08 July, 2009

MEMORIES.me and jaejin.

A'kum n ello..

i was watching channelV just now,and they showed some k-pop and jpop music videos and while i was surfing the net,suddenly FT Island's Bad Woman mv appeared...

and bcos my elder brother was with me at that time,so i told him about my famous encounter with Jaejin at cineleisure damansara around 1++ year ago.huhu.

click this link to know what happen during that so-called FT Island's fanmeeting in Malaysia.

seriously,the concert was cancelled at the last minute,but the encounter with Jaejin is a blessing.much to my happiness,that guy remember me at the end.haha.

the best thing happen if you wear a hijab,bcos not ALL people wear it.so jaejin easily remember me.

only on that day tho.
now?don't think so.haha.

still,there this video that i recorded and i edit it,so that i could tell the whole story of what happen in a video.and not just that,i uploaded it at youtube (1 year ago),and there's some comments that really make me hehehehe and happy.

nice eh?
and fyi,around that time,i'm not even a FT Island fan.haha.but now,maybe i'm ok with them.haha.

k then.


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