08 July, 2009

Mona from Iran

A'kum n ello...

class ended early today cos no lab in the 1st week. kinda nice and no pressure.

LAB REPORT is na-da!yeay!
only for this week.haha.

anyway,the 1st class of today was BEL311(english) and we were late for 10minutes.but the lecturer didn't mind about it.and she kinda nice.

i miss Mdm Kanaga tho.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway...the lecturer let us off early today cos she said 'this is the 1st week,and i think you're not ready to study yet' . she said something like that.

so the class ended early,and on our way to the car,there this Iran girl came to us,and asked the direction to the Faculty of Art&Design. her english is gold~! we didn't really tell her the direction bcos that faculty is kinda far,and i even said "you know,that place is realllllllly FAR.you have to walk uphill then downhill....." and she smiled and just nodded and a slight concern in her face.

and so,aqilah asked her if she wanna have a ride to the faculty,cos we were on our way to the car,and she said "ok~!"

and so went to the car,and kp was talking with her. me and aqilah were walking behind them and like a Japanese tourist,both of us were like "OOOOH.KP SPEAKING DA~~"


anyway,inside the car,we asked her name,and she said her name is Mona(Nisa?) and KP heard her name and immediately said "MONA!!" with excited tone,and Mona said "YEAH.MONA~!" and we asked where she came from and she said "i'm fron IRAN" and we were like "OH.IRAN?!?!?!"

we were overexcited.maybe bcos this is our FIRST TIME.
yeah rite.

anyway, Mona said that Malaysia is good,but very,very hot. and obviously,with our narrow Malaysia mind,we were shocked to hear that,cos we,Malaysian,always thought that Iran is HOTTTT.

and so we said that to Mona."EH???I thought Iran is hotter?"

and Mona said "of course Iran is hot.but sometimes it can be too cold.and we have 4 seasons(!!!!) and there also snow" (i summarized the things that she said)

and we were surprised and KP said "oh.i thought,Iran is hot" (i think she said that) and then i added "i thought Iran has dessert....camel~~...." like that...and then Mona said "No~~"......and i was going to ask this question 'is there snow at Iran?,' but i stopped the urge to ask that cos i think it's a stupid question,but then she said "sometimes,we have snow(!!!!) and ---------" (i forgot what she said after that) and we were like "EH????"

and there you go.
that's Mona from Iran.

i dunno why we didn't ask for her number or anything.but if we meet again,maybe we'll ask for her number.haha.

she's beautiful btw.if you watch Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies at KBS,you'll think that this Mona looks like Guzal(the lady from Uzbekistan)..

so now.

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