18 July, 2009


A'kum n ello..

Bon Odori trip: cancelled~!

sorry aqilah.
i know you're looking forward to go to that trip.but this sickness that i have stop us from going.


the pain is slowly disappearing. but the feeling to vomit is still there.

i'm trying to be positive by not thinking about it.
and i even think about going to the Bon Odori with this sickening feeling..

but then,i remember that Bon Odori festival has tooo many people,and i'm a hater of a crowded place,and the next time i know,with the heavy sweat and people shove me and less-than-cooked food,i'll vomit all around the place.




it's really nothing anyway.just people wearing kimonos&yukatas,people with uchiwa of Johnny's Entertainment idols that they want to show off,people cosplays to their favourite anime character,a yuu shirota look-alike,people dance to the japanese old folks dance,long que of people want to buy the japanese food(which end being plain and not even delicious) and a overcream cream puff,that maybe you can buy at mid valley.

nothing really.

except the cute japanese families that people will try to snap a picture with them.

i was planning to study during the weekend,but with this dizzy head,it's impossible for the weird terms to go in.

ta then!

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