24 July, 2010

earthquake?felt the effect.

A'kum n ello..

oh. oh. there was an earthquake just now! WHOA~~~~~~~~~~
tho nobody in the house felt it, so at first, i thought i had some physiological problem in my body. you know, i had to smell Rhodotorula (a yeast) yesterday, so i thought, maybe some of the yeast got into my nostrils and defect some of body cells and make me shake all of sudden or anything.

stupid hypothesis, i know. so i just checked twitter, and my cousin, izza, said that there was an earthquake at Sumatra, and she even felt it. she's currently at Cyberjaya. so, yeah.

i felt an earthquake, not the effect of smelling Rhodotorula,cos it will be illogical if the cells of the Rhodotorula got into my nose, cos Rhotorula got no spores.(take that as an info will you?)

oh well.

i'm blogging about this cos this is my first time feeling an earthquake.hahahaha.so yeah."feel an earthquake" will be remove from the list of "dangerous stuff that Alia Baik want to feel,but only for once,cos she wants to live for more than 50years".

i was sitting on the floor, tweeting some stuff at twitter, reading NadiaSepet's reply about that pink girl from Miss A that rumoured to be a shemale instead of shefemale, and watching a video of Arashi doing Perfume's Chocolate Love dance(total wow and cute), then i felt shaky suddenly, and i thought maybe the laptop got a problem, and the sofa behind me also shaking, and i felt weird. "maybe an earthquake" my thought said.and my inner ego responded "yeah rite.you stupid.earthquake at seksyen 9?stupid la you"

and then,i check twitter few minutes after that:

so, it was like WHOA. that really was an earthquake. and yeah, i asked Aqilah just now, and she didn't felt it. i asked the whole house, nobody felt it. and people at twitter was like "WHAT??SHAH ALAM EARTHQUAKE???" apparently some people don't understand what i tweet.and some of then even think i was delusional.

oh well.

it's not a good thing, but at least i experience it. so now....

ta then!


Sepet said...

my name got mentioned again in your blog. HAHA teruja pulak XDD you know, bile lame2 pk, bile nk pk positive i would say it's tampon. but since i never use tampon b4, so cm taleyh ckp tuh tampon TT___TT

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.so tampon dia terkeluar dr tempat yg sepatutnye eh macha???

Sepet said...

hahahha. idk. tampon not that long kan?? HAHAHHAHAHA

Suegar pop said...

i once felt it too! tp last year punye. -.-
and xde org lain yg rase jgak.. tp dlm berite ramai org malaysia yg rase.. ;D so it was real ;D

and yeah, ure not delusional, i guess. ;]

Alia Liverpool said...

aha.rse cam bangga pun ada gak sbb org lain x rase.kan2??haha.