23 September, 2010

Medic stuff and Ayah's Busan?

A'kum n ello...

ok i'm bored.i don't want to sleep.the images of an African boy with small pox, a baby with scalding, a boy that looks like Billy Elliot with impertigo, a girl that have furuncle and GENITAL WARTS made me scared to sleep.

reading the notes that have phrases like "Flesh Eating Disease" is like watching an horror movie; something that involves killing.like a Freddie Krueger movie.


and no way i'll show the pictures to you. whatever you eat from those Open House will come out. those Soto, Rendang, Ketupat, Almond London will come out.

and yeah. i should stop saying those stuff now.

some stuff that need to be informed:

Ayah have this conference to attend on 23rd October 2010.

: BUSAN!!!!!!!!

from the Hangul words in the map, you definitely know where is Busan. -_-

and did i say he'll go there on 23rd October?





anyway, he's going to Busan tho.

from my experience of watching 1N2D since 2008, i remember that Busan is famous of their beach and also of their baseball stadium. others? i don't really remember.

i just remember about Kang Ho Dong's 1st anniversary with his wife tho.

sorry Busan citizens~ :)

anyway, i hope Ayah will be happy there tho. i know Busan is not Seoul. but it's still a big city anyway. it's like JB in Malaysia eventhough the big city is KL. and i hope Ayah will eat GOOD food. i don't think he ever ate Korean food before. and FYI, i hate Korean foods, except Bulgogi and that other food that looks like satay(but bigger).

oh well.

bye then!

ps: AirAsia is having a promotion to Japan. for the time being, the price is RM99. I WANT!!!!!!

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