22 January, 2016

Luck and rights


Been in a complicated mood nowadays. Since November, my life was a bit up and down. Since the day i hit a pillar at Blue Wave Hotel and left a big mark on the BMW Z2 that i drove, my life had been a bit stressful.

Oh. Did i say i drive a BMW now? Cool huh? my juniors were like "whoa!" but since that ugly smudge appeared, the BMW lost it glamour. Cis. I'm too lazy to spend my money to touch up the car.

Now that this topic is about luck, another unfortunate stuff happened the next 2 months after November.

I fought with my dear immature brother.

Oh. Twice.

First, it was because i told him he treated my other brother like a slave. And he got really really mad. And he cursed me after that.

A month after that, we had a fight again. Because i told him that the Macbook he was using is mine and that he needed not be stressed about the laptop being wrecked. he got mad and kicked my legs and hit my head too. Maybe 4 times? I did got a bruise at my shin after that. Had a hard time to pray for the few days tho.

So i told my maid about it. And my maid told my dad. And my dad told that brother of mine that if he did that again, he'll be kicked out from the house.

Obviously i stopped talking to that brother of mine. I avoided him. But i think my father's warning made him realized that he needs to take care of his temper and me not talking to him is not making his life easier cos really, without me, how can he live?

This might be unlucky for some, but hey, i was actually lucky. My sister was there to stop him from hitting me harder. What do you think will happen if i was alone with him? I might be in the news 'brother hit sister till die?' oooooooh.

Thing is, i didn't cry when he hit me. I was holding my phone tightly. I was preparing myself to call 999. I have my rights. The guy lose the temper like an abusive drunk husband. Lucky him and lucky me. Things could be settled.

I am not sure what my intention for blogging this. But let just say, if somebody hit you, maybe you should just prepare yourself from being far from that person. Thing is, that is a dangerous love. You can live a better life without being abused. That time, i had people to stop him and me. Next time, i am not sure myself. Do your right as a human. We are human, we do not need to be treated badly just because women are weak but because we are human.

That is all.