17 July, 2009

it's all about Microbiology

A'kum n ello..


this is my timetable.
(i have to use this cos i already hang the real one at the wall)

so you see there,on Thursday (Malay word:Khamis),around 8-10pm,i have Bacteriology lab.

LAB at night???

good.especially with this one rumour that people said "the applied science faculty is HAUNTED"

still,if you don't mess with the Underworld,they won't mess with you.hopefully,that is true.

anyway....after the Harry Potter movie,both me and aqilah immediately went to my house to do our prayers.and after Maghrib,we immediately went to UiTM cos of this lab thing,and we were gratefully happy cos the lecturer wasn't arrive yet.

BUT after waiting for nearly 20minutes,the Lecturer appeared,with the carkeys at his hand.

conclusion: he arrived later than us.

so we know what kind of man/lecturer he is.

he is a LATE-COMER.

so aqilah,no need to rush for the next lab.

which is a MUST NOT bcos we'll have Gram's stain for next week lab.and seriously,i have to read back the procedure of that thingy.ai ai.

care to tell how to differentiate between Gram negative and Gram positive?

we had to do this streaking thing today and before we start,the Lecturer briefed about the lab things,and it was a lil bit scary cos he'll fail us if the bacteria culture is contaminated and all,but like he said (and also like what i always said) "BE POSITIVE~"

so,we did the streaking nicely.

and btw,never clean ur hands with alcohol.it'll corrode(?) your skin.use a dettol to clean ur hands.

and my father called me during the lab time.and i asked when will he come home,and he said he'll come home next week cos i'll be going to Singapore next week,and he said he'll send and pick us(me and my sis) at the Cobra Club.


which also means i CAN'T SKIP class on the next day.and i'll meet Rafa Benitez and Fernando Torres next week!!!


and so i told amier,a mad Liverpool fan like me,and he told me to buy for him an old Liverpool jersey(the Candy shirt) and i told him that the Malaysia's clubhouse sell those jerseys,maybe i can just buy it there,and we were too absorbed talking about Liverpool,until Amier realized that the bunsen burner burned his hand.

and you could even smell something burning.

but don't worry.
no burning happen.

and btw,the microbiology program will hold this BBQ before Ramadhan,bcos maybe this'll be the last semester for Diploma in Microbiology in Shah Alam.

i know you want to laugh,adzrin nadzirah.
cis.sad sad.haha.

and bcos there'll be food and also bcos it's BBQ and only cost RM20,maybe i'll go.hoho.

but i'll check my schedule first.cos i'm not sure if EPL already start on that day.

and maybe i'll buy the Microbiology shirt also.cos it's black,not orange like last time.

i'm such a nice Microbiology student.hoho.vote for aqilah to be the next president for the Microbiology program so that she can have her own parking space and alsoshe'll improve her way to communicate with people with more ETHUSIASM.

and btw,aqilah dear,the reason why so many people at Wisma Masalam (yeah,shah alam mall~) is bcos of this. someone died and all we think about when we saw those cars that parked outside the Mall was bcos they don't want to pay RM1.


ta then!


::ayn:: said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha. hey hey welcome to the 'no home come boarding school' life! hahah :p weh weh i dont understand all the microbiology thingy kau ckp ni dan aku tgh stress buat finance lepas ni nak baca economy! OMG!!!

Alia Liverpool said...


ade senior kate maybe x jd pi k.pilah,ade gak yg kate jd.haha.

1st sem pnah duk hostel,xde la beza sgt kot karang.cme ni kat hutan.haha