01 September, 2010

late MERDEKA post.

A'kum n ello...

i know this is a very very late post.

but oh well.



and because it's not 31st August 2010 anymore, i'll make this entry short.

if you're a twitter addict like me,you'll see #iheartmalaysia as the trending topic. THAT is a cool thing.

people tweet about why they love Malaysia so much, and even JJ who prank call on people every morning tweet about it.....

anyway, people give plenty of reason why they love Malaysia so much.

and let me remind you this, i'm not patriotic person. i don't even know that this year's Merdeka celebration was done at Stadium Bukit Jalil,and not at the usual dataran. i didn't even know that we had an indoor celebration.

and i'm not a Malay movie fan.i detest them. i haven't listen to any Malay songs unless the UiTM bus plays SINARfm, HOTfm, ERAfm or XFRESHfm. i just don't like Malay songs. i don't know why. maybe i know why, but it just too complicated to explain it.

someone: why do you hate Malay movies and songs?
Alia: i dunno. is 'i hate them' a reason?
someone: not.

and oh. as a Liverpool fan, don't let me start talking about the national football team. they're just.....LUCKY. i even have this plan to tell the Malaysia team to just abolish the Malaysia NT and just give more money to the badminton Malaysian team instead. they're more reliable in making Malaysia proud.

anyway, this already show my unpatriotic side.
should blame to my un-patriotic attitude and also to microbiology. that subject makes me lose my social skills.

anyway, as i said before, i'll make this post short.

so, why i heart Malaysia?


we have Astro.

enuff said.

ta then.

ps: Amin wants to use the internet. he is becoming frustrated and restless waiting for me. he is becoming more upset seeing me blogging instead of....reading some news.......

we live.