,i mean.

Boys Generation?

A'kum n ello...

this video made me happy blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


seriously,i love Boys Generation than Girls Generation!
yehsung was incredibly good with the vocal,and nickhun was cute and that SHINee guy really look like gay...

but that 2PM is gay-er~~!!
i'm not a fan of 2PM,so i don't know his name.i think his name is Kwon;something Kwon...
sorry k,kwon...cos i like your leader more.he has super duper hot body!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but still..
i comment the video,and i got a reply and 2 thumbs up~!

prove that i dislike SNSD eh?
and it's not just me.

SNSD dear,i like your new song and also Gee.but really tho,except YooNa,i really can't stand the other 8 girls.

whatever then


ta then!

p/s: i'm stepteen btw.haha.

baju kurung and kasut,settle!

A'kum n ello..

i'm tired.
so i'll make it as short as i want.

i went out with aqilah and nazneen.we went to Ole Ole.
where? somewhere at Seksyen18,near the Giant and also Mydin.
check Google Map if you have a hard time guessing what is it.

credits image : zulyana.blogspot.com

anyway, the girls were wondering why i chose Ole Ole instead of PKNS.
reasons? Ole Ole sells cheap baju kurung and also cheap,nice shoes.

and the results?
i bought a baju kurung for RM50 and a pair of shoes for RM34.60.(i think)
and i'm satisfied.

the shoes are good.maybe you'll see a more feminine Alia for the next semester.

and after our shopping,we went karaoke. the karaoke is only a small booth that you usually see at alam sentral and times square(already gone now,i think)...and like other usual karaoke place,greasy Malay songs like Patah Gigi,or someone called Olan were heard in the karaoke place.

i never know there's a song called Patah Gigi.
and who the hell is Olan?

and so we choose our songs.btw,we had to use CREDITS to choose our song.

and when we chose our songs,we clicked the HITS SONGS list.
unlike the one at AmpSquare,this place have some weird songs that i never heard.when i was at AmpSquare(the karaoke place at Sunway Pyramid,pretty much like RedBox),the HITS list was something like Wonder Girls' So Hot or Gym Class Heroes' cookie jar.


we sang our hearts out.

for the 1st song,nazneen accidentally chose a song by Olan. seriously,we dunno who the hell is that guy,so we cancelled that song.

4 credits to go.

and so,we sang 4 songs that we know,(Evanescence's Bring Me To Life,Fall Out Boy's Sugar we're going down,J.Lo's Lets Get Loud and Backstreet Boys' larger than life) and all of them are the songs that were popular for once.

we wanna pay tribute to Michael Jackson by singing his song,but the only song that the place has is Rock My World.

so,maybe we just need to recite Yassin after this.hrm.

and after that,we went to Seksyen11 cos aqilah and nazneen haven't eaten yet,and also i want SATAY.

so we had dinner there.

and arrived home around 10pm.

we went to that place around 6pm.

and btw,if you go to a karaoke place with aqilah,don't let her use the microphone.she doesn't need it.


ta then~~!

26 June, 2009


A'kum n ello..


dunno why.
it feels like a baby smiling at me.

tho gerrard was smiling at the back~~

never mind.

warning.image of 2 guys kissing.

A'kum n ello..

i.HATE. gay,homosexual,lesbian, or something that related with those words.

sometimes,i think MANxMAN is sweet.not the touching part or anything,but more like brotherly love and all..i like those things.

so i like it when the Liverpool players hug each other and be happy and celebrate the win together..

but I TOTALLY CAN'T ACCEPT a fan-fiction of xabi alonso and steven gerrard as husbandxhusband.

that's too much.

i know the picture above is the reason of this stupid gaystuff..seriously.

the 1st time i saw this picture,i was like "OH KILL ME.XABI ALONSO CHOOSE GERRARD OVER ME!!!"

but still,i found out that maybe the chelsea fans did this gaystuff...you know,just for the pleasure of being a gay-fan...


tho i dunno if this things is true or not,but to tell you the truth,i think it's true.


my dignity as a woman fallen cos of this gay thing.

seriously,i hate gay.

and so,i hate those stupid fanfics about gerard and alonso as an item.

i was like blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com when i read the synopsis of the fanfic.not because it's gay,but bcos it's bad enough to imagine 2 athletic,well-built,handsome,married man,father of son and daughters,to even get together.


i don't want to imagine more.


Bad album coverImage via Wikipedia

A'kum n ello..

you heard the news alright..people been talking about it..

and surprisingly,the news was my wake-up alarm...
and for the 1st time in 6days,i woke up early!
i consider 11.15am early,ok?

after her bath,my sis suddenly said "alia!michael jackson MENINGGAL DUNIA!"
and as i was half-sleeping at that time,my eyes opened suddenly,and i checked the internet...
obviously,twitter is the best place to know the fastest news...and there they are...many links and news about the king of the pop's death.

to tell you the truth,i was shocked cos just few days ago that i put the picture of me and MICHAEL JACKSON(fake,i know)!!!


my brother said just now "nasib baik kitorang ade tangkap gambar ngan dia"
yeah.it was meant to be funny.but i kinda feel sad and glad with the picture.

and btw,the rumours that Michael Jackson converted to Islam is true after all..

the press conference to announce MJ's death was attended by michael jackson's brother,and he told the press about his brother's passing and said "...may Allah be with you Michael, always."

so,it's true then.he was a Muslim.and also died as a Muslim.Alhamdulillah.


25 June, 2009

stroke material and oishii study!

A'kum n ello...

mangas that i want to recommend.

Stroke Material by Atsuta Kotobuki


Oishii Study by Yuu Watase.

cos i laughed really2 hard when i read both of this manga..

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

that Stroke Material manga,the main character is a guy.he's a guy that always had sex with any random woman that wanted to have sex with him.and then that guy met with this serious girl. and that serious girl ignored him,and that guy was so cute cos he tried to attract that girl's attention and also some stupid guy's stuff.haha.

i'm a bad reviewer.
just read it.
IF you don't mind smutty manga,that's it.haha.
sometimes i pity the guy. the girl ignored him!
k.that's all.

and the 2nd manga,Yuu Watase's Oishii Study is brilliant!! i don't really like Yuu Watase's work..cos i dislike her drawing...a lil bit 'woody' should i say...but still,her mangas' plot always good,so you just have to ignore the character's so-called handsome face,and just care about the storyline.i like it~~!!!

ooh.i love this part!!!! haha.
my maid thought i was mad when i read this.haha.

i'm just bored.that's all.haha.
i wanna read some stupid stuff.hoho.(alia,buku biochemistry tu???)

and tomorrow will go shopping for baju kurung.my coursemates already memorize the pattern and the colour and fabrics of my past baju kurung.haha.

ta then!