31 July, 2009

LONDON - OCTOBER 02:  (FILE PHOTO) In this pho...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

A'kum n ello..

i heard PC Fair starts today.


i'm thinking of buying an ipod.hahaha.


where's the money,honey???

i miss my ipod.why the hell i didn't check that baggy pants before i threw it into the laundry.

the iPod is i-kapoot.


anyway,maybe i should by a memory card reader.i'm fed up already listening to my brother's temper about "NAPE UMAH NI TAKDE MEMORY CARD READER EH??MANA AYAH LETAK???"

seriously.i dunno why the hell my brother want to shout those words eventhough he already know that my father always keep things to himself.


i'm a little bit bored right now.that's why i'm actively facebooking.i'm thinking of deleting my myspace.but maybe i'll let it active for 1 year or so.after all,i,WAS,one of the earliest person who signed up for myspace,anyway.haha.

but maybe i start doing all those lab reports later.

seriously,i hope the LDK will not start next week.seriously.

ta then!

p/s: 1N2D later at night!


A'kum n ello...

Goal.com,skysports,and Liverpool Echo already confirmed that xabi alonso wanna OUT.

hape tul.

i still TRUST LFC.TV!!!!!!!!!!
and i'm positive!!!!!!

anyway,to forget about this football thing, have i told you that my bacteriology lecturer is a scary man?

he loves to say "FAIL!!" and said "RUBBISH!" with his weird accent.

apparently,i asked my brother's friend who was my senior in the microbio programme. and i asked him about that scary lecturer.

i told him about that infamous "FAIL!"

and that senior of mine just smiled and said "oh.tu gimik je"



this world is really unique.

ta then!

30 July, 2009

i have to.

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool F.C.Image via Wikipedia

A'kum n ello..

while i was at emi's house,i constantly said this words.

"bukak jap Liverpool nye website"

the only reason why i constantly asked her to do that is because this latest rumour about xabi alonso moving to real madrid.

i'm not really fond of the media,bcos eventhough i check Skysports' website everyday,i still don't trust that web fully.

yup,yup.i only TRUST LIVERPOOLFC.TV.

right now,there's a rumour that xabi alonso already asked a permission to grant his move to real madrid.

truthfully,i'm worried.

why must i have a favourite player at Liverpool?? i don't need to mind about all of these stuff if my favourite player right now is not xabi alonso.

it was terrible enough when i found out that michael owen will move to real madrid years ago.

did you know what i did after that?

i sent email to steven gerrard(via LFC.TV) "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!!!"
i didn't send it as flashy as that,but i really sent that kind of email to him.

and yeah.don't ask about what happened 1 year after that.

steven gerrard suddenly said he wanna move to other club(chelsea).and so i sent this anger email to sportscenter that steven gerrard was THAT and THAT.

few minutes after i sent that email to sporstcenter,LFC.TV updated the web and said "Steven Gerrard: I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE"

few minutes after that,i sent an apology mail to sportscenter.and thank God,they didn't say about the email on tv.


and now,steven gerrard wanna stay in Liverpool for his whole life.
he was born in Liverpool.he's a Liverpudlian.his favourite football club is Liverpool.

a Liverpool fan already feel safe that someone like that is the best player in England and maybe in the world,and he's a Liverpool player.

however,someone like xabi alonso,is not a Liverpool supporter.
nor born in Liverpool.
nor a captain of Liverpool.
but he is a bloody brilliant passer of football.

eventhough he's not a true Liverpudlian,he's a Liverpool player.and i really hope he stay.


i'm being positive here.i just have to.

i don't want to think about the negative.
so now,tata!

journey almost started.

A'kum n ello....

so my adventure with aqilah to emi's house already end.haha.

details will be told later.haha.cos i'm using my brother's laptop right now,and i'm just too lazy and tired to blog and there's also some photos to upload.haha..

  • we ate durians.pure durians,ok???
  • we had dinner at Madam Kwan's,KLCC.
  • we had 'picnic' with no food at KLCC.
  • we had lunch at sushi groove,sunway pyramid.
  • we karaoke-d for 3hours,and only cost around RM40 only.

that's all.tata.

seriously,i constantly check the LFC's website just to check if xabi alonso sign a new contract or not.apparently,he's still 'thinking'.

i'm being positive here.hopefully,he'll stay.

29 July, 2009

plan: rumah emi!

A'kum n ello...


hoho.is that even a word?or even a correct grammar phrase?haha.

whatever.who cares about language anyway.


read THIS!

aLia_LiverPooL: A'kum..
aLia_LiverPooL: ney..
aLia_LiverPooL: free?
AqiLah: w'salam
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: skrg?
aLia_LiverPooL: erm.
aLia_LiverPooL: around kul 4lbih..
aLia_LiverPooL: ahaha..
AqiLah: owhhh
aLia_LiverPooL: skarg cam sudden sgt plak..
AqiLah: free la kot
aLia_LiverPooL: haha..
aLia_LiverPooL: haha.
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: bosan dey..
AqiLah: nk gi mane?
AqiLah: duh~
aLia_LiverPooL: kt memule plan nk blaja..
aLia_LiverPooL: pastu kt pening.
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha
AqiLah: den?
AqiLah: lorh
AqiLah: haahha
aLia_LiverPooL: haha...
aLia_LiverPooL: kt nk makan mende manis..
aLia_LiverPooL: haha..
AqiLah: mende manis?
aLia_LiverPooL: plan nk mkn sushi groove..
AqiLah: owhhh
aLia_LiverPooL: but cam skarg kenyany..
AqiLah: so nk mkn sushi la nih?
AqiLah: den
AqiLah: ?
aLia_LiverPooL: but kt plan nk makan esok..
aLia_LiverPooL: den ade 1n2d plak..
AqiLah: owhhh
aLia_LiverPooL: xleh2..
aLia_LiverPooL: haha..
AqiLah: hahah
aLia_LiverPooL: sat..
aLia_LiverPooL: kt try call hani..
AqiLah: oke
aLia_LiverPooL: kalo dia de kat umah ke x.
aLia_LiverPooL: erm..
aLia_LiverPooL: awak call ney..
aLia_LiverPooL: haha..
AqiLah: suro die drive
aLia_LiverPooL: kt mls nk call umah dia..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: nnt dia suro kt drive lak..
AqiLah: call umah die ker?
aLia_LiverPooL: keter kt pi antar servis..
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha..
AqiLah: owhhh
aLia_LiverPooL: yeah..
aLia_LiverPooL: call umah dia..
aLia_LiverPooL: try2..
AqiLah: jap...
AqiLah: xde org jwb la
aLia_LiverPooL: ah~~~
AqiLah: yeah
aLia_LiverPooL: ade2 jela umah hani ni...
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: sape free meh?
AqiLah: hp hani bleh call x
AqiLah: fatin,emi,naz
aLia_LiverPooL: emi jauh..
aLia_LiverPooL: fatin..
aLia_LiverPooL: try den..
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: nazneen pun..
aLia_LiverPooL: haha.
aLia_LiverPooL: mlainkan kalo ktorg pi umah dia..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: sbb tgh bosan kan?
AqiLah: yeah
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: u no hal?
aLia_LiverPooL: haha
AqiLah: gi umah emi?
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha..
aLia_LiverPooL: awk driver..
aLia_LiverPooL: u decide bleh ke x.
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahah
aLia_LiverPooL: ni dh tahap bosan gaban ni
AqiLah: bleh jer la
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha..
aLia_LiverPooL: blk mlm?
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: caLL EMI!
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahahahha
AqiLah: ye la kot
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: jap...
aLia_LiverPooL: kt tgh gelak gle2 ngk kitorg nye plan bodo ni..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: agk la
AqiLah: sbb bosan gler
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha...
aLia_LiverPooL: call2..
aLia_LiverPooL: kt cam tgh merasakan diri ktorg ni amat2 wow.
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: ney2..
aLia_LiverPooL: satu mende..
aLia_LiverPooL: awak tau ke umah dia kat ne???
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha
AqiLah: tau ler
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahahahah
aLia_LiverPooL: nanye2..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahahahaha
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: die tdo lg ker?
AqiLah: x jwb pon
aLia_LiverPooL: ahaha..
aLia_LiverPooL: sme fon dia awk try call ke?
AqiLah: x la
AqiLah: kt xde sume fon no.
AqiLah: ade 1 jer
AqiLah: awk ade fon yg lenlaen ker?
AqiLah: cube call plak la
aLia_LiverPooL: k..
aLia_LiverPooL: kt try.
aLia_LiverPooL: aha
AqiLah: okie
aLia_LiverPooL: x jwb dey
aLia_LiverPooL: ai...
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: sume x jwb?
aLia_LiverPooL: yeah..
AqiLah: ade fon byk pon x gune
AqiLah: hrmmm...
aLia_LiverPooL: kt even kol no. maxis yg dh lme x gne tu
aLia_LiverPooL: haha
aLia_LiverPooL: tula..
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: bleh plak salah no.
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: x le bla
aLia_LiverPooL: emi punye fon pnah kene curi ke?
AqiLah: yeah?
aLia_LiverPooL: tatau..
AqiLah: x tau la
aLia_LiverPooL: kt call no. lame dia
aLia_LiverPooL: xleh gk
AqiLah: owhhh
AqiLah: org laen jwb ker?
aLia_LiverPooL: yeah
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: kt call fon mak dia
AqiLah: den?
aLia_LiverPooL: haha..
aLia_LiverPooL: mak dia pun x jwb gak..
aLia_LiverPooL: da..
AqiLah: lorh
aLia_LiverPooL: hape ni~~~
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: rumah mimi?
AqiLah: ade no. fon abg dier?
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: kt x tau umah dier
aLia_LiverPooL: haha...
aLia_LiverPooL: kne plan awal sblm jln jem..
aLia_LiverPooL: haha
AqiLah: yeah
AqiLah: kol 5 nnt jam la
aLia_LiverPooL: btul@
AqiLah: yeah
aLia_LiverPooL: haha
aLia_LiverPooL: ktorg pi je..
AqiLah: huh?
AqiLah: nk gi mane?
aLia_LiverPooL: pastu kalo xde org..
aLia_LiverPooL: ktorg singgah OU!
aLia_LiverPooL: haha..
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: atau pape tmpt yg berdekatan ngan umah dia..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahahahahah
AqiLah: awk tau umah mimi ker?
aLia_LiverPooL: tak..
aLia_LiverPooL: umah emi.
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha
AqiLah: lorh
AqiLah: owhhh
AqiLah: dkt ngan ou ker?
aLia_LiverPooL: tatau..
aLia_LiverPooL: emi kate dkt
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha..
AqiLah: die dkt kl kn?
aLia_LiverPooL: pe yg dkt ngan umah dia eh?
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha
AqiLah: owh ye ker
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: sbb die cam dh menghala ke kl
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahah..
aLia_LiverPooL: ntah.
aLia_LiverPooL: ala..
aLia_LiverPooL: jalan2 jela..
AqiLah: so?
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: haha
AqiLah: round2 kl lg
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahahahahha..
aLia_LiverPooL: keje gile..
AqiLah: agk la
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha..
aLia_LiverPooL: sat..
aLia_LiverPooL: kt try call lg..
AqiLah: okie
aLia_LiverPooL: x dpt meh..
aLia_LiverPooL: hampeh tul...
aLia_LiverPooL: tgh geram ni..
aLia_LiverPooL: ade puluh2 henfon..
aLia_LiverPooL: satu pun x jawab
aLia_LiverPooL: ai~
AqiLah: tau xpe
AqiLah: fon jer hrp byk
AqiLah: hrmmm...
aLia_LiverPooL: btul2..
aLia_LiverPooL: haish..
aLia_LiverPooL: jomla jalan2..
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: ....
aLia_LiverPooL: pi mane eh?
AqiLah: br nk tanye
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahahaha
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: so
AqiLah: mane?
aLia_LiverPooL: sat
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha
AqiLah: okie
aLia_LiverPooL: aqilah...
aLia_LiverPooL: jom pi umah emi
aLia_LiverPooL: emi dh jwb tepon
aLia_LiverPooL: JOM!!!!!!!!!!
AqiLah: hahaah
AqiLah: ye2
AqiLah: skrg?
aLia_LiverPooL: NK BWK Baju?
AqiLah: huh?
aLia_LiverPooL: haha
AqiLah: pehal plak?
AqiLah: nk tdo ker
AqiLah: ?
aLia_LiverPooL: tatau...
AqiLah: lorh
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: tbe2 nnt ade plan
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha..
AqiLah: owhhh
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: decide la dulu
aLia_LiverPooL: bwk jela dulu..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha..
AqiLah: kalo nk tdo kt kene bitau my parents
aLia_LiverPooL: kt no hal tho part tdo ke x..
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: ble pikir blk..
aLia_LiverPooL: kalo terus pi sushi groove esok pun orait gak
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha
AqiLah: hahaha
AqiLah: dr umah emi?
aLia_LiverPooL: 1n2d ade ulang
aLia_LiverPooL: so no hal.
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: ntah..
AqiLah: hahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: ske ati la..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahahah
AqiLah: decide la
aLia_LiverPooL: kalo ur mum x bg..
aLia_LiverPooL: xpe la.
aLia_LiverPooL: kt orait je..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahaa
AqiLah: kt cube tanye dulu
aLia_LiverPooL: hahahhaa...
aLia_LiverPooL: k..
aLia_LiverPooL: before 4.30
aLia_LiverPooL: nnt jem..
AqiLah: okie
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha..

cool eh?hahaha.

i think this is one of the craziest decision that ever happened in my boring day-life.hahaha.

after 5pm later,both me and qilah will go to emilia's house and we'll sleep there.hahahahah.
sleep?i have to bring some clothes that will make her cats scared of me.seriously.

and yeay,no need to send my sis to school tomorrow.har-har.

sorry alisa.ask someone else to send you to school tomorrow morning.

now i need to tell my father about this.

ta then!

p/s: sorry of the bad words that we used in the conversation.we were very,VERY BORED!!

sorry to say,i prefer they SING!not ACTING!

A'kum n ello..

last week: Jung Yunho.
this week: Shim Changmin.

ring a bell?
any similarities?

seriously tho.

ai. i really salute DBSK,i do.they're the longest band that i support since Linkin Park. and now they want to ACT???

when i know them,i think this band has the whole package.face,voice and personality.heck,i know them by watching their Banjun Dramas,not by their music.

now,i don't really care about their looks and personality nor even acting,cos their songs are just unbelievably good.

there was this time,when i was seriously in 'love' with Linkin Park. why i love them?
bcos their music are good.

then they stop.
until they made a new one,which was very2 disappointing.

maybe DBSK is different than Linkin Park,BUT! the reason why i support DBSK is bcos they continuously makes music.they don't stop even ONCE.

now,the might stop for awhile.not bcos for a rest,but bcos of ACTING?DRAMAS?




lucky the English Premier League will start in 3weeks time.

ta then!

28 July, 2009

holiday and xabi concern

A'kum n ello..


UiTM cuti.
UPM cuti.

it's not a good thing btw.


bcos the holiday is too sudden,and also bcos it happens at the end of july,and so,no allowance to go out,and no plan to even hang out.

the only thing that i have in mind is to have lunch or dinner at sushi groove with that vouchers that me and aqilah have,and that's all.

and with hani's phone still 'unreachable',so i'm too lazy to contact her.

btw,with the excitement of 'I SAW XABI' fading slowly, i'm in a concern mode of worrying about xabi alonso's choice of future. hopefully,with my positive mind,he'll stay in Liverpool and continue his form as the best passer in the premier league.

and also as my hubby.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


there this one guy

A'kum n ello..

k.i'm bored.so i'll intro you to this one man that i never talk to when i was in the bus to Singapore.haha.

i dunno his name,but he sat at the left-front of me.haha.

anyway,this guy sure is hilarious. he mostly talked in chinese,but you can just understand what the hell he was saying anyway.

there was this time,when we had to stop at R&R Ayer Keroh,and like i blog about it before,3 buses were prepared to take the Malaysian fans to Singapore.

and then,another bus appeared.the bus contained this BIG chinese family,that i dunno where they were going.chinese family sure rich eh?and also very harmony cos they even try to book a bus to have their holiday.

anyway,that chinese family's bus parked behind our bus,and so,there were 4 buses lined up at the parking spots (including the LSCM buses).

and when all of us were in the bus,1 person was missing.after few minutes,the guy that i just intro-ed just now appeared and he talked something in chinese to his friends but every people in the bus understood what he said.

apparently,he went to the chinese family's bus.

maybe he was wondering why an old granny was in the bus,instead of his pretty boy friend.ahah.

anyway,there's another story,which was told by sister to me.

before we entered singapore,we had this immigration check.and people must not bring any alcohol or cigarettes into singapore.so,in every R&R that we stopped by,the men were smoking desperately bcos they have to throw away their cigarettes later.

anyway,when we entered singapore,there's no cigarette in sight.


the guy that i talked about saw a piece of cigarette on the road.

and you know what he did?

nothing dirty tho.

he just looked at the cigarette and just shook his head like that cigarette is the most precious and important thing in the world.it's like he wanted to say "who the hell threw away that PRECIOUS cigarette????don't they know cigarette is the most important thing in the world?????"


he might said that.

anyway,that's all.

hahaha.told ya i was bored.

and i hoped this guy won't know about my blog.hahahaha.

btw,i saw this package for Liverpool vs Man Utd match,cost about RM3000++.
IF ONLY.........

belajar baik2 alia.


27 July, 2009

[ALL POST] Singapore vs Liverpool

A'kum n ello...

these are the post about Singapore vs Liverpool trip that i went.

just to make ur life easier anyway.


ps: i know you'll notice this is an old story. but whatever, i'm lazy to explain the reason why.

Singapore vs Liverpool:Part2 (the match)

A'kum n ello..

so now is the continuation for the previous post.aha.

so now,this is the story inside the stadium.
i'll say it again here,the pictures of the players are all blurry.blame my nikon s200.haha.seriously,the zoom function is really bad.haha.if you compare it with the people that use sony T-series,massive difference.

still,i love my camera.haha.cos that's the reason why FT Island's jaejin remember me.haha.

anyway, in the stadium,i went into the so-called Kop Stand,which also means,East Stand.aha.

ok now.the Singapore National Stadium is totally different than Bukit Jalil Stadium,or the Shah Alam Stadium,bcos this stadium is totally in a bad state.


the stadium is like Merdeka Stadium,free seatings with no individual seat.haha.the people that enter the stadium early got the best seats,that is,the front seats.haha.

shame,eventhough we arrived there 2hours early,we still got the bad seats.still,it was near enough the goal post.haha.

i told my sis "nanti torres skor kat gol ni,pastu nanti diorang celebrate,and kitorang nampak diorang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

fangirl mode: ON.


anyway,the weather was very,very hot.the sun was totally in front of us.seriously.i don't want to think what will happen when the sun is 1 finger above us blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

like i said,it was hot.like really,really hot,that my sis could made a weird face like this.

pity rite?
oh,we got a free scarf.haha.

the people inside the stadium was really passionate.they sang all the Liverpool chants that exist in the world.haha.

and the only chants i remember is You'll Never Walk Alone and the Torres Song. seriously.

anyway,there this woman here that asked me where do i live,and she's seriously nice.

she asked me to hang out at Cobra Club to watch the match live bcos it's happening, or so she said.i told her i'm more the 'watching alone' person.ahah.but i told her maybe i'll take some bunch of friends to accompany me there. aqilah?kp?amier?haha.meh sini sayang,kamu teman saya.haha.btw,i forgot to ask her name tho.i was too excited,i don't think a name was that important for me at that time.
man,i'm selfish.

anyway,the place that we sat are mostly Malaysians,tho some bits of Singaporeans.aha.

these are Malaysians.and that's lady in grey there is Helen.she's the big boss of LSCM.and she told me that she already told Arun(my sis and i called him Pak Uda cos he really look like him,and also the person who took care of Bus3) that Arun must not go home before we girls go home.haha.Abg Mizi told her that my father told them to take care of us,and helen told him "eventhough you also take care of them,i'll ask another big guardian to take care of them"haha.seriously,people there been taking care of us.haha.so it was nice.

and there there.cool rite?
spanish flag,torres flag,torres shirt.
whoa i'm loving this!

there's also people with this 'notice' to xabi alonso.
which also means,ALONSO STAY.haha.i think xabi saw this.huhu.and hope he took this into consideration.AMIN~!

k now.the real view.i took this from Liverpool's facebook.

and btw,the stadium was like this before the kick-off.

a decent crowd.not like the one in Thailand.maybe bcos of the stadium bad-state......

and then,suddenly,the crowd suddenly cheer.i was wondering,"what,what,what??" and there they are,the Liverpool lads came out to warm up.

like i told you before,the image is blurry,so please don't mind much about it.

and i SOO LOVE this PICTURE.haha.bunch of Liverpool butts~~!!!yeay!!
k now.next!

and these are the Liverpool players that'll play in the 1st half.so no xabi alonso nor torres in this.and i wonder who's that guy that sat like that,the one with the legs open wide for the 'world to see'.hahahahaha.

and dear lasses,the man in orange is DANIEL AGGER!haha.i.SAW.AGGER!!!!!!!!!!!! damn,he's tall.anyway,this was him before the match started.bcos later during the match,he was like....


and so,the match started!!
i notice that the Singapore time is 3minutes later than us.hrm.

anyway,the match started,and unfortunately,i have this kind of pictures only.

the Liverpool players and the Singapore national team.haha.

and the You'll Never Walk Alone was in the air,with me sang it like this.
and like this.
how ugly is that??????
who cares if that is my sincere and passionate face.
ok.maybe somebody will care.but whatever.

and then the match STARTED!!!!
the singapore team kicked the ball first and the match was yada yada.

in the first half,it was quite boring.no torres and xabi in the 1st half.but suppose the 1st half should be good cos it's Liverpool anyway.but voronin missed many passes and the corner was bad and too many shots off target,and also some offsides that really frustrating.


before the 1st half end,voronin made a shot,and the ball deflected,and the ball,-roll,roll,roll- the keeper couldn't stop it,and GOAL!!!!! into the net!

my 1st Liverpool goal!!!

the blonde guy with ponytail scored my FIRST LIVE LIVERPOOL GOAL!!!haha.
shame,this guy missed many pass.haish.still,YNWA!

and another thing, now i know why people said Carragher has the loudest voice in the team.i can even heard his voice in the Liverpool crowd!!! haha.seriously.

and then,1ST HALF END!

there was this announcement that said "for the people who want to smoke,smoke outside".

and so,when i went to the toilet in the half time,(the toilet is VERY VERY BAD?but a lil bit ok.aha.still,no water.) there were many people smoking outside the stadium.seriously.maybe the haze that we saw every night and day were not bcos of the illegal forest burning at Indonesia bcos really tho,it was like a festival of SMOKERS.if only i have the nerve to snap the picture of the smokers.


anyway,in the half-time,you can see the players that'll play in the 2nd half practiced.haha.

so i saw XABI ALONSO!!!!!!!!!!!

the image is blurry.so bear with it.aha.
anyway,there's xabi alonso is the picture.can you find him?haha.the 2nd guy at the right,the black shirt is xabi alonso.haha.

and then,the 2nd half started!!

i didn't take many pictures in the 2nd half,cos i want to stay focus in the match.but you know,the opening of the 2nd half kinda quiet.haha.

so there this guy,an 'omputih',haha,suddenly shouted "3,2,1!!!" and nobody care about him.then he said again,"3,2,1,!!!" and only few cared about him and again,he shouted "3,2,1,!!!!" and only few again cared, while i asked my sis "pe dia suro buat tu??" and then suddenly,that omputih shouted "RUBBISH!!"...

seriously,he reminded me of my Bacteriology lecturer.haha.

but he started again,and all of us made a wave.haha.3 round of waves inside the stadium,that we nearly lose focus of the match.seriously.when the 4th wave came,there this guy inside my area suddenly said "ok.GAME OVER" and continue watched the match.aha.

anyway,the 2nd half suddenly became exciting.Liverpool started to attack,and riera got the ball,and he kicked it........

and i was standing and shouted "YEAAY!!!!!!!GOAL!!!!!!!".cos yeay,another goal for me!!!!haha.

riera hugged the other mates,and he waved at the fans.yeay!!!!!!

i lose the track of who scored and what happened and all,bcos people suddenly shouted "WE WANT TORRES!!" many times and there he was,appeared to be subbed by i-forgot-who,and my sis went mad.

seriously.she went mad.there this old,Liverpool guy sat behind us,and he was smiling,seeing my sis' behaviour.hahaha.seriously,she's like a mad fangirl.she's in histeria!!

she was shouting "TORRRRRRES!!!!!!!!! ALIA!!!! TORRRES!! ALIA!!!!!! TORRRRRRRRRRRRESSSSS!!! ALIA,TU TORRRRRRRESSSS TU!!!!!!" and she went beserk.

and she said i'm the one who'll faint when i see xabi alonso.


and torres came on,and i couldn't have a clear image of him,but this video here will show you the evidence that i really saw torres.

the guy that was running in the video is..fernando TORRES!

and so,like usual,whenever torres touched the ball,people were shouting his name,and we were standing and blocked other people's view.haha.and seriously,both me and my sis went mad.we didn't care about other people's bussiness.we just shout and shout.haha.when torres scored the i-dunno-which-goal,people went crazy.and the whole stadium sang the Torres Song.


and then,people were shouting xabi alonso's name.

XABI ALONSO!!-clap5x- XABI ALONSO!!-clap5x-

oh seriously.i was going mad.


and then,xabi alonso stood up,and people and me forgot the match,and we were shouting xabi's name and there he was,in the field,playing in front of ME!!!!!!!

i'm in HEAVEN.aha.

and seriously,you know what i was waiting for,apart of seeing xabi alonso's face? it's his super duper long pass.

he didn't made a long pass tho.but he made this one super pass that only professionals do,and shame,the singapore player intercepted the ball.

not a complete pass,but it was terribly fantastic.aha.

i can even replay the movement of that ball in my mind,from the time he kicked it.ah~~~~~.

and the match ended when this one player that i thought was dossena scored a goal.

seriously,i thought he was dossena.haha.it's Nemeth btw,and he scored 2 goals.and i was wondering who's that no.7.haha.

anyway,like i said before,i was shouting like a crazy woman.i don't really mind,bcos that old,Liverpool man behind me gave me a thumb up.haha.so it's not like i was doing a bad thing. but there this 2 girls here,that i dunno if they're malaysian or singaporeans,trying to be a sweet-um by not even shouting during the match.they gave me this bad glance cos maybe i disturbed them by my shouting.

oh,sorry bitches.if you want a quiet environment in a football match,how about you just fuck yourself?seriously.i loathe people who gave me this bad glances.seriously.

anyway,the match ended 5-0.haha.

excuse the blurness.haha.

5-0, mates!!!!!!!!

ahah.that tiny humans at the back are Liverpool players!!!!!

and these were the family that sat behind me during the match.haha.the old guy here was very funny.when people yelled torres's name,he yelled "TOREH GETAH!!!!!" and yeah.i was laughing.haha.cos i sometimes said 'torres' as 'toreh',just like when i said 'lipas' as 'lipeh'.haha.

and here,the Liverpool players walked around the field to thank the fans.the 1 of the 2 red guys at the back,around the left is xabi alonso.hahaha.there was this time,that mascherano pointed the 'ALONSO STAY' mosaic to xabi,and xabi saw it,and he was laughing.and seriously,i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.hopefully,the message is clear for xabi and he'll stay at Liverpool.AMIN~!!!

and the match end with a rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone!

cool rite?it left shiver in my spine!aha.and rafa benitez was there to salute the crowd.oooh~!!!

and i think,that's all.haha.

we arrived t Cobra Club around 4pm.haha.my father picked me up.and there were drunkards at the club and my father was laughing at them when he heard them sang with their drunk voice.hrm.maybe that's remind him of England.haha.

and a cute picture of Singapore that only exist in Singapore alone.hahaha.

KFC van!



credits image: lfcglobe & LFC's facebook

Singapore vs Liverpool:Part1 (start!)

A'kum n ello..

k now..
i know you've been waiting for this...


and also...



maybe the image that i have when i saw them were mostly like this...

xabi alonso is in the picture and so do torres.
try guess which one is torres and xabi alonso?

but who cares~
that's why you need reporters that can give you a nice picture like this one here


i didn't see xabi up-close,but lucky me,he was hairy on that day.hahahahahahah.

k now.

the journey started like this.

around 9am,we(my sis and i) arrived at Cobra Club.my dad and my 2nd bro(haikal) sent us there.and my dad was unbelievably hyper.he talked to some of the Liverpool fans there.and he even wore my Liverpool scarf.

lucky that he wore it like this.

instead of this.
yeah.that's my father.the one who paid for all of this 'heaven' for me.haha.THANKS!!

anyway,LSCM (Liverpool Supporters Club of Malaysia) prepared 3 buses for the fans,and me and my sis were in Bus3.

btw,my father talked to this couple,Abg Mizi and Kak Zee to take care of us.and there also this one mother,Sally,she's a Scum fan.she joined this tour to accompany her daughter,a Liverpool fan.and she told us that she's an official member of the Scum.aha.anyway,she's friendly,and my father was laughing with her all the time bcos both of them are not Liverpool supporters.

tapehaper tul.haha.

this is Sally.

and also Kak Zee.
Kak Zee and Abg Mizi were ex-students from UiTM Dungun.and both of them were classmates.cute eh?haha.btw,her husband treated us Hotdogs and Iced Lemon Tea and also Coke and Pepsi.thanks btw.and my dad mad at me cos i didn't ask their numbers.sorry.i was too excited ,i forgot all about this 'let's get together later'

and then,around 10am,we took off!

me and my sis were in the bus,and the journey was long,or maybe short,especially for a trip to a foreign land.haha.around 4pm,we arrived in Singapore,and went straight to the Singapore National Stadium.

we landed in Singapore!!!!

these are all MALAYSIANS.nice rite?
with the flag and all.haha.we had to walk to the stadium bcos the buss parked near the KFC there.shame,the KFC is non-halal.haha.

and here is my sis.haha.that Liverpool shirt is not an original shirt.my father bought it for me at Bandung.haha.

and this is me.haha.with the scarf and the bag.haha.the bag contained 4water bottles.and there these groups of people told me that water bottles are not allowed in the stadium.and i didn't believe them.haha.

so we arrived at the stadium.
full of REDS rite?haha.never i thought that i'll be in a stadium full of Liverpool fans.haha.

so i was intimidated by it.ahahahaha.

anyway,i told you before about the fans that told me about 'the water bottles not allowed in the stadium'.seriously,they are soo true,cos all the water that i brought were confiscated.cis.if only i can shout at that pak guard "these all bcos of ur toilets that doesn't have any water!!!!!".

anyway,both me and my sis were kinda clueless when we entered the stadium.we dunno where to go and we're very2 clueless.so we tried to search for some people that we might know,and we saw this.

cute eh?a Liverpool mummy fed her baby.haha.

anyway,while we were clueless,we snapped these pictures.

sorry for being expressionless.haha.

and this is my sis.haha.

and our clueless all gone when we saw this.
a bunch of MALAYSIANS!so we know we're not lost.haha.

anyway,the story during 'In The Stadium' will be posted in another post,i think this one is too long already.haha.

ta then!

Singapore vs Liverpool Part 2 will be posted later.haha.