27 July, 2009

Singapore vs Liverpool:Part1 (start!)

A'kum n ello..

k now..
i know you've been waiting for this...


and also...



maybe the image that i have when i saw them were mostly like this...

xabi alonso is in the picture and so do torres.
try guess which one is torres and xabi alonso?

but who cares~
that's why you need reporters that can give you a nice picture like this one here


i didn't see xabi up-close,but lucky me,he was hairy on that day.hahahahahahah.

k now.

the journey started like this.

around 9am,we(my sis and i) arrived at Cobra Club.my dad and my 2nd bro(haikal) sent us there.and my dad was unbelievably hyper.he talked to some of the Liverpool fans there.and he even wore my Liverpool scarf.

lucky that he wore it like this.

instead of this.
yeah.that's my father.the one who paid for all of this 'heaven' for me.haha.THANKS!!

anyway,LSCM (Liverpool Supporters Club of Malaysia) prepared 3 buses for the fans,and me and my sis were in Bus3.

btw,my father talked to this couple,Abg Mizi and Kak Zee to take care of us.and there also this one mother,Sally,she's a Scum fan.she joined this tour to accompany her daughter,a Liverpool fan.and she told us that she's an official member of the Scum.aha.anyway,she's friendly,and my father was laughing with her all the time bcos both of them are not Liverpool supporters.

tapehaper tul.haha.

this is Sally.

and also Kak Zee.
Kak Zee and Abg Mizi were ex-students from UiTM Dungun.and both of them were classmates.cute eh?haha.btw,her husband treated us Hotdogs and Iced Lemon Tea and also Coke and Pepsi.thanks btw.and my dad mad at me cos i didn't ask their numbers.sorry.i was too excited ,i forgot all about this 'let's get together later'

and then,around 10am,we took off!

me and my sis were in the bus,and the journey was long,or maybe short,especially for a trip to a foreign land.haha.around 4pm,we arrived in Singapore,and went straight to the Singapore National Stadium.

we landed in Singapore!!!!

these are all MALAYSIANS.nice rite?
with the flag and all.haha.we had to walk to the stadium bcos the buss parked near the KFC there.shame,the KFC is non-halal.haha.

and here is my sis.haha.that Liverpool shirt is not an original shirt.my father bought it for me at Bandung.haha.

and this is me.haha.with the scarf and the bag.haha.the bag contained 4water bottles.and there these groups of people told me that water bottles are not allowed in the stadium.and i didn't believe them.haha.

so we arrived at the stadium.
full of REDS rite?haha.never i thought that i'll be in a stadium full of Liverpool fans.haha.

so i was intimidated by it.ahahahaha.

anyway,i told you before about the fans that told me about 'the water bottles not allowed in the stadium'.seriously,they are soo true,cos all the water that i brought were confiscated.cis.if only i can shout at that pak guard "these all bcos of ur toilets that doesn't have any water!!!!!".

anyway,both me and my sis were kinda clueless when we entered the stadium.we dunno where to go and we're very2 clueless.so we tried to search for some people that we might know,and we saw this.

cute eh?a Liverpool mummy fed her baby.haha.

anyway,while we were clueless,we snapped these pictures.

sorry for being expressionless.haha.

and this is my sis.haha.

and our clueless all gone when we saw this.
a bunch of MALAYSIANS!so we know we're not lost.haha.

anyway,the story during 'In The Stadium' will be posted in another post,i think this one is too long already.haha.

ta then!

Singapore vs Liverpool Part 2 will be posted later.haha.


Dayya said...

cant wait for next part *hyper-excited*

Alia Liverpool said...

posted already.aha