29 July, 2010

more money.father.and mixstyles.

A'kum n ello..

for your information, i didn't apply for ptptn.reason? because my father is rich. MY FATHER IS RICH. again, MY FATHER. not me.

and so, because my father is rich, i don't want to think about applying some loan cos my father can support me. and I,as his daughter, have to use the role as a great daughter who rely 100% on her father, for money and allowance.

however, i'm not really a spoil brat. i don't ask things easily from my father. you know those korean concerts that i went to? i didn't use his money. i used my own money. if you think my father gives everything that i want, you're totally wrong. i still don't get the blackberry that i want so much. and i have to ask for RM50 to buy the shoes that i want instead of RM80 cos i don't want to ask so much from him, especially with his income tax that he need to pay and also the walls that need to be painted with new colour and a new stairs to be replaced.

anyway, as it is nearly at the end of the month, of course my money is getting less and less cos i used up most of my money at the start of the month. and after i used up RM100(including RM50 from the money that my father gave me) during the time i went shopping for shoes last week, i only have rm11 with me.

i repeat. i only have RM11.

few hours after that, i remember about the PC Fair at UiTM. the PC fair held on the 26th till 28th of July. i went on the 29th. the main reason i went there was because i wanted to search for some hard disk. saw the hard disk's price, i went "CIS!" cos i don't have the money to buy any of the hard disk.

but then. i saw this cool headphones. a Mix-Style headphones. HOHOHOHOHO. i read NadiaSepet's tweets before this. she always talk about that headphones. i checked the price.RM18.

oh whoa. i was thinking of buying it cos i was planning on buying one before this.it just that i didn't have the money to buy it.

oh well,i ignored the headphones.walked again to other booth. saw another booth that sell another Mix-Style headphones.that booth got more colours unlike the RM18 ones. they got red headphones,my favourite.

and so......

i got this thought; ask dad for money to buy this headphones. i was planning on buying the RM25 one. i want to buy the red headphones,mate. and i think RM25 headphones maybe have a better quality.haha.


i sent this sms to my father:
"Ayah, alia nak RM30. alia nak beli barang"

oh well. he is my father after all. no way he let me buy any stupid stuff.

and so, a few seconds after that:
"Nak beli barang ape?" 

and you know, i'm a very nice daughter. i don't like to lie. and my father really hate liars. he once told me "if you lie to me, i'll flick you"

flick. you know, jentik~. my father doesn't really hit people. the most insane thing he ever done when he lose his temper was drilled my brother's WWE vcds.

and so, i answered his question, and replied
 "alia nak beli headphones"

he didn't reply.

i know my hope for a pair of headphone already gone.


4 hours (or so) after that.

i received this message:

my cellphone is big.
so when you see this kind of message, i think it consists about 3SMS.

so. what was the 1st thought that came in my mind after i read the message?


yeah. that was exactly what i had in my mind.haha.

RM150 at the start of the month, and in the middle of the month. so i will have more money unlike the previous month. and if i save RM50 at the end of June and December, my father will give 'free money' with the same number of my saving.


"kalau tak setuju, beritahu".
after years of complaining cos only have RM150 per month, and now i have twice the amount, you think i'll complain more about it? no way,mister.

and oh. he also said that 'personal items are not included'.

so, i thought maybe he already bank-in the RM30 for me,cos headphones are personal items. so i checked my cimb account at cimbclicks.

i checked the amount of money i have.

ceh.i still have RM11.++. he will start the new regime next month. and the RM30 is not included and a no-no for me(to buy the headphones).

oh well.

it's not like that will bother me. i still bought it, you know, that.......stuff:

and when i really want that certain things, i'll get it in whatever ways.
and you know, i have really nice nakama.


thank you, ayah. I LOVE YOU!!


*nakama=friends in japanese

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