29 September, 2010

[edit] JYJ showcase.confirm when where eh what?

A'kum n ello...

the news about JYJ's Malaysia showcase already out.....

click the image to see the real picture of the seatings.
click here for the news about the showcase


instead of a fanmeeting, they change it to a showcase instead. oh well, whatever. i don't care. it's not like i can see Changmin.....T-T

so as you can see from the picture, it'll be on Sunday,the 17th October at 2pm at Bukit Jalil Stadium.and if Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun suddenly can speak English fluently or the whole crowd understand Korean or Japanese or Konglish, the showcase maybe will end at a little bit later.

as Aqilah still didn't call me even after she said she'll call me around 15minutes(and now it become 2 hours), i just blab to Miezah about this.

fyi, both me and Miezah are Changmin's fans. so when we found out the ticket prices for the VIP is RM800, and the benefits are photograph together with the members ALONE(update)the change it JYJ&10fans per pic),and not in a group picture like AsyaPrasanComel's funny group picture with BEAST ,so apparently it's a group picture just like what AsyaPrasanComel had with BEAST. so we were like "why NO CHANGMIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" "oh.ok~"

and so we settle for the RM250 ones. cheaper than what we previously plan to buy, but at least we can enjoy the showcase.

as you can see from the seating map above, you should know why i didn't choose the RM300 one.

if you still don't know why i didn't choose the RM300...
it's FREE STANDING la macha.

and you know how horny fangirls can be when they saw Jaejoong's pretty face, Yoochun's adam apple or Junsu's sexy dance. i had a free standing experience at BEAST's showcase before and it was soo horrible that i don't even think the show was even good.i can't even enjoy myself.

so i'm going to ignore the temptation of not seeing these JYJ people up-close, and choose to buy the seats at RM250 place. cool~

oh. Aqilah called me just now. she really wants that RM800. obviously cos her bias is among the SM traitors.i understand her feeling. if Changmin is among JYJ, i'll definitely buy the tickets. a photograph with Changmin is like a wish come true for me. so i can understand what Aqilah feels right now.

so if only Changmin hate SM and join JYJ and become JYCJ instead~~~~ T-T

i told Miezah that if Changmin is around, maybe we just spend our money on that RM800 instead..and Miezah replied me with this:

 "got da same thought as u.but you know,Tirah(miezah's friend) is a Jaejoong's fanatic.maybe later aqilah will take a picture with Micky,Tirah will take a picture with Jaejoong.and YOU(Alia) will only have your picture taken with ME" -Miezah.

Miezah, as funny as it reads, that really really is sad~~!!

oh well.

RM250 then. i just hope i can enjoy the show. i think i maybe will cry cos thinking about the whole TVXQ again. oh well, tissues please~~~~ T-T

ta then!

28 September, 2010


A'kum n ello..



firstly, i got the answer from SIRIM; about my internship application at that place. so the answer was a....


which in English, it means "REJECT~!"

i kinda...sad? crushed? i got rejected plenty of times before this (tho not bcos of love so haha that) but i kinda like have this feeling of "aih~~now have to find other places~~~~"

if only SIRIM gave the answer early.or before raya,so maybe i can feel more secure now.

maybe i should blame my CGPA cos i think my CGPA really is low, and maybe that's the reason for the "TIDAK MEMENUHI SYARAT".  but if i blame my CGPA, can i even change the whole situation? i can't change my past stupidity. it already happen.

now i dunno where to apply. things are too hard right now.if only there are personal labs at Shah Alam.things maybe will be easier.

oh well.

ps: V.I.U !

23 September, 2010

Medic stuff and Ayah's Busan?

A'kum n ello...

ok i'm bored.i don't want to sleep.the images of an African boy with small pox, a baby with scalding, a boy that looks like Billy Elliot with impertigo, a girl that have furuncle and GENITAL WARTS made me scared to sleep.

reading the notes that have phrases like "Flesh Eating Disease" is like watching an horror movie; something that involves killing.like a Freddie Krueger movie.


and no way i'll show the pictures to you. whatever you eat from those Open House will come out. those Soto, Rendang, Ketupat, Almond London will come out.

and yeah. i should stop saying those stuff now.

some stuff that need to be informed:

Ayah have this conference to attend on 23rd October 2010.

: BUSAN!!!!!!!!

from the Hangul words in the map, you definitely know where is Busan. -_-

and did i say he'll go there on 23rd October?





anyway, he's going to Busan tho.

from my experience of watching 1N2D since 2008, i remember that Busan is famous of their beach and also of their baseball stadium. others? i don't really remember.

i just remember about Kang Ho Dong's 1st anniversary with his wife tho.

sorry Busan citizens~ :)

anyway, i hope Ayah will be happy there tho. i know Busan is not Seoul. but it's still a big city anyway. it's like JB in Malaysia eventhough the big city is KL. and i hope Ayah will eat GOOD food. i don't think he ever ate Korean food before. and FYI, i hate Korean foods, except Bulgogi and that other food that looks like satay(but bigger).

oh well.

bye then!

ps: AirAsia is having a promotion to Japan. for the time being, the price is RM99. I WANT!!!!!!

19 September, 2010

letter to Mr. 5100

A'kum n ello..

i know i haven't blog like i usually do.

last time, i have 1post/day. now,i have 1post/2weeks.
major difference there.

like i said, i'm busy. but that is not the only thing.

my laptop is dead....

R.I.P dear DELL Inspiron 5100.
 people cursed you whenever they touched you, and now you're dead, nobody cry for you,except me.

i try not to look at other computer, and patiently use you until you die. 

when something gone, something good suppose to appear. i'm sorry, DELL Inspiron 5100. your death just gave me misery. i had to delay my lab report because you suddenly went brain-dead just when i had the mood to use you for that important thing. my life became miserable.

now DELL,i can't use you anymore. Don't you worry though. i still haven't found your replacement yet. the fact that my father just too clueless to know how important a computer is for me and my life and my education, he just think it's useless for me to have a computer now.

STUPID i tell you!!

ok.tata. i don't want to care about your death anymore. i have more things to do with A COMPUTER and you being dead just not helping it.

ok that was a letter for DELL Inspiron 5100.dead.

the main thing i wanna say right now is this:
i don't think i can blog much after this. using my brother's laptop is not that fun. it's not....MINE.

so now,tata.

14 September, 2010

Raya wish.Laptop tata

A'kum n ello...

i know it's da 5th of Syawal(is it?) so i wanna wish.....

forgive me,forgive others.
lets start a new life with a new book.
open a new page, forget the old bad dramas, and start a new happy drama.

don't expect a post about Raya from me tho. 

my laptop's charger gone X_X. there's no power for the laptop to be alive anymore. and now i'm using Haikal's laptop. i'm grateful of him cos letting me use this laptop but still, i can't rely on him too much.

(oh oh.Amin is nagging to me about the laptop.saying i didn't take care of it nicely and all yada yada.lucky got this mixstyle.HARHAR)

i was planning on doing my lab report, and the lap report need to be done by typing instead of writing. so yeah....

no power.
just my luck.

oh well. i have to search for other option. 

my dad is in bad mood nowadays. maybe i have to use my money to buy a new laptop. 

new laptop: no fanmeeting after this.i don't have money. T-T

ta then.


08 September, 2010

family and JYJ coming.

A'kum n ello...

today is really a messy day.
why?cos Amin said so.
"napela terabur sangat korang ni??"
he said that. which in English, it means,"why the hell you people are so...MESSY?"

oh well.i don't really want to care much about what he said. i think it's really amusing to see him lose his temper like that which was evidently comes from his mistakes,but he was too ego to admit it,so he blame us;the late-to-wake-him-up girl,the internet girl and the computer-boy.


anyway, the day still continue. my dad kept calling me about where to dine for our iftar cos we haven't iftar outside for this Ramadhan yet, so he asked me and my sis where to eat for today's iftar. like usual, i said the same word "Alia Tak Kisah" cos seriously i don't care. i asked my sis, she said she wants Chilis cos she doesn't like buffet stuff. "eat less pay more.why the need" or so she said.

so in the end, after ideas like Chilis (not a chance), Nasi Arab at Seksyen 7 (change at last minute) and Kelab Shah Alam (No at the thought cos my maid already start her cooking), we finally conclude that we just have our dinner at our elite home in Seksyen 9.

(elite, cos the newspaper that wrote the article about my dead(late)-neighbour who got into the news cos of murder-cum-suicide case said the Datuk lives in an elite neighbourhood at Seksyen 9. fuiyo~!)

and also, the news about JYJ is coming to Malaysia.


oh, who is JYJ? JYJ is the initial of 3 people from DBSK. Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu.

truthfully, i don't like them. i like them in DBSK, but i don't like them in JYJ thing. i don't care who is at fault, SM or them or whoever. all i care, WHY OH WHY they have to perform as a trio instead of the whole DBSK? why????

still, the main thing. will i go? obviously, i'll definitely go. eventhough i have this urge to boycott the trio. i even have this urge to buy some eggs to throw at them for their idiocy. but who am i? i'm a fan. as long as i can see my beloved DBSK, may it be 1 of them instead of 5, as long as i can see them, i'll be grateful as a little girl that got it LUNA colour pencils. seriously.
(yes, i love LUNA colour pencils. i still want them).

as i know that AqilahPrasanCute is too lazy to even have facebook, or too busy with youtube, i'll snapshot the JYJ thing here:

venue: not sure yet.
hopefully, it won't be KL Live, cos CN Blue and MBLAQ maybe will do their stuff at KL Live. oh please not there. i really hate KL Live. i'm not even happy when i saw Doojoon's up close.

time: october 16

a good thing. cos it's not too close with the final exam. HOWEVER, Redstar is negotiating for the date to be change to November,instead of October. that is good, AS LONG AS IT'S NOT ON THE 1ST 2 WEEKS OF NOVEMBER.

time: 7pm to 9.30pm.
night time. 7PM. so you can expect the show to start at 8pm. -_-"


oh well. eventhough there is no Changmin and i'm hating this JYJ, i'm Cassiopeia after all.


this is sad....

ta then!

06 September, 2010

Bom Dia!

Bom Dia!

ok. you maybe(or not) recognized that the usual greeting of A'kum n Ello does not appear in this blog entry, but instead i put Bom Dia as the greeting.

if you are Portuguese, please be quiet, and just read the whole entry and say "oh yeah?Malay have different meaning???".

and if you're Malaysian, and you don't know the meaning of Bom Dia(in Portuguese), read on.

but if you're Malaysian, and you know the meaning of Bom Dia(Portuguese), erm.....read on?

anyway, as a pure Malaysian (tho my late-late ancestors were Indonesian but who didn't?), i know some modern Malay words.

modern Malay words like Rempit, PAS(not Plaza Alam Sentral), SACC (as in Sek,not S.A.C.C) Mall, T.S (not Times Square), Pavi (not Pavillion) or Balak (not boyfriend) are the usual thing that i heard in this modern Malay era. oh, i didn't use most of this words tho. i'm still an old time person.

anyway, because of this modern new Malay terms, i saw plenty of weird words at facebook n twitter,(tho it was mostly in facebook hence the lack of visit at facebook). and sometimes, i saw this word from some Malay people, that i obviously know they're not talking in Portuguese....

the words are: Bom Dia.

as a Malaysian, you know what's the meaning of Bom Dia.
yeah yeah, "Letup itu Budak!!"<----- bad choice of words, i know.
"Letupkan Dia!!" <-----read Malay words

anyway, some annoying kids will always use this word to annoy some people. you know, trying to be cool and said "BOM DIA!!!" and they're not referring to some Portuguese greeting, but instead saying it like they want to make a hard life to some people.

and yes.

Bom Dia is a greeting in Portuguese.

don't believe me?

Lucas Leiva (that Liverpool player that i kinda hate) use Bom Dia in his tweet.
i thought he was talking in Malay.HAHA.

i checked google translate. as Lucas Leiva is a Brazilian, i checked the word in Portuguese. i know most of you think Brazilians use Spanish language instead of Portuguese. (i know you~~~~)

so i checked Google Translate...

Bom Dia is Good Day!


nice one~

tho the Portuguese people that come to Malaysia should not say those words to some Malaysians. they'll think you're a terrorist.....

example: conversation between Cristiano Ronaldo and AliaBaik.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Bom Dia!
AliaBaik: stupid Ronaldo. you wanna bomb me first? wth. who do you think you are? you stupid ugly manwhore.

or Cristiano Ronaldo and a Mak Cik.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Bom Dia!!
Mak Cik: Apa bodoh orang ni nak bom aku????raya2 camni nak bom bom orang.tak cukup ke mercun tu.Harap muka je hensem.

the end.


05 September, 2010

talks #190?

A'kum n ello..

now i'm at home.

HAHA.home.i'm always home. i'm not like some people (*cough* AsyaPrasanComel,AhHin,EmiliaGendut *cough*) who live in a hostel or renthouse and have to say "yeay i'm home!!!!!","saya sudah pulang" or "saya kat rumah!!!!". but still.....


anyway, i have some things to blog about. one of them is the iftar with my long-long-time friends when i was in religious school (erm,Sekolah Agama,SRA?).

don't know when will i blog it. i'm waiting for Halimah to upload the pictures at facebook, so i can blog about it clearly later.



Raya is in 3/4/5 days. (srsly,i'm not sure when is the exact time.i don't really look at the calendar). and truthfully, i don't even feel any excited feeling for that day.

again,blame Microbiology.
when i'm busy, i don't even have time to watch ANYTHING.
when i'm free, i'm too lazy to do anything.
blame blame blame that subject.

anyway, about Raya.
(it's Eid Fitr in english.)

erm. i think i'll have plenty of angpow for this raya.

Amin said he'll get bonus for this raya, so he'll buy us(siblings) some stuff or maybe give us some money. and maybe some cousins of mine who already have jobs will give us(me) money too. .....

and i'll have RM300 a month.....

so this September,i'll have plenty of money.

i'm not sure if Gackt is happy or not happy.
i'm happy with many money,but not happy with.....

but with the current condition,especially with Lab Reports need to be done, and exams and notes to do, i don't think i even have the time to enjoy anything...............

ok. i lied. i just download My Girlfriend is Nine-Tailed Fox drama.
and i'm planning to download Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Mischievous Kiss.
(1st plan:don't want to download Sungkyunkwan Scandal,cos KBSWorld will show it.but then,i think i'll be too busy cos of exam,so might be better if i download it anyway)

still, i don't think i'll have the time to go shopping or watch any movies.

(so if you people are thinking of me treating you some food or stuff,NOT A CHANCE.push that thought aside~~)

oh well.

i want to watch Running Man.tata!!!

01 September, 2010

late MERDEKA post.

A'kum n ello...

i know this is a very very late post.

but oh well.



and because it's not 31st August 2010 anymore, i'll make this entry short.

if you're a twitter addict like me,you'll see #iheartmalaysia as the trending topic. THAT is a cool thing.

people tweet about why they love Malaysia so much, and even JJ who prank call on people every morning tweet about it.....

anyway, people give plenty of reason why they love Malaysia so much.

and let me remind you this, i'm not patriotic person. i don't even know that this year's Merdeka celebration was done at Stadium Bukit Jalil,and not at the usual dataran. i didn't even know that we had an indoor celebration.

and i'm not a Malay movie fan.i detest them. i haven't listen to any Malay songs unless the UiTM bus plays SINARfm, HOTfm, ERAfm or XFRESHfm. i just don't like Malay songs. i don't know why. maybe i know why, but it just too complicated to explain it.

someone: why do you hate Malay movies and songs?
Alia: i dunno. is 'i hate them' a reason?
someone: not.

and oh. as a Liverpool fan, don't let me start talking about the national football team. they're just.....LUCKY. i even have this plan to tell the Malaysia team to just abolish the Malaysia NT and just give more money to the badminton Malaysian team instead. they're more reliable in making Malaysia proud.

anyway, this already show my unpatriotic side.
should blame to my un-patriotic attitude and also to microbiology. that subject makes me lose my social skills.

anyway, as i said before, i'll make this post short.

so, why i heart Malaysia?


we have Astro.

enuff said.

ta then.

ps: Amin wants to use the internet. he is becoming frustrated and restless waiting for me. he is becoming more upset seeing me blogging instead of....reading some news.......

we live.