19 July, 2009

diarrhea dey

A'kum n ello..

last night,i planned to sleep early.and so,i went to my room around 11pm.then,i went into the bathroom to cleanse my face and do those 'necessary things',and .....

you know what??!!
when i was out from the bathroom,it was already 12.30PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


last friday,it was fever.
now,i have diarrhea.

how nice.

and early this morning,i went to Klinik Rohana with my maid,and the doctor said i need to drink many water cos i look DRY.

sad right?

imagine something like this.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
ok.that's not a good example.

erm.something like this.i am as dry as THIS.

SAD RITE????????


still.the doctor gave me some meds and she gave me this.

kp hate this meds.this is HER WEAKNESS.i can even use this to threaten her.haha.

i have to drink this stuff,and maybe i'll be alright.InsyaAllah.the doctor know i was worried about my illness,and she said "don't worry.all of this will be gone"

and she even asked me if i want a MC.i told her that i don't need it cos i'll go to class tomorrow bcos i have lab,and i don't want to repeat the lab with other peeps.

i'm a nice student,ain't i?
learn from me,aqilah bt mohsin.hahaha.

k now.


a i n k i n z said...

sian anda.
banyak2an minum air ye alia.
smuge cepat sembuh.


Alia Liverpool said...

haha.tenkiu long.
trimas ngan advice tu.aha