04 July, 2009

DBSK 2nd Music Station

A'kum n ello..

DBSK in Music Station(030709)!!!!!!!


and i saw Fukuyama Masaharu among the guests..hoho.
now that's a good thing,cos there really is someone in Japan that can look DBSK eye-to-eye without looking down or looking up.


and also,it was fun to know that Arashi was one of the guests,cos you know,maybe Arashi will ask DBSK to come to their own show or something like that.huhu.

and i heard Gackt also in it.

if only Animax call Music Station back.

no sub for now,but heck,the subtitles just make me lose focus on Fukuyama Masaharu's and Arashi's laugh...


ta then!


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