19 July, 2009

nearly gone.

A'kum n ello..

after some meds and all,the diarrhea almost gone.haha.

before i went to the doctor,i can even poop while sneezing!!haha.it was that BAD~~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
and not just that,i can't even fart.that's very,very sad.

and now,after some medicines and that scary orange water(the one that the doctor gave me),i can even sleep without worry about rushing to the toilet and i can easily FART!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


sorry for this dirty post.i think i should start studying the Analytical Chemistry and look at the Immunology lab manual for tomorrow's lab.

ta then!


AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

ape je la yg ko mkn ni alia?
sampai dmm2 + cirit-birit?

byk2 minum air + rehat...

Alia Liverpool said...

kalo aku tau,maybe aku inform kat blog ni kot.


start cirit birit ni after aku mkn makanan korea kat sunway piramid..but kwn aku tak sakit perut tho..tu yg aku heran tu...

AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

hmmm...perut ko lum biase kot...


jg diri elok2~