29 July, 2009

sorry to say,i prefer they SING!not ACTING!

A'kum n ello..

last week: Jung Yunho.
this week: Shim Changmin.

ring a bell?
any similarities?

seriously tho.

ai. i really salute DBSK,i do.they're the longest band that i support since Linkin Park. and now they want to ACT???

when i know them,i think this band has the whole package.face,voice and personality.heck,i know them by watching their Banjun Dramas,not by their music.

now,i don't really care about their looks and personality nor even acting,cos their songs are just unbelievably good.

there was this time,when i was seriously in 'love' with Linkin Park. why i love them?
bcos their music are good.

then they stop.
until they made a new one,which was very2 disappointing.

maybe DBSK is different than Linkin Park,BUT! the reason why i support DBSK is bcos they continuously makes music.they don't stop even ONCE.

now,the might stop for awhile.not bcos for a rest,but bcos of ACTING?DRAMAS?




lucky the English Premier League will start in 3weeks time.

ta then!

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