25 July, 2009

done a lil bit.

A'kum n ello..

i'll make this quick cos i have to wake up early tomorrow.[ehem ehem.hee]

my cousin,ain nadia a.k.a adik ngah and her sister,aifa came to my house cos both of them were bored at their own home.

so they had dinner with us,and aifa read the adult book that i have..

after she read it for awhile,she suddenly said "alia,buku ni pasal pe sbenarnye?" she already it till the 40th page.

nice rite?

eventhough she doesn't understand the hell she's reading.haha.

and i already packed some stuff.i already put the passports(my sis and mine),the tickets and my Liverpool scarf inside the bag.and i have to prepare some mineral water.

hoho.cos my father said mineral water is really expensive in Singapore.aha.
and also bcos of the water-less toilet.

anyway,many people want me to say "hi" (a.k.a kirim salam) to the Liverpool players,and dear people,next time,when i have the desire to humiliate myself,please make a banner with your names on it with a title "THESE PEOPLE ARE SAYING HI TO: TORRES AND CO." i'll show it when i have my feet at Anfield.aha.

and no.i don't want to be interviewed or anything,bcos seriously,i'll talk like Torres if somebody stop me to have a few words about "why i come all the way from Malaysia,just to watch the Liverpool match?" .if there really a person who ask me this kind of question,i'll say "bcos that's my favourite football.you need to know more than that?"

you know what,the possibility that people will look at me strangely might occur cos i'll wear hijab(a.k.a tudung) so maybe,just maybe,that some weird people will think "why a non-arab wear a hijab?"

bcos she's a muslim,you're idiot!

wish me have a safe journey and a healthy and joyful moment,ok?
ta then!

wanna sleep!

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