30 July, 2010

because he said that,i scared la.

A'kum n ello..

it's hard,you know,learning microbiology.

it's not the hard as in repeat-paper-low-cgpa hard. it's the damn-you-want-to-eat-that-food-but-you-know-that-food-is-contaminated hard.

yesterday, i had industry microbiology class. yes, the class that have Mr Lee as the lecturer:

sorry, not a clear image.my cellphone is that canggih.

so he talked about food.

he said the kek lapis is not good. he called that food as multi-layered cake. he said the most-upper layer is the most dangerous one.

he also said that apam balik is not good. i'm not sure why. i think it's because of the Aspergillus, i think. Apergillus is a fungus. you know, fungus is kulat. kulat is like panau. oh man, now i hate apam balik. *my imagination is getting wild~~~~*

he also said that the roti canai at the UiTM cafe must not be eaten at 8.30am because the the kuah dhal is not hot yet. the kuah dhal have to be boiling hot with steam coming out of it, or else you have slurry poo.

he also said that the burger at UiTM is not good cos they used up the burger from the semester-break that no one ate(cos nobody is around at that time). 

and also others..........................

and he also told us this story about a soy sauce company (soy sauce=kicap) that owned by this one family. he said that woman sat on a chair when the pressing process happened (pressing is one of the process to make a kicap) and at some point, her sweat went to the pre-kicap product.

lucky that the company is not Tamin, cos i ate kicap Tamin. da.

when Mr Lee told us this story, we were like "WHAT? WHAT?? WHAT???" and "WE NEVER HAD THAT BEFORE!!!!" and Mr Lee called us "Suckers people like you don't think when you buy eh?"

yeah. he called us Suckers.

i still love this man. he's really a good lecturer. he is very considerate, cos he said so.HAHA.

and so, the punishment for calling us Suckers:

he was showing us the plan to go to Petaling Street...
and his teaching pose can very...amusing. 0_0

thank you, Mr Lee. 
you don't play facebook, so of course you don't read my blog. HAHA.

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Suegar pop said...

"interesting his teaching pose." ;D

setuju, btw. hehehe