11 July, 2010

MyB2UTY's YoonLeader Birthday party

A'kum n ello...

you know,i really want to blog about MyB2uty's gathering. but don't you think it was a long long time ago?

hahaha.why must i even care about what you people think. this is my blog la. aiyo. now i feel like those bloggers who cares what people think other than their own self.


so the MyB2UTY's gathering. hehe hoho huhu.

it was last week, on the 4th of July, a gathering was held at Secret Recipe in SACC.

the real plan: take the BEAST t-shirts that i bought and eat some cakes and go home.

but the thing that actually happened:

i went there with Aqilah. at first, i didn't think i would go. i told Aqilah that maybe she have to go there alone and help me take the shirts. but then, i had a nice sleep, and didn't feel that tired, i eventually went there with Aqilah.

i thought NadiaSepet and AsyaPrasanComel will be there too cos NadiaSepet said it'll be awesome if i go. but then, i asked AsyaPrasanComel at GoogleTalk and she said she couldn't go. so i was like "lor~~still no chance to see this AsyaPrasanComel eh?"

and so i went there with Aqilah. like i said, the plan was: take the shirt and eat cakes.

but then, when we entered the Secret Recipe, we saw 4 girls in a long table, sitting quietly and talked among each other. both me and aqilah ignored them. but then, we look around and see nobody that have the sign 'MYB2UTY GATHERING' with them. and so we went to the girls at the long table,and the conversation was like:

Alia: ermmmmmmmmmmm..............
Girl: are you from MyB2UTY forum?
Alia: YES, I'M A BEAUTY! *sat there immediately*

wow. announcing myself as a Beauty really is nice. maybe i should go to a 2PM gathering after this. i'll say "Yes,i'm HOT! if not the HOTTEST!" hohoho.

and so we sat there. and they said 2 admins from the forum were not around cos they were changing their clothes. so ok then.

we sat there.

and the 2 admins arrived.

and so they asked about us, and introduced themselves. from what i remember, there were Wawa,KC,Buzzer and (DAMN), I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON among them! i forgot  her name, but my mind only remember her as DooJoon's wife cos she really loves DooJoon.(this is bad~~~!)

anyway, they asked us our favourite member. JC and Wawa said they love Junhyung. haha. and oh! 3 innocent girls came (and found out,they are my juniors at SMKS9) and one of them really loves DongWoon. and then Aqilah said she loves Yoseob, and that DooJoon's wifey said "yeay!nobody loves DooJoon among u people!" and so i immediately said "NO NO!! ME ME! I LOVE DOOJOON!".....

(oh.thanks to AqilahPrasanCute, the Doojoon's wife's name is Hani. oh,not my friend Hani btw)

....and then, the 2 Junhyung's fans said "aaaa..Doojoon fans need to pay for the cake today!" and when i heard that, i immediately said "NO NO,I'M A DONGWOON FAN!"

got a nice laugh from a disloyal statement like that.haha.

anyway, Kak Hani paid for the cake,and she ATE THE CAKE ONLY. she didn't order or eat anything except that Cake. and she's an avid Doojoon's fan. i like her! she said this,"the handsome men: Doojoon, Jiyong(Beast's manager,not G-Dragon) and Beast"..

HAHA.it's like she was saying Doojoon and Beast,not BEAST's Doojoon.haha.

by the way, the gathering was also to celebrate Yoon Doo Joon's birthday.that's why the admins joked that i need to pay for the cake cos i'm a DooJoon's fan.

oh.this is the cake.
i forgot the name of the cake...
(Chocolate Indulgence.thanks NadiaSepet for teling)

not many people, but still,FUN!!

oh.at that time, there was this project to make YoonLeader as the trending topic at twitter. so the admins there were tweeting YoonLeader non-stop. and at some point, DooJoon also tweet something. i didn't have my laptop with me, but Hani said Doojoon upload a picture of him with a black man. and she said that Doojoon was hanging out with that man. However, when i went home, and read the tweet, i was shocked that Doojoon didn't really hang out with that black man, but instead, Doojoon MET a very famous black man in football world:

ok.Cisse maybe not the most famous footballer, but he WAS A LIVERPOOL PLAYER!!!!!
(i wonder what club Doojoon support??haha)

and wow,that Hani-unni should learn more about football before she said "Doojoon hang out with a negro~~" haha.

(btw, i'm not using any racist remark here.)

so after the eating, we had this game. by that time, NadiaSepet sms-ed me that she could come to the gathering cos she was at UiTM, settling some college stuff. cool~~i suddenly remember AsyaPrasanComel.she said she couldn't come cos she is too shy without NadiaSepet.haha.

and whilst waiting for NadiaSepet, we played this game. it was more like a quiz. the questions mostly consist of Doojoon's related questions cos it was DooJoon's birthday. me and aqilah was like "oh my. we only know DBSK's info, not BEAST

(as much as i love being a BEAUTY, i'm more of a Cassiopeia.sorry B2UTY~~)

and so,the question started.

oh, for the people that answer the each question correctly, there's a prize for each of the questions.

and oh. I GOT 3 QUESTIONS CORRECTLY! haha. i have to say, maybe i'm a true B2UTY after all even though i don't even watch BEASTalmighty or their Documentary.aha.

so the questions that i answered correctly were:

Q: in DooJoon's twitter, how many pictures he already upload, and what was the last picture (before 4th July)?
theREALanswer: 24 pictures,and a picture of Dongwoon.
MYanswer: 18 pictures and a picture of Dongwoon.

cool weyh. i'm the person that has the closest answer.hahaha. so i got my 1st prize.haha.

and then, there were some questions. and i didn't answer most of them. oh well.

Aqilah always shouted "please give some question about Yoseob!! please give some question about BEASTalmighty!!!" there were some questions about BEASTalmighty, but Aqilah still lose.haha.

and then NadiaSepet arrived. hoho. she also joined the quiz. and wow,she knew many answers but Hani didn't choose her. haha. i didn't even know about Doojoon's habit or his favourite stuff. i didn't even know Doojoon loves to touch his hair or even loves his fedora hat. lorh.

and then, there was this question. it isn't related to Doojoon, but related to the MyB2UTY's forum. the question was:

A: the other admin that wasn't there in the gathering, Narsha(i think) has her own favourite BEAST member. who is that member?

many people have the same answers,which were Dongwoon and Junhyung (i think they said that) and when Hani pointed at me and wanted my answer "the name that nobody said: AJ a.k.a GiKwang"...

and Hani said "CORRECT!"

i was like, "WHAT WHAT???? CORRECT????"

so i got my 2nd gift.hohohohohohooho. 

and then, the last question:

A: state the music show, the name of the song and the colour of their clothes when BEAST had their debut.

hoho. i was the first one to raise my hand.haha. tell you before this, i love BEAST cos of their songs,not because of their handsome face or anything.haha. of course i know about their debut,i always talk about Bad Girl at twitter when they first debut.

and so, i answered: MUSIC BANK, BAD GIRL, WHITE.

Hani said : CORRECT!

who the Beauty now??


so i got 3 questions correct. haha. sorry to Aqilah cos i didn't give you one of my gift that have Yoseob's face on it.haha.

and then, the gathering was almost at it end.

so we snap pictures together at the entrance of SACC, which was really really funny cos in all my life as the resident at Shah Alam, i never once had my picture taken at the entrance of SACC.haha.

the people that came to the gathering.
tho some of them already went home.

me and Hani.
both Doojoon's fans.
tho Hani said she is Doojoon's wife,and i am Doojoon's mistress.hahaha!

this is the Yoseop's fans.

and this is the Junhyung's fans.

and this is Kigwang's fans......
which is not entirely true.......

and the day end.haha.

it was pure FUN! seriously. i have to say, this is better than MyTVXQ's gathering. aha. things really were fun.

so there you are. finally i BLOG and post about this.

next post: Najwa's SURPRISE/Nightmare birthday!

ta then! :)

ps: edited some stuff. i changed KC to JC, KiGwang to GiKwang. 


Sepet said...

it's chocolate indulgence kan??? HAHA. i super love post nih XDDD fave pic should yoseob's girls?? HAHAHHA

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.nasib awk btau.kt memule igt Chocolate Fudge.haha.

yup2.yoseob's girls.klakar je diorg tu.hahahaha.

meegoh said...

the cake looks yummy!
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asya yaacob said...

asyaprasancomel! HAHAHAHAH terima kasih!
lain kali ok kte jumpe

JUSTcircle said...

Lor.. why do u guys not join our event at KTO yesterday? event not many people come. but still enjoyable..
But, it's okay... another birthday celebration for YoSeob and JunHyung coming soon... dont forget to read it on our fb/twitter/forum ok? thanks for write this blog.. we'er myb2uty staff really happy to read ur comment.. Thank you.. er.. er.. ni, nama saya JC a.k.a JUSTcircle tau.. bukan KC.. hehhe!

Alia Liverpool said...

oh haha.sorry.akan dibetulkan dat KC to JC.haha.

ade gak plan nak pi KTO tu.but then,busy sgt,so x jadi nak pegi. maybe later nye event akan pegi.

n no prob. :)

JUSTcircle said...

Hahaha! tetiber rasa nak baca post nih..

JC tau.. pasni kalo post pasal junseob party.. jgn letak nama I KC laik yerk? JC.. ehehe!

thanks for support our gathering.. MYb@UTY sgt bangga dgn b2uty2 mcm kamu..

Well, i am cassie too actually. hehehe!

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.terima kasih.

the latest gathering of JunSeob nye bday party akan di blog ble free.akan dibitau later ok?

n yes,i'll make sure i put JC instead of KC.haha

JUSTcircle said...