07 July, 2009

the weirdest dream

A'kum n ello..

i dreamed of.......
this guy.
russell crowe as a former policeman that lose his partner.he lose his mind and start to talk to himself (alone) after his partner died in one of their police duties.he always talk and talk,and his wife just ignore the crap on what her husband said.

and i also dreamed of this guy.
Leonardo Dicaprio as Russell Crowe's nephew,who stayed with Crowe's family.and he was fascinated with Crowe's mad talk.

and so the synopsis of the dream was like this.

Leonardo Dicaprio was fascinated with his Uncle's mad talk. His Uncle (Russell Crowe) always talk about some cases that didn't make sense,thus people thought that he was being crazy. and suddenly, Dicaprio switched on the tv,and he found out that his Uncle's mad stories about the 'cases' exist and already happened.

and bcos i thought the dream was too real, i woke up from my sleep,and i couldn't continue my sleep after that.

to make things weird, the dream was too real cos it even mention the name of the so-called movie (dream),that is,Doom.

and like an idiot person,i checked the internet,and i found this.

and nope,The Rock didn't appear in my dream.

i dunno why i have this dream.these 2 guys are not even my favourite actors.but maybe bcos Russell Crowe appeared at Wimbledon last night,so i thought maybe because of that.


or maybe this is an omen for me.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

p/s: Leonardo Dicaprio as the gladiator's nephew?haha.

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